No ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ – Just The Simplicity of Choice

by Simon Bradley, UK

Four years ago I met and worked with one of Serge Benhayon’s students. I was having problems with my knee which resulted in my visiting my osteopath every week. Whatever treatment I received, the result was the same – a day or so of relief and then back to square one. My colleague offered to treat me on a number of occasions, and eventually my pain and misery overcame my cynicism sufficiently to give it a try.

It was a revelation. I didn’t, and don’t, believe in mumbo jumbo and magic. But something happened which was profound – a long term, apparently chronic injury, was resolved using a couple of stones and half an hour’s relaxation and breathing technique.

It’s nonsense, of course. So much so that I took three days unpaid leave (I work as a contractor, so all leave is unpaid) and went on an introductory course so that I could try to understand what happened and, perhaps, learn to do the same.

I arrived expecting it all to be smoke and mirrors. I left a wiser, humbler and distinctly less sceptical man. There is no smoke. There are no mirrors.

What I learned has had a profound effect on my life, for the better. I haven’t put it all into action yet, but I’m getting there. I can see the effect of my words and actions on others, and I can see the effect that others’ words and actions could have on me if I chose to allow it. I am calmer, more at peace, happier and healthier. I have made no commitment to anyone except myself. Nor have I been asked to.

Like other correspondents, I have found myself examining my life and finding areas of it wanting. This has been my choice – nobody else’s – and correcting those areas, or not, is my choice as well. Some things I will live with because I’m not yet ready to take that next step. Others I am in the process of correcting, and it’s a cathartic process.

Whether I end up choosing to become more involved with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine or not is still undecided. But wherever my choices take me, the experience and understanding that I have been shown are something I treasure.

Thank you for that.

387 thoughts on “No ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ – Just The Simplicity of Choice

  1. Bringing awareness to the quality of our choices and how they impact our body and our lives, is what allows us to discern and understand the quality of energy we are aligning to. It is only ever us that chooses what we are aligning to, through which every move thereafter is result of this quality. As such in every moment we are offered the opportunity to be moved by the vibration of love, of our Soul, our true way of being.

  2. The only true choice we have in life is the source of energy that determines our subsequent choices, for we are either in relationship with that which is from truth and therefore, healing for all or that which is not true and always in need to fill the void within.

  3. Very cool. As well as no smoke or mirrors with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon there are also no secrets or anything mystic. Everything is transparent and all is given, nothing is held back and none of what is shared can be ‘owned’ by anyone. This is the true beauty of the Ageless Wisdom and what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine hold, present and teach. And as you say it is up to each and every person to choose what they do with what they have been given.

  4. It’s very powerful when someone shares the absolute truth of their experience, we learn so much from each other, and our honesty and transparency invites a trust that is very healing to experience. This is what’s missing in the media today, news agencies are not just corporations, they are human beings playing a power game with others based on profit before people. This blog is a powerful example of how we can support one another when honesty and truth is our basis for expression.

  5. It’s so true Simon, we completely underestimate the effect of how our own and others words and actions have on each other, and how they can either build and nourish each other or destroy and devastate each other.

    1. Suse, even our lack of words can harm or heal, holding back our love and truth is very harmful, and offering people our wordless love and the space that offers is sometimes needed too.

  6. Love your blog Simon, everything we do not only affects us, but everyone else too, like the ripples in a pond, the more loving we are with ourselves and others the more positive and joyful life becomes.

  7. This is so honest Simon. And with Universal Medicine that is exactly what you have said, there is never any pressure or imposition, we are here to freely choose. For myself, though I find the pressure comes from myself which is self-directed. In fact, when I simply live my life honoring myself, my body would tell me what is supportive and what is not. And knowing that Universal Medicine is always there to support whenever I require, I am unlearning many ideals of feeling guilty or not doing the same or as much as other students, because the truth is Love only loves, there is never any judgement, and this is exactly the main lesson for me in meeting Universal Medicine — the perpetual holding of myself in trust and to take the responsibilities of my choices.

  8. I love how you express here. No nonsense very clear and very real. It would be lovely to hear more from you.

  9. I too know that when you attend a presentation or workshop with Serge Benhayon “There is no smoke. There are no mirrors” there is simply truth being presented. And it is up to us as to whether we accept this truth, or not; it is our choice and ours alone. It is that simple.

  10. Thank you Simon for sharing your experience, realising we have choice is a step in understanding how we can change our lives by accepting that the life we have is a result of past choices “I have found myself examining my life and finding areas of it wanting. This has been my choice – nobody else’s – and correcting those areas, or not, is my choice as well.” The type of life we want to lives is within our own hands and inner hearts.

  11. We think we know the answers even when life is not working for us. Amazing to allow greater openness to life than we previously thought was possible.

  12. I agree that the difference in how my body has responded to Universal Medicine modalities made me realise that there is so much more to healing than learning techniques.

    1. Agreed also Sandra – through the healing modalities of Universal Medicine I have come to feel and realise that there are far greater depths than our physicality to be aware of, that make up who we are, such as our Soul.

      1. Thanks Carola for bringing in the essential dimension for our soul. Without our connection to our soul we really are living through the paces of life and subject to whatever else is out there that can sense there’s gaps to fill. The Healing Modalities support us to choose to close the gaps and re-connect to our essence and our soul.

    1. Someone who needs and loves the smoke and mirrors would never stick with the teachings of Universal Medicine. It just does not pander to this need, as there are simple truths of life presented with transparency and connection and asks you to take responsibility. Why ever need any smoke and mirrors?

  13. It is empowering to know that we have choices in life and we can break through limiting patterns by taking responsibility and living in a way that is true in our bodies and not succumb to the self-abuse we put ourselves when we meet life from our minds.

  14. The beauty of Universal Medicine is that it simply presents the Ageless Wisdom – what we do with it is simply and solely up to us.

  15. That is beautiful and I like to add that Universal Medicine brings the broken pieces together, or at least for me. Understanding more of what I was seeking in my life, yet something I had now found within myself. Which is a hugely stark opposite difference – as I was always looking outside of me. And hence, I am not just starting to feel, see and realize beyond where my mind was able to take me, as I now have re-connected to my Soul. I just gave myself the key to my purpose in life – to life from Soul, instead of something else that is living in the devastation of the lack of it. Universal Medicine always – simply – presents, nothing less, nothing more.

  16. The beauty of this blog is the undeniable honesty that was shared by your body and your commitment to choose to explore that sharing and to see what you could learn from it’s wisdom. Very awesome thank you.

  17. Simon, thank you for sharing your experience of Esoteric healing and attending a course held by Serge Benhayon, my experience is also that these healing modalities really do work, unlike many other workshops and modalities that I have attended/tried prior to coming across the work of Serge Benhayon, the great thing is that the esoteric healing modalities are simple, profound and life changing and very definitly not mambo jumbo.

  18. It is amazing how much you have been inspired by a single session and course. Knowing we have a choice and not one as in eating pure or white chocolate but a choice in how we are with ourselves in our life that will on its turn change how we feel in life and how life is feeling to us. Pretty cool.

  19. What I loved what you have shared ‘examining my life and finding areas of it wanting. This is had been my choice – nobody’s else’s and correcting those areas or not, is my choice as well’.
    And that is so truth, it is a matter of your choice and no one else’s.

  20. The choice to be open to a different way of living, a way that has an inner connection at its core, is up to each person, and a very personal choice.

  21. I love the phrase ‘examining life’ – to me, it gives us the permission to be true scientists. We are in fact scientists of life, of our bodies and of the universe. We can feel everything that is happening and yet to happen and the more we have a relationship with life on the level of ‘examining’ and observing, the more is revealed to us.

    1. Yep, also if we take on the scientist hat we can learn a lot more about ourselves, rather than putting on the judge’s wig.

  22. The esoteric might sound like new age, but it is in fact age old and very practical. It opens up the world to more than just what we see.

  23. Thank you Simon, your sharing is a beautiful reminder of the power of the Esoteric Modalities and how the quality of our choices are truly key in supporting us and offering healing.

  24. We think we have true choice in society today, but the reality is,that any choice we are given is laced with undue influence and persuasion. Not so with Universal Medicine – every step you take is your step. No one else will take it for you, so that you come to know that you are the master of your own choices.

  25. The fact that a session of an esoteric modality can take care of something seemingly untreatable that threatens to become chronic is beyond comprehension, only shows that in the realm that is beyond our comprehension is where there are the answers we need.

  26. Simon, thank you for sharing your experiences. I have been doing Universal Medicine courses for almost 10 years now and can guarantee that there is no smoke nor mirrors. There is however much magic at play as there is in every aspect of our lives, but the quality of this magic is very different.

  27. The joy of having expectations exposed as being a lie with regard to Universal Medicine presentations and modalities. It takes humility to let go of these ideals and beliefs and really feel the truth.
    “I arrived expecting it all to be smoke and mirrors. I left a wiser, humbler and distinctly less sceptical man. There is no smoke. There are no mirrors”.

  28. A refreshingly innocent look at things, at life and why things are like they are. It is amazing what we are offered by what are simply healing techniques that don’t need you to come back unless you choose. In the past for me I have had treatment and support that has required me to return to it ongoing in order to have relief or to experience some type of break from pain and illness. Universal Medicine have given us all another choice to see and from what this article is saying if you want to truly heal something then this is the place to go.

    1. I agree Ray, before Universal Medicine I was happy if some illness etc appeared to be cured, not understanding that there is a huge difference between a cure and a healing. There is an energy behind every illness and healing removes the energy which is causing it whereas curing it buries the issue deeper so it has to manifest itself in another and usually more serious maybe. Grasping this is life changing.

      1. We have such a drive and push with us that at times it seems the focus is always to get back to what we were doing prior. It’s like we see it as failing if a change needs to be made because of an illness, injury or disease. What if the very way we were doing things lead us to the point we now find ourselves in? If we arrive at a point in life and something has gone ‘wrong’ then open our view to what was occurring before, things don’t just shockingly arrive on our doorstep, we actively play a role in how and when they arrive. It’s not that we should do the opposite either but more keep feeling the many layers of why and how things have materialised as they have. Universal Medicine brings in a part of treatment and healing that is seriously lacking at this point in time, the energetics of why things are the way they are. We can have treatment to get back to how things were or we can take the time to heal and learn how every step was made to end up where we were and from there make the next step truly.

      2. Beautiful elaboration Ray, how we can all buy the lie that illness and disease just happens and we are an unlucky victim beats me, but I used to think this way too before Universal Medicine’s teachings opened my eyes.

      3. The more or the continual choice to bury our head with an answer will keep us in the same pattern of behaviour. We will think there is a new choice in front of us because of how it physically looks but it will end up tasting the same. Remember the relationship you ended only to have a new partner and see the same problems? Our choices follow us around, have you heard the saying “history repeating”? When we live in a certain way it allows us to see the world and are choices a certain way, remember when people used to believe the world was flat? There is something huge being reflected to us from the way things are going and there are people who are working with this reflection to bring a true change and there are those who are walking past the reflection only to walk around the corner and see the same thing in a different place. I know where my next step will be.

  29. ” I can see the effect of my words and actions on others, and I can see the effect that others’ words and actions could have on me if I chose to allow it. ” Becoming aware that we do indeed have a choice is the first step in being able to change our lives, this is what Universal Medicine offers us, no fixing no solutions, but our own power of choice.

  30. Hi Simon, I loved your straight forwardness. In fact from my experience the Universal Medicine presentations I have attended tend to clear the smoke and fog I am at times in and furthermore polishes the mirrors of life so I can get a better reflection of myself and the consequences of my choices.

  31. I appreciate the matter of fact style of your contribution and its simplicity – there are areas in life that need changing and only we know what they are. Universal Medicine offers presentations and never solutions, without pretence, coercion, smoke or mirrors. Everyone is left free to embrace or leave it, accordingly; no questions asked.

  32. Speaking of smokes screens, I was definitely the one using a smoke screen when I first came across the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I smoked about a pack of cigarettes a day as a way to attempt to fill up the empty space I felt inside, I was always trying to quit but never succeeding. because it hurt too much to stop I was also a heavy drinker and recreational drug user (what ever recreational means, I think its just something we say to make taking drugs sound better!) Shortly after meeting Serge Benhayon and attending some presentations and healing sessions I quit all my vices effortlessly, seriously without even trying, to some it might sound too easy, like there has to be a catch but there is not, it was that simple. That is what is so baffling about Universal Medicine – it offers everything with no imposition – it is unlike any other health organization I have heard of and I speak from experience when I say being a student of this work changed my whole life’s trajectory.  

  33. It’s great to continually take stock and see what is ‘wanting’ in our lives. As we go ‘correcting those areas’ the change is felt not only by ourselves but ripples out to so many more, more than we will probably ever know.

  34. Gosh – that’s pretty extraordinary Simon. A real paradigm shift in your approach to why and how. Very cool indeed.

  35. Simon the honesty with which this is written is exquisite. Its incredible how much we can be given if we are open and ready and how much we are prepared to see for ourselves. This was evident in your sharing.

  36. Thank you Simon for what you have shared here is profound and conveys a great message for us all, of the power of choice we all hold. Being open to exploring the possibilities that there is more to life than meets the eye, allows us the opportunity to deepen our relationship with ourselves and the responsibility we hold, all of which are choices which we are constantly making that inevitably shape the lives we live and the world we live in.

  37. Hi Simon, very real and honest. Definitely no smoke and mirrors in your response and not in the treatment or presentation either.

  38. Examining, observing – being a student of life is a joy. Everyone is a teacher, but no one is above another. It is an amazing journey that restores power back to us.

  39. In my personal experience of many years of exploring alternative therapies, there was plenty of ‘smoke and mirrors’ along the way. Not so, when attending presentations by a very humble man, Serge Benhayon, with no investment in anyone ‘getting anything’. No doubt in my mind that Serge is the real deal and presents with an absoluteness that turned my world upside down and inside out, as my limiting beliefs and ideals were exposed and began to be deconstructed.
    “I arrived expecting it all to be smoke and mirrors. I left a wiser, humbler and distinctly less sceptical man. There is no smoke. There are no mirrors”.

  40. It is a profound choice to make a commitment to oneself and to no one else. This is an amazing place to start and to be, it is what inspires me to keep living and expanding every day.

  41. ‘I have made no commitment to anyone except myself. Nor have I been asked to.’ Where so much criticism (admittedly from a relatively small bunch of people) has been levelled at Serge Benhayon and those going to presentations by Universal Medicine as to them becoming followers and brainwashed, this is a simple example of how changes happen when we commit to ourselves and nothing else is needed, nor asked of us.

  42. Your outlook on life is so refreshing, so many of us take stuff on face value instead of being open and inquisitive and having the humbleness to experiment with life and discover what really is true… you never know where it may lead.

  43. Thank you Simon for sharing your freedom and right to choose for yourself and which and what changes you are ready to make in your way of living having attended presentations by Universal Medicine.

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