Shattered by Grief

by Elizabeth McCann, United Kingdom

When I first came to Universal Medicine I was harbouring a very deep sadness, hurt, pain and bitterness. This was a result of the brutal murder of my brother.

I dealt with this by throwing myself deeper into my work as a radiographer at a London Hospital, winding up my brother’s estate, and by working with the police in South America who were dealing with my brother’s case. In other words, I kept myself very busy in order to numb the pain I was feeling.

On the outside it looked as if I was coping ok, but on the inside the well of sadness was immense, and very slowly I started to withdraw from life in order to protect myself from being hurt again.

Later, I was introduced to Universal Medicine where I had some sessions and attended a few of the workshops. Then in 2010 I had a one-to-one session with Serge Benhayon, and this proved to be a life-changing experience for me. I felt, for the first time since my brother’s passing, that here was someone who was willing to truly listen without needing me to be a certain way, and because of this I was able to explore in depth what was happening for me.

When I spoke about my feelings with Serge I started to see that there was a possible bigger picture of what happens when a murder is committed. I felt the truth of this in my body, and left the session feeling much lighter… as if a big weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I also knew that if I wanted to change how my life was, then it would have to come from within me… the choice was mine.

Since my session with Serge, I have attended many of the Universal Medicine presentations here in the UK, and have had sessions with many of the Universal Medicine practitioners. I have moved on from the shock and the effects of my brother’s murder, and I am integrating more with people and life and learning to trust others and myself again.

I have chosen to make some lifestyle changes, such as going to bed early and getting up early. I am becoming aware of what my body feels to eat, and I am more gentle with myself, others, and with everything I touch.

By being met by Serge, his family and the Universal Medicine practitioners, I have been inspired and turned my life around at the age of 65; and for the greater part, I am now enjoying my senior years. A big thank you to Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team and practitioners.

449 thoughts on “Shattered by Grief

  1. Serge Benhayon has the ability to put life into context so that no matter what we have experienced there is an explanation and something to look deeper into. With understanding comes healing. It’s very beautiful that you have been able to understand your brother’s death on a deeper level and have healed from the trauma.

  2. Being met by someone who has no expectations of you is therapy at it’s best. To give you the space to feel what you’re feeling without judgement or pressure to fix yourself is the most supportive thing you could have been offered. And what a healing that clearly was.

  3. It’s beautiful to hear of the profound changes that you’ve made in your life and how you have healed the weight of the shock and pain and opened up to people and life again – a true healing for us all.

  4. Having a deeper understanding of a situation like that, helps us to heal and learn what is there to be learnt. Finding the person who is able to go with us in that process, lovingly and unjudgementeally, is a blessing that comes with our choice of being open and growing.

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