Weight Loss

Anonymous,  NSW, Australia

Since regularly attending Universal Medicine events my body has gone through the following changes:

My weight has gone from 91.5kg to 69.5kg, or from a BMI of 27 to 21. The first 10kg through dieting (I was in a hurry and decided off my own bat to do something), the next 12kg happened by themselves.

I drank almost daily until five years ago and have never had any alcohol since. The interesting thing is that I don’t miss alcohol at all.

I drank my last decaf coffee two years ago because drinking a cup was like being kicked and I was unpleasantly racy for two hours afterwards. I love the taste of coffee but even decaf (let alone caffeinated) coffee is no fun.

The upside is that I have no problem working eight hours a day, six days a week, sometimes longer, and I don’t fade at all after lunch and am only pleasantly tired in the evening.

My blood pressure has gone from 125 to 109 and sometimes as low as 98, which is pretty good for a male aged 53. I had elevated cholesterol 10 years ago and my cholesterol is now deep in the healthy zone.

I regularly took multi vitamin pills in the past but gradually reduced it to one a week, one a fortnight, one a month and now no pills at all. When I took a vitamin pill during a very stressful time two years ago my urine turned a very bright orange which in the past only happened when I took too many vitamin pills, so I didn’t take any more.

311 thoughts on “Weight Loss

  1. Universal Medicine never tells us to change our life. Only what is presented makes so much sense and leaves the space open for us to experiment with changing our lives and coming to the answers and results ourselves.

  2. When we give ourselves space to feel how our body reacts or responds to certain foods, activities, drinks etc. without being attached to the outcome it’s easy to make decisions that honour our body more.

  3. When we stop and start listening to the body, we naturally make changes to support ourselves rather than constantly bludgeoning our body with things that make us feel dull and tired and in many cases ill.

  4. Making a choice to give up something that is addictive and harming to our bodies such as coffee, alcohol and sugar for that matter, is a step on the ladder of evolution. Plus our bodies will love us for it.

  5. When we choose to start listening to our body and making changes that consider our true health and well-being our body responds and begins to rebalance and restore itself to its natural way of being.

  6. A testament to The Way of The Livingness. Simple. Not a big deal – its normal.! HOWEVER, how many can permanently give up alcohol, coffee etc? All that is out there and it does not work. Universal Medicine has the answers.

  7. When we practice being present and observing life more and create space of us making choices, we naturally expand.. The whole trying disappears. Simply by listening to who we are and what we feel.

  8. When the body is treated with respect and love, it responds. Weight changes can happen, clearer skin can happen, vitality can return. All of these changes are rooted in the honouring of the body, what we eat, how we move, and how we see ourselves. Universal Medicine has been central in supporting me to understand this.

    1. I agree Heather as all too often we come from a lack and want to fix something instead of from a foundation of love and respect and of course self-care.

      1. Treating the body with love, respect and honouring is fundamental in building a strong foundation of love and care for our bodies.

  9. Being more body aware has certainly supported my weight, I was bloated and exhausted, becoming more interested and aware of self care has deeply changed how my body feels and looks.

    1. What I found also was that once I stopped digesting things that were harming to my body it was easier to see what didn’t belong because my body wasn’t weighed down by the ailments I had just taken as normal for so long.

      1. True, I am noticing this also in how I eat, so important to really feel how food feels in the body and from there it is more simple to let go of what does not support us.

  10. When we understand the body from an energetic point, it becomes much easier to give up alcohol, coffee and foods that cause us to bloat and become lethargic. It is not that we don’t see the symptoms, it is just that we don’t put it all together in a way that makes sense. Once we start to listen to the body, alcohol no longer has the appeal it once had and as you say Anon, you can feel the raciness in the body for several hours after a cup of coffee and there comes a time when you can feel it is no longer worth it.

  11. I few women and I were talking about dieting today and how most the time it follows with a yo-yoing from losing weight to putting it back on… but that is because it isn’t based on a lifestyle change that is permanent, it is usually based on wanting to fix something and look good and coming from pictures, instead of making a change from the whole body. As you found Anonymous, once you feel something is not right in your body, it’s super simple.. you don’t have it again. No trying, no pushing required.

  12. What an amazing turn around Anonymous, which highlights beautifully how our body responds when we treat it with tender loving care. Your commitment to taking care of your health is deeply inspiring.

  13. This is a great reminder that when I deal with the underlying energetic cause (as Universal Medicine presents) and address my feelings, those activities, behaviours and foods/drinks that don’t agree with me become unpalatable, they simply drop away without effort.

  14. It is quite simple really and all of what happens in the blog can come through living an increased awareness.

  15. One really significant change that happened in my life when meeting Universal Medicine and attending the Sacred Esoteric Healing courses, was that I dropped alcohol really quickly and without even noticing. This was actually really HUGE for someone that was brought up with alcohol being a part of their life and it got so bad that someone who I considered to be a serious alcoholic said they were worried about how much I was drinking!!!! Yet there have been so many positive and truly beautiful changes happening in my life because of knowing Universal Medicine and starting to live the way of the livingness (how we live matters knowing that every choice we make has an impact on our life and those around us) that this quite huge and significant change went under the radar of truly registering that it happened .. it was that quick and natural. I find this both amazing and incredible. Definitely one to appreciate.

  16. This is a great example how choosing to love ourselves and make changes that are more nurturing and supportive our body naturally adjusts and restores itself to our optimum weight and shape with no effort or tension, in fact it feels very freeing to let go of behaviours and choices that are dulling or making us racy and to feel a natural sense of lightness and joy in discarding what no longer feels true.

  17. People that work in the health profession may be wondering how you achieved all those changes to your body and lifestyle, as weight and alcohol consumption, etc, are areas that have a huge impact on health and wellbeing. And, the difference for students of Universal Medicine is that changes to lifestyle and health are not based on willpower or struggle, such as it usually is with weight loss diets for example, but achieved through simple body awareness, self care, and self love.

  18. Inspired and supported by the presentations of Universal Medicine I too have lost a lot of weight but to me that wasn’t the end goal but a wonderful bonus. The reason I began to change the way I lived, including what I ate, was that my body had been suffering needlessly as a result of the inconsiderate way I had treated it for such a long time. These days, from choosing to take deep care of myself my quality of life is now amazing and at 68 my long suffering body is feeling more vital and alive than it has ever done.

  19. The best kind of weight loss is done without any effort at all. This is how it happened for me too once I stopped eating gluten. True choices that come from your body will naturally restore health and vitality.

    1. Yes, eating well and not needing the protection (or the feeling of protection) that extra weight gives and the weight can just go.

  20. These are amazing changes, complete opposite to what seems to be happening to many people all over the world. And if these are the result of the choices being made as inspired by Universal Medicine, it seems like a good idea to at least have a listen to what they have to say and give it a go.

  21. I drank almost daily before Universal Medicine, in fact I’m not even certain if there were any days that I would go without a drink and yet now I would never even consider having a glass of wine because I know how it would leave me feeling.

  22. It is amazing to experience the positive changes that naturally occur to our body when we begin to live in honor of and guided by what our body tells us. The more we live in connection to what is true, the more our body is restored to reflect its true and natural vitality.

  23. Choosing to no longer consume substances that are not conducive for our body is the greatest way to support our body. To identify those things that are not conducive is by trial and error and trying for oneself what works for others. I did this and my health and wellbeing is completely different to what it was before.

    1. Yes jstewart51, when we tune in and listen to our body it isn’t hard to feel what works for it and what doesn’t. It just requires a bit of honesty and a few home truths!

  24. When we turn our attention inwardly instead of outwardly and with that become to honour that what lives within, our bodies will naturally respond and become very communicative in what it likes or not.

  25. When our movements reflect the essence of who we are, our bodies go through a metamorphosis that reflects our natural body shape; we realize then that there is no longer an attachment to look a specific way as there is a deeper level of self- acceptance as instruments of God’s work.

  26. Weight like water seems to adjust to it natural level when we don’t obstruct our body with food and drinks.
    I know this from my own experience.

  27. This is so wonderful and so clear as to the power we have in our own hands if we make the choice, thank you for sharing.

  28. Living from how we feel and being honest and open to what is being shared with us constantly allows us to live from our bodies and not against them. it is in this union of connection we find true vitality, love and support and life becomes more about feeling and not finding the next quick fix.

  29. Developing our relationship with self allows us to be honest about the consequences of what we ingest through all our senses, for in truth when we live from our essence there is no need of stimulation or dulling as we understand that life evolves around the awareness within.

  30. A beautiful change to the way you live, for myself I have found choosing not to drink alcohol or coffee a great choice, because both of them used to stop me from being able to truly connect with myself, now through more self loving choices I am able to look after myself much more lovingly.

  31. I find that the more I love myself and care for myself, the less I feel the need for foods or drinks that offer reward, comfort or stimulation. As a result my body has settled into a more natural weight, BMI, and I sleep better having more energy as a consequence.

  32. As a result of initiating more loving choices to the way in which we are living, it is possible to feel the ease at which the body reharmonises and rebalances itself. The focus becomes not on losing weight but a whole lifestyle change and the body naturally discarding what does not belong.

  33. Why do we feel we need to hide when we have so many amazing miracles of true change happening in our lives. It is an indictment on society that when someone has returned to living more true and joyful they feel they need to hide it away because not many are truly open, embracing and accepting of their reflection. I love the reminder that there is no perfectionism in true responsibility.

  34. Lifestyle choices have a big impact on well… our lifestyles! Going on a diet may achieve something but what you have described is a whole new way of living and it seems the proof is in the pudding.

  35. What you have shared here Anonymous is that you can indeed bring vitality and wellbeing from how you live, the supplements can support, but it is very much how you move and live that makes all the difference.

  36. Sounds like your new way of being is truly supporting your vitality too. It is also interesting to note that there is a lot more to consider than dieting to return to our natural weight and true well ‘being’.

  37. I get the feeling all these changes happened not by you tackling them head on, as in you didn’t go out of your way to reduce your cholesterol or try hard to die up alcohol. It seems they were all by-products of the way you chose to live. Which if we flip the coin and look at our health and wellbeing in relation to the way we live – perhaps it’s not about addressing the problems and symptoms but about how we are living.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Nikki, I found that when I focused on dieting the whole process was a huge struggle, but when I let that go and then concentrated on how my body felt when I let things go (emotionally and food wise) the weight came off on its own accord. It was not instant but because I was feeling healthier in myself I did not have the push to shift the weight, but felt confident that it would go in its own time.

    2. Nikki, your point addresses exactly why diets don’t work, if we want lasting change we need to address the underlying causes, which I feel are what anonymous is sharing. And it seems that in this case addressing the root of the issue allowed the weight to virtually just fall off as new behaviours were formed.

  38. It is such a joy to read again and again that the truth I have found for myself about food choices is actually not a truth of my own because as so many come to the same truth of what our food choices can do to the body and our overall wellbeing, you can say it is a universal truth many and I have connected to.

  39. I know my health and definitely improved since attending Universal Medicine .. it is a shame I didn’t have a record of before and after statistics as you did to see exactly what has changed and by how much.

  40. 10 years ago I was around 74kg, today I am 54kg. I am not sure what my BMI is but apparently the medical profession labels me borderline anorexic, yet I have never felt so healthy and I love my food. Is what we consider normal with weight really normal or just where we have all sunk to?

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