I Found Observing My Body is a Great Support

by Rosanna Bianchini, Gloucestershire, UK 

A few years ago my body was much harder and more rigid than it is today. I had tightness in the muscles in my neck, shoulders and chest, which was causing both aches and a stiffness of movement in my upper body. My body felt hard and unyielding. As a result I could say that any movement took more effort than would naturally be needed, and the demands on my muscles and my energy were therefore greater.

I had begun to understand that if my body was as tight and as toughened as it was, how could I possibly feel or know what felt right for it and what did not? – just like calloused, leathery hands with their thickened skin cannot allow full sensitivity to feel what is there to be felt. I also noticed that with this hardened and stiffer state the sensitivity and movement-flow through the muscles was being affected, and it was more difficult to be gentle just doing simple everyday things because of this.

For many years I had also a feeling, somewhere inside, that something was very wrong on a deeply fundamental level – from a place more profound than the consistent aches and pains, and deeper than the history of past depression and illness. In very quiet moments, when I was doing yoga and focussed on the deliberate and slow movements in my body, I connected to a place where I could feel there had to be more, another way to live, that did not result in feeling as I did. In that connection lay both the inspiration and the answer, which I was to later discover.

However, the question remained; why had my body ended up in such a way? I wanted to find out what was really going on: what had I been doing for my body to be showing me now, so loudly and clearly, that it was not OK?

But where to start? It was becoming clear, simply through a process of elimination, that any lifestyle choices I was making during the day, like what to eat, when to sleep, how to exercise (or not), must be having a consequence that showed up sooner or later in the body… so how could I become more aware of this? And how could I begin to feel what was really going on in a body that had become stiff and hardened?

I began by paying attention to myself to learn what was happening – but I had to discover a way back to having a body that could feel, and so initially I took my clues from observing Serge Benhayon and others who I could clearly see were making responsible and loving choices for themselves. And it was from their consistent reflection of love, which came through in the way they lived their everyday lives, that the ‘more’ – which I had, deep inside, known there to be – was confirmed. It was confirmed as being love… and with this confirmation my trust in that loving way was re-kindled.

Just as a child would learn – I observed, I listened, I noticed and then I experimented for myself.

I put a focus into bringing a deliberate gentleness to the body and making choices that I had observed were more loving and nurturing, choices that would support my body rather than choices that ignored the physical consequences of them. To build this discovery of what was more self-loving, I took feedback from the body itself. For example, I would experiment with food to feel how what I ate affected my physical state or the way I felt emotionally, I would take notice of all the signs my body could give me, like how ‘bunged up’ did my nose feel on waking? How stiff were my muscles? How runny did my eyes feel? What were my periods like? How creaky were my joints? Did I feel bloated in any way? What did my skin look like? How dry was my hair? How regularly was I going to the loo? Every part of me, both inside and out, had a story to tell. I listened and experimented consistently, checking back for what may have caused the change (good or bad), and adjusting accordingly what I ate, how I worked and how I interacted with people, based on what my body was feeding back to me.

Over this initial year or so, because I had been willing to give myself the time to listen to myself and my body, and in response make choices that were more loving, harmonious and supportive for me, I started to feel more harmony and balance within myself; my hardness and tightness eased and my body became softer and easier. Physically I began to feel more open across my chest and less restricted in my back and shoulders. I also noticed in my relationship with others, feeling less guarded and protective.

I can honestly say that feeling what my body has to say and bringing in more loving choices to live in a more loving way, has brought a profound, positive effect to the way I feel – in all senses of the word. With the self-proven understanding that every choice has its effect, it has been very lovely to explore the benefits and support we can bring to ourselves in such a simple way… I can also say that I am still enjoying this connection and a deepening of that honourable relationship with myself.

255 thoughts on “I Found Observing My Body is a Great Support

  1. Just as a child would learn – I observed, I listened, I noticed and then I experimented for myself. This feels so empowering, but so much can be felt when we start to listen to our bodies from which we can make different lifestyle choices that truly support us to grow and evolve.

  2. Every lifestyle choice we make our body clocks and accumulates. In the big picture, we have made the correlation as to the long-term effects of these choices in regard to health such as smoking and obesity but we also have to open our eyes to our growing awareness that the little details of our everyday including examples such as the way we move and treat our bodies physically, the emotions we indulge in, the way we interact with others, not just what we eat but when and how accumulates just as much.

  3. I agree Rosanna, making the deliberate choice to bring gentleness to the body allows the body to let go of hardness and with an opening awareness we are able to feel how our body responds the more we make loving and nurturing choices.

  4. Every choice we make either supports our bodies or harms our bodies, and the body always lets us know what supports it and what doesn’t, we just have to listen for the body is always communicating with us.

  5. I know my body has a strength in how I know every minute detail of what it requires to support it. I, however, have become aware of an underlying arrogance in how at times I don’t listen to my body’s messages. There is a much deeper understanding being offered here of the level of honour that is being asked of me of the ever present knowing that my body holds.

  6. What I have noticed is that by freeing up my body and in that allow it to express in its true movement, not only makes my body more supple but also my mind, my body and my whole way of being and in that being able to make truer choices in life which are in correspondence to my body.

  7. What a beautiful and supportive blog on listening to our body and the wisdom it shares with us . Since meeting serge Benhayon i too have began to do this and the results are so deeply rewarding supporting the way i live and the changes are ever evolving and beautiful to feel and i can so relate to all you share here Rosanna from before and after and reclaiming our bodies inner wisdom and knowing .

  8. In listening to our true feelings and inner wisdom from our body we are able to build our awareness to feel and understand how our every day choices have an impact on ourselves and everyone around us. Our body’s inner wisdom is our true support guiding us back to taking responsibility to nurture and truly care for ourselves and embrace the love we are.

  9. Thanks for the inspiration and great practical examples of how you built your relationship to your body. I am also deeply exploring this and have recently found, with much delight, how simply noticing and letting go of hardness in my body immediately reconnects me back to my gorgeous presence. I also notice how painful my calves get when I hold back all I have to express. Everything is interlinked and has a purpose if I listen.

  10. Lovely sharing Rosanna, thank you. Yes, our bodies are in constant communication with us and they are full of the deepest wisdom. And they don’t lie to us about overeating, lack of exercise, drinking too much et al – the just give us their honest feedback. How amazing to start to live in harmony with the body, rather than see it as something we can abuse.

    1. Our connection to our body is much simpler than we think and you have captured this beautifully Richard in sharing how it provides such honest feedback, in the way of bloating, tiredness and insomnia …and also so many more other ways when we are listening.

  11. I agree Rosanna, when we hold our body in protection and hardness we are unable to feel what is truly supportive or not and how our body reacts or responds to our choices. Learning to be gentle and caring with our body enables us to build an inner steadiness that supports us when we move so that we do not need to harden in protection as our awareness and inner wisdom guides us to know what feels true or untrue.

  12. I’ve been feeling how my movements can be very hard and jerky disjointed even. Rather than go into self-criticism I’ve been allowing myself to observe and am opening up to there being so much more that can be connected to through this space to observe and allow my body to move how it feels to. Anxiety can come up because it’s like I’ve thrown the rule book out which I’ve allowed my head to govern me by. But now what? I suspect my fears of anarchy will actually subside and a gracious harmony my head could never have connected me to, will resume.

  13. For most of my life I have listened to others and done what others asked of me without first asking myself if it was true to me. This long held behaviour I am becoming more aware of every day as I re-learn to listen to my body and respond accordingly. It is my guide and marker and it is only I that can choose to listen or over-ride it and give my power away to the outer.

  14. I love coming back to this blog again, reading it reminds me how amazing our bodies are. To take care of it and listen to its message is a massive support for us for sure. I have experienced this and I am learning to care for my body more and more with my understanding of how sacred our bodies are, I am totally inspired.

  15. Observing our body and honouring the messages we receive supports us to build a deeper loving relationship with ourselves. I have found it is vital to observe our body and be aware of how sensitive our bodies are. It will guide us and will always communicate truth, it will not hold back telling us what is true and what is not. Really it is an incredible vehicle which we are to take care of in every way possible.

  16. I lied to myself in thinking I didn’t live by a rule book of ideals, pictures, and beliefs of how I should be, and what I should do – notice the word ‘should’ – but I often do and this comes from my head, not a deep connection to my body. Being honest with myself in this allows for far more reality and far less perfection and judgement of myself and other people. Living from a rule book allows no room for truth, growth, expansion and evolution. We will never know who we really are and whats true for us if we live this way, always trying to fit a picture of how we think we should be, or please other people, the only truth, and our only truth can come from listening to and honouring our body, and making life as simple as possible.

  17. This is the key – “I had been willing to give myself the time” – so often we put so much pressure on ourselves or another to be ‘perfect’ in a day. All these pictures we have in our heads aren’t real and are simply being fed to us, and we knowingly buy into them for comfort, to stop us connecting to the grandness of our truth, and evolving.

  18. I had begun to understand that if my body was as tight and as toughened as it was, how could I possibly feel or know what felt right for it and what did not?” This is a great question to ask, for if we are not deeply connected to ourselves, to our Soul, how can we know what’s true for us? How do we not know we are aligned to another energy and thus thoughts that are given to us, but not from the divine plane of life. But the thing is, we can and do know, and use this as an excuse, for we always know deep within our heart what is true and what is not, our bodies are aligned to every particle of God and the Universe, it is us who fights it using every excuse, distraction, and numbing we can get. These can come in a plethora of forms, from pictures in our head which are incredibly evil, ideals, beliefs, ways of moving hard and harsh, food, work, busy-ness – we all exactly know what we go to, our little bag of tricks, or comforts, to delay us from deeply connecting to our body, our Soul, and thus absolute clarity, responsibility, and evolution.

  19. Esoteric Yoga is an awesome modality that supports me to reflect on what is going on in my body. It is a stop moment. Having a stop moment gets me to check in with my body. How am I doing? Am I racy? Pushing? In anxiousness or am I with myself and in stillness? It can be a confirmation but can I go deeper? After beginning an Esoteric Yoga program for Women last night I feel inspired to be more consistent with my stops during the day and reading this blog this morning has beautifully confirmed me to do so.

  20. Love the title of this blog Rosanna, and like you and for many others, until we came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, we had no connection , respect or awareness of our bodies. The Way of The Livingness presented by Serge is the way in which I choose to live now, which is a true and very simple way of living in this world which supports me to be myself.

  21. I’ve being inspired by this blog and others I have read, of the power and beauty of truly connecting with my body. I’ve still a way to go with body awareness and connection, but learning and feeling more than ever before.

    1. We can certainly deepen our awareness with regards to our body. The more we are willing to observe our body the more we will learn and be able to discern truth.

  22. Rosanna, I loved the way you returned to learning as a child does: I observed, I listened, I noticed and then I experimented for myself.. To place yourself on a year-long programme of self reflection and tender re-connection to your body was a precious and loving life experiment we can all learn from.

  23. From my body I know everything of life and from there I know how to be or what to do in any situation. When I compare this way of being with living from my mind then I always feel incompetent and insecure, so no question anymore what connection to choose for!

  24. It is these aspects of life, like how we walk, how we sit ourselves, and treat our body, how we eat, and the thoughts we have about ourselves that are making a lot of difference either for our benefit or our detriment! Love your story Rosanna as it is inspiring to look towards our actual movements. Going from hardness, harshness, and protection to gentleness and acceptance is a wonderful change for the body and brings new life to everything we do.

  25. Loved the blog Rosanna, it is so profound what the body is telling us, if we just but listen, I feel from your blog how much more aware of my body I can be, thank you.

  26. After many years of taking my body for granted, pushing it harder than was necessary and abusing it in a myriad of ways, and then wondering why it wasn’t feeling all that great, I finally began to wake up to the truth of the way I was living. The waking up came in the form of the very wise presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, which offered me the possibility that there is another way to live. I took that offering with both hands, and slowly but surely I have learned to listen to my body more than I have ever done and in return the quality of my life has improved way beyond anything I previously thought was possible. I have no doubt whatsoever that my body is my greatest support, a lifelong friend whose wisdom is on tap in every second of my life, and is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow I was always searching for.

  27. “Just as a child would learn – I observed, I listened, I noticed and then I experimented for myself.” Taking loving responsibility for your choices, instead of waiting for the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff scenario. Great blog Rosanna. A wonderful exploration of yourself and so worth it.

  28. Our body gives us all the clues we need, it tells us everything all of the time, constantly communicating. What I find endlessly fascinating to observe, that even though I may be aware of what my body is saying, I still override what it’s saying. I have to say that I don’t always honour my body’s messages even though they are very clear. But the overriding never comes from my body, but my body is what cops the brunt of the overriding. It’s interesting to consider that our mind, which is highly exhaulted in society, is the thing that overrides and treats the body as a second class citizen. If our mind was as incredible as we think it is, why would it not even consider the well-being of our body?

  29. I like that you gave yourself space to observe your body over a year. We put so much pressure on ourselves, which I feel comes from school, to get things done in a certain time, overnight, we want changes to happen now, or yesterday, without giving ourselves the loving space and understanding that there may be a lot more and a lot longer, years or lifetimes, of similar choices that have lead us to be this way. By wanting change immediately and beating ourselves up we are perpetuating the cycle of the same energy we are in, rather than choosing another energy and making true loving lasting changes.

  30. “loving choices for themselves” sometimes I make life so complicated and difficult, trying to work out in my head all the things or ways I need to change – but the truth is – it is very very simple, it’s about making loving choices and how we live. It’s not some huge grand massive change, but it starts with the very simple day to day things, as in how we drive, get in and out the car, do we pee when we need to or keep doing one thing more, resting, going to bed when we are tired, and not letting negative thoughts or over thinking beat us up. The big one for me is not living by all these ideal pictures or beliefs in my head of how I am meant to be, with this I completely override my innate delicateness, absolute knowing, God, and the innate wisdom of my body.

  31. What you describe Rosanna is the way to return to who we truly are and where we belong to as our body is our guide in this is our connection back to Soul.

  32. “Just as a child would learn – I observed, I listened, I noticed and then I experimented for myself.” The perfect recipe for life – pure and simple.

  33. It is a big realisation to feel how much we are actually not feeling and how much we have gradually hardened against the onslaught of the world. The problem with that is, although we think we don’t feel the bad things, we don’t feel the beautiful, delicate, loving things either and these things are still coming at us while we are oblivious. It takes true dedication and courage to turn this around which is why I find this blog so inspiring.

  34. Rosanna I just loved your analogy of how ‘calloused, leathery hands with their thickened skin cannot allow full sensitivity to feel what is there to be felt’ for this is not different to the energetic layers of protection and hurt we place around our body.

  35. I recall walking down the street one day and feeling so light and open within my body, I had to give myself a moment to acknowledge how lovely I felt and all this came from simple self-loving choices. How simple and empowering our choices can be and the effect can be quite profound.

  36. Our bodies really do tell us everything we need to know (and more), but do we listen? I know I was convinced that I did, but I was very selective as to what I listened to.

  37. When we harden ourselves our body takes on a false energetic configuration that closes down the natural openness from our chest and rounds our shoulders which affects all our relationships as we approach everyone with a guardedness that is felt, ensuring that they hold a similar guardedness too.

  38. It makes complete sense that when we hold a protective hardness in our body that everything we do and how we move will come from this hardness and shut off our awareness to truly feeling how we are being affected by the choices we are making.

  39. So true Rosanna, observing our body is a great support and guides us to making choices if we are open to listening to it that truly nurture and nourish us as well as letting us know when we have disconnected and strayed too far from being ourselves.

  40. Really lovely to come revisit this blog, a beautiful reminder – as I have been feeling some stiffness in my neck since this morning, and I could see how I was more interested in removing the pain than understanding what was going on.

  41. It is such a simple thing to do to really study how each choice affects the body. To do this with a view to deepen your love for yourself and to discover that doing this makes such a difference to the wellbeing of your body and improves many aches and pains seems evidence enough that this is a worthwhile and loving thing to do.

  42. A beautiful article about reconnection and rediscovery. I loved what you shared about both the inspiration and the answers laying within the connection… for we underestimate the wisdom and power within and suffer from too much time spent looking in the wrong direction.

  43. Our bodies are truly amazing, they are divine and show us forever how we live the divinity we are, or not, without any judgement – they just present to us the truth of what it is we have been living and the more we engage with and honour them, the more we can live the truth of who we are. They’re our gift to remind us that we are from God and we are here to live that Godliness, and in doing so we expand who we are individually, as a humanity; our bodies remind us we are here for a purpose and tell us softly and loudly as needed when we live that purpose or not.

  44. This is such a connected way to live. Being honest with every choice and discovering the truth for your body feels very open, expanding and very very worthwhile.

  45. How wonderful to feel that freedom in your body all because you were willing to listen, to feel and explore what did and didn’t support you and take loving responsibility for your choices.

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