My Daughter and Universal Medicine – A Mother’s Experience

By S.B, Nurse, Northern Rivers, Australia 

I first became aware of Universal Medicine through my daughter, in 2008. At that time, unbeknown to me, my daughter had been involved with Universal Medicine for some time. I began to notice various lifestyle changes she was making and was very curious about the reasons for these. Even though all the changes were decidedly for the better, I began to get very defensive about what she was doing. When it became known to me that she was involved with a ‘group’ of people, alarm bells began to ring.

I had in my past been involved with a group for 15 years, and although we started out with grand ideas of universal brother and sisterhood, in the end there was much misery generated by the experiment.

My daughter was using terms such as ‘honour your own loveliness’ and ‘all you have to do is come back to who you really are, which is love’. These terms sounded familiar to me, and I began to place them in the field of Eastern religion.

I had also had an academic and practical background of study in philosophy, theology and theosophy, so I was very ready to argue that joining a group was not the answer.

As my daughter was very adamant that she was very happy doing what she was doing, and as I could see the amazing change in her self-confidence, self-esteem and the gentle, lovely way she now lived, and since I could not convince her to change her mind, I decided that the only way to really do anything was to get first-hand information of the ‘group’ she was involved with.

I attended a talk with great caution and very ready to criticise.

What I found was a simple message. A message about taking responsibility for the way I live, my health and my well-being. About having awareness of how I affect others by my daily living, and so living in a way to create harmony for myself and others.

In all my studies, and from all the gurus/teachers I had listened to in the last 40 years, I had been reading and hearing about meditating into a peaceful state of being. I practised and practised but never seemed to be able to bring that knowledge into my daily living and actually be in peace in this turbulent world.

Listening to the talks from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I began to understand that indeed, I had not been connected to the love that is really me, and without that connection there was no question of being able to connect to that inner stillness so often talked about.

I found that Universal Medicine is not a ‘group’. There was no suggestion that I should hand over any money, or that I should believe in a dogma or doctrine. It does not expound nor denounce any religion. There is a non-judgemental foundation, and talks and healing are open to all to come and go as they wish.

I am now able to claim and honour my own loveliness. I now take responsibility for my own health by awareness of diet and exercise. I express love through attempting to make my every action gentle. I experience joy in the stillness I am now able to achieve.

I have found the ‘wisdom of the ages’ in action.

At last I have come back to myself, which is where I was always supposed to be.

This is home.

268 thoughts on “My Daughter and Universal Medicine – A Mother’s Experience

  1. It is very interesting to read how you found it hard to accept your daughter’s choices even though you could clearly see that she had changed for the better, and that your scepticism came from you having been previously exposed to something that sounded familiar and good but turned out not true. It is those sneaky lies that present themselves as good that does more damage.

  2. Through this gorgeous testimonial you highlight so beautifully how an openness to seek truth is what dispels the walls of protection we assembled from our hurts, where we realise that we are so much more that our hurts or protection, and the love we are within is what truly guides us to know ourselves and all of us.

    1. Beautifully said Carola. The pull to truth is strong – we can fight or we can surrender.

  3. I love how your sceptical curiosity led you to such a wonderful place with yourself and no doubt your relationship with your daughter is ten fold better.

  4. How lovely that you checked out the group your daughter was spending time with, and how you found the message to be so simple; ‘A message about taking responsibility for the way I live, my health and my well-being. About having awareness of how I affect others by my daily living, and so living in a way to create harmony for myself and others.’ Extremely simple, yet very powerful when we live from the love that we are first.

    1. Yes and pretty cool that rather than criticise from the outside she decided to understand it first. There is so much to learn from this blog about understanding and supporting those we love.

  5. I find that even in-between attending Universal Medicine events the mind can make everything so complicated and critical. At the events or in a session with a Universal Medicine practitioner I am brought back to the simplicity of love that forever remains in the body. Reminding me to live more body centred than from my mind and it’s thoughts.

  6. By understanding that human life is all ‘about taking responsibility for the way I live, my health and my well-being’ like you SB I too began to accept that whatever experience that occurred in my life, was directly because of the ripple effect of my own choices.

  7. This is beautiful example of the power of the ripple effect. When those around us change sometimes it can be very challenging as the status quo is threatened and life as we know it can start to wobble. But if we are able to simply observe without judgement, really allowing ourselves to appreciate the changes in them instead of going into reaction, then we are opening ourselves up to the possibility that perhaps these changes are ones that would benefit our lives too; but it is always important to discern and to feel the truth for ourselves first.

    1. This scares a lot of people, it is important to stay observing and surrender to the flow, ‘When those around us change sometimes it can be very challenging as the status quo is threatened and life as we know it can start to wobble.’

  8. Universal Medicine can from a distance seem like a “group” or even some will call it a “cult”. And yes what Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon are presenting goes directly against what society calls normal, but there is no denying that the lives of the students are changing for the better on many levels.

  9. This is such a great blog but not an unusual story for Universal Medicine students. So many people have tried to find enlightenment through knowledge or practices which claim to have the answers. However the simplicity of listening to your body and taking energetic responsibility in everyday life is what we really need to reconnect a person to who they are.

  10. Beautiful…the simplicity of truth arises above any past hurtful experience as it deeply appeals to who we truly from within. When we open up to truth we realise that it has always been there ready and willing to support whomever chooses it.

  11. Being observant is a very good thing. Being open to see what is there.. To not judge the situation but to understand and see what it is thats being said or done. In this case of change sometimes we have to allow understanding for something completely different to be actually very supportive & life changing as Universal Medicine is – uniquly and truly enriching.

  12. “The ‘wisdom of the ages’ in action” – I love this. Perhaps we’ve become so sceptical as we’ve been hoodwinked by the non-wisdom of the ages in theory and in practice. There is so much that has all the right words, or at least many of them and sometimes many of the right practices (but not all). Because they appear to be the wisdom of the ages, and it is that truth what we are seeking, we’re then let down when we realise we knew all along it wasn’t it.

  13. Hello S.B. what was lovely to read was the fact that you saw the changes in your daughter’s wellbeing and you were held with the memories of the group you once followed, the words used by many gurus can capture people, when I used to hear the word ‘love’ I used to think of the hippie era. When I heard Serge Benhayon talk about love, I saw a whole new meaning that no one had ever touched upon and to that depth.

    What a great reflection your daughter provided and allowing yourself to actually explore it for yourself – ‘This is home’ – thank you for being so open and sharing your experience – there is another way home.

  14. I loved that you chose to discover for yourself what Universal Medicine was about instead of react to your daughter’s changes. Many people can find it challenging when their loved ones begin to make more loving choices, it seems to make them feel uncomfortable or they feel judged in some way. So lovely that you choose to be inspired and open about your daughter’s choices and how this led to you finding your true path home as well.

  15. This is a great example of how a lot of things happen in this world. We see or hear a part of something and make an interpretation of what it is from how things have been for us and don’t really have a look at what we are presented with. We then usually walk this interpretation around and discuss it with others who give there view from the same place. Not often do we have a good look at what ever it is, not often to we have a look at the whole thing. With life moving so so quick now it’s even more important to stop and make sure we have everything in our view. Like the article is saying, what was there at the first point with part of the picture was hugely different to the actual fact of the matter, or the truth of it. Grab a part and you will always be blind to the rest.

  16. There are many people involved ‘in groups’ in the name of personal advancement and wellness who were hurt by them. As a result, they are very suspicious when they hear that family members have joined one. This is a difficult situation since this can bring either true good or true bad and they know based on their own experience that it is not that easy to detach yourself from a group once you have joined in if you have deposited your hopes in it. Fortunately, though, there are groups and groups and, hence, there are those that bring true and true good into this world such as Universal Medicine. This is not only a fact of life that cannot be disputed but also that it shows clearly in the people that have decided to become students of their own evolution.

  17. There are so many “groups” in the world that are totally off, so your wariness is totally understandable, and our discernment at all times and in all situations is paramount. But your story just shows that our openness to new possibilities, married with our discernment, can lead to some amazing opportunities.

  18. Great sharing S.B, yes one realises that without having connected to our essence and living life from here we are living from the mental constructs of the mind.

  19. How lovely that you were simply allowed the space to feel and make the choice to attend Universal Medicine events of your own accord based on a reflection you wished to know more of, rather than any imposed need for you to change or join any ‘group’ that in fact is not what Universal Medicine is about.

  20. Simple and powerful truths you present SB by taking responsibility for the choices you make in life and understanding how those choices affect your life and well being and those around you. A beautiful reflection of love from your daughter.

  21. “What I found was a simple message. A message about taking responsibility for the way I live, my health and my well-being. About having awareness of how I affect others by my daily living, and so living in a way to create harmony for myself and others.”
    Stunning summary of Universal Medicine, its very moving that you were lead by your daughter and not the other way round, just proves we are all people – not mother and daughter first but friends that have made there way home.

  22. ‘I have found the ‘wisdom of the ages’ in action.’ A beautiful inspiration from your daughter that brings you back to your natural loveliness.

  23. When we discover that there is a greater depth of connection to ourselves that we can be living with, a life of enrichment begins to unfold as we bring more of who we truly are to all we do, more of our love within, the Soulfullness we are naturally here to live.

  24. I love how you went and found out for yourself what Universal Medicine was all about rather than project a whole lot of ideas around it. This is a truly responsible way to live.

    1. Well said Elizabeth – as our discernment of truth, what we choose to engage in and share with the world is our responsibility alone, and as a result is what shapes the quality of life we live and world we are currently existing in.

  25. Wow 40 years of listening to gurus and teachers and Universal Medicine was the first to give you tools to help you stay steady in the craziness of the world? That’s pretty amazing, and an amazing testimonial to Universal Medicine’s practical approach to life and teachings on how to live in a way that takes responsibility and supports you to live day to day.

  26. It is amazing to see how one simple message can change the direction of life and how we choose to commit to its forever unfolding wisdom and teachings. Coming home as you say is just a step towards a deepening relationship with self and those we connect with every day.

  27. When we start to take full responsibility for the way that we live, our health and our well-being we begin to accept that our choices not only accumulate but have a ripple effect on our entire life. In turn this allows us the clarity to understand why we have got to where we are at and what we can do about it to initiate the necessary corrections and live to our full potential.

  28. Just like many others you have found a simple message, one that has changed so many lives and that is opening us up to our essence and truly engage in life. What Universal Medicine brings needs to be deeply appreciated.

  29. How wonderful that you were curious enough SB, to want to go and find out for yourself what your daughter was doing, and willing to be open enough to let in the truth of what was being offered by Serge Benhayon and to give it a go for yourself. For until we really experience something for ourselves, how can we know the truth of it?

  30. S.B. I love it that you went to see what was it about “this group” by yourself and that you made your own experiences. For me that is one way to not get trapped in what I think is right. You never know what you will find if you allow yourself to be open or curious.

  31. It is great that you were discerning but also willing to feel if there was any truth in what was offered by your daughter, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. For me I feel this is the best way to be, it does not give any power to something outside of ourselves.

  32. Returning to that inner stillness within can be experienced as coming home, a place that is so familiar to us because it is who we really are from nature. To me it is not only a experience but something that is a fact and the only way to be me in life, at ease and at home within myself.

  33. “I am now able to claim and honour my own loveliness.” This is it. The important fact here is knowing how to claim ‘it’ and not to be fooled by the illusion that you think you are – the ‘good life’ versus the life that is true.

  34. A few women who are quite new to Universal Medicine attended the Livingness One workshop recently. Their partners were suspicious about them coming along which led them to be a little wary as well. They both reported back to me that it was definitely not a cult and how much they loved Serge Benhayon and absolutely loved the workshop. They also shared with me that the way they were with their partners that evening dispelled any doubt in them as well. The power of love !!!

  35. I love that you were open to the changes in your daughter and allowed yourself to explore what was behind it all. It is all too easy to fall for the judgement and closing off in this world where we are taught to protect ourselves at all costs.

  36. So simple and yet so valuable as it changes lives. We can be that change, in fact, only we can be that change. It is equally important to be discerning, to ensure there is no blind following so I love reading your approach.

  37. The only way to bring about harmony within the home is to live in connection with self and the more I become aware and live in connection to myself, the more I am aware of others as it is impossible to not feel the connection I have to those around me and beyond.

  38. ‘What I found was a simple message. A message about taking responsibility for the way I live, my health and my well-being.’ Spot on, the Universal Medicine teachings support us to make loving choices that bring true healing to all areas of our life – super simple yet super powerful when we apply these principles into our daily lives.

  39. How cool! I love stories like this, because it completely shatters the misconception some choose to have about Universal Medicine. I too was one day a huge skeptic of all things. I believed in life being difficult, and there was no way around it. I’ve since learned that I’m not a victim of circumstance and that I’m responsible for my every choice, and because of that knowledge, I have to live with the consequences of that, so as a result I make some pretty awesome choices so that I, and those around me get to live those consequences.

  40. Simple, practical, liveable truths. We can choose to live them or not. That to me is what is presented by Universal Medicine.

    1. Exactly Jennifer! Could not have said it better myself. It is simply just presented to us, with no expectation for anyone to choose to live a life of self responsibility. I know in my experience though, that my life has improved greatly by simply choosing to take ownership of my life and choices.

  41. I love stories like yours. Unsure but curious, dipped your toe in and found that you wanted to jump in…but into what? If you’re like me, into a self-loving relationship. And that is beautiful – how can you not love giving yourself time, care and attention.

  42. The simple words you have shared SB relate to the way Serge Benhayon presents the truth. For me, the simplicity of what you present also makes sense. After 12 years of listening to Serge Benhayon the message has not changed and I have a choice to re-connect back to the love I am. The tools and techniques to do this are in the way I live and interact with the rest of humanity. Love is not difficult and asks nothing from me other than to be love!

  43. One of the great harms of the spiritual new age is that it may have some of the words that sound like truth, but it doesn’t carry the fullness of the soul and we are left cynical and mistrusting. It also does not have people who live from their soul, as a steady, simple and practical guide. This steady light from Serge Benhayon has been a constant marker for me, one that I can always come back to.

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