Sceptical Husband makes his Own Choices

by Gustavo, UK

My wife Priscila was a student of Universal Medicine (UniMed) six months before me. In the beginning I reacted a lot to her new choices, and I had an arsenal to attack her with. How could our lives have changed so quickly? I thought that what we had before UniMed was a great life. How wrong was I!

My first contact with Universal Medicine was through a gentle breath meditation. One day I decided to give it a try. These ten minutes were huge for me. For the first time I connected to myself. I then decided to have a session with Sara Williams and that was really inspiring!

I continued my sessions and slowly started to build truth and real love with myself and my wife, and making choices in my life that were based on what my body was feeling. Alcohol, for example, was a poison. After a few months of sessions I had a glass of wine with friends. That was a marker for me – the next day I was very tired and had a fever. I then realised what my body was telling me is that it couldn’t stand the alcohol any longer.

So that was it, one more of the many choices that changed me based on what I was feeling. I am from Brazil, born into a very traditional, Catholic family. It was a little bit scary in the beginning, but then it was so easy to really feel the harmony that was being presented by UM.

There are some allegations that Universal Medicine is for women. Well, I am a man and I see a lot of guys attending the sessions, the workshops… I believe we all share the same opinion.

And, being a student for one year and a half I can say that the allegations that Universal Medicine is a cult are absolutely FALSE! I have never been told what to do, what to eat, what to follow… Serge Benhayon and his family never gave me a ‘to do’ list. I make the choices in my life, they only support me and I am very grateful for that!

237 thoughts on “Sceptical Husband makes his Own Choices

  1. What is the tool to assess how great our life is? How do we get to that conclusion? If the body is not the tool, you may be defending something that is not true. Of course, you cannot reach that conclusion unless you connect deeply with your body in the first place. When you do, though, the sand castle falls.

  2. Our whole body feels deeply nurtured and cared for when we base our choices on what our body is feeling. Being open and listening develops our awareness so that our choices become a continual refinement as our awareness expands and our love deepens.

  3. The gentle breath meditation is all about connection to yourself and in that connection to all others too. It also only takes a few minutes to do and in the hustle and bustle of today’s world it is an absolute blessing.

  4. I was resistant too when I first met Serge and Universal Medicine – through my partner (now my wife). In my head it was another ‘New Age’ organisation – and I had been through many. But I was wrong. This is not a New Age thing at all – but another expression of the Ageless Wisdom presenting a real depth of truth that is very familiar and resonates with every cell of my being. That, I find is always a good sign. When my body says yes, yes, yes with all its particles, then there is truth at hand.

  5. How beautiful Gustavo, it is true – the choices to change are purely based on what I know will support me to be healthier and more content within myself.

  6. Yes, we are all students of life and so we are all basically students of a Universal (form of) Medicine. That’s the thing, Universal Medicine actually applies to everyone.

  7. Listening to what feels true within the body is how I have been able to change my lifestyle choices and disregarding way of living to building a deeper awareness of how my choices have an impact on myself and everyone else. Committing to being more tender and self-loving has deepened my relationship with myself and others and I now value myself far more so that I am making choices that truly support me.

  8. Skepticism is said to be a healthy thing. It is a cautious attitude regarding something you do not know and are not sure you want to establish a relationship with, a defensive stand that allows you not to go too deep into the water and that has the exit door nearby. A sceptic can land in two different scenarios: the new thing has satisfied your reservations and convinced you to go along, so you drop your guard or it has not and you use 1000 arguments that reflect your ‘a priory’ stand in life to justify why it’s not for you.
    Skepticism is not how it’s depicted to be. On the one hand, it is said to rely upon the mind to make the judgement. In fact, the mind can doubt, but the body does not. It just knows. The only true question is to what extent the skeptic allows the body to truly have a say or not regarding something, and truly honor what the body has to say in the understanding that a yes or a no reflects something deep and true. We have to be very skeptical about skeptics going there because skepticism is a pattern of movement of someone that so far has made a commitment not to rely upon his/her heart.

  9. Experiencing body work with the Esoteric Healing modalities is life changing. I have many memorable sessions I will never forget. These healing modalities offer everything that is needed to know more of who you are. As Gustavo presents coming back to feeling life makes a whole lot of more sense. “So that was it, one more of the many choices that changed me based on what I was feeling.”

  10. Lots of great points Gustavo. Of course Universal Medicine is equally for men as it is for women. There are more women students but that is only because men are less open to seeing that they have been living a lie than are women. In time we will all be equally ready to see this.

  11. We make our own choices, we have the responsibility and the right, so no one can tell us what to do, and whatever choices we have made, those are our consequences to bear, this is self-responsibility that is taught, something that not a lot of families or the education system has taught children.

  12. Nope, I’ve never seen a ‘to-do’ list either Gustavo, my body does a pretty awesome job of that, it knows when it’s tired, it knows what to eat and how to move – it’s just whether I listen to it or not that counts.

  13. Gustavo how loving that you went to experience the gentle breath meditation yourself, and were open enough to feel the reaction of your body after a glass of alcohol. Our body passes a great deal of information onto us, we need only be open to listening and making those self loving changes that support us to be more loving ourselves, and our whole life changes.

  14. It is five years since you penned these words. We were on the same journey and have walked together. There are many we have seen blossom including ourselves. The appreciation of where we came from is beyond imagination.

    1. Lovely to read Steve, and I am the same, I’ve come so far and have seen so many people blossom as a result of the work Serge Benhayon presents. It’s very inspiring to feel these changes in my own life and see it in so many others.

  15. Whether you are a man or woman, truth is truth and we know it when we feel it. Pigeonholing is a very cheap tactic to employ when trying to invent and isolate an issue when there isn’t one.

  16. Reactions are a great marker indicating we have some healing to do whether it is simply making a choice to observe or a hurt has arisen for us to look at and to let go of but whatever the case to react in some way harms ourselves and others and the more I allow myself to feel the abuse made to my body by reacting the more I am choosing observation.

  17. In a world that is busy, fast paced and at times quite overwhelming the gentle breath mediation is literally like a breath of fresh air that gives us the space to stop, reconnect to ourselves and start again.

  18. “I am from Brazil, born into a very traditional, Catholic family. It was a little bit scary in the beginning, but then it was so easy to really feel the harmony that was being presented by UM.” Strip away all the conditions we’ve layered ourselves with and you end up with what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine has been presenting from day one, that we are already everything and the process is getting rid of everything that makes us think we are not that everything.

  19. “I continued my sessions and slowly started to build truth and real love with myself and my wife, and making choices in my life that were based on what my body was feeling.” This is so simple yet so deeply inspiring Gustavo. To be offered a way to make lasting changes for the better in your relationships is a true blessing.

  20. I love hearing these stories where one has made the choice just to dip their toe in to test the water only to find they can’t help but put their whole body in.

      1. Totally Irena, this becomes part of the pull when we start to feel the great power we hold for change in others when we live the love we are.

  21. I too have heard the allegations that Universal Medicine is only for women. I once read that all the women of Universal Medicine were like Stepford Wives. If you believed that and walked into any event you’d get a big fat shock. Not only would you be met with many gorgeous men but you’d be met by a bunch of powerful sassy women who reflect that being a woman and being delicate is power.

  22. How easy is it to have a go at someone or something these days if you don’t like them or it? I mean when I was growing up the town gossip would start on something and then after a few days a bit more would go around and usually someone would come along and set the record straight and you would nearly be shocked at what had been said and how inaccurate it was. It reminds me of a game called ‘chinese whispers’, where one person whispers something to another who passes in onto another and around it goes until the last person repeats what they heard and you usually laugh because it only represents part of what was originally said. If we fast forward to today and we have the internet, available almost everywhere, accessible by nearly everyone 24 hours a day, platforms that allow you to pretty much say anything and I mean anything, access to it instantly etc etc. There is no place to set a record straight here, it’s just your word in with other words. I know it’s a dangerous game to just listen to the first or even now the second thing that is said about anything. Like when I was young I don’t like being shocked at how far things can go from what is true, now I stand when I hear or read something and breathe. I remember all those ‘chinese whisper’ moments and I take care in what I do next. If I really have an interest in what I read then I will do some research and get another take or another side to it. My best way to learn has always been through my own actual experience.

  23. That is the key. Although it is not easy to see it while you are in it, often times, what we defend is not truly worth it anyway. What we feel that works for us may not be the best for us.

  24. Thank you Gustavo for sharing your experiences of feeling into and listening to what your body was offering thereby making the choice to heal.

  25. Its interesting the reactions that come when we do start to make more loving choices. But it’s important to learn to simply observe them and see what they are and it is rarely about us and our choice but what that is reflecting that someone else may not want to see for themselves.

  26. Real and lasting change comes from within first, from a knowing of what feels true. As with you and many other students of The Way of The Livingness that have been incredible transformation in health, well-being and vitality with lasting changes that continued to be lived today. This is a direct reflection of how Universal Medicine has inspired many to discover that our connection to our our bodies and our truth within is our greatest guide to living in a way that honors who we are, so that we can live with greater love and truth in our lives, and how natural to live more Soulfully is.

  27. It can be challenging to look at our life and our choices and be confronted with the fact that we have not been living a full and loving life, especially when we think we have. But once we do make that first step we see that it is so worth it and mostly that we are so worth it.

  28. Thank you Gustavo for adding your voice to the many men who have been and are inspired by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine to find a true way of living.

  29. I totally agree that there is no truth in the Media reports on Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine being a cult! I have been involved with Universal Medicine for over 10 years and not once has there been any experience of coercion to do, be or say anything other than what feels right for me. Everything reported and sensationalised in the Papers and online are pure fabrications made to discredit a wonderful inspirational man and organisation, that has only ever encouraged us to make our own decisions about our own lives!

  30. It feels so empowering when we listen to our body and the choices are made by us from our experiences in life and it is also very beautiful when we surrender to humbleness and be inspired by another. Thank you Gustavo for sharing.

  31. Gustavo you wrote: “. . . making choices in my life that were based on what my body was feeling.” For me making such choices are the best medicine of all. Our body can show very clearly what is not good for it – if we allow ourself to be open to feel it.

  32. You make a very important point here Gustavo. Our upbringing and the way we live our lives builds up a momentum of choices, beliefs, ideals, pictures etc. so when someone around us starts to make different choices based on what they feel in their body to be true for them, it can be very challenging for those close to them because the comfortable status quo is no longer being accepted. We can see their different choices as criticisms of our own choices, or we can open ourselves up to the inspiration that is being offered. It’s always a choice – our choice and no-one else’s.

  33. “I make the choices in my life, they only support me and I am very grateful for that!” It is the most empowering thing I have heard been presented by any person or organisation that we are responsible for our life – it is our choices. Many may argue this fact – that is a choice and one that disempowers you.

  34. The lies about Universal Medicine in the media have really opened my eyes to corruption in the media, but also to the corruption everywhere. One of the gifts of being a student of Universal Medicine is learning to trust the body and its intelligence – the body is so truthful and very loud when something is untrue.

  35. Thank you Gustavo for sharing your journey of a sceptical husband to embracing the teachings of Universal Medicine and finding the simple, practical, self-care techniques that truly worked and supported your body.

  36. Dear Gustavo,
    I love reading how you felt when you did the gentle breath meditation. Simply 10 minutes of an activity that allows you to connect to yourself can bring so much love and joy in your life. Is this not a miracle?

  37. Thank you Gustavo. Very beautiful to read your experience. As I was just reflecting on when I first attended a Universal Medicine presentation and I was struck by how many men were there. I have been to many complementary medicine workshops before and used to seeing at most, a handful of men. This was different. 5 years later I still see both men and women coming to the presentations. Why? Because what is presented can be very practically applied by anybody attending. There is no concepts to believe. Just a presentation and then a choice to live.

  38. Inspiring to read Gustavo of how, through you trusting what you felt from your body and heeding its wise promptings, that you are now living in a more harmonious and truer way of being.

  39. Hi Gustavo, good to read your story even if it is 4 years later. I also was very skeptical partner when I first ran into Serge Benhayon. I was fully into Tibetan Buddhism and for a year I had huge struggles between what I felt was true, but also I was trying to find the wholes in what Serge was teaching. The struggle between my heart and my head. At last I surrendered to my heart. It happened when Serge Benhayon just walked by. I cried as I felt his loving presence.

    1. It’s a beautiful story you have shared Willem, despite the struggles of what you thought to be true there was no denying the presence of love in Serge. When the end product of something is a life lived in love we can’t deny the truth. When I came to Universal Medicine in 2012 there were a lot of negative things said in the media about Serge, yet I could not deny the consistent love my esoteric practitioner lived so I travelled to attend a workshop by Universal Medicine. In both of our experiences love spoke very loudly.

  40. When we commit to building more love and truth in our body, in our relationships and in all that we do our everyday life is literally transformed and infused with purpose and grace.

  41. Gustavo you have shared your own life yet it may be very similar to all the students of Universal Medicine. We begin by reconnecting to ourselves with the Gentle Breath Meditation, we listen to Serge and decide the truth for ourselves, and we begin to listen to and honour the body which leads to greater good health, harmony and better relationships – etc etc – better everything! Universal Medicine is indeed not a ‘cult’, in fact it couldn’t be further from this word!

  42. Thank you for sharing your story and standing up for Universal Medicine. The harm caused by false accusations and rumours is extensive… but the power to debunk and dissolve them comes through heartfelt sharings such as this.

  43. It can be confronting to realise that the way that we have been living is causing untold harm to the body and it’s no surprise that there will be resistance because it’s quite a pill to swallow but how awesome it is that you were open enough Gustavo to embrace what is truly a normal and harmonious way of living as presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. This way of living is real medicine for the body. How ridiculous it is that we deem consuming alcohol which is toxic to the body as being the normal thing to do simply because the majority are doing it.

  44. It is a strange occurrence but the majority of us react to love when it is first presented however in the warming up period we can see what we have chosen to ignore and how much we have missed it. Sometimes we can be abusive to avoid feeling the fact, this is the biggest pill to sallow. That is always the attack of ourselves.

  45. Awesome sharing Gustavo on how you listened to the wisdom of your own body and only chose what felt true for you. Those that point the finger and say we are all blind followers refuse to accept the fact that what Serge Benhayon presents around self-care truly works, no rules, just simple self-care principles that support your body to feel more vital and true.

  46. “It was a little bit scary in the beginning, but then it was so easy to really feel the harmony that was being presented by UM.” So true Gustavo. I can remember when I started attending Universal Medicine I found it very challenging to all the ideals and beliefs that I had just taken on. When I chose to accept the possibility of a different way to live I realised the enormity of what had been missing from my life.

  47. In fact, Universal Medicine has set an end to my to-do-lists. I have learned a way of planning my days that is more about surrendering to the flow. And at the end of the day all that needed to be done is done.

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