Shattered by Grief

by Elizabeth McCann, United Kingdom

When I first came to Universal Medicine I was harbouring a very deep sadness, hurt, pain and bitterness. This was a result of the brutal murder of my brother.

I dealt with this by throwing myself deeper into my work as a radiographer at a London Hospital, winding up my brother’s estate, and by working with the police in South America who were dealing with my brother’s case. In other words, I kept myself very busy in order to numb the pain I was feeling.

On the outside it looked as if I was coping ok, but on the inside the well of sadness was immense, and very slowly I started to withdraw from life in order to protect myself from being hurt again.

Later, I was introduced to Universal Medicine where I had some sessions and attended a few of the workshops. Then in 2010 I had a one-to-one session with Serge Benhayon, and this proved to be a life-changing experience for me. I felt, for the first time since my brother’s passing, that here was someone who was willing to truly listen without needing me to be a certain way, and because of this I was able to explore in depth what was happening for me.

When I spoke about my feelings with Serge I started to see that there was a possible bigger picture of what happens when a murder is committed. I felt the truth of this in my body, and left the session feeling much lighter… as if a big weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I also knew that if I wanted to change how my life was, then it would have to come from within me… the choice was mine.

Since my session with Serge, I have attended many of the Universal Medicine presentations here in the UK, and have had sessions with many of the Universal Medicine practitioners. I have moved on from the shock and the effects of my brother’s murder, and I am integrating more with people and life and learning to trust others and myself again.

I have chosen to make some lifestyle changes, such as going to bed early and getting up early. I am becoming aware of what my body feels to eat, and I am more gentle with myself, others, and with everything I touch.

By being met by Serge, his family and the Universal Medicine practitioners, I have been inspired and turned my life around at the age of 65; and for the greater part, I am now enjoying my senior years. A big thank you to Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team and practitioners.

501 thoughts on “Shattered by Grief

  1. “left the session feeling much lighter… as if a big weight had been lifted from my shoulders.” Universal Medicine offers us a way of feeling and releasing the self-imposed burdens with which we lace ourselves.

  2. Thank you Elizabeth for your blog. To read it is truly awe inspiring, to be met so clearly, deeply and with understanding, is truly the way for inner healing to take place within us all.

  3. Thank you Elizabeth, I am always so deeply touched by your story and the care of Serge and the Universal Medicine Practitioners to assist you in such a distressing situation, and now to have turned your life around so profoundly. Another blog about how your life has progressed would be very welcome. The Benhayon family have also assisted me in so many ways and in many difficult situations, they are so incredibly dedicated to supporting humanity and are absolutely the most loving and inspiring people I have ever met.

  4. Reblogged this on and commented:
    On the outside it looked as if I was coping ok, but on the inside the well of sadness was immense, and very slowly I started to withdraw from life in order to protect myself from being hurt again…..

    1. I feel I am starting to express my love more, I feel more love for people generally, which is beautiful to feel, ‘I am integrating more with people and life and learning to trust others and myself again.’

  5. It was so life changing for you Elizabeth to be truly heard and honoured in your feelings which allowed you to move on. The changes you have made since then are nothing short of remarkable, thank God you met Serge Benhayon.

    1. Thank God you, Elizabeth, I, and so many people met Serge Benhayon, he is the most amazingly incredibly loving and truthful man I have EVER met, and supports us to come back to being who we truly are in all our magnificence.

  6. Most people stay in grief for years and can never move past this. And we think burying the grief, is the answer, thinking it will go away.

    I loved this statement, ‘that here was someone who was willing to truly listen without needing me to be a certain way, and because of this I was able to explore in depth what was happening for me’. To meet someone who truly understands you despite your circumstances, is key to true healing.

  7. It really amazes me that someone can communicate in such a way that our body can truly let go of the heaviest burden that we have been carrying all along and start living life anew – and we all have experienced and know for a fact that it does not happen by conviction or consolation.

  8. There are not many stories that I am aware of, where a person has been able to turn their life around in such a way that does not require constant striving and dedication, but rather a deep return to oneself in love.

  9. ‘I also knew that if I wanted to change how my life was, then it would have to come from within me… the choice was mine.’ It is such a huge turning point when we realise that the blame we have been holding is merely a distraction from feeling the truth of our own choices.

  10. I have read so many sharings from people who say that when they spoke with Serge Benhayon, it was the first time they had felt heard, understood and offered a true response. Especially around death, most of us fall into sympathy which does not allow us to genuinely meet the person in grief or feel what they need.

  11. Maybe this is as simple as it gets with regards to Serge Benhayon that he offers humanity a choice. Most of us go through life in such overwhelm that the only choice seems to be to keep going or give up. Serge Benhayon offers humanity another choice, instead of looking outside of ourselves to fix the issue/problem, look instead within. When we look within we discover the answer to our problems. Simple but true and maybe that’s a problem in itself, because it’s too simple as we like to complicate life.

  12. ‘…without needing me to be a certain way…’ – that´s what we long for, to be seen and left to be who and how we are without an imposition in form of an expectation, need, judgement, picture or anything else. It opens us up to really meeting another, letting them in, developing confidence and self-worth, trust and intimacy.
    This is a core element of everything Universal Medicine presents and lives: respecting free will and applying true understanding.

  13. No one makes the decision of withdrawing from life lightly. It reveals an enormous pain. Yet, this pain is the only thing that may help us to cover up for the enormous pain of withdrawing from life.

  14. Going deeper brings understanding and acceptance about everything that happens in our life. Sometimes the hurts are so great that we need support to embark that journey, but with endless love everything is possible.

    1. Very true Amparo, with the endless love and true support offered to me by Serge Benhayon I was able to see the bigger picture of how and why this event occurred in my life,and with this knowing I was then in a position to heal the shock and trauma which I had allowed into my body.

  15. By the choices you made as inspired and supported by Universal Medicine you are today a shining light of ‘joie de vivre’ – everything is possible when we decide to live it.

  16. It is amazing the level of facade we can present to the world around us when inside we are struggling big time. That is why is it so important for us to read between the lines of what we observe and are feeling in others, so we know when to give them that extra support that they need.

  17. The freedom of being able to express grief, without reservation and without apology is, in itself a great gift. The fact that you have brought some understanding and some closure to the experience is clearly a further opportunity to heal. Thank you for sharing.

  18. I agree Matts, when we have an awareness that there is a bigger picture to the events in our life, we are more likely to observe the energy of what is being played out, rather than taking things personally and feeling defeated by them.

  19. When we begin to develop and deepen our relationship with our Soul we soon realise that there is nothing that we are faced with that cannot be overcome, and in fact through our connection to Soul and the wisdom that we access, everything makes so much more sense.

  20. The choice indeed is ours, no amount of healing sessions, surgeries, fatal incidents and life traumas can change our life if we ourselves have not had enough of the lovelessness that surrounds us and is within us and decide to make a change.

  21. Absolutely Elizabeth, agree that when Serge Benhayon is involve we are blessed beyond our wildest dreams. And ‘NOT’ in any airy-fairy out there way but in the most Truly-Loving-Ways along with the down to earth practical ways.

    1. Very true Greg. Whenever/whatever Serge Benhayon is involved with, blessings and beholding love are in abundance in an everyday relateable and practical way.

      1. And may I add KISS Elizabeth, as a possibility of being a key to everything that Serge Benhayon presents? As Serge is always along the re-connecting path that deepens us so we Keep being Inspired through Simplicity through reconnecting to our Souls, so Keep Inspiring Simple, Soul-full through deepening our connection!

  22. Very inspiring to read Elizabeth how you have been able to turn your life around after such a traumatic experience in your life, with the support of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. When we are willing and open to understanding we dont have to live with deep grief for the rest of our lives has been a total revelation to so many people, thanks to the Serge Benhayon and his presentations on the Ageless wisdom.

    1. Very true Sandra, often we think that we have to grin and bear our hurts, but knowing that there is another way, a bigger picture, and also that we have a choice as to whether we exist with our hurts or heal their root cause. I chose the latter and a whole new world joyfully opened up for me, all thanks to Serge Benhayon and all the Universal Medicine practitioners for their support and love.

  23. And thank you Elizabeth for gracing us all with your amazing example – it doesn’t matter what life has thrown at us we can turn it around when we really choose to, you are an inspiration.

  24. You are an inspiration Elizabeth, how you have come from deep ends of grief and pain in your life, now shining more bright than ever before; when I look at you, you light up my life. Thank you for that, that is all of what you are.

  25. Thanks Elizabeth, I think we could all need a bit of a widening of our understanding of why things are they way they are in the world and Serge Benhayon is one that does that in a very clear and humble way.

  26. One on one with Serge is always a moment that I will never forget. He meets and honours all that you are. Never is there any resistance or judgement to all that you are NOT, when in the earlier meets with Serge Benhayon there was little to nothing to feel good about myself. He is a man that connected to my essence and underneath all the layers he knew the love that I felt.

  27. Keeping busy is such a common way to try to,protect ourselves from feeling the hurt and pain we experience. To come away from a session with Serge Benhayon with a lighter heart after such a terrible tragedy is testament to the wisdom and love he holds for everyone equally so. – and the fact that you chose to make changes and commit to life again. The woman I see now bears no resemblance to the woman I knew before we both became students of the Ageless Wisdom teachings. Huge appreciation. Go Elizabeth….

  28. Serge can bring such a deep and powerful understanding of life that and when we connect with this, it is like a weight is lifted and what appears as something that weighs us down, no longer does so as we can understand the architecture of how it was designed to keep us down and dis-empowered. It is often not about doing something straight away, but rather about understanding how we can be affected that then deals with most of the issue, and then in this process we get the clarity to simply do what is needed.

  29. Thank you for sharing Elizabeth, it goes to show how we can get stuck when something devastating happens to us and find it difficult to move on. This is a great example of how we do not have to be stuck and living in the past with our hurts.

  30. I am leanring to be open to the bigger picture, bigger plan with what occurs in life, everything comes from a ripple of choices and movements to get to a certain point and that continues to roll like the tide…there is no stopping energy, it is all and everything. I love this wide open observation of life and why things occur and how we can consider how our own ripples will impact on the whole of life.

  31. Elizabeth a murder is such a huge thing to recover from, it’s understandable how anyone would experience emotional suffering and want to withdraw. It’s a testament to how healing love is, that your session with Serge provided the space to simply be exactly where you were at without any imposition to be different, which led to a tremendous healing and change for you.

  32. Holding space for someone without any expectations as to an outcome can have a profound effect, as you so clearly show Elizabeth. And six years on from your writing this piece the changes you have made in your life are enormous. Deep appreciation for your consistent choices to align to love and truth.

  33. What we do for another when we truly listen is magic, and you share this here Elizabeth, that being held and heard without having to be any way, gave you the space to consider, to look and to understand … you were held without judgement, you were held in love and that gift supported you to open up and live your life in a very different way … beautiful.

  34. ‘…here was someone who was willing to truly listen without needing me to be a certain way’ Thank you Elizabeth for this beautiful reminder of the wonder of space and there being imposition. How often do I truly allow another to be and not want them to get better, change, do something for me? The layers of imposition can be subtle so here it is wonderful to feel and know how harming I can be if I get in the way of a person being met as they are.

    1. I laughed when I got down to here to comment and noticed I’ve copied the same phrase you note here Karin. And as you say how we impose on others can be so subtle. You remind me that any of me wanting something is an imposition, and that it’s beyond the gross level, but the refined levels we really need to observe and look at. A very insightful comment, thank you.

  35. An amazing story. It is incredible how with the support of Universal Medicine and the ageless wisdom you have completely turned your life around and dedicated it to supporting others.

  36. “I have been inspired and turned my life around at the age of 65; and for the greater part, I am now enjoying my senior years.” How many elder women and men can say that about themselves. Your are indeed a huge inspiration for us all. Thank you so much for not holding back to share such a wonderful change in your life.

  37. We have been conditioned by the world to only look at the physical temporal aspects of a situation, i.e. what the eye can see. What the esoteric teaches us, is that we are multidimensional beings of which the physical is but one dimension and that there is much going on at levels which are unseen to the human eye, but nevertheless are happening. Realising that all is energy first before it is physical is a great point to reach.

    1. This is so true Doug about how so many of us are conditioned to see only our physical reality, whereas when we become aware that there is a bigger picture to life, we gain a much greater understanding of how and why things occur as they do. Knowing that we are multidimensional beings has brought a richness to my life which I could only ever have dreamed of before coming to this point of awareness.

      1. If we accept that we are mere physical beings, the world is just one big mystery. We don’t understand what anything is about or why anything happens, yet when we expand our awareness to include the truth that everything is energy, we start to see that there are no mysteries and that everything is known. It is just how much we want to be prepared to admit that we know.

  38. Having a deeper understanding of a situation like that, helps us to heal and learn what is there to be learnt. Finding the person who is able to go with us in that process, lovingly and unjudgementeally, is a blessing that comes with our choice of being open and growing.

    1. Amparo, thank you for taking the time to read my blog and sharing your thoughts on it. What you say is so true, when I was ready to let go of the trauma I was guided to meet Serge Benhayon, who lovingly supported me with this. Writing this I am reminded of the saying “ When the student is ready the master will appear”.

  39. It’s beautiful to hear of the profound changes that you’ve made in your life and how you have healed the weight of the shock and pain and opened up to people and life again – a true healing for us all.

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