My Journey Home

by Kim Olsen, Warwick, Australia

My path to make contact with the esoteric and Universal Medicine was kicked off by an incident. I fell and badly broke my left hip. Up to this point I had been doing what the world expected of me (to me now that felt like going through the motions of living). I had been suffering hay fever and sinus problems for more than 20 years.

Previously, as a teenager I had needed to have my tonsils removed. I was overweight and showing early signs of a heart attack-in-waiting… I am sure I was heading for cancer as well – if the heart attack did not kill me first.

So when I was 36 I had this fall which left me immobile for three months. My hip was fractured, I had scarring on my lung and bruising on my heart. While I was reflecting on this in hospital, I realised that I had not been listening to my body and the messages it was trying to give me. I resolved to do so from now on.

From a temporal point of view, this resolve (alignment to my soul) set me off on a disastrous path. I lost three good relationships and much of my assets (worldly). However, I have through this journey found who I am, and to me now that is all that really matters. Looking back, I realised I would now lose relationships if I did not express as me in them. I had taken on an adage to be what I thought others wanted me to be.

Do you realise how hard it is to be confident when you don’t know who you are? It is so lovely to be confidently expressing now as me.

I was now seeing much of the world and the way I was, as it was. At one stage my spectacle prescription improved back five years as I started seeing in-truth how my relationship was. The optometrist agreed that my sight had improved, but did not have an understanding of what I was proposing. I realised that our world was full of paradoxes about how things are. All our worldly truths I could see as part truths hiding the real truth.

Then in 2004 I did a Heart Chakra 1 with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. It felt so good and familiar. I then kept doing what I was doing until 2009 when I came back to Universal Medicine.

You may wonder why I did not continue then, however looking back I needed to see more things I wasn’t, which ultimately help define what and who I am. So in 2009 I returned to the esoteric associations and Universal Medicine with a knowing that most of the difficulties we face in this world would be lessened or removed if we felt empowered. I have personally found that empowerment… initially coming as a realisation that I can be me anywhere, anytime and with anyone. Then I found the keys within as to how to manifest this. It is a simple, very fulfilling way to live, to let go the shackles of doing, and be.

Over the years I gave up dairy, alcohol, sugar and gluten as I saw how these substances dulled my body and my sensitivity. I can see that my sensitivity was compromised by these substances in a way that made it impossible to be aware of their influence, which adds to the arrogance of knowing that what we are doing is right. I now at 58 feel the best I have done health-wise since about 16, and wellbeing-wise since I was about 5. I no longer get hay fever or sinus conditions. My circulation problem, highlighted after the broken hip, and the swelling in my legs are gone. My propensity for sunspots on my skin has diminished and I have watched areas heal one at a time. I sleep well every night. I never get caught up in reactions to events and what people say and do. This list goes on and on.

So to say Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have done it for me would be wrong. What I have found from being an esoteric student is a rebuilding of my confidence in my feelings, to be now at a point where I trust them and my feeling of the energies, implicitly. Also I have gained a confidence in my feelings and their messages.

301 thoughts on “My Journey Home

  1. Our body always speaks clear and if we don’t listen it speaks loud. As you show with your experience Kim, when we listen to our body, the learning it offers to us is assured and the regeneration very possible.

  2. Being settled in the body, knowing who I am makes me appreciate that I am equipped to deal with anything that would come upon me – I guess that is part of being confident.

    1. Just what I need to read today and what a timely reminder that I am fully equipped to deal with anything that life presents to me… ouch I have been giving my power away, which is just on old pattern, but I can now choose to claim it and then live it!

  3. ” Do you realise how hard it is to be confident when you don’t know who you are? It is so lovely to be confidently expressing now as me.” This is such a wise and practical understanding thank you for sharing Kim.

  4. Wow three months of immobility is a huge opportunity to stop and reflect on how we have been living. Amazing that you heeded to the call within you that the life you were living was off track and that a complete review was required.

  5. A re-connection with inner confidence and trusting myself with what I feel has also been restored. With constantly deepening appreciation for all Serge Benhayon offers and shares, I am the forever student returning to the wisdom of where we all come from.

  6. “Do you realise how hard it is to be confident when you don’t know who you are?” – this is a brilliant question. In a nut shell we cannot be confident if we don’t know who we truly are – and I am not here talking about any identification with career or role (such as sportsman, mum, dad, doctor, teacher, student, apprentice…etc). For when we peel away our usual forms of identification, nationality, culture, religion, gender etc etc, then what is actually left? You could answer the human being, but are we just that? Of course we have a body and an human aspect to us, and then we have the being aspect, but more than that is an essence that lies deep deep within, which knows that we are far grander than just what the eye can see, and that we have an age-old connection to the Universe and the grandness of the stars. But how often do we think of this when asking ourselves who we are? How often do we make it about what we do, our careers or achievements, instead of the love that we are first and foremost? For in this we find true confidence, and only this.

  7. This line is a corker for me “Do you realise how hard it is to be confident when you don’t know who you are?” It illustrates that we are walking on plasterboard – never knowing if it is going to give way or not. The anxiety of feeling we must always have a safety net weighs heavily which means the boards we are walking on are even more likely to break.

    1. Hi Lucy, I just read your comment after I posted mine about the same line – it is a brilliant line to reflect upon! And I love how you have presented it with the analogy of the plasterboard when we ride on a role or a career identification for who we are…we could say we are a teacher but if we stop teaching who are we then? and where is our confidence then? We could say we are a parent but when the kids grow up who are we then? etc etc. Who we are has to be more than what we do, and the sooner we realise this, then the more we can address the feelings of anxiety and actually come to the essence of the answer, pun intended.

  8. Second guessing and doubting our feelings leads to complication and confusion. I love that you show how a steady building of confidence in ourselves is very possible not because it is given to us by Universal Medicine but that we make that commitment to ourselves and learn from our choices..

  9. This totally knocks out any ideal, image or thought that power come from outside of you.. In fact , it is only within you that is truly empowering you and awaiting you to choose that power to be lived by you. No demand or expectation of outside can do that. It is an inside choice.

  10. It is true, it is hard to be confident when you don’t know who you are, and then find out that all the things we have put in place in order to navigate through life are based on protection and security. I remember clearly after leaving one of Serge Benhayon presentations asking myself ‘Who am I’, and questions like ‘What do I actually like’ – just simple every day questions, and it astounded me because I did not actually know.

  11. Kim this confidence thing is harder when we pretend to be confident. It’s played out in my life thinking confidence meant being loud, argumentative, ‘look at me’ syndrome – it came with many outer flavours.

    True confidence comes from that soul connection with the body and the more I trust, the more wisdom flows through my body – getting to truly know myself seems so homely than being a pretzel of how life should be.

  12. The inner building of our love for ourselves, and the application of that in everyday life is The Way of The Livingness, and it is a continual development.

  13. Giving up dairy was life changing for me as well Kim, after suffering severe sinus issues so bad I was put on steroids, I decided it was time to do something as I didn’t want to be on medication long term. So I gave up all dairy and within a few months all my sinus issues cleared up, it was one of the best choices I have ever made for my health as well.

  14. Building a connection with the body builds a steady foundation of confidence within us as we learn to trust what we feel, and from there, be able to express it. This is a slow and steady process but the more we connect, feel, express and appreciate how it feels, the more we solidify this foundation.

  15. This alone is life changing -“what I have found from being an esoteric student is a rebuilding of my confidence in my feelings, to be now at a point where I trust them and my feeling of the energies, implicitly”. Being able to trust ourselves is huge because we then become the drivers of our own destiny.

  16. I am guessing we all come to a point in life where we ask questions or ask for more. This could come from something happening or from a feeling when something isn’t going ‘right’. It’s always amazing and confirming to see how people turn their lives around and how they begin to see their part in what is happening in the world around them. It’s this process or living application that then leads us to see more and to be aware we are more.

  17. “Do you realise how hard it is to be confident when you don’t know who you are? It is so lovely to be confidently expressing now as me.” This is beautiful and very powerful and can be deeply appreciated once we start to understand what it means and relearn to be ourselves again.

  18. Hi Kim, yes true confidence can only come from knowing how to reconnect to our essence and that means getting out of head and into our inner-heart.. This brings us back into our body and out of the anxiety that results from being in our head. It is very difficult to be confident if you have left your body and are being dictated to by your inner critic.

  19. I would love to know more about how your sinus issues have cleared up and what different changes in your life supported you to move through hay-fever after 20 years! That to me is a blog in itself. I might try to contact you directly for more information on that. I am a sneeze machine and would love to say goodbye to my tissue box! Thanks for sharing a part of your story. It’s amazing how many people from all different ages and walks of life have benefitted from the works of Serge Benhayon.

  20. There is a huge misconception that exists in our society today that confidence is something to be obtained, that some people have and some don’t when in-truth confidence is something we all already hold within and is simply known and lived when we are in connection to our essence, to our Love within, our Soul. Whenever I lose confidence in certain situations I realise that this is a sign that I have chosen to leave my connection to Soul, through which thoughts of doubt soon enters to try and take hold. As soon as I choose to return to my connection to Soul I return to feeling solid in myself and confident to move being guided by truth, by my essence within.

  21. A huge turnaround Kim. Quite amazing really. It takes great honesty to admit what does not work in life, and greater honesty to be willing to do something about it.

  22. Kim I totally concur with you about feeling better now, in my case at 66, since I was 17, which incidentally was when I started drinking alcohol on a regular basis. Thanks to Universal Medicine I quit alcohol completely about 9 years ago and it saved my life. I was heading for zombie status whereas I am now vital and healthy.

  23. What a wise and powerful lesson Kim, to not get caught up in peoples reactions, emotions and situations. To observe and not absorb is certainly a simple and loving teaching of Serge Benhayon.

  24. We live in a world that is fast paced busy and very focused on the tick box mentality. Finding the keys of wisdom through appreciating our own qualities and potential supports us to ‘let go of the shackles of doing, and be’. Beautiful blog Kim.

  25. “Do you realise how hard it is to be confident when you don’t know who you are? It is so lovely to be confidently expressing now as me.” I so can relate to what you share, I struggled to be confident when I did not know who I am. It did not matter what job I did, what qualifications I had, I was still lost. Until I decided to connect back to who I am with the support of Universal Medicine.

  26. It’s wonderful to feel your own realisations here and not just ‘going along with the teachings’ so to speak.. ‘I have personally found that empowerment… initially coming as a realisation that I can be me anywhere, anytime and with anyone.’ Amazing that you knew you needed to be able to feel this in life first and not just rely on something to bring you that.

  27. It is indeed impossible to be truly confident without knowing who you are and the more we try to supplement the lack of confidence the less we know ourselves. Part of knowing oneself is to know what we are not but have identified with or try to be. Hence the first lesson with Universal Medicine is learning how to come back to a quality that allows you to get to know the real you again and thereby getting aware of what does not belong to you.

  28. When we don’t know who we are, we don’t know who anyone else is either. By coming to know who I truly am I reconnect to others.

  29. It is indeed precious to reconnect to ourselves again. The more we are truly connected to ourselves the more we are connected to everyone else.

  30. No-one can ever do our healing for us. Free-will means it has to come from us. So the inspiration may be via another – in my case also this is Serge Benhayon – but the work needs to be put in by us for anything to change.

  31. Amazing Kim. I enjoyed reading your list of healing the old and how contracted you once were with almost everything being affected in your life by choosing to not empower yourself to acknowledge the messages of your feelings. That List is worth Gold, to fully list and inspiring me to do so myself. Not a Bucket List but a Gold List!

  32. “What I have found from being an esoteric student is a rebuilding of my confidence in my feelings, to be now at a point where I trust them and my feeling of the energies, implicitly.” Can absolutely relate to this, I now feel I have built true confidence to express openly and connect to my true feelings, it is beautifully empowering.

  33. We learn so many ways to build our confidence and all it takes is to connect back to who we truly are, but that is the one thing nobody teaches… except of course Universal Medicine.

  34. Great to read about your journey home Kim. How you are feeling now is amazing. Most people, as they age feel the opposite of what you’ve just shared. You inspire us all, by how you managed to transform your life in such a remarkable way.

  35. I love reading stories like this as it always confirms how powerful the teachings of Universal Medicine are that they have supported thousands of people like yourself to truly heal any ill condition that is holding them back.

  36. My list of obstacles and ailments has diminished since uncovering the power of my body and the Wisdom therein, since becoming a student of The Way of The Livingness, rather than taking life at face value, I am learning to use my senses to read, observe and feel my choices.

  37. When we make the choice to remove the masks and the barriers of protection we have lived with for so long and have re-connected to who we truly are, it doesn’t matter where we are, what we are doing and who we are with, as long as we are there with all of us. For me the best and most amazing journey I have undertaken in the last 12 years is the “journey home”, to me, with Serge Benhayon walking alongside me, lovingly supporting me every step of the way.

  38. From someone that has a list of ailments at the age of 36 and was in hospital with a fractured hip, scarring on a lung an bruised heart this is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! ‘I now at 58 feel the best I have done health-wise since about 16, and wellbeing-wise since I was about 5.’ You are so right no one can ‘do’ this for us or change our lives apart from ourselves but Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are definitely an extremely bright beacon of light showing the way ✨

    1. I agree Vicky, it is ultimately up to us to make these changes, heal and return to our true, vital, joyful and loving selves (our return home), and no one can do this for us. People can inspire us, but the steps and movements towards true change is always our choice to make.

  39. It is strange but there are a couple of things that struck me as so true in this blog, and I say strange because it should be so obvious! “Do you realise how hard it is to be confident when you don’t know who you are?” I have to thank Serge as well because he also stated the obvious, he taught me to not be afraid of my feelings and that has changed my life.

  40. It’s interesting how you talk about dairy, sugar, gluten and alcohol dulling your sensitivity. Many might see being sensitive in itself as a negative aspect, but with sensitivity you can feel and read all that is going on inside your body as well as outside in the world.

    1. I can relate to that Heather, there was a time I would have considered sensitivity to be a negative, though it is in truth a strength as it allows us to feel, know and bring understanding to ourselves and life….’reading’ without the reaction.

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