Life beyond Anger

By F.L, Canberra, Australia, Registered health care professional

I have been attending workshops and having sessions with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for the last four years, and I can speak from my own experience as to how they supported me, and what they are truly about. I had a very unhappy childhood, followed by a chaotic, abusive teenage time and then a disgruntled adulthood. This culminated in a very cynical perspective on most people I had met. I was totally alienated from my entire family, decided I had “had it” with them all, and had lots of issues trying to cope with my own children. I considered the option of escaping by ending it all, but never quite got around to it, and somehow knew deep within it wasn’t the answer. Besides, the way I was going, there were bound to be aspects of the afterlife that irked me as well! The prospect of being free of my woes was impossible to imagine. I often reacted badly to everyone and everything that didn’t go my way. In short, I was a mess. Continue reading “Life beyond Anger”

My Journey Home

by Kim Olsen, Warwick, Australia

My path to make contact with the esoteric and Universal Medicine was kicked off by an incident. I fell and badly broke my left hip. Up to this point I had been doing what the world expected of me (to me now that felt like going through the motions of living). I had been suffering hay fever and sinus problems for more than 20 years.

Previously, as a teenager I had needed to have my tonsils removed. I was overweight and showing early signs of a heart attack-in-waiting… I am sure I was heading for cancer as well – if the heart attack did not kill me first. Continue reading “My Journey Home”

True Healing

by Elizabeth Dolan, RN, Australia

Recently a patient I was nursing said to me, “You are a true healer – your presence heals”. I knew exactly what she meant, but only because of the work I have done with Universal Medicine. Let me explain… Continue reading “True Healing”

Shattered by Grief

by Elizabeth McCann, United Kingdom

When I first came to Universal Medicine I was harbouring a very deep sadness, hurt, pain and bitterness. This was a result of the brutal murder of my brother.

I dealt with this by throwing myself deeper into my work as a radiographer at a London Hospital, winding up my brother’s estate, and by working with the police in South America who were dealing with my brother’s case. In other words, I kept myself very busy in order to numb the pain I was feeling. Continue reading “Shattered by Grief”

Time For Me… To Re-connect To The Love Within

by Sue Goodson, UK

Since attending my first Universal Medicine retreat in the UK in May I have been inspired to go for a daily walk first thing in the morning, whatever the weather. It is a time I enjoy to be with myself, in the fresh morning air, feeling the opportunities a new day brings… to start afresh.

I enjoy walking ‘with my heart’, feeling how my body is. I enjoy the journey of coming back to the true me, and taking the time to reconnect to my heart. It’s just one of a few healthy changes I have made, including eating more healthy foods, and going to bed earlier, which I have done gradually and from the feeling that my body appreciates those changes. It feels more self-loving, whereas before I would often disregard how I was feeling. Now I am learning to tune into those feelings more, as it feels right. Continue reading “Time For Me… To Re-connect To The Love Within”

Thank Goodness for Hairy Eyebrows

by Tanya Curtis (Tan), DIRECTOR Behaviour Specialist, Counsellor & Facilitator, Assoc Dip Ed.(Child Care), BHlthSci.(BehMgt), MBehMgt, MCoun

Just over two years ago I was walking in one exhausted body. I was known as a coffee snob, drinking at least three double shot long black coffees each day, and celebrating making it through a long week with rewarding food, bottles of red wine and cigarettes. My hours were long, my drive to help people was insurmountable, and I created an immense pressure to have a successful business helping people in the only way I knew how to!

I had degrees in Health Sciences, Education, Behaviour Management and Counselling, and knew that what was on offer to people so far was not always supportive to them. I knew ‘my way’ was more supportive, but I could also see that I was missing a key ingredient. I could help people go from non-functional to functional, but once at functional there was still a sadness and emptiness beyond what I could help with… I couldn’t help because I felt it too! I was only helping people to a certain level, yet I knew there was more! I didn’t know what that was, so my ‘DRIVE’ to find it or create it was intensified! Continue reading “Thank Goodness for Hairy Eyebrows”