I Found Observing My Body is a Great Support

by Rosanna Bianchini, Gloucestershire, UK 

A few years ago my body was much harder and more rigid than it is today. I had tightness in the muscles in my neck, shoulders and chest, which was causing both aches and a stiffness of movement in my upper body. My body felt hard and unyielding. As a result I could say that any movement took more effort than would naturally be needed, and the demands on my muscles and my energy were therefore greater.

I had begun to understand that if my body was as tight and as toughened as it was, how could I possibly feel or know what felt right for it and what did not? – just like calloused, leathery hands with their thickened skin cannot allow full sensitivity to feel what is there to be felt. I also noticed that with this hardened and stiffer state the sensitivity and movement-flow through the muscles was being affected, and it was more difficult to be gentle just doing simple everyday things because of this.

For many years I had also a feeling, somewhere inside, that something was very wrong on a deeply fundamental level – from a place more profound than the consistent aches and pains, and deeper than the history of past depression and illness. In very quiet moments, when I was doing yoga and focussed on the deliberate and slow movements in my body, I connected to a place where I could feel there had to be more, another way to live, that did not result in feeling as I did. In that connection lay both the inspiration and the answer, which I was to later discover.

However, the question remained; why had my body ended up in such a way? I wanted to find out what was really going on: what had I been doing for my body to be showing me now, so loudly and clearly, that it was not OK?

But where to start? It was becoming clear, simply through a process of elimination, that any lifestyle choices I was making during the day, like what to eat, when to sleep, how to exercise (or not), must be having a consequence that showed up sooner or later in the body… so how could I become more aware of this? And how could I begin to feel what was really going on in a body that had become stiff and hardened?

I began by paying attention to myself to learn what was happening – but I had to discover a way back to having a body that could feel, and so initially I took my clues from observing Serge Benhayon and others who I could clearly see were making responsible and loving choices for themselves. And it was from their consistent reflection of love, which came through in the way they lived their everyday lives, that the ‘more’ – which I had, deep inside, known there to be – was confirmed. It was confirmed as being love… and with this confirmation my trust in that loving way was re-kindled.

Just as a child would learn – I observed, I listened, I noticed and then I experimented for myself.

I put a focus into bringing a deliberate gentleness to the body and making choices that I had observed were more loving and nurturing, choices that would support my body rather than choices that ignored the physical consequences of them. To build this discovery of what was more self-loving, I took feedback from the body itself. For example, I would experiment with food to feel how what I ate affected my physical state or the way I felt emotionally, I would take notice of all the signs my body could give me, like how ‘bunged up’ did my nose feel on waking? How stiff were my muscles? How runny did my eyes feel? What were my periods like? How creaky were my joints? Did I feel bloated in any way? What did my skin look like? How dry was my hair? How regularly was I going to the loo? Every part of me, both inside and out, had a story to tell. I listened and experimented consistently, checking back for what may have caused the change (good or bad), and adjusting accordingly what I ate, how I worked and how I interacted with people, based on what my body was feeding back to me.

Over this initial year or so, because I had been willing to give myself the time to listen to myself and my body, and in response make choices that were more loving, harmonious and supportive for me, I started to feel more harmony and balance within myself; my hardness and tightness eased and my body became softer and easier. Physically I began to feel more open across my chest and less restricted in my back and shoulders. I also noticed in my relationship with others, feeling less guarded and protective.

I can honestly say that feeling what my body has to say and bringing in more loving choices to live in a more loving way, has brought a profound, positive effect to the way I feel – in all senses of the word. With the self-proven understanding that every choice has its effect, it has been very lovely to explore the benefits and support we can bring to ourselves in such a simple way… I can also say that I am still enjoying this connection and a deepening of that honourable relationship with myself.

258 thoughts on “I Found Observing My Body is a Great Support

  1. I enjoy and get inspired by reading experiences like this. My body recognises the gentleness, the love you shared from and say ‘yes, this is the way to be’. Thank you Rosanna

  2. This morning I made the choice to honestly listen to what my body was clearly communicating to me without hiding or overlooking the truth that was there. This simple stop moment has given to me a great realisation about the energy I was in and thanks to that, I’ve made the changes I needed to come back to love again. This kind of adjustment makes a great difference throughout the day, as it sets the standard of how I want to live and relate with others, which consequently establishes a new order in my life that effortlessly discards what is not from love.

  3. When we listen to our body with love we can playfully make adjustments to how we move rather than trying to bully it into submission.

    1. I like that Mary, listening to our body with love then allows us to, ‘we can playfully make adjustments to how we move rather than trying to bully it into submission.’

  4. It has amazed me just how much we take our bodies for granted for most of us we don’t really stop to take notice unless we have a stop moment such as an accident, illness or disease that brings us to a halt. Some people use these moments to reevaluate their lives and some people expect the health service to make them better so that they can carry on with life where they left off. I have noticed with elder women in particular that when they get a stop moment it is very hard for them to actually stop at first as their bodies are still racing but over time they are more accepting than they need to slow down and come to an understanding that they don’t have to do everything for everyone that there can be a time in their life when they can allow others to take care of them. For many elderly women, this is a new concept.

  5. ‘I had been willing to give myself the time to listen to myself and my body”. This is so important, we allow such little time for reflection, we are ‘so busy’ as they say, and even when relaxing we are engaging in TV, screens, or worrying, and thinking. We don’t give ourselves the space to just feel, to be with ourselves, our body and our being, and allow what’s there to be communicated and felt.

    1. It is key to be with our body, to feel our body, and to give ourselves the space to allow this connection.

  6. Thanks Rosanna, this is a very foundational way to live sourcing our choices from the feedback of the body. “Every part of me, both inside and out, had a story to tell.” I love this line, and it makes sense to me to observe everything the body communicates and what it is offering back to us in terms of the choices we make, from our hair and skin, to joints and muscles and the inner systems of the body, it has a lot to say. It is a deeply honouring way of life to be so dedicated to ourselves.

  7. Even just reading the details you share here, Rosanna, took me to a little journey of observing my own body and I am feeling so much more connected and supported by myself. I am getting a sense that, really, the body is not asking for a lot, it has the ability to magnify even just a simplest inward looking to a profound realization.

  8. Thank you Rosanna, it’s almost like you were a detective examining every clue provided by your body to continually adjust your lifestyle and the way you were with yourself and others. It’s truly amazing to know the profound changes we can make with the support of our body at any stage of life, and begin the healing process back to living from our loving selves.

  9. Listening to our bodies is so simple when we start to understand that it has been telling us simple things all the time, and it has been up to us to listen and discern for ourselves what we are learning and if it is beneficial or evolutionary.

  10. “With the self-proven understanding that every choice has its effect, it has been very lovely to explore the benefits and support we can bring to ourselves in such a simple way” Making the truth that ‘ that every choice has its effect’ the reality of the way one lives is deeply empowering and life enhancing.

  11. “Just as a child would learn – I observed, I listened, I noticed and then I experimented for myself.” A way of living that is always helpful and very natural to us.

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