True Love, my way forward

by Leonie, Mackay QLD

I have been involved with Universal Medicine and have attended Serge Benhayon’s presentations for two years now and I have experienced a huge development in my personal attitude and approach to life.

I first approached a Universal Medicine practitioner to help improve the issues in my relationship with my partner. We wanted to try to find some solutions through this ‘esoteric’ way of being. Neither of us knew exactly what the term ‘esoteric’ meant, or where these sessions would lead us. After some period of seeing this UniMed practitioner I started to feel differently about myself and also about the common issues we face as human beings. I felt that for the first time in my life I was ready to truly take responsibility for who I was and who I was becoming. I learnt so much about myself and I started to feel the scary truths, that maybe I was in a pattern of abuse with money, food and even my own body. I could see how I would give my power away freely and would then wonder why I felt so out of control of my life.

The first time I met Serge Benhayon I felt a lot move inside me. I felt in some ways all this man was saying made perfect sense, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it that way before; then on the other hand I didn’t want to believe what Serge was presenting as I would have to feel how I had to take more responsibility for my actions, and what and how I was expressing. I felt after having met Serge Benhayon that I had truly been seen by someone for the first time in my life and that he saw me in all my realness. This made me even more curious about these teachings. I felt very challenged at times by what Serge presented, he made things seem so simple it was silly really. He says all we need to be and express is Love and this comes from the inside out. But did I even know the true meaning of Love? Had I ever even felt what True Love was?

I can now honestly say that “Yes” I now know the True meaning and feeling of Love.

Looking back over my time spent living these teachings, I have no regrets and feel that I have found my place in this life.

And I look forward to where this direction is taking me.

371 thoughts on “True Love, my way forward

  1. Superb sharing, sharing with us the inspiration of changing your life by finding your truth and purpose to life… How often do we hear this? Let alone see someone truly making every aspect of his or her life loving… So these, the teachings of Universal Medicine truly show humanity another way to move forward from. Love. And this goes step by step.

  2. Leonie what you have shared here is gold. For many, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine has changed lives and as you ’experienced a huge development in my personal attitude and approach to life’ – it definitely had that experience for me too.

    It is simple and ‘society’ makes it complicated, no wonder people are lost and being diagnosed with diseases or conditions there are so far away from the simple truth – True Love.

  3. Its a great way to describe what is offered by The Way of The Livingness. It does help us find our place in life, and ironically that is not a place as we know it, but an inner place that then changes the outer. The inner connection is with us no matter what we do…

  4. Serge Benhayon presents that love is completely different to what we think it is. It is not emotional, it is not about flowers and chocolates. This one teaching alone transforms life.

  5. ‘ Did I even know the true meaning of Love?’ A great question to ask Leonie, I know I didn’t know what true love was until I met Serge Benhayon, a very inspiring man as he consistently lives, moves and expresses true love everywhere he goes.

  6. I went through a similar experience Leonie with my whole approach and attitude to life as a result of meeting Serge Benhayon and in particular to truly look at the way in which I was living. With the simple and practical tools and teachings he presents that make so much sense, I was able to find my way back to knowing who we are and taking true responsibility.

  7. It’s the simplest of teachings, the simplest wisdom, that we avoid the most – because that simplicity instantly stops the waywardness we otherwise choose in its tracks. Simplicity brings us back to ourselves – that is, it brings us back to God.

  8. Universal Medicine presents a form of medicine that is universal, meaning anyone can use it. And, as you say Leonie, these presentations cannot but help change forever our attitude and the way we approach life. The initial medicine we can grant ourselves is to reconnect to our very essence and through this we realise that the next dose is that of the responsibility we need to take with our every thought, word and deed so that the are aligned to our essence rather than fitting into the dictates of the world.

  9. It is interesting to consider that we actually avoid the simplicity of life and even can reject the truth of it and by doing so choose for a complex and complicated life instead.

  10. When life confronts us with difficult situations, we read the what is going on based on our own reading of life and of ourselves. But what if all these readings are not it? What if they only allow to capture a small fraction of what is true and they end us trapping even further in a road to nowhere? This gets revealed very clearly when we receive a true reading that shifts everything.

  11. I remember when things would happen in life and I would just shake my head, I didn’t understand, how could I? Part of me always knew there was more, I would ‘get’ all manner of things, a new car, house, married etc etc and afterwards there still would be that more feeling. Universal Medicine supported me to crack the ‘more’ and I found it was with me all along. I knew that already from the mere fact that everything I did, didn’t crack this more. I remember being told all manner of things growing up and a lot didn’t make sense or didn’t allow me to see what was going on. Universal Medicine supported me to see through this layer and understand what I was already feeling wasn’t ‘right’. This is ongoing for me as life has many parts to see and now I can look forward to seeing more.

  12. I know the first time I met Serge I felt deeply loved and accepted for being me, the me I did not know at the time, but in that moment I felt connected to with a beautiful feeling that I had come home, there is an old saying ‘home is where the heart is, the heart is in the body so that is where the home can be felt, within not out there anywhere.

  13. When we are not with ourself we are always looking for ways to control life and others and if we can’t we feel like everything is out of control. There is no control in the inner heart.

  14. It can be a hard pill to swallow, to look at how we have deliberately lived to avoid the truth of who we are. When we turn around, admit that what we have substituted for love doesn’t work, it’s a very humbling process to move back to the true love we are made of and can effortlessly live by.

  15. I can relate Leonie to feeling out of control of my life too, I realised how easily I had given my power away to others to be liked and accepted and how much I had disregarded and abused my body in not being gentle or caring with myself. The simple truth presented by Serge Benhayon makes complete sense and is deeply felt in the body allowing the opportunity to start to look within ourselves to feel the true love and delicateness we innately are and how we are able to build a consistency in living from this quality of connection every day.

  16. Love, once a word that carried all that I thought I needed to complete me and now a word that describes me, a word that means so much more than a kiss of lust or a dream partner. Now, a word that means truth, god and oneness, fullness and warmth. Yes I have come along way but this blog still offers a timeless wisdom.

  17. That what Serge Benhayon presents and brings allows us to return home and draw from the riches we already have. It is simple and very very heart warming and opening to be allowed to simply be and live from there (in a world where we have made life to be complex and hard).

  18. “All you need to be and express is love”… the simplicity in this is profound. If we had just this one simple marker in life, everything would be very different. I have made it that in many aspects of my life and it is unrecognisable from my past as a result.

  19. One of the many great things I have discovered about life through the presentations of Universal Medicine is not only understanding what true love is but also knowing, experiencing and living with a deeper sense of love for myself and others through my every day. Realising the who we are within is the true love we have been searching for, has changed my life as now I live with more confidence, steadiness, openness, understanding of our purpose here together and a greater love for all guided my connection to the love we all equally are within.

  20. It is all about gaining a deeper awarness and coming to a deeper understanding of our purpose on this earth and learn that words and teachings have been bastardised to fit an individualistic agenda. Which is far from our true nature that I come to know in my study with Universal Medicine, trough my own living of these teachings, all in my own way and time coming to deeper awareness, a deeper care for myself and a deeper care for humanity as a whole.

  21. “It all makes sense” when we start to feel the cause and effect of the way we are living we can choose to take responsibility for all our choices.

  22. It is amazing that in one conversation with Serge Benhayon you can feel met in a way that no other person throughout your life has been able to see the depth of you like he does.

  23. You are one of many who have been blessed to cross paths with Serge Benhayon. What he offers is a living example of the truth and love that we all come from. What an incredible time it is to be walking this earth next to this incredible man.

  24. Love was really just another word before I met Serge Benhayon, it had no real meaning or depth to it and while I may have thought I had fleeting moments of it I always felt it would never last. So it was a word I dismissed and never really tried to connect to it. Through Serge, how he lives, his absolute love for humanity, has shown me that love is not something that comes and goes it is there all the time, it is constant and far more stupendous than I could very have imagined, and it is our moment by moment choice whether we connect and live this amazing 4 letter word or not.

  25. It is very confirming when we ‘find our place in life’….. thus there is much to appreciate in all the steps we have made to feel that we have a solid foundation to stand on. Solid and safe…..

  26. I remember when I first met Serge Benhayon and he would present “Be Love”, and I was like… what is love? What does that mean? It really shows just how far away we choose to live from who we naturally are, and how little we question life and what we are really here for.

  27. It’s somewhat saddening that most of our interactions are based on judgement, comparison, competition or other agendas. There is so much opportunity for us all to meet each other in full and see beyond the outer shell and into the essence of who we truly are.

    1. Well said Rachael – imagine the world today if we all met each other not for the behaviors that are presented, but with honesty and understanding that who we are in essence is far greater, already magnificent and truly free from hurt.

  28. Reconnecting to the true meaning and feeling of love invites true love back into your life and in everything you do.

  29. Thank you Leonie for your sharing on True Love. I doubt that I had considered what true Love is until I met Serge Benhayon. He is such as true example of what true Love is, in the livingness!

  30. Taking responsibility to heal the issues and hurts that shadow us opens us up to the true meaning and simplicity of love and to be able to live that quality more and more in our everyday lives.

  31. Yes, realising our responsibility in the world is quite a big undertaking to begin with, in fact not even just in the beginning, I can feel overwhelmed by it often, but then need to remember that it’s in every moment, and when we just deal with each moment at a time, it’s actually natural, and no effort as such is needed. But when we look at the whole picture, and we’re reminded of how devastating the state of the world is, it can absolutely feel like it’s easier to just return to being ‘little old me’. But the later get’s us nowhere.

  32. Ah Leonne, when I did read this words “Looking back over my time spent living these teachings, I have no regrets and feel that I have found my place in this life.” I had to smile. Yes, I also found my place in life, what is more a way of life, as it is ever evolving and not standing still. It is, being a student of life and to learn to live true love on earth with all of us. Quite a job. But such a joy.

  33. I remember before coming to Universal Medicine, being very confused what love was. The world had a clear view of the emotional love that we were meant to fall for, but this felt uncomfortable, false and over the top, but at the same time I had not idea what love was. Through the presentations of Universal Medicine I have a much clearer understanding of love and how self love is the precursor to love.

  34. Becoming more aware is an ever-growing relationship with responsibility. Responsibility holds all that is true in it. The marker I have of truth is in my body however, you also have in your body the choices / markers of what is not true. The path then becomes discerning what is true in the body compared to the mind forcing you back to its control of the what is not. So, the master-ship becomes of discerning what comes from the body and what comes from the mind. There is so much to say on this .. and simply what has worked for me to bring me to the truth is to be absolutely honest about where I am at and what is happening for me to understand myself first and foremost that is the self-relationship with self-responsibility.

  35. True love is my way forward too Leonie. Prior to Universal Medicine, my understanding of love was an emotional, needy and imposing kind of love. Now, knowing and understanding what true love is I have started to live a loving way more and more.

  36. I certainly did not know what the meaning of true love was before I came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I thought love was about doing for another, a giving of oneself but I now know and have always known but denied within that true love comes from a way I choose to be with myself in every moment of my day, the complete opposite to how I once thought love to be. I found it relatively easy to accept this truth; to live it has not been and is not so easy but I know it is in my livingness that makes a difference.

  37. It is Universal Medicine that brought me back in the picture of myself. It is bringing me a reconnection to a truth I’ve always known, the truth that my body is the connection with the all, and in turn trough connecting to myself. Being able to deepen the relationship with others.

  38. What simplicity – “All you need to be and express is love” We spend so much time making it all about so much more and life and relationships become very complicated!

    1. It is indeed very simple Lucy. Yet many times I have made it very complicated so to avoid being love, yet it was love that I craved and miss the most. We all know what love is but learning to freely express and live love is simple but not always the case when we are trying to avoid it.

  39. It is life changing to discover the true meaning of love and that love comes from within us all. Accepting this simple truth opens up our awareness to reconnect back to our inner knowing that we have long forgotten and how to bring this to our every day living.

  40. When we return home to the love that has always been in residence in our heart and start to live life from this loving place, our true purpose in life is revealed to us and we know we are on earth to live in harmony with all life forms.

  41. I love how you are sharing what it felt like to have someone fully meet you for the first time ever. This is huge.
    I wonder how many of us go throughout our whole life feeling there is something missing in how other humans engage with us.

  42. Beautifully said Leonie, I was reflecting on my first visit with Serge Benhayon the other day, I also had a similar experience to you as it was the first time in my life I had also felt met for who I truly was. The immense love and connection I felt in Serge’s presence allowed me to feel that my search for truth was well and truly over, and 12 years on I bless the day I made the choice to meet this extraordinary man.

  43. Thank you Leonie for a beautiful sharing, I so relate to meeting Serge Benhayon and being held and met for who we truly are by his deep love and by this reflection we know we are and come from love also.

  44. This is gorgeous Leonie. Wow. When someone writes “I feel I have found my place in this life” from a livingness it is profound. This is not a throwaway line it is a sentence that conveys all the joy of coming home to the love that you are. Thank you.

  45. Awesome Leonie I can totally relate. Each time I hear Serge Benhayon present my body registers the truth he speaks… and this has given me a whole new marker for whether what I am reading, listening to or watching is of truth or not.

  46. Everything Serge presents is so simple and yet so life-changing. The first time I went to a presentation, everything Serge said, I could feel I knew deep in my body but had somehow forgotten. He reminds us of what we already know and of who we really are – and of the thing that so many find challenging – of our responsibility to live this in our everyday.

  47. When we stand in front of a clear reflection such as Serge Benhayon we see ourselves unmasked, we are truly met for who we are and the games we play are exposed. This has inspired so many to reconnect and live from the truth that we equally are. It does as you share Leonie, call us to live with a level of responsibility which requires an honesty with ourselves and the choices we make in life.

  48. I was asked yesterday by a lady that works for a government department what Universal Medicine is actually about. She had heard lots of rumors and things on the internet but wanted to know from people that were personally involved what the key principles were. I feel like you some them up well in this blog Leonie, Universal Medicine is a teaching or Religion that redefines words and the meanings we know them as today, Religion now means my relationship to myself and all that surrounds me. Medicine now is everything, the way in which I speak and move can either be a form of medicine that supports me or not. Sometimes I take it for granted how much I have developed as a person through this philosophy and that is why its so important to record things like you have in this blog Leonie, thank you.

    1. Imagine if the vast difference between spirit and soul was one of our first educations about life and our true purpose here? Imagine what a different world we would live in if that was what we were taught in our homes and schools?

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