The Change in my Son’s Health has Led me to Change too

by Jan Mooney, B.A. B.Ed. Dip.Ed. (TESOL), Brisbane, Australia.

I am Jan Mooney. Brendan Mooney is my amazing son. In December 2006, Brendan, aged 25 years old, booked an appointment with Serge Benhayon at Goonellabah. He had been in chronic pain since 2003.

He had been to many medical professionals in Brisbane, Sydney and London. He was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome, but at other times his condition was diagnosed as fibromyalgia.

His recommended treatment included visits to neurologists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. Also, he had MRI scans, regular GP contact, visits to osteopaths, psychologists and counsellors.

Many medications were prescribed for him. Some of these were endone, nerve medications and muscle relaxants. Botox was also used on several occasions to paralyse the muscles.

This variety of treatments had a very limited effect on managing his symptoms.

He was a very depressed person who was facing a life on the disability pension and the prospect of never being able to work full-time. He had ceased his violin teaching and his orchestra engagements.

He tried to continue his university PhD studies, but even with adaptive technology using voice recognition on his computer to assist his pain management, his chronic pain prevailed and PhD studies became impossible. His life was very difficult.

After appointments with two very respected physiotherapists in London and Sydney in 2006, Brendan was referred by them to Serge Benhayon. These physiotherapists had previously attended ‘hands-on’ healing courses run by Serge. Brendan agreed to visit Serge in his desperation for an explanation and a cure for his chronic pain and debilitating life. And the rest is history…

Unfortunately, it was not quite like that. After Brendan had his initial appointment with Serge he found, in my opinion, what Serge had presented to him to be quite confronting. However, he connected with what Serge said enough to feel that he wanted to consider more contact with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. In 2012 he is still in with both.

During this time he has made many decisions. He has changed his diet by gradually not eating any dairy, wheat, gluten, sugar, chocolate and not drinking coffee or alcohol. He also has focused on the effect energy has on his body, especially emotional energy. He has decided to listen to his body and he is now able to discern when his body is reacting to food, people, events, or to life. He uses a gentle breath meditation and stillness to feel how his body is. He has changed his sleeping pattern and has established a regular sleeping rhythm for his body.

Very gradually he has returned to good health. He now enjoys life without chronic pain. He has not taken any medications since deciding to focus on the information that Universal Medicine presents.

Over the past few years he has been able to complete his Psychology qualifications and resume teaching violin to adults and school children, and is now working as a Psychologist.

I have watched these changes in Brendan with gratitude, as he is now joyful each day.

Initially, I found Brendan’s focused commitment confronting regarding my own choice of lifestyle and how I had raised him as my son and wondered if he had joined a ‘cult‘. I decided to read some of Serge Benhayon’s books. I became defensive of my lifestyle choices. But gradually I wondered whether my ‘conventional life’ was in fact my own ‘cult’?

I persisted with reading more of Serge’s books; I have attended Universal Medicine courses since 2008 and I have met Serge.

Initially, I was interested to find out how Brendan was able to achieve his medical recovery through his connection to Universal Medicine. Sometimes I was unable to accept that through his decision to live his life listening to his own body and committing to various changes in how he was living, eating and sleeping, Brendan could affect his recovery simply by changing his own energy.

Gradually I have committed to living in the same way as I choose to be more open to the truths I feel inside me. Also, I am a witness to Brendan’s improved health. More than ever I feel more lovingly connected to me, to Brendan and to other people. That is awesome!

Now I am choosing to live in the same way, to affect the energy in my life.

116 thoughts on “The Change in my Son’s Health has Led me to Change too

  1. A very beautiful testimony to someone you clearly dearly love Jan. Thank you for sharing your experience and having the humbleness to be inspired by another and choose to go deeper in your relationship with yourself…

  2. When someone in our life makes lifestyle changes that are different to their usual choices, or to what is considered the norm, it can be confronting for ourselves because it makes us reflect on our own choices. We can initially react but it is important to keep observing and assess if the changes are in fact based on true care or not.

  3. Our bodies are designed to move with love, as such will show us what is not love in order for us to heal. When we begin to connect to our bodies we become aware of what energy supports us to live with greater vitality and well-being, to live in a truer way guided by our connection to our love within.

  4. It is hard to believe, or we don’t want to believe, that by changing our lifestyle choices we can change energy therefore change our life around completely. It is more convenient to claim that we are stuck where we are and we have no other choices – if we want to remain irresponsible for our choices. It is most beautiful thing to be able to be very honest with where we are at and invite a possibility of another way of being.

  5. It is beautiful to watch the transformation of people through their involvement with Universal Medicine, and when we observe their changes, it inspires us to make similar changes to our life too.

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