It Defies Common Sense!

by Jeanette Macdonald. RN (palliative care), Esoteric Healing Practitioner (EPA accredited), Tauranga, NZ

On the one hand we have people gathering together in a public place, by choice, to listen to someone (Serge Benhayon) who openly and consistently presents simple loving ways of living and being in the world: by openly, I mean the doors are always open and have always been at any Universal Medicine presentation I have attended.

And on the other hand, David Millikan, who Serge (due to his open door policy and having nothing to hide) had generously agreed to give the time and space to go on stage so that he could ask questions, supposedly prepared for those gathered. 

But he revealed a different colour and delivered instead rants and accusations in an effort to incite and inflame the audience to some kind of action /reaction.

It was patently obvious that this was a deliberate ‘sideshow’, set up solely for the benefit of a known TV channel’s concealed cameras that he had stashed amongst those present.

All this it seems, for the manufacturing of a ‘juicy story’!

What I want to know is this:

If you are the minister of a church (which Millikan claims to be), a ‘man of God’ so to speak, is it loving, respectful or in fact, responsible to:

  • Lie about motives and intentions
  • Condone and set up filming of those present without their express permission
  • Be guilty of prejudiced opinion
  • Make unfounded allegations, rant and rave in a manner that seriously frightens people, particularly the children present.

Or to put it in perhaps more apt words:

  • ‘Rev it up’ (pun not originally intended) for his own ends and the agenda of the TV channel that, it transpires, he was being paid by.

From my understanding of love, respect and responsibility, or indeed acceptance of another’s way of being….

No, it is not!

This display was in direct contrast to why people were actually gathered, and I feel saddened that he didn’t choose a more respectful and responsible way to engage with everyone there. It would have been so easy to do so, as it was so obviously welcomed.

Though I was not present on Friday night, I spoke with many who were, independently of each other over the next few days, and each gave in essence the same shocking account.

What I gleaned from them was that they were expecting to be met with genuine enquiry – without bias – and an opportunity for truth and understanding to be arrived at, for the benefit of all.

I believe this would have been fair and responsible – but they were hit instead with something that was not: something that sent shivers down my spine and felt more in keeping with the Dark Ages. Something that vilified and hectored (hectoring, n. to treat with insolence; to threaten; to bully) ordinary every day people for their opinions/beliefs and their chosen way of living.

Here? Now? Australia today? Surely not!

I understand that the resulting footage and likely selective editing will make it possible to show only the TV channel and Millikan’s view of how they want it to look. This is depicted in Barry Levinson’s film “Wag the Dog” – a revealing look at ‘spin doctoring’ at its most chilling!

But the over 150 people present know the truth of what happened! Their loved ones, family members, friends, work colleagues et al who were not present, but who know their integrity, will also know the truth of what happened.

Such a shame that David Millikan had been paid to run an angle on a story, that the angle was decided before he even met the people he was reporting about, and that he didn’t take the opportunity to simply engage in normal conversation with them.

112 thoughts on “It Defies Common Sense!

  1. Who would have been the one to agree to this charade? And who are the people responsible for choosing who they will go out and ‘investigate’? And why choose to approach a gathering such as this with the intention to drum up and create a drama out of nothing?

  2. It is deeply saddening to see that David Millikan, someone who considers himself a man of God, would act is such a disrespectful way. Alas, it is not shocking, since there are so many under the banner of religion not acting in a loving way.

  3. I so agree with all that you express here Jeanette, this man David Millikan seems only interested in depicting a lie, vilifying all those present rather than presenting the truth which is far more amazing. An opportunity sorely missed.

  4. I agree Jeanette it is a shame… we all suffer the loss of the truth and understanding that could have been with a genuine and open conversation… but that sadly was never Millikan’s intent. Thank you for calling his appalling behaviour to account.

  5. If we choose to stand back and watch another being abused, do we not become a part of that abuse and as culpable as the abuser?
    To watch abuse occurring without standing up to challenge it, we are complicit in the abuse.

    To speak out against such abuse as described here, is necessary, and calling people to account for their abusive actions – imperative.

  6. Media Muppets are one thing but when they purport to be educated, men of theology like Millikan they are ever more confounding– proof that the intellectualisation of love and religion is a poor substitute for the real (and lived) thing.

    1. Indeed, Rebecca. That someone would choose to berate an entire group of people with their own agenda cloaked under the guise of an ‘educated point of view’ thereby considering all others to be less than them just shows the shallowness of what they have learned. There is no true wisdom here only the intellectualised application of theory and hypothesis to fit one’s own narrow purposes.

  7. Jeanette, I was present that night when David Milikan orchestrated his attack, and I can say that for anyone, but especially a Minister of a church to do something like that shows a total lack of integrity and lack of respect and care for other human beings. It is behaviour that is totally out of line and unacceptable – it violates the codes of human rights – and this from a Minister of the church! If his church has allowed him to keep his position, then they too are lacking in the most basic integrity that any human being can hold, for to support such behaviour is also completely out of line. Whilst we live in a world with such increasing levels of corruption and greed and violence and abuse, it is perhaps not that surprising that this could happen with a Church Minister – but what it does show us is the escalation of abuse, and the total loss of integrity that is happening in our world. The ironic thing is that here is Serge Benhayon presenting with utmost integrity about bringing back self care and self love and then this is what gets attacked by a Minister! How insane is that!

  8. I was not present at this event but reading this article it made me wonder if David Milikan treats the congregation of his own church with similar disrespect and abuse.

  9. It is interesting that David Milikan was being paid to create the drama and disruption that he did. Why do we so often put so much importance on money? Is the truth not far more valuable?

  10. Thank you Jeanette. This shows how utterly self-gaining and void of any respect towards people the media is. There is no true intention in bringing a true story to the readers, it is all about sensationalism and spinning the most thrilling and enticing story there is. Either by creating it or by making it entirely up. It is time that we wake up from our slumber and see the things for what they really are, and say no to such unscrupulous and abusive conduct.

  11. Jeanette, it sounds like Milikan’s actions were akin to a religious crusader or inquisitioner of old. Similarly his motive being a distortion of Truth and Love. Thank you for presenting this article.

  12. Thank you Jeanette for asking David Millikan such pertinent questions which get to the heart of the matter and his real intentions that evening. I still find the fact that this happened in Australia so recently deeply disturbing and it has opened my eyes about how the media can choose to operate and portray events in a totally false way.

  13. Never even once to my knowledge has any of the critics of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine ever acted or behaved in a way which reflects that what they have been arguing for, or against, is reasonable, decent or fair. Their ways of presenting their absolute untruths, have always shown their true colours and true intentions – to me this feels bullying, affronting, offending and manipulative.

  14. It is obvious to me reading the blog that David Milikan has an axe to grind, and is looking for attention and it seems what better way to get it than to sensationalise a perfectly normal gathering into something the news papers can print. We see this happening again and again with the media. So thank you Jeanette for telling the world what really happened that day.

    1. Another example of sensationalist journalism for the purpose of making profits not for delivering a true story. Why would you want to watch a TV show where a man giving a presentation on health and well being gets hijacked? It does not make sense. There is no story.

  15. David Millikan presents himself as a man of integrity, and yet he has chosen to withhold his own tenderness and deep appreciation for people, therefore showing the world another man who is lost to his own hardened and abusive behaviours. As a person on TV he has a responsibility to role model how a man can actually live with gentle care for everyone, but David Millikan has failed at this and perhaps could take a step back to re-assess his contribution to society as a whole.

  16. An absolute great shame indeed. It shows that just because you have a title that suggests you represent equality, integrity and love, it doesn’t mean you embody it.

  17. It’s through blogs like these – with people sharing their true experiences with the media that you realise how hood-winked we really are by what we read and what we see in the media. This is 1 story misrepresented – with as you say the 150 people and their friends and family knowing the truth – and how many stories run a day? Hundreds, thousands I would say and how many of those are also misrepresented and / or ‘revved up’?? Bit scary when you really start to think about it.

  18. I was present that evening and you expressed it as it was…i will never forget that evening and that David Milikan, a so called Minister of the Anglican Church could have behaved in such an appalling way, dishonest, a full on attack on a group of people as it appeared in an attempt to design and set up lies and then fabricate it for a TV show…the TV crew that were present with him engaged with their cameras, dismissing and uncaring of seeing children frightened, and people confused about what was happening. It seems David Milikan’s behaviour exposed a man with no ethics, respect and whose only motivation is a self serving agenda…and this is the behaviour of a ‘man who works for God’?

  19. I remember hearing about this incident and reading about it again today reminds me how people go on all sorts of ‘crusades’ in the name of truth and god and love and peace. Yet our actions and the way we live – are completely contrary to our stated aims. Universal Medicine has helped me to understand that truth and integrity simply stem from the choices that we make in every moment. This fact Jeanette would make for an awesome TV show and expose.

  20. Quite incredible how people use the power of their positions to abuse the trust of others. Not to meet people who could testify about their experiences with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon before they aggressively invade a space with TV cameras etc, is truly despicable. Add the fact that it is done in the name of God, is total abuse.

  21. The agendas these journalists come in with for a story is truly frightening. Honesty appears to have been thrown out the window. Once again hiding behind the church name.
    You may think no-one is watching you but God is and karma finds the correction.

  22. The fact that this incident took place in Australia and not in a Third World country is not very settling. The fact thatDavid Milikan did not get historical reactions from the public but a firm one coming from integrity also speaks for itself about the quality of the student body of Universal Medicine and on what Universal Medicine represents as organisation.

  23. Hi Jeanette, I was there that night. It was surreal. I just remember here was a man, supposedly a representative of God (love) viciously pointing at us all, condemning us with his words laced with lies and his eyes flashing with a fierceness that had not a sparkle of love or Divinity on offer – hardly the behaviour of a Son of God… could this be why ‘religion’ has become a dirty word for so many? This isn’t love – it’s the exact opposite. Alarm bells are ringing.

  24. Very well said. David Milikan clearly has questionable intensions when it comes to his own public persona. We are all just normal people, open to discussion and enquiry and so he could have just asked and there would have been answers for him – there really was no need for the attack on social and individual liberty.

  25. Millikan was dishonest from beginning to end. He has an agenda and his ability to hear otherwise is non-existent. I have also read the transcript of an interview he did with Serge Benhayon prior to his ‘TV camera crew antics’ and his arrogance and jealousy is palpable.

  26. Like a wolf in sheeps clothing David Milikan appears to have accepted that a ‘sting’ is better than to face truth. Instead of chasing ‘a good story’ the potential to reflect truth and love has been lost to Mr Milikan, preferring his desire for deception and sensationalism. He may yet come to realise that the pursuit of accolades and praise from his TV network boss should never be at the expense of those who seek connection, truth and love.

  27. It is a shame that our media allows and encourages “a good story” , and that “a good story” is defined by the ratings it receives. Sensationalism and drama sell stories, too often consideration of people’s basic human rights are neglected and the truth is placed on the sideline while the “good story” steels the show.

    1. I agree Abby. A good story seems to be one that pleases us, but doesn’t necessarily relate to truth. Truth can be hard to hear but it offers us the chance to grow. When we hide our head in the sand, we stunt our development as human beings.

      1. Joseph that’s so true a good story is for pleasing and not necessarily telling the truth. Its sad that how people are drawn to a story rather than hearing the truth.

  28. It’s really interesting that a group who are in truth presenting and offering nothing like anything else available any where else are the one’s who get targeted for the exact polar opposite of what it is they are truly offering. What I mean is that Universal Medicine is completely about love, respect, care and professional integrity, on all levels, in the way the business is ran, the finances, the relationships in the business and even how Serge Benhayon lives his family life and the way he engages in every friendship that he holds, professionally and socially. I do not know any businesses or successful business men who live such a transparent, open and equally loving life across all area’s of their life the way Serge Benhayon does. So is it possible that the fact that this one man is being targeted, lied about and attacked is because people are actually deeply deeply jealous and in disbelief of what they feel and see when they meet Serge and Universal Medicine. Is it what Serge Benhayon is reflecting to people that makes them bubble and twist on the inside, with their own self fury of their own choices, and that they have not chosen and created this life for themselves. Instead of looking at these feelings and dealing with these it is easier to attack the man and business who is reflecting this true way of living, and instead create lies and stories about them not being true, to not have to feel the bitterness, rage and self fury that can be buried with some other ridiculous story.

  29. It sounded like another case of trying to sensationalise a story and twist it into something that would sell rather than present the truth. Being a minister of a church? This just proves that being any type of minister, without love carries no weight whatsoever.

  30. Reading this blog around two years after the event when the dust has settled on this incident still leaves me feeling uneasy and disturbed. I do find it hard to understand that someone who professes to preach the word of God could so upset and treat people in such an aggressive way to suit his own agenda. The manipulation and control described here is far from a loving expression but is in fact abusive. For those that were there how are they still feeling about it?

    1. I agree Michelle, it is hard to understand how a man who professes to preach the word of God can act in such a way. There is no word for this….

      1. I totally agree with you Michelle, well said. I attended the presentation you speak of. The way David Millikan and his media cronies deliberately orchestrated the whole scenario illustrated to me how easily the truth can be manipulated by the media to present a sensationalised story that is not based on any truth at all. The whole experience has made me doubt the integrity of all journalists and question just how true and accurate the stories are that we are fed by the media. This is a shame because I am positive not all journalists abuse their power and I am wrong to judge all journalists on the behaviour of a few. I am sure many journalists feel the level of responsibility to truth in what they report and the difference they can make to humanity by sharing that truth. This whole experience also clearly illustrates to me how the behaviour of a few can tarnish the reputations of all.

    2. Michelle I agree that pointing out I too am reading this blog two years after this incident and still the incident feels such a shocking abuse of trust, which it was by all accounts, Mr Millikan gained the trust of those gathered by being civil and reasonable. For me this is what is so shocking: that in light of meeting a group of people who are so respectful of one another and him, he shows shocking disrespect in how he behaved towards them.

      Now for me that’s the headline right there – a man who purports to represent God behaves so abusively to a group of people who have treated him only with respect and open heartedness.

  31. That is outrageous – how is that acceptable? To pay someone to approach a group of people with an angle, lie to them about your intentions to get on stage (even with the open door policy that would have allowed him to enter anyway), and then vilify them at an event they chose to come to? Crazy the standards we have allowed journalism to get to…

  32. Jeanette, absolutely David Millikan showed that common sense, respect, decency and “treat someone how you would like to be treated” has most certainly gone out the window – although it makes be wonder when it went out of David Millikans window as it appears to have been his calling card and approach for many years.

  33. Great exposure of the deceit and underhand tactics used by David Millikan. It is shocking also that the media did not follow through with their code of practice and create a balanced news story. Such a biased, dishonest and deceitful behaviour must be exposed, good on you, this article is great!

  34. Great blog Jeanette. Although David Millikan’s approach to this evening was totally outrageous and despicable, I feel it is very indicative to what todays society is looking for…Reality TV. A cheap shot at the expense of other people. I used to watch programmes like “Big Brother’ when it first came out but with all of these TV Reality shows, I have realised it is all about sensationalism and exploitation and to carry on watching is just condoning this behaviour.

  35. Thank you Jeanette Macdonald for writing this article. I have re-read it and feel to say – David Millikan a church minister being paid by a TV channel sums it up really. Who on earth would take that seriously especially because the subject is lies about a real man bringing real Truth to thousands of people around the world.
    Serge Benhahyon has dedicated and devoted his life to delivering Truth in a simple and practical way. Not only is this about those who attend his courses and lectures but all those that benefit.
    For example I have inspired hundreds of people and continue to do so because of the life and work of Serge Benhayon.
    No amount of lies about a man with absolute integrity can ever be taken seriously and it is time we started to really study the life of Serge Benhayon to know what is possible for all of us and not just a few.

  36. Thank you Jeanette for your clear and simple account of a minister of a church getting paid by the media to run a story with hidden cameras and hectoring being the aim.
    As someone said to me “You could not make this up”.
    Yes it is like something from the dark ages and even worse now because our world is allowing people like David Millikan and his crew to get away with this unacceptable behaviour.
    Not anymore as you, me and others who are united in standing and claiming what we know and live is our Truth.
    On that note, I had a wise person say to me “Truth will always be the last one standing.”
    I so agree and hold that statement close to my heart.

    1. I agree Bina. It is like behaviour experienced from the dark ages- only people fool themselves that we are civilized because we have cars that can go very fast and communication technology.

      I feel the absolute truth of your statement, “Truth will always be the last one standing,” Thank you for sharing.

  37. Love it Jeanette! When you went through those five bullet points I couldn’t help but feel if I were David Millikan and reading them I would be going: Ouch, Ouch, Ouch…

    Love the pun – intended or not 😉 The Reverend who did Rev it up for his own personal gains – despicable!

  38. Indeed it does defy common sense. The issue is that many people do not listen to common sense, many do not know love, understanding and acceptance towards others as they do not hold these for themselves – so it becomes easy for them to act in a way such as David Milikan – without respect or regard for ones fellow human beings. Oh how different earth would look if this very principle – true regard for self and all others – was upheld!

    1. Wow! Very powerful Expression Anna, I agree, “true regard for self and others” would shortly change so much of the emotional turmoil society lives in.

  39. Beautifully put, Jeanette. Rev David Millikan had seemingly arranged a wonderful opportunity for hearing some amazing turnarounds in people’s health, because of how they had chosen to tweak the way they were living once they’d heard some common sense pointers at the health presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

    It’s incomprehensible that Rev David Millikan blew it because of his own agenda of deceit and vilification. What a missed opportunity for him and, worst of all, the viewing public whose overall deterioration in levels of health and wellbeing is of great concern to health authorities et al.

  40. Great questions asked Jeanette! I loved the way you described Millikan’s act as a ‘sideshow’ – I can hear the sleasy tent flaps blowing in the wind – ‘full of sound and fury, signifying nothing’ (Shakespeare). On the contrary I can hear the integrity in your beautiful words – full of love and stillness, signifying everything.

  41. So true Jeanette, it does defy common sense.

    What I keep feeling is… the truth that is known and felt in the heart of oneself can never be shaken and it is great to hear so many voicing this truth in their own expression.

    1. Thank you Jeanette and Victoria, I agree, you could shake me to the cows come home and truth would remain as my “own expression” to the best of my ability.

  42. Yes Jeanette, it does defy common sense. A good friend of mine who has had some experiences with UM recently wrote in an email ‘this (the whole UM is a cult thing) is so ridiculous… are we even in the same universe?’ But Millikan showed the length he had to go to make it appear that we are – there would be no supporting footage for his theory if he had filmed answers to true inquiry! And I guess no story for that well known Television Station.

  43. If David Millikan had of acted in a more respectful and responsible way he would have found an amazing story, but not one that could be easily sensationalised, and it seems it is sensationalised headlines that sell news papers. So it is us, the rest of humanity, who have the ball in our court. Are we going to keep buying papers with sensationalised headlines or are we going to make a stand….

    1. It is obvious to me reading the blog that David Milikan has an axe to grind, and is looking for attention and it seems what better way to get it than to sensationalise a perfectly normal gathering into something the news papers can print. We see this happening again and again with the media. So thank you Jeanette for telling the world what really happened that day.

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