David Millikan: Eat Your Words! (Part 1)

by Nina Stabey, BcHSci, Goonellabah, Australia

Friday 12 October, 2012 was my first exposure to the antics of Rev. Dr. David Millikan live.

He had asked to come on stage at a public gathering at the Lennox Head Community Centre in Northern NSW and speak to the 150 individuals who were there to listen to a presentation on Esoteric Medicine by Serge Benhayon. Unfortunately, this presentation was hijacked and did not take place. Instead we were all subject to the unscrupulous, skewed and manipulative ways of Rev. Dr. David Millikan.

Millikan needs to get his facts straight!

His accusations: Universal Medicine is a cult.

By his own very words, “They (cults) are extreme in the demands they place on people in terms of their time, their money and their social life.” (David Millikan, Television interview, 2004).

TRUTH – there are ABSOLUTELY NO demands placed on any person by Universal Medicine in regards to:

  • Attendance at presentations or workshops: all are welcome to come and go as they please.
  • Financial obligations: there is no joining fee, no membership fee, no pressure to ‘buy’ a seat to attend presentations.
  • Social requirements: there are no rules or regulations as to who can come, all are welcome and there are NO verbal or written rules about how to conduct one’s life.

As Millikan himself has stated: “The essential difference between a cult and other religious organisations is the question of freedom. People in legitimate religious groups have the freedom to decide for themselves how involved they’ll be, how much of the theology of the church they’ll accept, how much money they’ll give, how they dispose of their social life and so on. In a cult this freedom is not allowed.” (Television interview, 2004).

Hmm… interesting… could Universal Medicine be a new religion, one that Millikan is having personal difficulty accepting?

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81 thoughts on “David Millikan: Eat Your Words! (Part 1)

  1. Powerfully expressed Nina. Your concise, direct and to the point blog, makes it as clear as daylight that Universal Medicine has all the hallmarks of a true religion and is the exact antithesis of a cult.

  2. I like the simplicity and clarity Nina. By the definition put forward by Millikan Universal Medicine is the opposite of a cult.

  3. Absolutely great points Nina. This shows clearly how this whole cult thing is made up just to discredit Universal Medicine and The Way of The Livingness being a new religion, that is hard to accept as it is about being truly responsible in life.

  4. Thanks Nina, you’ve shown the discrepancies in how David Millikan views cults and Universal Medicine, clearly stating that a cult is an organisation where people do not have or feel they have the freedom to choose, and yet in the next breath he is talking about an organisation Universal Medicine being a cult, one whose central tenet is freedom of choice – you choose you involved you are, no-one tells you off, and if you’ve been away and come back no big deal, again you’re treated the same as everyone else. This makes no sense, and exposes that there’s an agenda here and it’s not about Universal Medicine being a cult, (it isn’t), but about using the idea of a cult and all that brings to bash Universal Medicine, to foster unease with Universal Medicine and try to destroy it’s reputation.

  5. Well said Nina. It’s quite mind boggling that David Millikan can so easily voice the definition of a cult and yet fail to see that Universal Medicine fails to meet any of these criteria. It makes me wonder how any of his own ‘flock’ fare if they decide to no longer attend church, and/or disagree with, any of his sermons.

  6. A great quote that proves that Universal Medicine is the exact opposite of Millikan’s accusations. It makes sense he would want to label us a cult if his blinkers don’t allow him to see us as a religion with different beliefs that may challenge his own.

  7. ‘The essential difference between a cult and other religious organisations is the question of freedom. People in legitimate religious groups have the freedom to decide for themselves how involved they’ll be, how much of the theology of the church they’ll accept, how much money they’ll give, how they dispose of their social life and so on. In a cult this freedom is not allowed’ I can hardly believe these were the words of Dr David Millikan, he needs to take a good hard look at the students of Universal Medicine to see how they live there is not even a smidgen of imposing views from the teachings presented by Serge Benhayon.

  8. Universal medicine is everything a cult ISN’T then and everything a religion IS..as outlined straight from David Millikan’s own words. I know other religious participants donate money to their organisation even though they are struggling financially.. yet these arn’t classified as cults. There is no rules that you have to abide by with Universal Medicine as all they do is present a different way of being…giving us all the freedom in the world to choose how we want to live.

  9. Clearly that is the question worth asking Nina, well said. True Religion – perhaps too much for Millikan to consider, let alone digest.

  10. Powerfully said Nina. David Milikan was, in fact, demonstrating that The Way of the Livingness is true religion as presented by the Ancient Wisdom for millennium. He just doesn’t want to see it.

  11. Well stated Nina, I am not part of a cult. As I have aligned to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine at my own free will and continue relations on my terms.

  12. Well said Nina! Universal Medicine is not a cult by any count. It has a religious aspect to it for those that accept its main tenets. There is a clear aspect of the religious status quo not wanting a new player and a totally different vision of things.

  13. Thank you Nina for pointing out the hypocrisy in David Millikan’s stance. If the essential difference between a religion and a cult is freedom it is absolutely clear that these allegations are false but where is our freedom to attend a presentation without it being hijacked by someone for their own self serving purposes?

  14. Great points Nina, thank you for sharing.
    “Hmm… interesting… could Universal Medicine be a new religion, one that Millikan is having personal difficulty accepting?” I feel you are on to something here.

  15. Thank you Nina, I feel you may have something here when you ask if David Millikan is having trouble accepting that there is a new religion in town. Calling Universal Medicine a cult, when by his own words it is obvious Universal Medicine is not a cult, shows a staggering amount of hypocrisy and just cements the fact that there is a hidden motive. Could it simply be, that he has heard the truth but finds it too hard to accept that life could be this way?

    1. Thank you Nina and Tim, could it be that the motivation behind David Millikan’s antics and hidden agenda, is the exact same energy that drives other unscrupulous journalists? Understanding energy comes first before thoughts, so what energy are they aligned to?

  16. Thank you Nina Stabey for part 1 where it is clear that Rev. Dr. David Millikan is not aware of what a cult is because Universal Medicine is Not a cult. There is an open door policy with no demands whatsoever. I was very sceptical and suspicious of any organisation having been involved in so many spiritual groups for the best part of my adult life. When I came to Universal Medicine 9 years ago, I was very guarded and questioned everything and I was not someone who could be fooled anymore.
    It was the first time in my life that I experienced true Freedom where I was never told what to do and I could come and go as I choose. Over the years I began to build trust as this organisation really was about the people and continues to be so. Their utmost integrity is transparent in the way they conduct their business and their success in just how the growth of Universal Medicine is today without any form of marketing or advertising says it all – it is outstanding and well worth being a part of. I am honoured to be associated with Universal Medicine.

  17. It would seem that Rev.Dr.David Millikan is confused with his own definition of cults and religion in his approach towards Universal Medicine. Could it be that this ‘modern religion’ which I feel is the real deal, is not matching up to same picture he holds?

  18. They are not very nice words to eat – and most likely to cause indigestion, but then again, David should take responsibility for every word he uttered.

  19. Well said Nina. “Millikan needs to get his facts straight!” Clearly, he has his ‘facts’ disturbingly skewed. And also his motivations. Very desperate acts, I would say.

  20. Your words are powerful and get right to the point of the matter, how David Millikan has sunk his own ship on this one. Perhaps that’s what is needed for him to someday open up to a new way of looking at things.

  21. Isn’t it interesting that a man who defines what a cult is, then attacks the group he wants to persuade are in a cult. Why would you do that in the first place. Doesn’t he know the first thing about communicating with people? He gives us a definition by which we can prove we are not a cult, then attacks us. He could do with reading ‘How to win friends and influence people’. But then perhaps he doesn’t want to be exposed? If someone doesn’t want that exposure, his route out would be ‘attack is the best form of defence.’ The louder he raises his voice the less he can hear the truth. it’s like a child putting their fingers in their ears and singing ‘la, la, la I can’t hear you’. So David Millikan, let go of your fingers and stop singing, you may find that ‘the truth is out there’.

  22. I’ve heard it said that any religion that is less than 1,000 years old is called a “cult.”

  23. Yes, thank you Nina, by his own definition there is absolutely no cult behavior. So why is David Millikan defying his own good work, trying to make Universal Medicine look the opposite of what it is. There must be something else going on.

  24. Absolutely brilliant Nina! Strange (and of course disturbing) that a man by his own definition could NOT put Universal Medicine in the ‘cult’ basket, continues to do so, and with such unrelenting force. How can he continue to be called a cult expert when he clearly has not done his research in this instance, and how can his reporting be taken seriously when it is so clearly exposed in this instance? More to the point, how can his employer – a major network association – condone, support and pay for the antics such as occurred on 12th October 2012 at Lennox Community Centre?!

  25. Thank you Nina. Would be great if you and David Millikan would have a dialogue about this and see what’s behind the so called expert on cults. As David hasn’t experienced Unimed by himself, what makes him as sure as he seems to be?

  26. Great words and points Nina, thank you. It does seem as if the likes of David Millikan are not only resisting the fact that there is actually something else here to be felt in the ‘story’ about Serge Benhayon – something that deep down he and his ‘followers’ (e.g. those who came along with hidden cameras) are all actually looking for – which is love, and secondly, that David Millikan is trying (knowingly or unknowingly) to put doubt in those of us who know truth and feel the power of love as we grow stronger, because we are making a difference. I know which I choose – love, and truth, and the more people like David Millikan act in the way he did, by way of reflection, the more deeply I feel the truth of love, and the truth of Universal Medicine.

  27. What an inspired way of presenting the TRUTH, Nina!

    Using David Millikan’s words – already out in the public domain in previous television interviews – to establish beyond doubt, for anyone who cares to stop and consider the situation honestly, that he is barking up the wrong tree this time. By his description of what a cult is, David Millikan seems to be so blinded by the need to bring down Serge Benhayon and those associated with Universal Medicine that he can’t see the wood for the trees.

  28. Great article Nina. I can really feel you putting up your hand and saying ‘Stop now!’ to this invading force. The absence of any factual research and understanding by David Millikan is appalling. He will indeed get indigestion as he inevitably will have to eat his words.

  29. Thank you Nina for such a clear summary. And for questioning the churches motives, perhaps they fear a new religion that challenges old ideals.

  30. Absolutely right Nina, it’s amazing how David Millikan cannot apply his OWN formulas to what a cult is in regards to Universal Medicine. He is like a scratched record just repeating the same words over and over again.

  31. Nicely said Nina…a pertinent question in understanding what is (as you say) freely on offer through Universal Medicine. By David Millikan’s own definition (and he’s the so-called expert) there is no cult!

  32. Awesome Nina, Yes it looks like Mr David Millikan himself has defined why it is impossible to put Universal Medicine in the cult basket, well said Nina.

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