Unfounded Claims or Ageless Wisdom

Gina Dunlop’s article on Journalist Truth made me realise the threat any innovator faces. Visionaries throughout history (Galileo, Copernicus) or in modern times (Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela) seem bound to confront the established theorists of the day.

At each point the established theorists say, “if it’s not proven, it won’t work”. But what they are actually saying is, “we don’t understand what you’re saying”, “we don’t have the means to test it” or “we are threatened by what you are saying”.

Many of these innovators and visionaries continue their work, often in the face of untold pressure, until the weight of anecdotal evidence and eventually scientific evidence, become too great to ignore. Then, of course that work is ‘accepted’ and the ‘theorists’ line up behind it and vehemently defend, the next innovation.

It does appear strange how quickly ‘academics’ and ‘scientists’ circle the wagons to prevent new ideas from getting in. Surely that is contrary to the truest quest for learning (maybe it’s only knowledge they covet). Radioactive uranium was still radioactive before Geiger counters existed, scurvy existed before we understood the role of vitamin C, in fact we seemed to have reframed the reality that humanity is playing catch up trying to understand the world with the idea that we are continually on the edge of discovery.

What is curious about the teachings of Serge Benhayon and ‘The Way of The Livingness’ is not that they are radical, but that the teachings are not new. In fact they have been presented over and over again by people from different cultures across the world, across the centuries.

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”Hippocrates (400bc)

Universal Medicine makes this current by suggesting how we live our life is our greatest form of medicine. Please Note: Universal Medicine (UniMed) doesn’t say ‘ONLY’ form of medicine but simply suggests that what we do every day has the biggest impact on how we are everyday.

“Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” (Christ; Luke 17:21)

Universal Medicine makes this current by suggesting that maybe Christ was onto something. Looking within, rather than look to another is something many have said in the past. Please Note: Universal Medicine doesn’t say, “the way to connect to your soul is to follow UniMed and everything they say.” Students are reminded time and time again, “words alone mean nothing, discern everything you hear, read by connecting to yourself, and feel what is being said.”

Which is similar to the Dalai Lama’s statement,

“The ultimate authority must always rest with the individual’s own reason and critical analysis.”

Then we move to personal responsibility.

“Man wretched Man, thou shalt be thought to know, who bears within himself the inborn cause of woe. Unhappy race! That never yet could tell, how near their good and happiness they dwell.” (Pythagoras, Golden Verses)

Universal Medicine makes this current by suggesting that we take responsibility for our choices, choose to express from our inner-heart and that through this we may find a joy, familiar, but not lived for a long time.

Could the scariest thing being presented by Universal Medicine be the realisation that all of us including priests, professors, inventors and other ‘brilliant minds’ have been looking for an answer for centuries and don’t want to admit that it has already been given to us, many times over? What if after all our searching, the answer has been right under our noses all along? (The answer is not Serge Benhayon or any Universal Medicine practitioner, the answer is all of us equally).

This could be a bitter pill to swallow for many of us, not to mention those that have accumulated a lot of power by having ‘expert knowledge’. Which might just explain why we seem to keep the focus on looking forward and dismiss suggestions to look within.

By Joel Levin, Western Australia

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205 thoughts on “Unfounded Claims or Ageless Wisdom

  1. I love how understanding and observations bring another look at things:
    From “if it’s not proven, it won’t work” to “we don’t understand what you’re saying”, or “we are threatened by what you are saying”. From here you can have a completely different conversation to when you react to the first sentence.

  2. Without innovation and challenging ourselves to learn to expand our present awareness and intelligence we will not evolve, and what is worse we will be merely standing still constantly regurgitating what we already know .

  3. Ageless Wisdom has indeed always been there, and many messengers have given the wisdom that Serge Benhayon is sharing in our world today. All the answers to all our woes have always been there and we lived life after life in misery, although not everyone would agree with this. I only have to look at my own life and at the lives of so many others who are living what Serge shared to know that Universal Medicine is on to something, something big and very healthy, loving and joyful.

  4. Oh heavens what a blog! Each quote reminding us of how many others through history have shared with us the simplicity of how to live. Yet we are so busy searching for the next ‘enlightened’ moment that we totally miss it. Not so intelligent really – and yes – I reckon Universal Medicine might be onto something!!

  5. I was pondering on something similar today, if we had listened to Plato when he said “Eat to live, not live to eat”, we would not have the food addictions, obesity and everything else that is going on in the world of food. This simple saying is repeated by Serge Benhayon when presenting that food is simply a physical fuel for the body that is needed for our survival, that when we eat food we ought to feel for ourselves why we are going towards certain foods, is it because we want the nourishment, or is it because we want the numbing?

    1. A simple message that has been around for centuries, but our addictions always seem to over-ride what our bodies have been sharing. When we start to understand that our life can be taken back by re-connecting to our essence, the addictions are slowly and simply exposed and eliminated from our lives. And this is what Joel and Viktoria are sharing; we can choice a different way.

  6. It has been given to us many times over and over and yet still we are searching for something on the outside and have not truly grasped the value and wisdom that has been passed to us.

      1. Beautifully and succinctly summed up, ‘exposing our will to be ignorant of what resides within in order to indulge in irresponsibility.’

  7. The current way of intelligence and knowledge have a vested interest in protecting their own intelligence and knowledge. A protection racket to keep the status quo.

    1. Indeed through the practices of exclusion and elitism this protection racket seeks to distract us from living our natural wisdom and knowing of the inner heart.

  8. It could be presented in a funny sketch that we are searching everywhere, high and low for what eventually will be found to be right there with us all of the time. As in someone looking for their glasses only to find them hanging on their nose. Or someone looking for their keys only to find that they were in their pocket all along.

    1. Ah and perhaps these moments in our lives when we do just that (or were you only describing me?!), are moments to remind us of that truth. Stop searching outward and re-connect inwards.

  9. Absolutely Yes Joel, for it reveals the evil we have allowed to enter. Seeing that even though we have had those true teachings in all those decades, something as you shared in the last sentence is revealed, sharing as above, so too below now : ”This could be a bitter pill to swallow for many of us, not to mention those that have accumulated a lot of power by having ‘expert knowledge’. Which might just explain why we seem to keep the focus on looking forward and dismiss suggestions to look within.’
    It indeed is true. Fact.

  10. When truth is presented it can be uncomfortable for many, as it shows the investment they have in their own creations and an ideal of what is perceived as being true. We want to protect our pride, so we feel threatened by what is being said because truth reveals the illusion we are under.

  11. Visionaries have to confront what people are visioning. Yet, the difference between them is that the visionary is not bound by the present and is connecting to what could be. That clashes with the investment that people have regarding the present, even if it does not truly work for them.

  12. Stunning article and it tickles me pink to fee how deeply stilling and utterly true the ageless wisdom is.

  13. If we have been given the truth over and over by many different teachers throughout the ages, perhaps then it makes sense to see the internet troll and media attack on Serge Benhayon. If we look at the past it seems that we have a collective pattern of attacking and/or dismissing the truth, and this is evidenced in the way we live as human beings with the proliferation of abuse, corruption, violence and war we still have globally. Not only do we not truly listen when we hear the truth, we often attack it and try to shut it down. The crucifixion of Christ is a classic example of getting rid of the ‘nuisance’ truth teller.

  14. The difference between knowledge and wisdom is profound and we can see the effects of favouring knowledge alone on society. We’ve established systems through education and in workplaces that value knowledge based intelligence, but we’ve done so to our own detriment as valuing knowledge can encourage hierarchical inequalities but still leave “intelligent” human beings struggling to deal with life. Memorised knowledge can’t really help us with how to live truly joyfully, with love, in cooperation with others, and with self care.

  15. It is indeed a pill for all of us to swallow, that the answers have always been within yet we have spent literally aeons searching without for the next thing, the next answer, all the while ignoring that voice within. For many we’re invested so much in that outer search that to admit that we’ve been fooled all along is too much and so we rage against those who suggest that in fact we all know in us the truth … until eventually we come to this truth ourselves. We can try without for as long as we like but ultimately we’re coming back to within, it’s our choice how long this takes.

  16. We know all the answers, but we dismiss them. As you well said Joel, this is not the first time we listen to the same teachings. Serge, like many other world teachers did in the past, fully claims himself, showing to all that we can live here on earth with the grandness of the universe, because we have access to endless wisdom just by re-connecting to our divine quality, the true source we come from.

  17. And that’s the thing isn’t it, we’ve always had it, and we often ignore it and hence the frentic push out there to find something to distract us from the fact that it’s been within all of us all along and we’ve chosen to ignore it. So the question now becomes what do we do? We can choose to connect back now no matter where we’ve been, for that’s the other part … it’s there ready and willing when we are.

  18. ‘What if after all our searching, the answer has been right under our noses all along?’ Great question Joel, because we are all far more aware then we admit to ourselves, and as soon as someone starts standing for truth, we try to cut them down in order not to look at ourselves and the truth we know, but have never had the courage to stand by.

  19. People often say that Serge Benhayon presents/confirms the truth that they have known, so perhaps it is not only ageless but it is also ubiquitous and equally available to all of us. And we all have our own reaction/response to look at – whether that is to reject, deny, or wait until enough people say ‘yes’ – as that is the very relationship we are having with our true nature.

  20. The simple wisdom of accepting ‘how we live our life is our greatest form of medicine’ is a wise philosophy indeed. If others want to refute that fact, let them.

  21. What a great snap shot to demonstrate that all Serge Benhayon presents is a modern day understanding, language and sharing of what has been presented for eons. The question you raise is the one to be asking: “why does humanity need to have the same lessons repeated for many thousands of years”?

  22. I have learned so much from the presentations from Universal Medicine and from the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom but a standout for me is to always discern. I was one who used to often accept what I was told without questioning even though there would be a part of me that would be whispering ‘are you sure?’ This was usually from those who I had placed on pedestals thinking that they were wiser than me. So, when I arrived at my first Universal Medicine workshop and I was encouraged to discern everything I was being presented, to not believe anything without feeling the truth of it myself, I was stopped in my tracks by the opportunity I was being offered; the opportunity to finally acknowledge my own wisdom. Twelve years later I am so very appreciative of that life changing lesson.

  23. Wise words as ever Joel, thank you. We are surely explorers who are uncovering…or rediscovering the grand truth of life. As such our openness is key – we must be willing to look at everything in the awareness of the ignorance we have created and chosen – and be humble enough to admit we have been wrong over and over again.

  24. The concept that we are all equal, regardless of education, is definitely a bitter pill to swallow if you have vested any of your self-worth in that education. There is a practicality to what we learn in education that supports us but when it defines us, I believe it holds us back from our connection to a much deeper pool of wisdom.

  25. So much of the world’s problems and dilemma’s could be solved and understood if everyone studied the Ageless Wisdom and began to live this truth consistently.

  26. Humanity is full of examples of people/organizations who carry on their visions and depart from the status quo by moving against others. Unfortunately, such departures (to which people end up accommodating) do not always move humanity forward (actually, often times the opposite is the case). Yet, there are some fields that are not too amicable to departures from the status quo. Science is one of them. It is a bit like you have to adhere to a style of movement and cannot bring your own. The emphasis is on the way you move. If you move in a particular way, we are willing to sponsor you and to consider your results. Otherwise, forget it. That brings to the importance of supporting scientists to realize that the key is their true movement.

  27. Look within, feel what is being said and take responsibility for your choices.. it’s so simple, and yet we can make life so difficult and complicated – anything but to accept these simple truths and ways of being and let go of our control and individuality.

  28. Great article Joel showing how Universal Medicine has presented the Ageless Wisdom as it has come down through the ages. Truth can be felt and lived when we connect to our own body of truth and live accordingly.

  29. I was speaking with a friend yesterday who is a practitioner of Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy. She was saying how it’s near impossible to have anything published medically about the modality as to be published there needs to be some writing before on it to be referenced. So anything that hasn’t been published before can’t be published. Doesn’t really give much room to move.

  30. An article that just makes plain and simple sense. Whenever anyone has challenged the ‘rule’ of the day there has always seemed to be a conflict between those that are doing something one way and the introduction of the new way. As is exposed here this isn’t new to us as human beings and its certainly something that will continue to happen and yet when you break it down it doesn’t make sense. It becomes slightly funny in a way when you can see it’s almost like we are going around in circles with different people at different points in history presenting pretty much the same things with pretty much the same reaction, only for us to call it different because there are some very slight differences. I wonder if you were watching humanity on TV in a series if you would have become frustrated by now or if you would’ve turned off the TV because you know what is going to happen next. Let’s stop for a minute and truly look at what we are doing here, many people past and present saying a similar thing and loosely from me, the answer to everything lays within us and yes this is God. No amount of outside cover will change the fact that all we have ever searched for is within the searching vehicle. I didn’t make this up, it’s a historical fact.

  31. We do not need proof in this world, as you describe there is plenty and always has been, what we need is every single one of us taking the responsibility we have and start with very simple steps of taking good care of ourselves and make our life that of love and respect. We keep searching all the while the answers have been given to us time and again. It is us who are not willing to see and make the changes we know to be true and necessary.

  32. My kids will sometimes wield the weapon of the word “normal” as a way to manipulate an agenda, for example, ‘why can’t we have a jumbo sized coke and a pack of m and m’s in the cinema like a “normal” family?’ You might wonder where I am going with this but my point is, as a society we have developed a version of “normal”. Even if that version is rotten to the core, it’s still seems to carry some weight in the eyes of humanity. When the earth was considered flat anyone that thought otherwise was abnormal. This mode of thinking is very similar to the scientist that frowns upon anyone that lives or thinks outside of their very narrow premotor. What Universal Medicine is bringing through is not weird or new and that is what this article points out so well, its not special or secret, it’s the same message all of the great teachers have been delivering since the beginning, and I suppose that’s the embarrassing part, because we have choose to continue to pretend like we don’t know or indulge in life playing dumb.

    1. It’s an important point you make about the Ageless Wisdom and the teachings of Universal Medicine not being special or secret. The word ‘esoteric’ truly means our innermost, the connection we all equally have to God through our innermost heart, yet the dictionary meaning of ‘esoteric’ is defined as secret, mysterious, obscure, etc. Even the way we have bastardised the word ‘esoteric’ points towards a dismissal of the truth and how naturally innate it is, and how accessible and liveable it is equally to all.

  33. That’s a great point, and also a great question as to why the truth isn’t never readily or warmly received. Could it simply be that if it were readily and warmly received then the truth, corruption and hidden ugliness of the world would be exposed, upsetting the comfort and status quo and from there things would have to change big time?

    1. Yeah it can be difficult to see how irresponsible we’ve been and it’s uncomfortable to see the mess and hurt we’ve caused, but ultimately we can never escape it and we can only avoid it for so long before we need to accept the truth that we know so well and start to make different choices.

  34. I agree much of what Universal Medicine presents has been presented before by many great men and women and philosophers and teachers of the past. Of course the words are slightly more modern but the wisdom remains the same. I love learning about the heritage and lineage of the Ageless Wisdom, it’s amazing to know at any point in time it’s always been there and the truth has always been able to be found.

  35. Well said Joel. It takes a great openness and willingness to be honest about and accept the possibility that there is much more to life that what we currently base our lives on. Yet the fact remains that the search outside ourselves had led us to create and accept a world where greed, turmoil, abuse, war and increasing illness and disease exists on daily basis. As has been lived through the ages by many before us the ‘more to life’ or a ‘greater intelligence’ is very real, accessible and can be explored whenever we are willing to truly look within.

  36. Brilliant Joel. We are handed the Truth on a plate time and time again but do we listen? The Way of The Livingness only works when we live the work, when we listen and put in to action that which we know is true. This takes dedication and a true love for oneself and from that all others and life itself. This is a natural progression and a coming to realise that love is who we are, and ,in truth, there is nothing else.

    1. I love how Joel presents truth through his writings, but as you say Elaine, when will we listen to truth, and put into action what deep inside we know is true?

  37. So well presented Joel – Could it be that the only real mystery to life is why we are choosing to not live the immensity of love we are from and inescapably connected to? Well, that’s no mystery either, when we take energy into account and understand the roots of life here on earth. Nope.. nothing mysterious – we are all knowing.

  38. That’s the point: “we .. keep the focus on looking forward and dismiss suggestions to look within”, because this will change everything. All that is needed is found within. No hard effort or high intelligence needed. Connecting to the Ageless Wisdom and all will come up naturally. There is no support in individuality here. Just surrendering.

  39. It is unless I feel for myself what is true then it means nothing to me. I know I am to feel everything that comes my way but sometimes I have to admit this is not easy. Universal Medicine supports me to feel in all areas of my life including Universal Medicine. Serge Benhayon encourages us to ask questions if we are unsure about any of the teachings. The Ageless Wisdom or as it stands today The Way of The Livingness is my past, present and future and it is a way of being and living that is consistently offering evolution through discerning the choices I make to live love in every moment.

  40. “we are threatened by what you are saying” Perhaps the intelligentsia who rate their level of their intelligence by the number of letters after their name and the list of academic qualifications and the effort it has taken them to acquire them feel threatened by the possibility and unconscious knowing that the truth is within us all when we connect to our inner Ageless Wisdom and that this wisdom is there equally for all.

  41. I think your last line nailed it Joel. Look ahead, and so then you avoid having to be where you are and seeing what’s going on. The future ends up being the same, because we don’t deal with what’s in the present. So really, the future is just an illusion if we choose to live in denial and avoidance.

  42. The words from Pythagoras have truly lit my day Joel: “…Unhappy race! That never yet could tell, how near their good and happiness they dwell.”
    In being a student of Universal Medicine, the awarenesses in regards to the responsible way we can live our lives, and the consistency of joy and love that can be known, have been shared on a scale I’ve seen nowhere else on this planet. And it is exactly as you say – this is not one man promoting ‘his way’, but a sharing of ‘The Way’ that is possible and actually natural and so very near to us all, if we are but willing to go there, and live from our inner-heart and our knowing of the divinity that rests there (within all equally so).
    The discerning way in which I live has increased thousands-fold – and come yes, via such profound inspiration, yet essentially, from my own willingness to explore and discover just what is true, sustainable, and embracing of all, in life. I agree with Pythagoras – our true ‘good and happiness’ is right there for the living, if we say yes to it.

  43. Love what you’ve shared and explored here Joel. Seems that history has shown that it’s a case of ‘shoot the messenger’, most especially if what he or she brings is something we have not yet come to ourselves and cannot ‘own’, and it shakes up our world view somewhat…
    Thank goodness for those who have knowingly stood firm in the truth they have to share with all – without which, we’d undoubtedly be living in a world where the Dark Ages would look like a teddy bears’ picnic…

  44. Joel, this is a brilliant blog. By choosing to connect to myself more and more, I am learning to embrace what you’ve shared: “words alone mean nothing, discern everything you hear, read by connecting to yourself, and feel what is being said.” When I don’t apply this, I go into reaction very quickly and then I close an opportunity to learn.

  45. “words alone mean nothing, discern everything you hear, read by connecting to yourself, and feel what is being said.” This is the truest form of learning – listening to all that is within.

  46. Academia is seemingly a very open endeavour. In truth it is not. You are free to innovate within the accepted paradigms. Yet, if you come with a breakthrough that challenges it, probably, you will get crushed and ‘put in your place’.

    1. Free-thinking – but only within an accepted, agreed framework. What an extraordinary caveat for those who are supposedly seeking to get to the ‘answers’ for humanity. It clearly explains why there is so much opposition when one who is outside of this group and who does not play within the rules, presents truth which is so simple that the academics feel threatened in their position of ‘knowledge is power’. For if the answers we seek as one humanity are really so simple – which they are – then what is the purpose of academia? Academia exists to justify its existence so anything that exposes this will be absolutely slammed.

  47. Joel you said it all and you did not hold back a single bit. You have exposed the comfort most of us chose to live and that is really a bitter pill to swallow.

  48. Wow what you share from the Ageless Wisdom is beautiful. Its always been there for us to access if we choose too, it is given to us time and time again.

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