Wisdom that Cannot be Owned

by Simon Voysey, Australia

In my studies with Universal Medicine, I have heard many times that the information presented there comes from a wisdom that cannot be owned by anyone, is ageless, and arises at times when humanity is in great need. Furthermore, it is equally applicable and useful to all.

Taking this as a truth to explore has allowed me to share this wisdom in practical ways with many people with whom I have never before felt the need to discuss Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon or any Esoteric concept, phrase or terminology. The truth is, it lives within me, to the extent that I choose and allow it.

Examples of this ‘sharing’:

~ With my yoga, fitness and remedial therapy clients, with whom I now enjoy being, looking into their eyes, seeing and feeling their joys and sorrows and how that touches me. I have noticed how this also touches them, and how much honesty has come into our relationship. I have come to recognise this connection and honesty as the greatest form of self-healing and wellness, beyond any philosophy, training or healing technique.

~ With my school students, some of whom see me as who I am, not as ‘a teacher’ and have allowed me the precious experience of seeing who they truly are. There is no more nourishing and inspiring learning environment than when this mutual respect occurs.

~ With members of my family, from whom I had been estranged in the past, in particular my older brother who decided to try one of my exercise classes and without any discussion of the philosophy behind the practices, is stating he is beginning to ‘get it’. He is appreciating the importance of allowing himself to ‘just be’ with his body and explore movement from that connection.

~ With my wife, who was my partner for eleven years before we decided to marry, four years after commencing studying with Universal Medicine. Before this I never understood commitment, to myself or another, as simply a commitment to love. I never understood love, even though I preached it as a yoga teacher. I now look at my wife and simply feel love emanating out of me, without any trying or need for it to be returned. How truly awesome! Plus, this is beginning to occur with more and more people, sometimes even strangers!

~ With my outlook on life I am feeling ‘me’ in life and what can be offered rather than what can be gained. I am honouring the choice to be ‘me’ in more moments. Sometimes this is difficult, because I feel how much so many people are choosing to not be themselves. However, remaining true to myself presents a choice to them that on some level they are aware of. This is a gift that needs not be acknowledged or opened.

219 thoughts on “Wisdom that Cannot be Owned

  1. Indeed true wisdom is universal and so is equally applicable and supportive of all, taking everyone and everything into consideration. It is there for us in times of great need as well as all the moments in between, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant, for every moment counts.

  2. When we honour our commitment to ourselves and being in the world we begin to see the world with whole new eyes and the world just expands before us.

  3. It is interesting that we have this idea that knowledge can be owned and that we can have the rights to it etc. However, wisdom is something that is lived- a truth that all can connect to and have equal access too if they choose.

  4. Thank you Simon for not holding back your amazing experience with living more loving and openly. This sentence got me most: “With my outlook on life I am feeling ‘me’ in life and what can be offered rather than what can be gained.” Imagine if more people would live like this – I am sure that would be very inspirational!

  5. “I now look at my wife and simply feel love emanating out of me, without any trying or need for it to be returned.” Its beautiful when we can let go of any need for love to be returned and simply be love unconditionally. Not saying I live this consistently yet however with role models like Serge Benhayon and his family, the inspiration is always there.

  6. “However, remaining true to myself presents a choice to them that on some level they are aware of.” It’s one of the most beautiful things to feel another being all they are in their own unique expression. It inspires another to be the same. Bullying and supremacy squashes this innate beauty and usually happens from when we are young.

  7. This Ageless Wisdom has always been there and will always be there in every moment. When we are in dire times the teachings will be more important than ever to bring us back to a life we know is true. Right now this is much needed when separation seems to be rife everywhere you look. Even though this might be the case there’s also more opportunities than ever to connect with people you haven’t met before and with people that come from another part of the world. The question what do we do with it? Embrace the offering or do we bury ourselves deeper in comfort?

  8. Part of the problem with how we view intelligence is that we like to own it. If you sit back, and really ponder. however, you realise that there is no such thing as original thought. Even if you look at the world of art in detail, there is rarely if ever a form of expression that has not been expressed before. So you think to carve timber as a form of expression, then you look across the world to another culture, and they are doing exactly the same thing. Sure, the detail may change, but not the impress, or founding thought. We are in many ways more connected than we like to think.
    When Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile, it was not long before many others were doing it, not because they were physically evolving, but because when we think something, or ground it in physicality, it does it in a way that does so for more than just ourselves, and in a way that makes it accessible for all to do so. It matters not the quality of that thought or action. It works both ways. And so, what we think, and what we ground has a much greater effect than we like to admit. This then brings in the concept of what true responsibility is all about – in the sense that we need to consider that our thoughts and actions – whether “good” or “bad” affect the entire world. As they say, a butterfly flaps its wings, and an earthquake erupts on the other side of the world. Or, to put it another way – 6 degrees of separation is all that keeps us apart.

  9. Reading your blog today Simon I am inspired by your commitment to yourself, to another, to love and to the teachings of The Ageless Wisdom. Being open to the ageless wisdom and teachings is a gift to be cherished.

  10. It amazes me how many of us are continually trying to be someone else and in the process dis-connecting from the wisdom that we innately have within us. I was one to do so I know exhausting and very complicated it is trying to be who we are not, whereas owning and being who we are in full is effortless, and much more enjoyable, naturally so.

  11. I love the title Simon ‘Wisdom that cannot be owned’. If there is one person that does this incredibly well it is Serge Benhayon; he constantly pours forth amazing wisdom and truth for everyone equally. It is so powerful when we claim and live this wisdom as it is has a beautiful flow on effect to everyone around us to be inspired by.

  12. This is lovely Simon, you show how when wisdom is lived it communicates, I love this line. “I am honouring the choice to be ‘me’ in more moments.” Moment to moment we have a choice.

  13. Wisdom cannot be owned, though it can flow through us when we allow ourselves to connect to all that we naturally are and let that express. It is not determined by age or accumulated knowledge either, perhaps that is while it is referred to as The Ageless Wisdom.

  14. Reading this made me see how much we want to own … countries, land, properties, nature, people etc.. In truth we don’t own anything. Wisdom, love and truth can only be connected to and lived.

  15. How beautiful it is that the Ageless Wisdom is there for all of us to access equally. How powerful it is to connect to this wisdom and then be able to inspire others through living this beautiful wisdom.

  16. Your beautiful words have melted my heart this morning Simon! There is so much wisdom just in this line “I have come to recognise this connection and honesty as the greatest form of self-healing and wellness…” I have found this too, sweep away all knowledge, beliefs ideals, rules and just be myself with people, it’s so very healing. When the self I bring to others is loved, adored and cherished by myself then my connection is a true loving gift to others.

  17. I have listened to the teachings of so called new age presenters, sat and watched so called contemporary role models, be they politicians, sports stars of celebrities that have wooed the rest of the world by way of their words and achievments, but never have I met a man or woman for that matter who lives, moves and breathes literally what they present, who makes such sense of the world, and whose philosophies can be so easily replicated by another and thus tried and proven by the way another lives. There is no such thing as “the one”, or “the chosen one.”

  18. “~ With my outlook on life I am feeling ‘me’ in life and what can be offered rather than what can be gained.” A true gift to have, to understand and live accordingly that we are needed, that every one brings something to the world that completes the whole.

  19. The Ageless Wisdom that is presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is as you say so wisely “Wisdom that cannot be owned”, in fact how can any wisdom be owned, as wisdom is not for one, but for all. When I feel into what wisdom is I get a sense of my whole body knowing, with every particle knowing the truth that is being presented, and as my particles belong to the Universe then it follows that they are a part of everyone else as well, so come complete with all the wisdom that is available to us all.

  20. Stripping away the layers we have built around us means we feel life more in the raw, so to speak. We allow our hidden feelings to emerge and acknowledge them and simply let them go so we are always coming to life anew. We build self responsibility and commitment to life which are becoming rarer generally in society although sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by young people today and the care they take packing groceries for example, and in how willing they are to share their stories.

  21. So true Elizabeth, when we choose love as our way of life, wisdom just flows through us directly from the Universe and God. Wisdom is always presented to serve humanity to evolve.

  22. Wisdom is for everyone, hence why it cannot be owned, whereas intelligence is the opposite, it is very much for self-gain and recognition. Choosing to be ourselves is one of the greatest gifts of life, as it inspires others to choose this too, allowing true connection to take place.

  23. This is a beautiful blog Simon, it really is the greatest tragedy in our world that we are not taught and nurtured from babies to just be ourselves. Held tenderly and gently encouraged to feel the difference between when we are being ourselves, and when we are not. Such a simple and much needed way that needs to be lived and shared as you do, everyday.

  24. Majority of society live the opposite to this ‘feeling ‘me’ in life and what can be offered rather than what can be gained’ in that they live all for self gain. Even people’s efforts to help another or do a good job are hidden with traces of need for recognition and self gain and we are no longer seeing this game to the point that everyone misses out on what is truly available. Thank you Serge Behayon for reminding us what is truly available.

  25. Simon, I hope you’ll keep writing because this is beautiful to read. I loved your words about how when we let others see and know who we are (not the roles) and they also share who they are, that this is a “mutual respect”. How beautiful and simple, yet we’ve made the world so much about what we do and achievements that this form of mutual respect is now a rare experience.

  26. There is so much richness to be learned from understanding the ageless wisdom, as you have so beautifully illustrated and shared, that the possibilities are endless, the personal transformations are significant, all because you chose to be open and understand that “wisdom that cannot be owned by anyone”.

  27. It would not be true wisdom if it was not for everyone. It cannot be owned as it is who we are in essence . . . wise beyond our imaginings . . . we only need to get over ourselves and out of our own way.

  28. The ageless wisdom that cannot be owned, so very true. When I first experienced what Universal Medicine offered, it was simply hearing and feeling wisdom that immediately I knew. It didn’t feel like it was new information, it was felt within me as a part of me, not something that was foreign in any way. Not something that I needed to own, but something that came though me, when it was needed, for either myself or others in any given moment, that is true wisdom.

  29. These words really touched me, speaking to me so clearly: “a wisdom that cannot be owned by anyone, is ageless, and arises at times when humanity is in great need.” It was especially the last words “when humanity is in great need” that spoke the loudest, for as I see it, this is truly the time that the Ageless Wisdom presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is needed more that even before, as the world is in disarray and humanity is calling out for answers; well this ancient wisdom certainly does have those in abundance.

  30. Thankyou Simon for all you have shared here. I have also felt the emanation of love coming out of my body for others around me, including people I have just met. For all the words I have read or heard about love and my own longing for it, it wasn’t until I found Universal Medicine that I felt love like this and understood it to be who I am. It’s pretty amazing!

  31. How gorgeous to come to a place in life where your outlook in life becomes about what can be offered rather than gained. If everyone walked through life with this attitude the world would be a vastly different place.

  32. This is something that has been a stand out for me also Simon, especially this year, “Before this I never understood commitment, to myself or another, as simply a commitment to love.” When we hold ourselves in and with love only then can we truly hold another in the same way.

  33. When I first attended Universal Medicine presentations I went home and regurgitated much of what I had learnt and listened to, as knowledge, instead of living it and coming from there. This of course is the opposite of the true power, understanding and love that is the Ageless Wisdom. Now, I don’t need to say a thing about any Ageless Wisdom or Universal Medicine teachings, and the people I meet can feel that there is something with how I live that feels very natural to them also.

  34. Trying to recite what Universal Medicine presents as one would from school word for word from experience I have found often doesn’t work, that repetition holds little weight or relevance for the other person. But building on it from my own lived experiences with what has been presented brings a greater richness to it that shares ‘If I can build on this, so can you’ without attachment. I loved the last line Simon ‘This is a gift that needs not be acknowledged or opened.’ and this has also been my experience of Universal Medicine – nothing is ever pushed onto a person, they are simply given the space to expand on what has been presented or not without pressure or expectation to do so.

  35. ‘remaining true to myself presents a choice to them that on some level they are aware of. ‘ So often we can feel imposed upon by others, how awesome it is when someone can be totally themselves, with all the love in the world, but not try and have us change in any way shape or form and yet being with them is to feel where change is needed because it shows us where more love could be.

  36. It is a great gift to know that the knowledge we have is not ours, and trough living this we can share our love with everyone.

  37. There is a joy in knowing that the ageless wisdom is there for all and that never is anyone excluded from being able to access this source except by their own choice.

  38. Being open to the ageless wisdom and all it offers is a beautiful way to live and invites others to be inspired and supported by your lived ways.

  39. Reading your blog Simon I allow myself to feel the love expressed through your writing and feel how much we, when we open ourselves, love people. And the truth is and you have said it like this; ‘This is a gift that needs not be acknowledged or opened.’

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