A Man’s Experience – Construction Industry and Sports Injuries

by Greg Jordan, Lennox Head, Australia

I am writing about my experience of being a patient of Kate Greenaway at Universal Medicine and the benefits I received through ongoing treatments.

I started seeing Kate Greenaway in 2007- 2008 at age 38 for treatments relating to stiffness, mobility and associated pain in my neck from two car accidents in my twenties, one near fatal, as well as 15-20 years of being hard on my body working in the construction/building industry, and also sporting injuries.

The first thing I noticed when I first started the treatments was the gentleness and non-invasive nature of them. There was also a strong depth of connection felt and a few times I even fell asleep in the session, which was rare for me as for twenty years previously I had been running on a lot of adrenaline and could only fall asleep at the end of a day – self medicated with dope and alcohol. I only had two speeds – flat out, or flat, passed out.

So profound was my experience that it made me more interested in myself health wise, and also the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

There have been at least two occasions where my lower back went out, to the point of not being able to walk properly or drive a car. I was astounded that, in this case, with one session of light connective tissue work, gentle Esoteric Massage and cranial sacral work from Kate Greenaway, my back was fixed. Prior to seeing her, in a state of panic I went somewhere else twice and was painfully stretched and cracked but it did not relieve the problem.

Astounded and happy to be pain free I continued to see Kate regularly through 2008 and 2009. My body was feeling better – no chronic neck pain, and my mobility was a lot better. I then started to take better care of myself and learn to know my limitations and the old patterns of overdoing it dissipated.

During this time and even more now, I realised that this Esoteric Healing can go very deep, deeper than anything else that I have experienced so far, and when we take responsibility for ourselves and our wellbeing, mixed with a healthy more balanced lifestyle and loving relationships it creates a life where joy can be a constant theme. Not just pushing to get things done, or the ‘no pain no gain’ slogan I’d heard all my life.

I now live my life without pain or stiffness in my back, neck and shoulders, I feel like my body is closer to my twenties/teens in suppleness – not the hard-ass version I had been creating previously.

Thank you Kate Greenaway and Serge Benhayon, and the other Universal Medicine practitioners I have seen, for the life changing effect of these healing modalities. Keep up the great work you guys do for people everywhere.

154 thoughts on “A Man’s Experience – Construction Industry and Sports Injuries

  1. What an amazing transformation Greg. I love what you have shared about how the theme in your life has changed to being more consistently one of joy, through all areas in your life, including loving relationships. Isn’t that how our normal way of living should be? For it seems crazy that we have been accepting less than this.

  2. Connective Tissue Therapy is a miracle, I’ve experienced it a number of times, and it’s amazing at creating a feeling of spaciousness and steadiness in your body that leaves you feeling supple and steadfast and ready for anything that life throws at you. It’s without doubt an amazing modality.

  3. We have a tendency to think that unless we are being pulled apart trying to put the bones back into place nothing is being done and we expect results straight away. From what I have observed too the stretching and cracking bones does not get to the root of the problem and therefore only temporarily if that, relieves the problem. It is testimonials like Greg’s that can change the way we view healing the body in that it is through the gentle approach of the Esoteric Modalities that truly makes a difference and no longer are we in pain. Truly miraculous. Thank you for sharing Greg.

  4. A beautiful testimony of how the gentle touch and gentle movements of esoteric healing sessions allows the body to restore the flow of harmony within itself.

  5. In a way similar to Greg, many many years of martial arts training and combat leaves one with a deeply battered body… Kate has been also instrumental in my healing journey and letting go of so much old pain locked in my body

  6. An astounding transformation Greg – not only in the pain you experienced, and mobility in your body, but that the care for yourself has changed so tremendously. This to me, is the essential blessing that the Esoteric Modalities, as taught by Universal Medicine, offer us – the opportunity to return home to a deeper connection with oneself, from which so much of our choices and behaviours in life, do seemingly start to transform. I’ve experienced this myself and seen it too many (countless) times, to discount the importance of restoring our connection with this inner-most part of us that we are offered here, i.e. to our true ‘esoteric’ nature, from which our lives naturally want to become more loving and founded in integrity.

  7. Wow that is healing for me – thank you Greg for not holding back and sharing your lived experience with the world. It is very much needed to be remembered that there is a possible way back to a more healthier life style.

  8. It just takes a moment for us to stop and let ourselves feel the way we have been living for the healing to begin. In that moment we get to feel that we are responsible for the way we are and live – that no-one is to blame and all it takes is to make different choices in order for us to change.

  9. What is beautiful is such a gentle no invasive technique Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is, how powerfully it supported the healing of your body to get rid of the chronic pain you suffered for many years, at the same time it allowed you to connect to the gentleness and tenderness within you.

    1. I love the way you see this Matts and how we all bring a unique view of life – each one equally needed for the whole picture to be clearly seen.

  10. Such an inspiring story to read Greg, I love reading testimony’s such as yours and being reminded of the power of the Esoteric Modalities and how they support the body with true and lasting change.

  11. Love your honesty Greg and the fact that you finally came to realise that we have been severely mislead by the hugely accepted belief “no pain no gain”. It appears that the only outcome of pushing the body so hard it’s in pain is more pain. Now that doesn’t make sense.

  12. Thank you Greg. I agree that these Esoteric Modalities have a depth of healing that supports true and lasting change. Remarkable in my experience.

  13. Greg,
    What you share here is the beauty of the Esoteric Modalities, not only do they support the body, but they naturally engender lifestyle change to continue to support the beauty we again feel in our bodies.

  14. Universal Medicine provide the highest standard of complementary medicine I have ever experienced. Not just complementary to western medicine, the modalities help support and compliment the changes in lifestyle that they inspire.

  15. A practical and honest testimonial of pure appreciation for what was offered to you from Kate Greenaway and Universal Medicine. The fact that you are so down to earth proves that what is on offer is very tangible and acceptable to all. Thanks for sharing Greg.

  16. I had a year when my lower back went out several times. One time my back seized up even more on the practitioners table during a treatment for the problem – and he was very cross with me because I simply could not move! I can say now that I have not had a serious back pain again since I’ve been receiving esoteric healing and cleaning up my act – for me I feel a lot of the pain came from emotional issues, and these have long since healed.

  17. ‘I only had two speeds – flat out, or flat, passed out’ courtesy of the dope you were using to medicate your pain. All this is a complete contrast to the quality that you express and live your everyday today. You are a walking example Greg on how we can all turn the trajectory on the direction our lives are going, heal and transform our everyday into something that brings the amazingly ordinary alive.

  18. This blog needs to be reinvigorated and not hidden in the depths of the internet. Whilst I know that the point of esoteric healing is not to expect or demand such physical miracles, the fact is that they do happen and esoteric healing can have a major impact on our lives. I saw Kate Greenway in 2008 for chronic heal spurs. Within 6 months of treatment they were gone, and have never returned. This was not however just due to the treatment but equally to changing my lifestyle. Now you can say, which one was it? And I will say that without the esoteric healing, I would not have firstly been inspired to make the necessary changes, such as giving up high impact sport, but secondly, what I felt in those sessions was so profound it leaves me in no doubt that they supported my body to regenerate.

  19. Thankyou Greg, it’s great to read about your experiences. Connective Tissue Therapy is one of the many modalities Serge Benhayon has developed that totally deliver incredible results. After years of studying other modalities I have been astounded to finally find something that works both in the short term and long term. The changes in myself on many levels are very tangible, from a body that feels more healthy, to a complete clearing of long standing emotional issues and trauma. Universal Medicine therapies work very well and they see all very gentle.

  20. I love hearing people’s remarkable stories of healing and transformation from attending Universal Medicine sessions or courses. They are each in their own way incredible and a testament to how extraordinary the healing modalities coupled with self responsibility are. Truly amazing.

  21. It is amazing that such gentle treatments can have such a profound effect. Kate’s dedication to studying the healing effects of healthy connective tissue on the body is awesome and has improved so many lives.

  22. It is remarkable that such a non invasive therapy such as the esoteric healing or connective tissue therapy can have so much depth to it. It is remarkable to feel this and know it has arisen from such a light touch. I can no longer accept being treated with any hardness or roughness as I know now the quality and effectiveness of these modalities and how less is so often more. If I accept being treated with hardness I am effectively letting my body be abused and setting it up to need more treatment to alleviate the pain.

  23. As a physiotherapist Kate Greenaway’s work seems so different in terms of other physiotherapists, I had got the feel the difference between the 2 a few years ago and wow they are worldly different. This will be the new Physiotherapy for the future, I am sure of it.

  24. Greg I loved reading how through your experience of healing you were able to identify that having a connection to your body allowed you to take responsibility for knowing when to stop, and when something may be too much. Beautiful to read.

  25. Love the explanation on how the Connective Tissue Therapy has been so beneficial for you. It shows how the body responds more kindly to gentle body work rather than cracks and bends.

  26. “During this time and even more now, I realised that this Esoteric Healing can go very deep, deeper than anything else that I have experienced so far, and when we take responsibility for ourselves and our wellbeing, mixed with a healthy more balanced lifestyle and loving relationships it creates a life where joy can be a constant theme.” The Esoteric Healing modalities are truly amazing – each one offering their own unique way to true healing. When we embrace self-responsibility, rather than expecting the modalities to do it all, the results can be miraculous.

  27. I had to laugh at this line “I only had two speeds – flat out, or flat, passed out”!… Not because I would pass out from alcohol etc but because I would either be on the go all the time (always doing something!) Or asleep from just being exhausted. I didn’t know the real meaning of winding down or resting… Having started to introduce gentleness and self care into my life has been huge and while I still struggle at times to avoid being in an anxious rush of motion, I can certainly appreciate the support that self care and connecting to my body offers me.

  28. That slogan ‘No pain no gain’ is so wrong. When we feel pain it is our body shouting at us that we are not treating ourselves as we should. Over the years I have pushed my body where it didn’t want to go, and suffered various long term aches and pains. Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy as practiced by Universal Medicine practitioners has shown me a way to treat myself with a gentleness and tenderness that my body has always been asking for.

  29. This is a great testimony Greg to the healing benefits of such a gentle modality that is Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy and from what you’ve shared it shows how ready the body is to come back to it’s naturally harmonious state if we allow it to.

  30. There are many modalities out there that can alleviate the pains and make us feel better temporarily, but it is only when we start taking self-responsibility to lovingly look at the way we had been living up to this point and make different choices that a real change occurs. And you are a one such amazing example. Thank you for sharing, Greg.

  31. That is amazing Greg and a true testament to the power of the love that comes through the Esoteric Healing Modalities. If there is any doubt that these modalities do offer true healing your experience proves that they in fact do.

  32. Greg when we are open enough to allow our body a true opportunity for healing, we are able to surrender and allow our body to deeply heal. The Connective Tissue technique is a great technique to realign our physical structure which, as you have already experienced, has amazing results.

  33. All seven Esoteric modalities including Connective Tissue Therapy and Esoteric Yoga are profound in their simplicity, gentleness and depth of connection. They all, in their own way, bring us to the place where true self healing can occur.

  34. What is deeply beautiful Greg, apart from the obvious of now having no chronic pain, is that the Connective Tissue Therapy also supported you to re-connect to a gentleness you had covered over with being hard.

    1. Yes that’s what I can also feel reading this blog is how tender Greg now is with himself and the palpable joy he now lives with – it’s such a turnaround. Greg thank you for sharing it and what it shows for me is how Esoteric Healing and Connective Tissue Therapy offer so much more, they provide a gateway for us to see how we live and how we might support ourselves in a loving way such that our bodies don’t end up in pain – They empower us to see our choices and support us to live in a more true and loving way.

  35. Really amazing Greg. Loved reading every bit of it. It sounds like a hard life before hand, as you described, compared to now. And I like your description of your two speeds- flat out, or flat, passed out. so many people would be on the same band wagon. It’s incredible to hear that now there’s no pain, yet a lot of gain.

  36. What an amazing testimony to the effectiveness of Esoteric Healing modalities, and the fact that it lead you to also look deeper and to start looking at how you were living says a lot. I love how the Esoteric Healing modalities are so gentle and yet so powerful, it really blows that myth of “no pain, no gain” right out of the water!

  37. Connective Tissue Therapy is truly amazing and teaches us to be more aware of how we treat our bodies and the need to listen to the body letting us know what it needs.. With love and support our bodies respond, Thank you Greg.

  38. Awesome to get a Man’s perspective Greg, particularly one who works in the construction Industry. Just goes to show, it doesn’t matter what your job is, however physically demanding, the care and attention one’s body needs is equal to the next person who might sit at a computer all day. It really is amazing what actually happens when we start to look after the one thing that allows us to get around and do all the things we need to do.

  39. This is a great blog Greg and I have also found that Esoteric Medicine goes very deep. I love the holistic approach where physical, psychological, and emotional well being are all addressed as they are inter-related.

  40. ” … a healthy more balanced lifestyle … ”
    It feels to me that Connective Tissue healing sessions assist with clearing the obvious problem or pain which then provides the space and energy for the client to become aware of how they have been treating themselves and what expectations they have of themselves. This can then support in the client adjusting their previous habits to become much more user-friendly to their body and themselves!

  41. Greg I feel your experience is the experience of many people who have commited to receiving the various Esoteric healing modalities including connective tissue therapy. My health and wellbeing has completely transformed with support of these healing Modalites which I recommend to everyone as a support in their lives.

  42. The healing modalities offered by Universal Medicine practitioners have the ability to gat to the route cause of the problem thus is why they feel so right.

  43. Greg thank you for sharing your amazing healing, through connective tissue. There are other Universal Medicine healing modalities that I have experienced and every one has great healing abilities. It is very powerful on the body, and as you say it only has to be light, offering a connection to ourselves for healing. Very profound and life changing.

  44. Thank you Greg. What you’ve shared is awesome. For people who are suffering chronic pain and they come across your blog, it will inspire them to seek support if they haven’t already done so. I have seen people who have tried so many other modalities and healing methods that didn’t work for them and they simply give up and just felt they had no choice but to live with the pain. Your blog is great and it confirms how incredibility gentle, non-invasive, supportive and healing the Universal Medicine modalities are.

    1. Yes this would be a wonderful support for people living with chronic pain to read chanly88, especially how Greg healed his chronic pain not by wanting someone else to fix him but by looking at what got him there in the first place.

  45. A response I often get from clients after receiving a healing session with one of the Universal Medicine Therapies is that they are astonished that ‘so little’ can help so much, just some gentle hands on techniques and very subtle tender circling movements allow the body to deeply release and let go of tension and often pain. It seems we have got used be being rough and tough and hence we expect a treatment needs to be intense, or some people don´t really feel their body when it’s not touched with firmness, they don´t sense the effect on their body. But we all are sensitive and tender and the body very much loves to be treated as such and knows how to make use of and respond to such offer to re-adjust and harmonize itself.

    1. Very much agree Alex, I am astonished how much is done with little, very gentle movements compared to the deep tissue massages I used to receive and that let me pain free for 1 or 2 days and then I had to have the same massage again. I never had the feeling that anything changed it was more a band aid massage than a true healing. With Connective Tissue and other Esoteric healing modalities I discovered the hardness I have stored in my body and the hardness I produce and reproduce on a daily level by my movements, and I could change this, which finally let to a pain free shoulder. Today when my shoulder hurts I immediately know that I have not been tender in my movements and my general way of being and I can look at why and choose a more gentle way of being with my body.

    2. Very true Alex, the body knows exactly how to come back into harmony again and it doesn’t need forcing!

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