The Truth About That Apple and Me

by Ariana Ray, Wales, UK

Yesterday I sat on a train coming home from an event I had travelled to London for. I had a really full weekend, going to the event and enjoying the company of friends. For the first half of the journey home I worked, as I had on my journey up. Suddenly I noticed I was tired: I stopped working and sat still to feel what was going on… as I did so, I had an urge to eat.

I know that in the past I would have reached for a chocolate bar, biscuit, or cake and some coffee. I have learnt by trial and error that chocolate, coffee and other sugar hits change my ability to feel what is going on in my body; so much so that I decided not to eat them any more. I realised that when I ate those foods, I used them as a ’booster’ to override the tiredness I felt, when really I just needed to rest. So I would stay up late, overdo it and get exhausted.  Continue reading “The Truth About That Apple and Me”


by Tony Steenson, Age 35, Bricklayer, Coraki, Australia

Growing up, I was always a quiet child. In my early teens this continued; I was never loud or outspoken, and I didn’t really talk about how I felt to anyone. What I did though, was become really angry, so I started my relationship with heavy metal music… because listening to angry music seemed to have a calming effect on me when I was upset.

I was disgusted at the behaviour of a lot of my mates. They were rude, offensive and just didn’t seem to care about anything or anyone except themselves… yet I didn’t say anything to them because I didn’t want them to not like me or call me names or give me a hard time – I didn’t want to rock the boat. Continue reading “SPEAKING UP”

True Change: Self-Responsibility Inspired by Universal Medicine

by Marika Cominos, Director – Playful Creations, Melbourne Australia

Previous to finding Universal Medicine I had been on the ‘New-Age merry-go-round’, trying all sorts of potions, workshops, techniques etc, and none of them delivered me to any long-term sustainability of wellbeing, or made complete sense. As a result of these experiences I am much more discerning these days; there is so much out there that promises so much, but falls short on many levels. An organisation that exists first and foremost for the true care and benefit of humanity is hard to find – which is why I am so grateful to have found an organisation that lives the talk with impeccable integrity. Continue reading “True Change: Self-Responsibility Inspired by Universal Medicine”

Sticks And Stones May Break Your Bones… But Words Can Do Far Greater Damage

How many of us were told when we were young that “sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you?”. Were we taught to ignore our feelings and disregard any inner-pain as if this didn’t really exist because they were just ‘words’ and there wasn’t a bruise, break or any other obvious sign to prove these words had injured us?

I often smile at my five year old’s fascination with bruises – that we can be bleeding on the inside and yet there is no blood on the outside. How can this be?

What else could be going on inside us that we can’t always see on the outside? Continue reading “Sticks And Stones May Break Your Bones… But Words Can Do Far Greater Damage”

What the Media have Reported about UniMed Brisbane is not my Experience

by Donna Harris, Brisbane, Australia, PA to General Manager/Office Administrator for QLD, Diploma in Business Administration – Front Line Management, Justice of the Peace (Qualified) 20 years

I am a single mum with a young daughter, and a couple of years ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The Universal Medicine Practitioners at the Brisbane Clinic have been supportive beyond words during this time.

So that I might have the support I required over that time of my treatment and recovery my daughter and I stayed at the Brisbane UniMed Clinic for three months. Not only did I receive the utmost in care, but I was also supported through doctor’s appointments and financially, as I was unable to work. I was given the love and care that was needed and not once during this time was a treatment ever based on whether I could afford it or not. What was even more honourable was that all of this was done without any expectations in return! Continue reading “What the Media have Reported about UniMed Brisbane is not my Experience”

Our Relationship & Universal Medicine – Just One of the ‘Gruntled’ Many

by Frank Tybislawski and Victoria Lister, Brisbane Australia

It appears the recent media interest in Universal Medicine (UniMed) is the result of some rather vigorous pot stirring by a ‘disgruntled few’ – a handful of men who lay blame for the demise of their relationships at the feet of Universal Medicine. Happily, we can report the opposite is true for us: although we didn’t meet via UM, our involvement in the organisation has only strengthened our relationship and we are both the better for it – singularly, and as a couple. Here, we present a ‘his’n’hers’ version of events, in which we discuss how one of us was already a regular participant, how one of us wasn’t, how no-one felt threatened by the supposed inequity, how we both feel totally ‘gruntled’ about our relationship and UM, and how we know many others who would claim the same. Continue reading “Our Relationship & Universal Medicine – Just One of the ‘Gruntled’ Many”