My Daughter and Universal Medicine – A Mother’s Experience

By S.B, Nurse, Northern Rivers, Australia 

I first became aware of Universal Medicine through my daughter, in 2008. At that time, unbeknown to me, my daughter had been involved with Universal Medicine for some time. I began to notice various lifestyle changes she was making and was very curious about the reasons for these. Even though all the changes were decidedly for the better, I began to get very defensive about what she was doing. When it became known to me that she was involved with a ‘group’ of people, alarm bells began to ring.

I had in my past been involved with a group for 15 years, and although we started out with grand ideas of universal brother and sisterhood, in the end there was much misery generated by the experiment.

My daughter was using terms such as ‘honour your own loveliness’ and ‘all you have to do is come back to who you really are, which is love’. These terms sounded familiar to me, and I began to place them in the field of Eastern religion.

I had also had an academic and practical background of study in philosophy, theology and theosophy, so I was very ready to argue that joining a group was not the answer.

As my daughter was very adamant that she was very happy doing what she was doing, and as I could see the amazing change in her self-confidence, self-esteem and the gentle, lovely way she now lived, and since I could not convince her to change her mind, I decided that the only way to really do anything was to get first-hand information of the ‘group’ she was involved with.

I attended a talk with great caution and very ready to criticise.

What I found was a simple message. A message about taking responsibility for the way I live, my health and my well-being. About having awareness of how I affect others by my daily living, and so living in a way to create harmony for myself and others.

In all my studies, and from all the gurus/teachers I had listened to in the last 40 years, I had been reading and hearing about meditating into a peaceful state of being. I practised and practised but never seemed to be able to bring that knowledge into my daily living and actually be in peace in this turbulent world.

Listening to the talks from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I began to understand that indeed, I had not been connected to the love that is really me, and without that connection there was no question of being able to connect to that inner stillness so often talked about.

I found that Universal Medicine is not a ‘group’. There was no suggestion that I should hand over any money, or that I should believe in a dogma or doctrine. It does not expound nor denounce any religion. There is a non-judgemental foundation, and talks and healing are open to all to come and go as they wish.

I am now able to claim and honour my own loveliness. I now take responsibility for my own health by awareness of diet and exercise. I express love through attempting to make my every action gentle. I experience joy in the stillness I am now able to achieve.

I have found the ‘wisdom of the ages’ in action.

At last I have come back to myself, which is where I was always supposed to be.

This is home.

258 thoughts on “My Daughter and Universal Medicine – A Mother’s Experience

  1. These two statements,’I began to notice various lifestyle changes she was making….Even though all the changes were decidedly for the better, I began to get very defensive about what she was doing’ – jumped out to me. This seems to be a common reaction from people. I’ve found the reflection is too much for people and they are caught in the comfort of what they know. It’s kind of, I’m not happy, but I don’t want to take the responsibility to do anything about it.

    Universal Medicine isn’t the only group in this world people are involved in, there are many around. I have to say I have been involved in some of these other groups, and my life was no different and if anything, I couldn’t stand life and made it about everybody else but me!…

    With Universal Medicine, I find I now make it about me, who am I, what am I etc. So what is the issue then?

  2. We are all bruised and battered by life by the way we are treated and how we in turn treat others. We are very abusive towards each other and just like children we are quick to blame each other for starting it.
    Enter Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine who presents that if we were to connect back to ourselves and feel the love that resides within each and every one of us, the propensity to abuse one another just melts away and I have found this to be true. I have found that there is not a bone in my body that wants to argue with anyone. And if anyone wants to argue with me I have the choice to just walk away and not get involved.

    1. Mary, abuse is rife among the human breed, yet how often is it seen within the animal kingdom.
      We have the choice to walk away from many challenging experiences, it’s how we react or respond to it, that is the question. And I agree, is the argument a plot to distract or disconnect you, or an opportunity for you not to engage in?

  3. It’s such an honest sharing, thank you SB. Regardless of your concerns from past group experiences you were able to connect to what Serge presents and recognise it as the truth, and as something that can be practically applied to life and fully lived.

  4. Through attending Universal Medicine events I have come to understand that preaching to another about the amazing changes in our life is more than likely to turn them off. But it is when we begin to live those changes and our lives slowly begin to blossom, that others are most likely going to be inspired and want to know more. The inspiration begins to sow seeds of change, which have the potential to sprout in the future; that will be if we choose to nurture them, or not.

  5. It doesn’t always feel great to be proven wrong and to be humbled, but there is a wonderful payoff, which is the opening of our hearts and awareness to more truth – and that is well worth the discomfort.

  6. Evil isn’t stupid is it. It creates ‘groups’ that look like ‘truth’ but get exposed as lies, deceptions, falsehoods – so when the truth does pop-up, people are suspicious of it and reluctant to embrace it. How great to hear the story of one who has seen past this ruse.

  7. Changes bring changes. We are all united and when someone takes a step forward to evolution, the whole moves with them to a new level. In the end this is what your daughter offered to you. An opportunity for you to come closer to you and with that, you are offering the same reflection to us now.. that is possible to re-connect with who we truly are.

  8. We have to constantly be discerning with any group we align to, as well as in any situations or environments we are in and regarding any people we are around. I feel it is actually healthy to do this just as it is a great way to learn.

  9. Universal Medicine is not a “group”, what has developed over the last two decades is a community of people worldwide, from all walks of life, some have stayed, others have come and gone, while others have gone and come back. Nobody is made to stay in the presentations, the UM team is 100% happy to refund anybody their money if they don’t like the presentations and decide to leave – I have witnessed it myself.

  10. How can we think of any thing else, than : ”At last I have come back to myself, which is where I was always supposed to be.” There is no loss when we are connected to who we are, no one can fool us, only we can fool ourselves.

  11. SB it’s an amazing turnaround you have experienced after decades of study and searching for the truth, you have now found it within by reconnecting to the love you naturally are. Many decent people would like to live the truth, stillness and brotherhood that you were searching for, and the simplicity is it begins with a reconnection to our soul and true essence within – the love we naturally are via our innermost heart.

  12. The message of Universal Medicine indeed is simple. You are already everything you were ever looking for. It only got buried. And by leading a responsible life, living love to the best of our ability, meanwhile letting go and healing what is not love, we return to that original state of love. And that is not only for us, with that way of living, which is full of joy, love, power, we inspire others, and transform the world along the way.

  13. I was searching high and low for the answers I was looking for, but not until I came across an interview with Serge Benhayon did I realise what it was I was looking for. I was simply looking for something that resonated with the truth I already knew and had connected to within myself.

  14. I love the way you approached the teachings and how you call it ‘I have found the ‘wisdom of the ages’ in action.’ And it is so true it is not about reading a book or following the guru or whatever. but only about being a student in everyday life who puts into practice what is presented and then one can connect to the wisdom that is in everyone.

  15. ‘I found that Universal Medicine is not a ‘group’. There was no suggestion that I should hand over any money, or that I should believe in a dogma or doctrine. It does not expound nor denounce any religion. There is a non-judgemental foundation, and talks and healing are open to all to come and go as they wish’ I can completely understand the fears you might have had about your daughter especially as there is so much bad press out there casting all sorts of serious allegations about Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and anyone who supports it. Awesome that you chose to experience for yourself the truth of this excellent organisation and its founder.

  16. How do we live in our day to day and how hurt and scarred have we been by that way of living that we consider that living in more connection to the body and with a dedication to love is a concern that there may be an ulterior motive and because it is a group it could be part of a cult???! As humans we have a deep level of responsibility for abusing each other and manipulating each other for our own ends that results in this lack of trust. I have loved being part of the education Universal Medicine has offered me because it puts the responsibility firmly on my shoulders and is completely my free-will to live or not.

  17. We are often told the ways to be, but not the innate loveliness we are and without this as our foundational understanding we adopt things to better ourselves and in doing so we impose more on ourselves and our bodies. Universal Medicine brings you back to the simplicity of knowing there is a love in us all, and it’s for us to connect to and live from that love.

  18. It is great you were discerning and had your daughter’s true well-being at the heart of this discernment and at the same time were willing to see the positive changes she had made in her life and not deny or belittle this. I have known and gone to Universal Medicine courses and presentations for over 12 years now, but what I appreciate reading your blog, is seeing more clearly that currently there is nothing else in the world that offers truth, true healing and genuine care so openly, transparently with no need or want or agenda to humanity than what Universal Medicine are offering and have offered for nearly 2 decades now.

  19. Universal Medicine truly supports all to re-connect back with their inner-wisdom and to unfold that back into how we live our life in every way. So no doctrine or dogma, as you describe, just truly simple supportive lifestyle medicine for all.

  20. SB it was lovely to read how in the end you answered the call from your soul and went along to discover for yourself what Universal Medicine was all about and in doing so you came back home to yourself. A wise move worth deeply appreciating.

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