David Millikan: Persecution is Persecution: A Call for Journalists to Care for Humanity

by Katerina Nikolaidis, Brunswick Heads, Australia

I was born in the mid 70’s and spent the early years of my life in Greece. During that time, the military junta had just been thrown out of Greece, and the country was joyous and empowered – they had said no to fascism, no to dictatorship and yes to freedom of speech and democracy. Saying ‘no’ had cost many lives; many people had been killed and tortured. My father, a journalist, was one of those held in prison and tortured; luckily he survived and continued in his trade for the rest of his life. He would regularly write about the wrong-doings and the corruption that he saw in politics and the community, which would often leave some people feeling uncomfortable, but I remember as a child how amazing this was. I liked journalists: they told the truth and helped make the world a better place.

Fast forward a few years and I was living in Scotland. I was bewildered with what I saw on the shelves at the newsagents: page 3 girls, the tabloid press, and stories that seemed to be nothing but gossip. Journalism was a different beast (well, it was now actually a beast!), owned by big conglomerates that wanted to make more and more money by selling more and more gossip. When I moved to Australia in 2001, I realised that the same conglomerates operated here too, and sure, there were no topless women on page 3, but page after page I would read drama, gossip, hearsay, more gossip, etc.

I was disappointed with what I saw and what I read, but I knew that there were still journalists out there who were sincere and who would report on what was really going on. It was a BBC correspondent who exposed the mass genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda, so much so that the international community could no longer turn a blind eye to what was going on. In earlier years, an Australian journalist told the world about Pol Pot’s regime and what it had done to the Cambodian people. And there were others; journalists who cared for humanity more than a fat pay cheque.

In today’s times, in the developed world we may not live under a dictatorship or a fascist regime, and there may not be mass genocide happening to the degree that it took place in Rwanda or Cambodia. But that doesn’t mean that humanity is suffering less. It simply means that the pervasive corruption is more subtle and more hidden.

When a group of people is being harassed and derided for their spiritual beliefs and ways of living, when a hate-campaign via the internet and mainstream media is incited against them, then this is also persecution. It shows us how, sadly, humanity hasn’t changed, and that some individuals will still incite hatred towards another group of people. But worse, it also shows us how this kind of behaviour is now accepted.

This is what has been demonstrated with the hate campaign targeted at Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. A small group of people, angry at Universal Medicine because of their own relationship issues (for which they don’t want to take any responsibility), have been hiding behind anonymity and pseudonyms – instigating a hate campaign via the internet. And the mainstream media has also been running with this, commissioning some of the hate-mongers on their payroll in order to get a story that will be good gossip and will sell. But this is not idle gossip. It is much more insidious than that: It is actively inciting a witch-hunt against a group of people because of their spiritual beliefs and way of life.

So those journalists out there who still have integrity and who still do what they do because they want to make the world a better place, I’m asking the following questions:

  • Is humanity so dumbed down that it has to take mass slaughter before there is an outcry to stop a witch-hunt?
  • Is fascism not tolerated only when it comes knocking on your own doorstep and threatens your freedom?

All it takes is one journalist to seize the opportunity and tell the truth. When that happens, it will have the potential to ‘turn the tide’ and show us all the true power and potential that a journalist holds.

You may think I’m being a bit too simple and naïve. I beg to differ. I feel we have become deeply ‘given up’, so much so that this can appear naïve. We’ve developed coping mechanisms, dare I say it, even a cynicism, so that we just accept the corruption that we see around us. Deep down we know it doesn’t feel right, but we don’t think we can make it any different, so it’s less distressing if we just accept it so that it becomes ‘normal’.  That way we can just get on with our lives and hope that at least ‘I’ll be OK’.

But deep down this aches us, because we know that it’s not right. Underneath all the cynicism, the muck and all the giving up, we all hold something very precious in common: our love for humanity and a longing to make the world a better place. And yes, in our times, this may sound like a cliché. But I feel it’s the truth.

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  1. It’s such a shame that some journalists jump on a story that can be seen to bring someone down and have no discernment about the actual truth of that story. Nor do they bother to really find out what is going on they just run with something they think will keep them their job or even worse elevate them at the expense of others. I feel it is correct to expose their activity otherwise we are by silence saying we are accepting such malpractice.

  2. Well shared Katrina, to many people have been hiding and been living in a given up energy, its time everyone started to see whats really happening when people don’t speak. We allow corruption in every areas of life and it is so obvious in the journalism field as they are writing stories which are not even true as well as just focusing on a healthy pay cheque.

  3. Many of us may not even consider ourselves as having given up in life. We may be in well paid jobs and live comfortable lives, doing our best in life, but nevertheless there is a difference between being given up on doing something and given up truth. Most of us gave up on having a true society long ago, and this never gets anyone anywhere, it just creates a society of people where self interest is the dominating impulse.

    1. Good point – generally, people have given up and wallow in their uncomfortable comfort, hanging out for the next drink, holiday or day off while everyday life is boring and routine if it were not for the odd bit of excitement and otherwise ceaseless raciness.

  4. As you so beautifully shared with us Katerina there are definitely journalists in the profession who care far more ‘for humanity than a fat pay cheque’ and in this digital age they are not only worth absolute gold to us but the integrity and commitment with which they share the facts and truth with us needs to be deeply appreciated. I for one would like to hear far more from them than the mere gossip, innuendo, exaggerations and bias being shared in all the empty stories that presently shadows the majority of our news.

  5. And here we are again at another time in history, the same behaviours playing out aloud and not so loud. We bury our heads in the sand, and let the media be complicit to our own choice — to be small, fenced up in our protection from what may be the ramification of standing up to corruption, to all that is not of Love or Truth in the world we are a part of. In doing so, we fence ourselves up from ourselves and from humanity — and the suffering, dysfunctional way of living and the rot of the media continues.

  6. More often than not we celebrate the unsung hero of the time, the members of the resistance party, those who are prepared to die for truth. We celebrate those that stand in the face of the odds in those times of history when all else is bleak.But as a very wise lady once shared with me who played a very active role in the Resistance to the Nazis in France, even back then most people stayed in the recluse of their homes and shut their blinds and their eyes to what was really going on. For most people life was as it was and they went about their day, looking after their own business… it was a very small number that actually stood up to the Nazis and to the evil of Hitler’s reign.

  7. A journalist has so much potential power in their fingertips. The keyboard can be the sword of truth or conversely, as we sadly see so much today, a weapon of undermining and manipulation. Journalism has been corrupted from the inside, and from the masses at large that choose it because the distortion that’s reported and that fills up our media keeps feeding the lie we have created for ourselves.

  8. Thank you for sharing something with both heart and substance… Your writing is like that of a true journalist…. something the world is sorely missing. We all suffer when there is corruption in the media and the first step to journalistic integrity and truth being told, is for its lack to be exposed like you have here.

  9. We’ve pretty much created a world where we get our connection to what is true beaten out of us when we are young…. Cynicism is rife. One generation offloading its hurt at having walked away from the truth it has known, to the next generation. But the thing is, our innate knowing can never truly be beaten out of us, we can never lose it. We can bury it and forget about it but it is always there waiting to be activated when we are ready. A journalist’s role ought to be to inspire that remembering, to inspire the universal truth we all share and we all come from to arise and be known.

  10. Katerina I loved reading about your father and the integrity with which he wrote. This blog exposes the lack of integrity which appears to be lacking in the media and with the majority of journalists of today. The medias often biased, un-investigated and sensationalised way of reporting is no less harmful than that of the cyber-bullying that goes on on the internet. “All it takes is one journalist to seize the opportunity and tell the truth. When that happens, it will have the potential to ‘turn the tide’ and show us all the true power and potential that a journalist holds”.

  11. A great piece Katerina from one who actually has experienced what true media feels and looks like first hand. All that is not true and being proposed as truth most definitely does ‘ache’ us all as though we may turn a blind eye and say “its not about me”, we definitely feel that all is not right and in fact the turning of a blind eye tells us so loud and clear.

  12. This line stood out for me today – “But that doesn’t mean that humanity is suffering less. It simply means that the pervasive corruption is more subtle and more hidden.” Having read on social media and in the Guardian today that the Vatican says that Catholic bishops are not obliged to alert the police of clerical child abuse – more secrecy – more corruption. This is not acceptable.

  13. A brilliant article Katerina that exposes how many journalists have rejected the truth in favour of drama and sensationalist stories. I have been shocked at the lack of integrity by journalists to print absolute lies and present an unbalanced story. I feel the greater responsibility we all have to call out this behaviour in the media, for too long we have turned a blind eye to this corruption and accepted it as the norm, a norm that is deeply harming to humanity.

  14. Thank you Katerina, a very insightful article that exposes where many of us have allowed a lack of truth, integrity and care for each other in our given up state with what has been accepted as normal behaviour, from journalists’ articles and ourselves who buy the newspapers and magazines that contain sensationalist articles.

  15. “All it takes is one journalist to seize the opportunity and tell the truth. When that happens, it will have the potential to ‘turn the tide’ and show us all the true power and potential that a journalist holds.” We do not need the label of ‘journalist’ to seize the opportunity and tell the truth, the students of Universal Medicine are ‘turning the tide’ and showing the true power and potential of speaking out together to tell the truth,

  16. Setting out to incite a witch-hunt against a group of people because of their spiritual beliefs and way of life is indeed persecution. That as a society we believe this is OK, tolerable, normal even, shows just how far we have departed from true acceptance of what humanity really stands for and our part in it. It only takes a set of circumstances to shift persecution into genocide – and we’ve seen this repeated too many times throughout history. Seems we are still too arrogant and self-absorbed to learn from it though, Even now.

  17. Katerina, your closing statement is so true. I am hard pressed to think of a person who doesn’t deep down inside care about humanity and the state of the world, no matter the coping mechanisms being used. This call for a deeper level of care in all areas of life, including in the written world of journalism is so needed. As it is only when we give ourselves and each other permission to say that things are not right and to have open discussions about it, that things can begin to change.

  18. Katerina your words are clearly spoken for and from a Love of humanity and you speak for everyone in that we all do want the world to be a better place. It will require each one of us to tell the Truth and stop hiding behind lies (and that includes ‘acceptable’ ways of living) to effect any real change.

  19. Deeply insightful Katerina.

    Corruption needs many different mechanisms to operate effectively, to a point that it seems unnoticeable.

    As you say first we need a dulling and numbing effect of the masses.

    Redefine what it is to be you. Create rules that set an individual to play by to get through in life, if that be a career, study or business ventures. Everything in life is geared to promote the individual to excel in life. The problem with this is that there can be no true success if we all don’t grow together.

  20. A brilliant blog to read Katerina, thank you. It seems that journalism, if not representing the truth of a story, can become like entertainment news for those who prefer writing sensational stories in order to get readership. I am reminded to not always believe what I have read, but to discern the content.

  21. Katerina your shared insights into the world of journalism in Greece and your fathers work has provided a very strong reflection for the corruption of today’s media to be measured against. The lust for money and personal gain by today’s media (even if lives are ruined in the process of publishing lie based sensationalism) is a very polluted shadow of the true integrity and service journalism can be.

  22. To be conscious about corruption affords a deep level of honesty with oneself that goes beyond the norms. That’s why I cherish so much the work of Universal Medicine: because people set a new norm, one that is truly healthy.

  23. It is true about how lost journalism seems to be on the most part. It is also true how many people want to make the world a better place and this is part of the problem, it all needs to be deconstructed and started again from the intent of making it about love. The saying ‘you can’t polish a terd’ comes to mind, no amount of ‘good’ can make it better.

  24. I would encourage any journalist who has read this blog and comments to come and really feel what Universl Medicine represents and has to offer and report accordingly

  25. A very clear message of how truth will stand out as much as the hurt of lies expressed can be felt. Like you share Katerina ‘It only takes one journalist to seize the opportunity and tell the truth. Now that would be worth reading.

  26. Well said Katerina, ‘Underneath all the cynicism, the muck and all the giving up, we all hold something very precious in common: our love for humanity and a longing to make the world a better place.’

  27. I do feel it would be possible to turn the tide of journalism, and the call for this needs to come from humanity. We have become addicted to drama driven sensationalism and pitting people against each other for an outcome. Competition and comparison are rife and the stakes are high in the businesses that run the media to retain control and high sales. To fill a newspaper with the truth for one day would be a very sobering event, and probably cause a fast downturn in sales, but this would be the beginning of the healing that is so required within our current media landscape.

  28. Katerina, this is the most powerful piece of journalism I have read in some time. Oh how I wish it could be printed in the press – it is ‘big’ news you report on and its message needs to be shouted from the rooftops. Because, like you have nailed, deep down, the lies and corruption hurt us and we don’t like it but don’t know where to go to express this – it becomes a hurt and gets buried. But by expressing as you have, you have shown us a way to voice our concerns, to be the journalist. We don’t need to be investigative journalists on this one because we already have the evidence – the truth sits in us – we know what is wrong or right and we need to take up your call and understand “… we all hold something very precious in common: our love for humanity and a longing to make the world a better place.” Thank you for your enormous contribution to making the world a better place by writing this article.

    1. I agree Gina, this piece of writing should be published on Huffington Post and other online news sites. People need to start becoming aware of what’s happening in journalism and talking about it.

  29. Such powerful questions asked here – and the potential to be game-changing if they were to be truly answered by not only those who persecute but also those who turn a convenient blind eye. This issue will not go away until we all take responsibility for the world we’re living in.

  30. Journalism has come along way from presenting objectively and offering us both sides of the story to nowadays writing what ever will sell papers without much care as to who this may affect.. As well as the journalists taking responsibility we also need to be responsible as we continue to buy magazines/papers etc with sensationalized stories so to keep us distracted from what is actually going on around us. So yes Katerina bring on the journalists like your father that will be honest, reflecting truth or at least giving us two sides of a story.

  31. I agree there has been a lot of giving up and hiding, like you say there are true journalists out there and they just need to come out and start to speak the truth. Not hide until they become the victim and to speak up. The bullies that are out there are not going to stop for anyone, until humanity starts to stand up for truth and start exposing the lies. The more we all stand up the stronger we become and easier it will be for true journalism to be shared.

  32. Thank you Katerina beautifully written and exposing the lethargy we have all been in , your story of your father and torture hits home , but what have we if we are not living in truth and holding back a way of living that is heart felt. To ignore lies, corruption and evil is to step aside and allow it to contaminate all of us as we are all connected .

    1. And therein lies another form of torture that we say yes to in tacit acceptance of the corruption that is around. It may not be a physical form of torture, but what about what is going on within us? When we walk away from love and truth, not having stood up for it, we are actually walking away from all that we hold dear, and this is a massive tormenting hurt to carry with us every single day.

  33. I am with you 100%. I know many journalists who still believe their role in the world is to reflect truth with integrity and honesty. If we as the consumers of media set a standard for what we will accept then we will raise the bar. “The standard we walk by is the standard we accept”. It is for us – each and every one of us, to not walk by but to live what we want to see in the world.

  34. Great blog Katerina, written in response to the outrageous conduct of a man who laid claims to being a journalist and “man of the cloth”. Your reflections on your father, a journalist who represented truth, even at great personal cost, really illustrate the degeneracy of the press in our nation – one that basks in great comfort, unthreatened by brutally oppressive regimes, juntas, or fascist dictatorships. In spite of our relative comfort on a world scale of horror, there is still, and always a need for truth. Yet we have journalists who trade in sensation and the spreading of convenient lies that sell and make reputations. This is a matter of disgrace, especially so when bullies are sighted as sources and people who could tell a great story are overlooked. This happens all too often; Universal Medicine is but one example of a press that is out of control.

  35. Thank you Katerina, this is beautifully written, highlighting the state of flux journalism appears to be in. Personal agendas and bias seem to be the undercurrent tone in many tabloid articles these days, instead of simply presenting the facts.

  36. Yes, Katerina, beautifully and succinctly expressed. Your experiences are felt to be true by the many hundreds who choose to comment on these blogs.
    It is about choice and protecting the freedom to choose what is felt to be truth in the myriad of people and organizations proposing to offer enlightenment, change and success in life. Tarnishing the reputation of Universal Medicine attempts to delay people from receiving the purity and gold that is on offer.

  37. If one man like Serge Benhayon can turn the tide for thousands of lives, with no advertising, what could a journalist with the power to reach millions achieve if they wrote about truth over gossip and profit? The power of our choices to change and not just accept what is before us is massive and all it takes is again a choice to entertain these questions to share Katerina.

    1. You are spot on Leigh – the responsibility that lies in the hands of journalists is immense and we have to ask them to be accountable for their behaviour by not paying for anything less than that quality.

      1. And even in the free newspapers I have seen a section of ‘readers comments’. In the past I have thought it not worth putting a comment forward but is that then not me saying that what is published – paid for or free – is acceptable? What would happen if we did start making these comments saying that low journalism standards are not acceptable? I could pretend that ‘little ol’ me’ doesn’t make a difference but without the number of voices there is no weight, and holding back my voice supports the ‘stay silent and ignore the abuse’ stance.

    2. You have posed an awesome question here Leigh. Also, can we as a humanity accept our part in going with the decline of true journalism without a squeak of protest?
      I am beginning to understand more and more how the responsibility lies with all of us, as, by turning a blind eye, (As long as it is not happening to me it is not happening) we are all equally responsible for the mess journalism is now in.

  38. So clearly and beautifully expressed Katerina – we do all need to claim our truth and not sit idly by allowing such discord to continue in our society. We have been inclined to think that if we were OK we could shield ourselves from what can ultimately destroy our true sense of integrity and truth if we are not prepared to take responsibility and speak up.

  39. Beautiful how you call out cynicism here Katerina. It feels like we all know intimately that the way we live in the world today is not right and that our news is skewed towards a certain point of view, rather than the truth. The only way for us to move clear of this cynical way of life is to speak up and honour what simply does not feel right.

    1. Absolutely Joseph. When anyone of us writes truth, letting it all be seen as clear as day, then this has a powerful ripple effect that many of us don’t even realise. Just consider, amongst all the muck that is written, to read a heart-felt gem that speaks to people truly, what that can do. It can turn the apathy that has plagued our societies on its head. It can let people feel met for who they are and for what has always been dear to them. There is so much that can be done, so much power, when we write truth. So let’s go for it!! 🙂

      1. Katerina yes it’s so powerful when we write truth. Truth is not held in the constraints of time and can instantly wipe out what is false.

  40. What a beautiful and insightful article that articulates with great truth the slow degradation we have seen of many modern day journalists’ integrity. Today to write and sell a story that has not an ounce of truth within it is common place. But as you say Katerina, it is we the people who all deep down know this is not acceptable and it is we that have the role to call this behaviour out, not accept less and set the standard for the type of news stories that celebrate rather than devastate.

  41. Katerina, this is a wonderful blog which I wish would be published in a mainstream newspaper for others to read. I agree that despite gossip and sloppy journalism commonly being used to sell newspapers, most people would love to feel they could trust what they read and so would prefer to know that the journalist behind the story had done their upmost to research and present an accurate story. If that were to happen, Universal Medicine would offer any journalist an amazing story to write about.

    1. I agree Gilesch, putting articles like this out into mainstream media would leave an imprint that others could learn from. People certainly would love to feel that they could trust the press to deliver the truth and it is very unfortunate that it has become another area that humanity buys into but doesn’t really trust, further fuelling the lies that we live in. It is also very true that if a journalist chose to research and present an accurate story, they would have a whole series to write about Universal Medicine, bringing groundbreaking truth to a media so lacking in integrity.

  42. Katerina, indeed we have all developed coping mechanisms to escape feeling the mess we are in/have created. Ironically, these coping mechanisms are the very behaviours that are deepening our mess. And I agree that the label ‘naive’ is used by people who have deeply given up on there being another way. Thankfully Serge Benhayon, through Universal Medicine has shown us the True way forward out of this mess. The way is Love.

  43. A powerful call for truth and exposure of the corruption we have allowed to hide in plain sight.

  44. Katerina I love your writing and I agree with you wholeheartedly. this is the true power of journalism. I love how you speak of your father. It inspires me to write.

  45. We have all witnessed the extremes of humanity over the past, it seems the more brutal the attacks are towards each other is the only time we take action. It only scratches the surface of what is really happening, whats damaging is the continuous dismissal of each other in everyday life that leads to these genocides that don’t just randomly happen but we have allowed to happen.

    1. True Jaime, it starts with the most minor, little dynamics,with ourselves and others but these are exactly the same as the reflection of the greater ones at play, where people are continually undermined, bullied and dismissed – especially if they have had the courage to speak out for what is not true.. it is time for a groundswell of change so that we can never to back to this kind of corruption of the past.

  46. Dear Katerina, you are so spot on. We all carry that love for humanity and we are all carried by that love for humanity, that is so much bigger than us. We do make a change.

  47. Well said Katerina. We all have a responsibility to speak out when we read or hear stories in the media that we know are not true. One voice speaking out is easily lost in the fog of silence surrounding them, but many voices speaking out together and supporting each other is heard by many and can stop the slide into accepting unfounded gossip and lies as the norm.

    1. What strikes me is that we are never unconnected to one another so one voice may not see others around and may not be a single voice at all but supporting others speaking out across the globe.

    2. Absolutely Mary – when many voices speak out together in truth, we have the power to support not only each other, but our whole community to say no to what is not true and to reclaim the truth we all innately feel and know deep within.

    3. We have a responsibility to speak up and express what we know is true always Mary, not just when we see the media printing lies but in our every day lives. Perhaps back in the 70’s when I was very little (a baby in fact) speaking up against corruption and abuse might have seemed ‘easier’ because the repercussions of not doing so were more blatant. The fascist regime meant hideous consequences. And yet even back then so few did speak up. Most would stay in the comfort of their own homes, shut the doors and block out the world and the suffering going on. And today we see the consequences of that hiding and silence, as so many of us are deeply disconnected, having settled for a life of stimulation and relief to alleviate the daily stress and onslaught our bodies go through every day. I see it in the eyes of my fellow commuters on the train and in passers-by, their eyes vacant of their true shine, and their essence and natural beauty smothered underneath the walls of protection… thickened over eons of time as so few of us have chosen to stop and speak in the innocence and knowing that we all had as the young children we once were and brightly say – ‘hey, I see you underneath that cement wall you’ve put up and I know the beauty you truly are. That’s what I want to see when you walk and when you talk, let the world truly see, let the world truly see the real you.’

  48. Katerina, beautifully written. I to feel that the give up and keep my head down, so at least I will be all right is definitely the pattern I had chosen to make my way through life. Yet at the same time, I too have felt the ache to step up and speak out against what I see and feel is going on. I am now progressively exposing this pattern within me, observing the many messages that I have allowed my mind to fill me with to hold me back from speaking out, and yes I have begun to speak up. Doing this feels more amazing in my body than any erroneous thought to stop me does.

    1. It truly is amazing Leigh when we express ourselves in full, not holding our love back, letting ourselves be seen fully naked in the truth we know and feel. I’ve realised that when we do this, we could die tomorrow, there is no regret when we express all of our love. We feel no rejection even if another doesn’t agree with it, turns its back on us, whatever it may be. We feel full, having expressed God’s love on the earthly plane.

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