Media ‘sabotage’ at Universal Medicine Presentation

by Mary-Louise Myers, Goonellabah, NSW  

Last night (12th Oct 2012) I went along to an Esoteric Medicine Presentation by Universal Medicine at Lennox Head, really looking forward to hearing it. Serge Benhayon introduced a man called David Millikan to us and said that this man wanted to ask a few questions in regard to all the media nonsense that has been going around about Universal Medicine. I thought, “Great, at last, someone who wants to know the truth, not all the lies that have been published recently”.

David started speaking. One of the first things he said was that “we had given up so many things in our lives”, as if this was a bad thing. Now this got me thinking and I went through my list mentally… I gave up alcohol, drugs, having abusive relationships with men, swapped all this for a loving lifestyle that supports me… I gave up being a dysfunctional mother to become a loving one who has awesome relationships with both daughters… And the list goes on. I started to get suspicious as to what his angle actually was. Then I got a real shock as he puffed up his body and started attacking us with statements under the guise of questions, which as it seemed to me he had no interest in hearing any answers to, as in this barrage of nasty innuendoes he had already told us that we were mindless followers under the spell of Serge. I looked around in that moment and saw that there were numerous women filming us; I could hardly believe what was happening.

In the ensuing moments it was like something out of a bad movie, he kept on with the attack, women with blank faces kept filming us when all the while they were being cordially asked to leave. And then amongst all this mayhem, more film crew, who, unaware to any of us, had been hiding outside with huge cameras and video stuff, tried to storm in. The film crew had no consideration for the wellbeing of anyone there. Nor for the fact that they were ruining a night for 150 or so people who were not harming anybody, simply coming along to a presentation that inspires them to be more loving with themselves and therefore more loving with others.

I am outraged that this can happen and that there seems to be no course of action to take nor does it seem that these people will be held accountable for the harm they caused all, all for what I expect will be a sensationalised story with not one ounce of truth.

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