The Change in my Son’s Health has Led me to Change too

by Jan Mooney, B.A. B.Ed. Dip.Ed. (TESOL), Brisbane, Australia.

I am Jan Mooney. Brendan Mooney is my amazing son. In December 2006, Brendan, aged 25 years old, booked an appointment with Serge Benhayon at Goonellabah. He had been in chronic pain since 2003.

He had been to many medical professionals in Brisbane, Sydney and London. He was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome, but at other times his condition was diagnosed as fibromyalgia.

His recommended treatment included visits to neurologists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. Also, he had MRI scans, regular GP contact, visits to osteopaths, psychologists and counsellors.

Many medications were prescribed for him. Some of these were endone, nerve medications and muscle relaxants. Botox was also used on several occasions to paralyse the muscles.

This variety of treatments had a very limited effect on managing his symptoms.

He was a very depressed person who was facing a life on the disability pension and the prospect of never being able to work full-time. He had ceased his violin teaching and his orchestra engagements.

He tried to continue his university PhD studies, but even with adaptive technology using voice recognition on his computer to assist his pain management, his chronic pain prevailed and PhD studies became impossible. His life was very difficult.

After appointments with two very respected physiotherapists in London and Sydney in 2006, Brendan was referred by them to Serge Benhayon. These physiotherapists had previously attended ‘hands-on’ healing courses run by Serge. Brendan agreed to visit Serge in his desperation for an explanation and a cure for his chronic pain and debilitating life. And the rest is history…

Unfortunately, it was not quite like that. After Brendan had his initial appointment with Serge he found, in my opinion, what Serge had presented to him to be quite confronting. However, he connected with what Serge said enough to feel that he wanted to consider more contact with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. In 2012 he is still in with both.

During this time he has made many decisions. He has changed his diet by gradually not eating any dairy, wheat, gluten, sugar, chocolate and not drinking coffee or alcohol. He also has focused on the effect energy has on his body, especially emotional energy. He has decided to listen to his body and he is now able to discern when his body is reacting to food, people, events, or to life. He uses a gentle breath meditation and stillness to feel how his body is. He has changed his sleeping pattern and has established a regular sleeping rhythm for his body.

Very gradually he has returned to good health. He now enjoys life without chronic pain. He has not taken any medications since deciding to focus on the information that Universal Medicine presents.

Over the past few years he has been able to complete his Psychology qualifications and resume teaching violin to adults and school children, and is now working as a Psychologist.

I have watched these changes in Brendan with gratitude, as he is now joyful each day.

Initially, I found Brendan’s focused commitment confronting regarding my own choice of lifestyle and how I had raised him as my son and wondered if he had joined a ‘cult‘. I decided to read some of Serge Benhayon’s books. I became defensive of my lifestyle choices. But gradually I wondered whether my ‘conventional life’ was in fact my own ‘cult’?

I persisted with reading more of Serge’s books; I have attended Universal Medicine courses since 2008 and I have met Serge.

Initially, I was interested to find out how Brendan was able to achieve his medical recovery through his connection to Universal Medicine. Sometimes I was unable to accept that through his decision to live his life listening to his own body and committing to various changes in how he was living, eating and sleeping, Brendan could affect his recovery simply by changing his own energy.

Gradually I have committed to living in the same way as I choose to be more open to the truths I feel inside me. Also, I am a witness to Brendan’s improved health. More than ever I feel more lovingly connected to me, to Brendan and to other people. That is awesome!

Now I am choosing to live in the same way, to affect the energy in my life.

111 thoughts on “The Change in my Son’s Health has Led me to Change too

  1. Awesome that you were open to challenging your conventional life when you saw the amazing turnaround in your son’s life Jan. Truly inspirational how you have both been so open to listening to the messages from your bodies and the impact that this has had on every aspect of your lives.

  2. Wow, what a great testimony of the truth presented by Universal Medicine. I love how you come to question mainstream lifestyle choices by gradually wondering “whether my ‘conventional life’ was in fact my own ‘cult’?” It is so easy to judge others out of a well established box, specifically if we don’t want to look at our own choices. Thank you for sharing, it is true gold for humanity to know that there is a way.

  3. Awesome, thank you for sharing About Brendan’s situation. It’s amazing the miracles that occur…All from the choices we make and with support of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. “But gradually I wondered whether my ‘conventional life’ was in fact my own ‘cult’?” interesting point to ponder on there.

  4. The adoption of the teachings that Universal Medicine present have enormous healing potential, as you have illustrated in your article Jan. Thank you for your contribution.

  5. Jan, your openness to observe and understand the changes that you were in witnessing in Brendan through his connection to and the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is inspiring. That it is empowering, yes, when we come to realise that we can make the choices to change the way we live by changing the energy that we choose to live in.

  6. “Sometimes I was unable to accept that through his decision to live his life listening to his own body and committing to various changes in how he was living, eating and sleeping, Brendan could affect his recovery simply by changing his own energy.” Sometimes things are too simple for the mind. It can be difficult to believe miracles even when they happen right in front of us, its when we have the lived experience ourselves that we can then really feel and know the irrefutable truth in every part of our being. This is a testament to the simple miracle of self responsibility, self observation, self love, self care and self appreciation that Universal Medicine represents.

  7. It is very inspiring to read of Brendans choices in his recovery, and also to read of the changes in you Jan – from defensiveness to choosing love for yourself.
    I also find this a fascinating comment: “…gradually I wondered whether my ‘conventional life’ was in fact my own ‘cult’?” It is a different take on life as it currently is and one certainly worth considering!

    1. I found that a fascinating and wise quote too, Paula: “…gradually I wondered whether my ‘conventional life’ was in fact my own ‘cult’?” To the willingness Jan shows to look at her own life with an open mind and heart is inspiring to read. And Brendan’s story is a miracle that should be shared with everyone. So all can learn about how much we can do, by making different choices, about our own health.

  8. This is an extraordinary story of inspiration. Watching someone change their life in the way your son has to restore his natural vitality and well-being is incredible… add to that the changes you have made to your life and it is a privilege to read your blog. Thank you.

  9. Jan it is amusing when you mention that you may have been living with your own cult. I too did find it very confronting to challenge my life style. As I considered it to be fairly healthy with no excess of any kind my mind was revolting at the idea of abandoning some food stuff. But watching others’ vitality and hearing more and more about their transformation convinced me to give it a try. What a revelation it has been. There is no turning back.

  10. Dear Jan Mooney, I am not sure if the reader really grasps the depth of your writing. You and your son have experienced how a life fulfilled with pain and resignation has changed to a healthy and joyful one thanks to Brandon’s own choices with the utter support of Universal Medicine, the esoteric modalities and Serge Benhayon. Your son is just one living example of the array if people who have turned around their lives and very worth of sharing it.

  11. I love the title of this blog, it’s beautiful to read about a parent being humble enough to be inspired by their child. So many parents cannot even admit that their children might know something that they don’t know! Brendan is obviously a great man, and your humbleness is beautiful.

  12. “But gradually I wondered whether my ‘conventional life’ was in fact my own ‘cult’?” – wow, this is such a steller statement – said in observing a change in another, then eventually leading to make changes of their own. Thank you very much for sharing.

  13. Having read Brendans own blog some time ago and now your own journey , you undertook seeing the changes in him Jan, I can only say congratulations to you for making those huge changes when there were some strong doubts there to begin with.

  14. “But gradually I wondered whether my ‘conventional life’ was in fact my own ‘cult’?” The presentations by Serge Benhayon also made me take an honest look at the conventions and rules that I had chosen to adopt and believe to be the ‘right’ way to live. I have been inspired by the wisdom shared at Universal Medicine to listen to the messages of my body rather than what is in my head and can feel the truth of what I am learning and to discern the energy in everything and everyone.

  15. Inspirational sharing Jan – witnessing your son’s vast improvement to a vital life must have seemed like watching a miracle unfold. The ripple effect of love then offered an opening for you to bring more awareness to your own body and the choices you were making, how awesome!

  16. I love your honesty Jan in asking yourself if in fact you were the one living in a cult. People are afraid of change and will defend their lifestyles choices even when it is obvious the way you are living is harming your body. It is great you were able to be inspired by Brendan’s amazing healing and to begin to make choices in your life that truly supported you as well.

  17. Thank you for such a powerful sharing Jan. It’s so clear from reading this that our health comes back to how we are with ourselves in each and every moment and whether or not we choose to listen closely to what the body is saying, respond to its’ messages and treat ourselves with tender loving care. Brendan obviously chose to take responsibility for the way he was living and the results are evident that the way of living presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine allows for true healing.

  18. Jan, re-reading your blog I am struck by the fact that not only did Brendan illness result in him choosing to heal what was untrue in his way of life, but it also inspired you to do likewise. Illness is such a blessing on so many levels.

  19. It is gorgeous to read you telling Brendan’s remarkable recovery due to the principles of Universal Medicine he chose to embrace… and the inspiration this then ignited in you. I have heard of several stories like this that are a true testament to what UM offers and the incredible changes that are possible, my own life included.

  20. It’s true Jan, when you see others making choices that are supportive and working for them but are the opposite of what you are choosing for yourself, it can be both very confronting and uncomfortable indeed.

  21. Jan, what you are describing is simply life changing, for you both. How wonderful that Brendan was able to seek and take responsibility for such changes that he was able to make in his life. By the sounds of the pain he was in, it would’ve been challenging to make such changes. But the net effect is miraculous. Truly amazing.

  22. It’s truly amazing that after trying every kind of medical care the healing of the chronic long term pain came from the assistance of Universal Medicine. This is another powerful story (of many) of someone able to turn their life around completely with the support of Universal Medicine. The person supported doesn’t just benefit, our whole society does as each recovered person becomes able to work, contribute and enjoy life again.

  23. Jan, what you write about is a true testimony to the ripple effects that can occur when we choose to self-love. Not only do they affect the one choosing to self-love, but also those whom they come in contact with. Beautiful to read of how you were inspired by your son’s healing, so much so, that you went along to investigate for yourself what was on offer from Universal Medicine.

  24. This is beautiful to read Jan, to watch your son change in such an amazing way, whilst challenging to your own choices, the miracle of the change would have been impossible to ignore. It is super inspiring that you choose to follow your own inner sense that what Brendon was living was more true than what you were choosing and then began to live it for your self.

  25. Jan your sharing is really beautiful and so honest. It must have been incredibly worrying at the time to watch your son, in his 20’s face living a life that is limited by chronic pain. To then watch his turn around must have been something else and how incredible that he has inspired you in your own life as well and the connection you have with yourself and others.

    1. It is incredible how Brendan’s loving choices inspired Jan and without a doubt the ripple effects of his loving choices would have radiated out further than we could possibly comprehend.

  26. What an incredible story and coming from a mothers observation too! I know so many people that have turned their debilitating health and lives around by putting into practice what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine live, reflect and present. Whilst reading this testimony especially this ‘He has decided to listen to his body and he is now able to discern when his body is reacting to food, people, events, or to life. He uses a gentle breath meditation and stillness to feel how his body is’ it made me see how much more I can put this into practice and do this for myself.

  27. I should say this is a remarkable story, for in the context of things it is. And yet, I have seen so many people change their life – quite remarkably so – that I find myself taking it for granted. Many years ago I had heal spurs – in fact during my first year of discovering Universal Medicine. I was told that they could not be healed. Today 10 years later they simply are not there any more. Go figure. Perhaps energy affects us more than we like to think. Then again, maybe I am just a statistical outlier, an anomaly, just like Brendan.

  28. This is an amazing blog, Thank You for sharing your experience Jan and how your son Brendan recovered from chronic pain. This is truly remarkable, it shows how we choose to live, that what energy we run in affects our body, our health, vitality and wellbeing. This article should be posted on the news, it is a miracle that so many people will be inspired by, to perhaps listen to our body and be inspired to learn about how energy works and how our choices affect everything in life.

  29. What an extraordinary turnaround Brendan has made with his health and well-being, this is a living miracle and the loving choices Brendan made has a powerful flow-on effect for others such as yourself to be inspired by.

  30. Sometimes we wonder if there is a magic pill we can swallow and everything will be fine. I was going to write unfortunately that doesn’t exist but I think it’s actually great that it doesn’t exist. Because that would just please us not really wanting to take full responsibility for our life and our choices. It can be full on hard to make changes but I’m fully convinced that whatever we are faced with in life we have the full capacity to deal with it otherwise we wouldn’t be faced with it. Some may disagree but that is my firm opinion but also my experience. We are so much more powerful than we think and the changes made here in your sharing is but a humble token of that.

  31. This is always so profound to read, as the implications of body guided self care could be huge financially for governments world wide. Brendan, as one case, went from chronic pain and dependence on a pension, to being pain free and able to complete studies and resume work. I’ve read that chronic back pain is one of the worlds highest ranking illnesses, imagine the effect on the global economy if that symptom alone was able to be alleviated in 50% of cases (if not more) using the same self care principles as shared by Serge Benhayon?

  32. Wow. I know Brendan and had no idea that he had this history. What a recovery and done so simply – by listening to the body and honouring it. Is it possible that life really is that simple? Perhaps it is us who prefer complication yet what is there is so very simple and that is what our bodies prefer.

  33. “Brendan could affect his recovery simply by changing his own energy.” Many people have made miraculous changes by choosing the energy that is true inside them. The esoteric modalities have been great tools in bringing it out and reconnecting back to this source.

  34. “But gradually I wondered whether my ‘conventional life’ was in fact my own ‘cult’?” This is such a good question to ask ourselves for doesn’t the very definition of a cult include blindly following something without question? And isn’t this the way many if not most people live their lives? We are born into a society with certain values and beliefs and there is an accepted ‘norm’ which is the blueprint for life we are expected to more or less follow. When we don’t, or we question the very blueprint and choose to go our own way instead, we are seen to be challenging the ‘norm’ which makes others uncomfortable if they have just been trundling along through life accepting the blueprint as being it. We then get attacked, or criticised for making different choices and attempts are made to try to bring us back to the accepted norm or the blueprint. Seems pretty cultish behaviour if you ask me.

  35. “But gradually I wondered whether my ‘conventional life’ was in fact my own ‘cult’?” Ian I love this question as it opens up the possibility to allow oneself to question the own way of living – even if the whole world is living a “conventional life”. What if the whole world is living a life that made the illness rate increase each day . . . ?

  36. Jan this is a most amazing account. It has clearly been particularly poignant for you as Brendan’s mother, to witness all that he has gone through. Having lived with someone in chronic pain for many years, I can well relate to how difficult it can be to witness and support someone through this.
    What so rarely occurs though, is such a transformation – out of the pain and depression, and into a medication and pain-free life that feels to be thriving and meaningful at that. The work of Universal Medicine is deeply inspiring for us all in this regard, offering such deep wisdom and understanding of just how we can actively say ‘yes’ to our own inner healing, and do the work. Amazingly, it is not uncommon for such physical transformations and mental health conditions to also heal and transform.
    Thank-you for sharing this.

  37. My hat is off to you Jan, for being willing to investigate just ‘what it was’ your son was exploring – from your own clearly acute discernment and also, your unrelenting deep care for him. If only more of humanity cared for each other this much… We seem to have a tendency to dismiss and/or judge that which we do not understand – and to ‘stay in that’ dismissal, rather than seeking greater understanding. What you have done, is the reverse…
    And then to boot, you have discovered your own inspiration and transformations in your own life. This is to be celebrated and deeply so. A deeply beautiful blog and sharing, for all.

  38. Wow, so very powerful. I was totally unaware of how life with chronic pain was for people or even that this existed. Amazing to feel the turn around in Brendan’s life to what it is today- that is a modern day miracle- one he chose for himself by honouring himself more- this needs to be shared with others. Thank you for your blog.

  39. Jan I love your story and the reflection that Brendan has shown to you and what a reflection it has been. I have not given enough energy to reflection and perhaps often discounted it, however your story has again reinforced for me to see how powerful reflection is to us and others, in our daily lives.

  40. It is interesting how we can react when our ‘conventional life’ is challenged by the changes we see in others. We have a choice to stick doggedly to the accepted and cult-ural norm or we can we inspired to introduce some changes into our own way of living and feel it for ourselves.

  41. When we witness the changes another is making in the way they choose to live we have the choice to reject it or to be inspired and give it a go for ourselves.

  42. To see such an enormous change in someone you love and know so well is very powerful. Clearly it is also inspirational in a solid foundation way as opposed to a fleeting consideration.

  43. What an epic story and very touching that you have taken the time to write this about your son, I know I would feel so blessed if my father wrote something like this about me. It is truly amazing what is possible when we make a commitment to ourselves, Serge is a great person to remind us of how important it is to self care on a much deeper level than we are currently taught.

  44. “Sometimes I was unable to accept that through his decision to live his life listening to his own body and committing to various changes in how he was living, eating and sleeping, Brendan could affect his recovery simply by changing his own energy.” it is amazing how simple it can be and the effects on your sons life and his commitment is inspiring, what a great reflection his recovery was for you in choosing to turn your life around by connecting to and listening to your own body.

  45. What this blog reveals is that there are two situations to consider here: when Esoteric Medicine supports conventional Medicine and when Esoteric Medicine is the one providing the answer conventional Medicine is in no position to bring forth.

    So, if changes in lifestyles inspired by Universal Medicine bring forth clear wellness, in this case to two different people, isn’t this fact telling us something of value?

  46. “But gradually I wondered whether my ‘conventional life’ was in fact my own ‘cult’?” I love this one Jan. Yes the conventional life of all the ingredients that is harmful and to be honest I don’t think this space in which I write this comment is big enough to name them all, is the biggest cult there is. You know what they say about cults, that usually you don’t realise you are in one even if you are. So if you are in, living in a society that has all the symptoms we can see quite obviously then wouldn’t it be a sobering exercise to wonder if we indeed is in a big fat cult without even knowing we are.

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