My Life Now – a Very Different Picture

by Irene Sheard

I have recently observed the false and shocking allegations made towards Serge Benhayon, his family and Universal Medicine in various press articles and also on television (including allegations that Universal Medicine is a cult) and would like to share my experience and appreciation of Serge and the Universal Medicine team.

I came to live in Goonellabah, N.S.W. three years ago and not long after heard an interview with Serge on the radio and I felt that what he was saying made so much sense. I then started to attend sessions with one of the practitioners at the Universal Medicine Clinic and also presentations by Serge Benhayon.

I have a history of anxiety, dysfunction, alcohol abuse and utter exhaustion, including being diagnosed with depression and chronic fatigue. Added into this mix came a state of poverty and many problems passed on to my children and grandchildren including drug abuse, self harm and alcohol and gambling addictions.

I had tried for many years to remedy some of this by pursuing various alternate modalities and it did seem that my life improved, at least on a functional level.

After attending Serge’s talks I started to realise that although things looked better on the outside, I was actually still feeling all the old feelings of low self worth and anxiety on the inside. I kept myself safe from feeling all this by cocooning myself from the world and living on Centrelink payments for many years and not participating in anything that I felt threatened by.

After attending Universal Medicine I started to live in a more gentle way with myself and also allowed those feelings to surface in a gentle way. Previously I had done a lot of psychotherapy but this mostly consisted of just re-living the pain of the past – I could still feel it in my body. I tried many diets and ways of eating but had only followed them because I read or heard that they were good. At the same time I would gorge on chocolates, icecreams and the like, trying to fill the empty hole I could feel inside.

Now two and a half years after attending Universal Medicine sessions and presentations my life is a very different picture. I have lost 16 kilos and feel very loving towards my body. I sleep very well and feel I have the energy to do whatever I need to during the day. I was constantly getting colds and hayfever but now am clear of these. I now have work in the community as an aged care worker and I am also studying in aged care. This has been my biggest change as I could not function in the workforce before. I now take the gentleness I have in my body to my work and am able to work a full, busy day and not feel tired at the end of it. This has led to my finances being more manageable and I am slowly getting out of debt.

Another big change has been in my relationships. I am now able to be with others and not become exhausted because I was trying so hard to please or to impress or just guard who I really was. The true friendships that I have are awesome – we are both coming from that place of self love – and it is the first time in my life that I can feel what is truly love. I am more loving as a mother and grandmother but only by being myself and not trying to rescue my family from their own choices.

Another change has been my attitude towards mainstream medicine. I was on my high horse about various issues such as vaccination, chemotherapy or anything in fact that doctors prescribed. It was a big awakening to feel the arrogance I had towards the medical profession and how I was avoiding taking responsibility. I now have an appreciation of what medicine has to offer. I have recently had blood tests and my first pap smear for 20 years.

In conclusion I would just like to say that I have never heard Serge tell anyone what to do or what to eat or drink. Serge just presents and shares the energetic truth and it is totally up to us to discern and feel into what is true for us. Serge has always stated that he is pro-medicine and that gave me an opportunity to consider why I was so opposed to it.  

Serge Benhayon is not a “cult leader” or a guru. He is another human being who lovingly shares the truth about humanity and where we are at and how we can make the choice to live in stillness and harmony and not accept all the pain and suffering as “normal”.

Thank you Serge.

182 thoughts on “My Life Now – a Very Different Picture

  1. So many people that hear Serge Benhayon speak say the same thing
    “I felt that what he was saying made so much sense.”
    There are so many people from all walks of life, from all over the world who share this same sentiment.
    These people cannot be pushed to one side as not being relevant as there are too many people who have listened to Serge Benhayon and know from within themselves that there is another way to live and it is so worth living. Once realised this cannot be taken away, it is an energetic marker in our bodies. That’s why Serge Benhayon makes so much sense because the energetic marker in our bodies has been activated. We are after all receives of energy.

    1. We all feel deeply, and we know what truly makes sense, we might not like what that is, that does not stop us from knowing what feels true at an innate level.

  2. Such a transformation Irene. There is a lot to appreciate for the inspiration you are offering today just by living in a more honouring way of who you are. The fact that you didn’t stay the victim, but took the responsibility for your choices inspires me so much. Thanks for sharing

  3. I can certainly say that I wouldn’t be seated here feeling so alive without my experience with Universal Medicine. And at the same time, I can see that how I feel in my day to day is my choice, and it always was. No one has given me a miraculous antidote for my pain, or have told me what to do for having a ‘better’ life. What I always received from Serge Benhayon is an enormous support, the welcoming that I needed, being seen and met for who I really am. One of the things that I mostly appreciated when I met him the very first time was his openness, but at the same time the detachment with people where he is not trying to convince anyone, but sharing how the Livingness works to live harmoniously, something very rare to see in this world.

  4. Serge Benhayon inspires so many people worldwide through his presentations, healing courses, workshops and through his livingness deeply inspires people to commit to life and heal. He consistently presents love and truth. It is always up to us how much we want to embrace the teachings that support true healing.

    1. Serge Benhayon does consistently present Love and Truth no matter what is falsely thrown at him, such a beautiful being and inspiration for the rest of us.

  5. There are some changes which are pretty obvious.. and others that are not so. The pain we feel in the former is pretty hard. The pain we feel in the latter ones is totally repressed and only emerge when we are ready to feel into it.

  6. What a transformation Irene, you have gone from pretty much total withdrawal to full commitment to responsibility and life. Seriously go you.

  7. ‘Serge just presents and shares the energetic truth’. The energetic truth exposes the way we commonly think and the things we believe – or like to believe. It isn’t always easy to hear it, but once any reaction or resistance is out of the way, it does make sense and answers the questions about life humanity has been struggling to answer.

  8. Thank you Irene for sharing your story, I always love reading these first blogs which were published in 2012 because they are so honest and simple. As you say, Serge’s job is simply to present the energetic truth and for us to discern it for ourselves. And if we are willing, make changes in our lives as we feel suitable. Nobody can make us change our behaviour if we ourselves, do not want to do so – it doesn’t matter whether our change in behaviour brings health and vitality or if it brings depression, disconnection and harmful relationships. Only we, ourselves can make the choice to make a change so brainwashing and being deceived doesn’t really work.

  9. 5 years on and the false allegations, lies and defamation regarding Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine continue so much so that these vile lies have recently been in main media again. My first reflection is, the truth is now known that journalists DO NOT research or care about what they publish for if they did they would not publish the lies because they would know they are not true. My second reflection is 5 years on and for all of those five years the lies, defamation, abuse and harassment have continued towards Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I would say not only has it continued but it has actually got worse, yet 5 years on and Serge and Universal Medicine have grown from strength to strength, raising the bar and standards of integrity, care, genuine love and truth and not holding back in any which way. It is pretty incredible to witness and stunningly inspiring. So what path do we choose? The path of lies or the one of truth. It is a no-brainer to me and gorgeous Irene to hear just how much your life has changed, you are 1 of thousands and may this forever continue ✨

    1. Does the truth stop because there are people who lie about it? No, the truth is the truth no matter what is said about it. I am inspired by the reflection that Serge Benhayon offers. When people present lies, he just offers more and more truth.

  10. How amazing for the elderly to have you there. I have myself a family member that lives in a retirement home and I see how appreciated it is when people there are met by someone that truly cares for them and have the space to listen to them and their thoughts and feeling about life and their situation.

  11. It is amazing how our life turns around completely when we are inspired to be honest with ourselves and how we are living and start making more loving choices, from feeling what our body needs and treating ourselves with much more consideration and appreciation.

  12. Irene this is HUGE!!!!! This is not just one thing in your life that you turned around but many different things that most people would be ‘written off’ by. This is really something to appreciate about yourself. Also great to set the record straight with regards to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine ‘Serge Benhayon is not a “cult leader” or a guru. He is another human being who lovingly shares the truth about humanity and where we are at and how we can make the choice to live in stillness and harmony and not accept all the pain and suffering as “normal”…. not that it ever needed to be set straight! Absolutely shocking what a few people with very ill malicious intentions and vile defaming can do – or try to do.

  13. Well said, very well said actually:
    ”Serge Benhayon is not a “cult leader” or a guru. He is another human being who lovingly shares the truth about humanity and where we are at and how we can make the choice to live in stillness and harmony and not accept all the pain and suffering as “normal”.”
    Lovelessness is not normal, and the fact that we have come to life and accepted that even now, with not the full awareness that this current version of ‘love’ is not actually the truth of love, is quiet interesting, and for us to ponder on why we have denied our love to be truly lived.

  14. When we are inspired to choose a deeper level of care for ourselves, our way of living changes in many ways and our health starts to naturally restore itself once we start to discard behaviours and choices that are not true or supportive. The more we honour how we are feeling within our body, the more we deeply nurture and value ourselves.

    1. Thank you Linda this makes it very relatable and at the same time we are able to feel much clearer when we are feeling out of sorts (less connected with ourselves, our being).

    2. By living in this way, we then support others in that choice too if they so wish, ‘The more we honour how we are feeling within our body, the more we deeply nurture and value ourselves.’

    1. Also, I feel people who are ready to embrace truth will see past the lies and connect straight to the truth. Throughout history and up to current times the truth has always been attacked or hidden by a group of people who are not ready to embrace the truth. It looks like not much has changed and when I see people attack Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, they are simply attacking the truth.

      1. Well said, I agree completely, attacking Serge Benhayon is attacking and trying to bury the truth for another few thousand years. It is up to all of us to make sure we don’t allow another period of dark ages to engulf us.

  15. Taking responsibility for my own choices, being aware of its consequences, no judgement, self love, let myself be inspired by others without comparison, letting go of perfectionism, listen to the truth within me, … simple things that are at our hands, that I’ve been reminded by attending Serge’s workshops. Simple things that I hold step by step and make a huge difference in my life too.

  16. Another amazing personal turnaround through Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, when we make more self loving choices which become our way of living life changes and we become far more at ease with ourselves because we are no longer hiding behind something that is not who we are.

  17. Serge Benhayon just presents and it is for everyone to decide whether to give it a try, and if so how much of that. It is all about becoming aware that we are making choices, and learning to take responsibility for the choices we are making.

  18. What an amazing transformation Irene. What you share here is my experience also of Serge Benhayon, and that what he offers is an opportunity for us to resurrect ourselves, to bring our real selves back to life so we live who we are with greater freedom, truth, love and joy. The beautiful point being that when we embrace this for ourselves all aspects of our live and enriched with this truer quality of being.

  19. What a transformation in your daily life you have experienced Irene going from relying on the system and centrelink support to recommitting back into the workforce and study – well done you.

  20. It is true that we make our own choices and when we stick to our own choices we always have our reasons. For myself making supportive changes in my life allowed my body to feel so different that I had no other reason to not continue. We can never blame another for influencing us, the choice is always ours.

  21. Awesome Irene. I can not fathom how anyone could read about your turnaround in life and misconstrue that to mean that you are a follower of some guru who can’t think for themselves because you’ve been brainwashed. All I read in your story is how you went from not being committed to life, to being committed to life and taking responsibility for your choices. Pretty amazing.

  22. The greatest part of this piece is your deepening awareness of just how much self-acceptance there can be for you when your love and care is let out to be expressed.

  23. “I have a history of anxiety, dysfunction, alcohol abuse and utter exhaustion, including being diagnosed with depression and chronic fatigue. Added into this mix came a state of poverty and many problems passed on to my children and grandchildren including drug abuse, self harm and alcohol and gambling addictions.” Give or take from these examples, they do represent a lot of what is going on inside people homes. You wont see it on the outside, the outside usually looks good and we all think that if we have problems it’s unusual and out of the ordinary but it’s not. Behind closed doors there is a lot of disharmony taking place. If you by the guidance of Universal Medicine has come to where you describe now it sure is a miracle and should be written about or made into a documentary.

  24. Another amazing sharing of how life can change when we begin to make self-loving choices and the wonderful wisdom endlessly offered by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine; wisdom that is offered but never imposed on us – it is always our choice to change, or not.

    1. Beautifully expressed Ingrid, Serge Benhayon presents truth with absolute love and this opens up the space for us to choose what we do with this. It is deeply loving as it has not a hint of judgement and zero investment in us to change or get it, but simply delivered and the rest is up to us.

      1. This is rare in the world, and yet so beautiful to receive, ‘it has not a hint of judgement and zero investment in us to change or get it,’

  25. Thank you Irene for sharing your experience and remarkable turnaround showing how taking responsibility for yourself and changing your lifestyle choices is all possible through a loving commitment to being more tender and caring with yourself and honouring what feels true from within.

  26. Serge Benhayon is definitely most certainly NOT a cult leader or guru or any such. But he is a truly truly genuine, caring, loving, beholding, inspirational person, teacher, friend, dad, husband …. world leader.

  27. After many years of attempting and hoping that the next modality will full fill me, would often leave me feeling empty and alone.

    Since 2014 and meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, my life has had a facelift from inside out and I’ve never looked back. Its still a working progress but hey Rome wasn’t built in a day so no regrets and yes indeed it is a miracle.

  28. Accusing an organisation of being a cult is an easy thing to do. Yet, such an accusation does not mean at all that this is true. Unfortunately, though, this is the type of accusation that socially works and, hence, that produces what it intends to produce (fear, rejection, etc.).

  29. The choice you have made to initiate great change in your life is very inspiring as detailed by your experience from not being able to work to working a full and busy day without getting tired. This is huge on many levels, and something for us all to appreciate and learn from.

  30. Thank you Irene for sharing the changes you have made having been inspired by the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. We all have free will to choose how we live and relate to ourselves, others and the world around us. The Way of The Livingness as presented and lived by Serge Benhayon is to live in harmony, truth, and love and it is just a choice available to all.

    1. Having experienced this way of living, and still learning to deepen into The Way of The Livingness, I can honestly say why would anyone ever choose anything less, ‘The Way of The Livingness as presented and lived by Serge Benhayon is to live in harmony, truth, and love and it is just a choice available to all.’

  31. ‘Serge has always stated that he is pro-medicine and that gave me an opportunity to consider why I was so opposed to it.’ This is a great statement and one that I know would resonate with almost anyone who has been in contact with Serge Benhayon. He gives you the space to consider another way, and it’s as simple as that.

  32. This so beautiful lrene. What a miracle for you when Serge Benhayon came into your life and showed you another way to live. A truer way. This is available to all equally so. When we choose to love, our world changes because we naturally do from the inside out.

  33. One of the things I love about Universal Medicine is that it complements conventional medicine. In fact I feel they go hand in hand very well as Universal Medicine can help to get to the root cause and conventional medicine can support with the management of the condition. My stance on being pro-medicine has changed considerably since I met Serge Benhayon. I now would not hesitate to go and see the doctor for support whereas before attending Universal Medicine I would do all I could to avoid conventional medicine. The change has been incredibly supportive towards myself and my family and it is Serge Benhayon to whom I thank as it was Serge that I was inspired by to make the changes.

  34. One of the biggest things I’ve learnt from Serge Benhayon, is that no matter how ugly life is withdrawing from the world doesn’t work, and it actually feels amazing to have both feet in and be in the thick of life, yet not get swept up in it and have the tools to remain real and true to who I am.

  35. Irene you have really changed your life and that is very inspirational! You wrote: ” . . . we can make the choice to live in stillness and harmony and not accept all the pain and suffering as “normal.” That seems to be a very good choice to do – thank you for not holding back and being so honest and real.

  36. Wow Irene, remarkable how you turned your life around. Serge Benhayon has inspired many to take the steps back to love and our willingness to walk those steps changes lives. Thank you for sharing.

  37. This blog is worth reading again and again. So much has miraculously changed and improved in all areas of your life Irene and in a short time. More than a blog here – a book and life story on what truly works to take to the world – “and it is the first time in my life that I can feel what is truly love.” Quite remarkable but why is it not normal?!

  38. I loved reading your experience Irene. It’s powerful to feel the complete 180 you have done in your life. A testament to you and to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

    1. It’s is no longer enough to say how much my life has change since meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Never has my life reflected so much balance and consistency in all areas. The way I am with people in and around every part of my life is nothing short of extraordinary. Not only do I enjoy every day and look forward to it but it’s nearly every moment. There are still moments I don’t enjoy but I know that it’s only a moment and dedicate to seeing what it is that has effected me. In the next moment the momentum of how things are normally kicks in and onto the next moment I go. It is all about how you live, how we live and the quality of that ‘how’ in each moment.

  39. When we are inspired to open up and choose a more gentle and loving way of living our whole life changes, in becoming more honest with ourselves we see how having an inner connection is key to truly knowing and valuing ourselves which affects our choices that either support our connection or keep us separated and living in disregard.

  40. A beautiful example how learning to love and take good care of ourselves brings enormous changes. Inspired by a man who simply walks and talks the life he lives.

  41. Its a small but significant comment – I used to suffer badly from hayfever (leading to asthma)… so much so that it would ruin the summer and a significant part of a decision to move to Australia. While I was out there I changed my life around – my eating, drinking, and the way I was living. Since my return nearly ten years ago I’ve not really suffered at all – the product of some different and much healthier choices.

  42. Irene, your remarkable transformation experienced two and half years after meeting Serge Benhayon is testimony to the true quality of Serge and Universal Medicine. You are one of many many people whose lives have been transformed beyond all recognition.

  43. Hello Irene and an old story in age but by no means an old story full stop. You are detailing the changes made and experienced by many many people from what Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon are doing. I don’t think you can even class it as radical as basically all that is happening are people taking a deeper level of care for themselves which then goes out to everyone else. So don’t tell anyone because we wouldn’t want more care in the world or better still run off with some story from a couple of people that don’t really care at all. I would take a look at how all these people have changed their life, what have they done and look at the amazing changes that have occurred as a result, like you Irene.

  44. There are so many spiritual modalities and practices that manage symptoms and can actually make you feel like you’re on top of the world but there is no stillness in that and you will sooner or later go down and then you feel bad about yourself and might be ashamed but that is just the spiritual part of us or the spiritual way that doesn’t want to admit that there is more to life, that there is a grander version of us inside that can be connected to. I’ve been part of the spiritual world and of course there are beautiful people there as there are everywhere but there is also an arrogance that what I do is the best and when I was part of it I also felt that I knew the best and that the practice I was involved in was great and working, for if not I would have had to admit that it didn’t really work, as in it didn’t give me the joy that I knew I had innately and that I had as a child. Luckily my connection with my soul was stronger than my pride to stick with the old spiritual way and the first time I heard Serge Benhayon in an interview I knew straight away that what he was talking about was true. Only because I had connected to that same truth within myself first.

  45. Irene this is a truly extraordinary turnaround, well done for taking responsible and loving steps to heal your life and to experience what true love is, your choices will offer inspiration and support to many others who meet you.

  46. Thank you Irene for this most honest sharing of what seems to have been a very challenging life, up until you met Serge Benhayon that is. What you have shared is a most inspirational testimonial to this amazing but very humble man whose shared wisdom has supported many others to also make changes to their lives in many miraculous ways; changes that have always been their choice, with no pressure or expectations coming from Serge in any way at all, just unconditional love and unwavering support.

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