A Cancer Patient’s Experience of Complementary Treatments with Universal Medicine

by Virginia, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

All of my life I have suffered from an ever increasing range of symptoms which became more severe as I grew older. At the age of 43, I was finally diagnosed as being extremely sensitive, in fact about 100 times more sensitive than the average person – all of my totally unrelated symptoms were allergies.

My body had reached crisis point. Within two years of this diagnosis my gallbladder was surgically removed. A year later I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer – malignant multifocal infiltrating ductal carcinoma. I had the lump removed but refused chemotherapy; with the severe reactions that I had had in the past to western medication I felt that chemo would have been the end of me. That was six years ago, and although the tumour grew back and metastasised to my spine, much to the amazement of my doctors, I am still here!

I started researching all possible medical modalities. After reading about and meeting with people who had utilised Biological medicine, I travelled to the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland. Their diagnostic testing is superior to anything we have in Australia. The results from the tests showed, amongst many other issues, my parasympathetic (relaxation) and sympathetic (action) nervous systems were totally out of whack.

My sympathetic nervous system was shown to stay on permanent guard, suppressing my immune system and making me vulnerable to illness, and leaving me unable to fight diseases like cancer. In short I was constantly in fight or flight mode, unable to relax, unable to sleep. I had to learn to find a balance, to de-stress in order to give my body a chance to heal itself.

Back in Australia I discovered Universal Medicine, in particular Serge Benhayon. I decided to set up an appointment. The waiting list was unbelievable, over 10 months I think at the time. Thankfully, Serge understood that Stage 4 cancer waits for no man or woman, and he found time to slot me in.

From the moment I met Serge I connected strongly to him and his message. I felt an overwhelming sense of calmness, peace and sensibility in his presence, I felt heard and understood. In our sessions he used a combination of esoteric counselling and healing, chakra-puncture, and the holding of specific points. I have NEVER felt so relaxed! I had endeavored to achieve this same result over many years of attempted meditation, struggling to stop the constant chatter in my head. Much to my distress I always failed. Yet here I found a process that worked!  It relaxed my body… relaxed my body so deeply that my head followed suit. The constant chatter quietened, the stress relieved.

Serge’s views, I believe, come from the highest integrity. I can feel it in the way he talks and expresses himself and his philosophies. Without waxing too lyrical or turning Serge into some modern day saint, he is without doubt a reflection of true care and love. His desire to help humanity is only matched by his enormous level of integrity.

The good news is that since undertaking my sessions with Serge, it appears I have found a far better balance in my life. My sympathetic nervous system is now capable of relaxing. I have managed, without anxiety or exertion, to throw away the bad habits that my stressors craved and caused: no more cigarettes, chocolate and sleepless nights. No willpower or force was needed – I just stopped! I am calmer and have a far better skill-set to deal with my journey to health, hence a much more positive view of the future. Whilst I still have my tumour, thanks to the treatment and skills Serge has given me I have been able to move forward with a better perspective. I now think, feel and act a lot more positively.

In conjunction with treatment via other holistic modalities, my cancer has halved in size. The complete healing process has a long way to go, but like my other treatments that I know to be successful, I will stick with Serge Benhayon.

Every time I leave Universal Medicine I feel at peace with the world, my partner, my life and myself. The restoration of hope and faith in my life makes my journey a lot easier and I believe is a key factor in making a full recovery.

183 thoughts on “A Cancer Patient’s Experience of Complementary Treatments with Universal Medicine

  1. Connecting and living within, (as it is in our essence or inner-most and these are all one and the same), comes with a deepening understanding of the True responsibilities we have in life. So living or our Livingness has the most profound effect on much if not everything that happens in our lives, as True living is all to do with our connection. And when connected as Virginia has shared True magic is possible.

  2. To feel and know that somebody truly cares for you is immense. It is very rare to be met with this level of care because in our everyday we really don’t do that. Unless our friends and family are ill, we don’t consider taking care of them, we don’t consider taking care of ourselves – in fact, we do everything in opposition of that – we harm ourselves with food and drink, go against everything our body is communicating. When this is our norm, our everyday – how can we expect things to be any different in society?

  3. Thank you Virginia, your testing over in Switzerland that indicated the balance of your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system ‘was out of whack’ showed to me, is that we are still learning about the human body and how illness and disease manifests itself in consideration of our genes and environmental conditions. To me this is a combination of what we are born with, and what we live. What I love about universal medicine and esoteric medicine is that it considers that there is an energetic root cause to all our physical, emotional and mental disharmony that needs to be addressed and healed.

  4. So many people who meet with Serge Benhayon have a similar experience to you Virginia, there is a sense of calmness and sensibility in his presence, and these experiences cannot be taken away from us. To me I do not need to go through a double blind test to know that Universal medicine practitioners have supported me to improve my health and vitality. If we put Universal Medicine alongside Western Medicine then everyone would benefit and everyone should have the opportunity to have both modalities working side by side in unison.

  5. An inspiring testimony of how western and esoteric medicine work together in union to allow true holistic healing to take place. There is a great difference between healing and a cure, as an ailment or disease may have progressed too far for it is be cured, yet healing the momentum that drove the body and being to the point of disease can still occur. This is the power of esoteric medicine as it offers the opportunity to bring awareness to the quality in which we are living so we can address ill momentums and let them go and to return to deepening our connection to our Soul.

  6. Very beautiful to read of the changes in your life since meeting Serge Benhayon and the true support that he offers, thank you.

  7. I have admired many, many things about Serge Benhayon since I first met him 13 years ago and one is the fact that “His desire to help humanity is only matched by his enormous level of integrity.” Serge, to me, has re-written the accepted meaning of integrity, returning it to its true meaning, along with many other words that have been misused for centuries. We are so blessed to have Serge with us at this moment in time; something to be appreciated in every moment.

  8. It makes such a difference when we see the whole picture of who we are, how we are and find ways to support us in whatever it is we’re going through, be it cancer or otherwise.

    1. Absolutely Monica. When we come to truly know and feel who we are, our awareness of what is not of this quality of love becomes so much more clear, as does the knowing of what is needed to change.

  9. These words you have written about Serge Benhayon are words I, and so many others, could write too. “His desire to help humanity is only matched by his enormous level of integrity.” The sense of love I felt on meeting Serge was something I had never felt before. I could feel it holding me without judgement and without needing anything from me in return. This is the love that continues to hold me, you and humanity so we can return to the love we are, if we so choose.

  10. I love how you say you did not need willpower or force to stop cigarette, chocolate and sleepless nights, that they just left you. It really goes to show that the healing is not about the removal of what we perceive as a problem. When we are able to let go of what does not belong, its physical manifestation and our desire for it will be let go.

    1. Absolutely, that stood out to me as well and reminds me how if we reduce what we see or focus on to just the end point, the behaviour or illness, we can stop ourselves from being open to seeing what changes need to be made to support the true healing of it and not just push it away to pop back up in another way later on…

  11. Being in fight/flight mode has become so common it is accepted that many people feel this anxiousness most of the time. We may think that anxiety is the only symptom but this story shows the stress we put on our nervous system on a daily basis has far reaching consequences.

    1. Absolutely, ‘the stress we put on our nervous system on a daily basis has far reaching consequences.’

  12. It is amazing to me – and my experience too – that reconnecting more deeply with our bodies helps calm the mind. What I have found is that the deeper I go, the calmer I feel. Thank you Serge Benhayon.

  13. Irrespective of cancer or where we are in life, what a beautiful thing to be able to relax your nervous system.

  14. Being truly met and held with care and complete attentiveness allows us to meet ourselves and there is not a single body that can resist that – it just feels too good to let go of and is much closer to our true nature anyway. Why resist?

  15. Virginia, I picked up on this part that you wrote ‘I felt an overwhelming sense of calmness, peace and sensibility in his presence, I felt heard and understood.’ Serge has no judgment, no agenda he meets us totally from our essence, and he listens to every word when we talk with him, something I found not only reassuring but very honouring too.

  16. Wow Virginia when I read your story it made me realise how people are willing to go to the other side of the world to heal, when it is within us all, we just need to look deep within us. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine therapies presents this to us and during times of cancer (as well other diseases) they provide incredible support – that love and true support is undeniable felt.

  17. This is a true testament to many many things that supports and yet goes beyond merely healing a physical body or the treatment. For me it shows the power of how people can truly connect with people. That we can connect and understand things far greater then just hello and goodbye. That life in a true connection is founded or built from within first and then automatically or naturally flows out from there to everyone and everything else. This great article and explaining and showing this in real terms or in ‘real’ life.

  18. Thank you Virginia, this is a beautiful testimony on the power of the Esoteric Modalities and the deep care and support Serge Benhayon extends to everyone he meets.

  19. There is still so much we do not know about cancer, and even the fact that your cancer has halved Virginia, says a lot with regards to how you are now living, and what your body is communicating to you. Thank you for sharing.

  20. This is a beautiful testimony to Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and to yourself Virginia for following your impulses and building love in your body by making the necessary adjustments in your life.

  21. This is a beautiful testimony to Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and to yourself Virginia for following your impulses and building love in your body by making the necessary adjustments in your live.

  22. The way we are living may be a very efficient way to contain (no longer feed) a cancer (that is not allowing it to keep growing or spreading in the body). In the case of stage 4 cancers, this is much more than conventional medicine can do through very strong medication. It remains to be seen, how much time this allows a patient to hang around. Yet beyond that, it guarantees a quality of life that may easily be of superior quality compared to what used to be and walked them to the condition.

  23. Thank you Virginia for sharing your amazing recovery by accepting the healing that was on offer from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine modalities, which brings us back into our bodies and out of our minds; change then became easy in your life as you have shared.

  24. A beautiful testimonial of how Universal Medicine modalities can support us in bringing the mind and body back into balance.

  25. I have a very racy mind, it doesn’t always stop when I want it to but without a doubt every session I have had at Universal Medicine and especially with Serge Benhayon has arrested that momentum and left me fully relaxed and re-connected to myself. Sometimes I am so cosy and snug I just feel like going back to bed. I am not sure where your journey with recovery has taken you but it sounds like you have at least been able to gain some settlement and that is a blessing in itself.

  26. Our bodies innately know truth, and it is a matter of developing a deeper relationship with them to be able to embrace what is our natural right of life of joy and true love.

  27. Virginia, love how you describe Serge Benhayon ‘he is without doubt a reflection of true care and love. His desire to help humanity is only matched by his enormous level of integrity.’ .. personal care and deep integrity that sums him up completely. And awesome to hear your story of healing, thank you for sharing.

  28. It is amazing how when what doesn’t belong gets removed we can start making choices from a different place. You no longer needing cigarettes and chocolates is a great proof of that, and I can totally understand how no force or will power were needed. Very beautiful.

    1. Yes, a very clear example of how when what doesn’t belong gets removed we can start making choices from a different place.

  29. This is a true modern day miracle – to consider that you got to a point where your body could not surrender and lived in fight or flight mode and this was attacking your body, to then in one session and meeting with Serge you were able to let go and surrender, and since then feeling the change this has had on your body is very inspiring.

  30. Wow Virginia thank you for sharing your own experiences with the healing modalities from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. You are now a living testimonial that true healing is possible.

  31. Virginia thank you, a person in such a vulnerable position as yourself has offered a very true testimony of Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine modalities, and your body has reflected the same. I have also received immense benefit for a number of chronic health conditions which have improved remarkably to the point where I feel I’ll quite possibly be completely free of them soon. The beauty of the Universal Medicine therapies is they work so well with modern medicine – using them both feels like I have everything covered and my body is recovering in a way I didn’t think possible.

  32. Truly miraculous Virginia. It just goes to show what we are made up and how quickly we can return to harmony and hold it for longer and longer. Serge is a modern-day-saint.

  33. True healing does not always mean treatments administered will result in a cure as a cure only focuses on the ailment at hand. To heal it requires us to address the root cause of our ailments that caused the ailment in the first place, a cause that more often than not is interwoven and multi-layered with many experiences and issues on many levels of our body contributing and if these are corrected healing can occur.

  34. Wow Virginia, what power we have in our hands when we realise we can make different choices. Allowing our bodies to realign to their natural state is something well worth committing to. Your story is incredibly inspiring.

  35. This is amazing Virginia. Our body really does reflect back to us in incredible precision/detail the choices we make and the way we’ve been living; take the imbalance of your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems as an example; although a frightening thing to find out, you were able to see how this overdrive of action correlated to the way you’ve been living, and thus see how to change it with support.

  36. Absolutely amazing. Another wonderful testimonial to the self-less work of Serge Benhayon. Yet in this self-lessness he is equally as important to himself as everyone else and in being so offers us all a powerful reflection of Love.

  37. How amazing, I am really not surprised at anything you have shared here. The love Serge Benhayon has for people is indescribable and no, he’s no “saint”, but just a caring human being.

  38. A very interesting story Virginia, I am sure there are many people who share such strong reactions and allergies and are ultra sensitive. Of course we should view that sensitivity as a blessing, not a curse as it merely shows us ways we can support our health through our choices and is a deep awareness, not at all a weakness.

  39. What you describe here Virginia is beautiful – how you have been healing different aspects of your life, not necessarily completely curing every physical ailment that is there, but deeply healing none the less.

  40. Thank you Virginia for sharing your amazing experience with combining Western Medicine and the Esoteric healing modalities and how this supported your body to truly heal.

  41. A beautiful testimony Virginia, thank you for sharing it here. There is no doubt in my mind that we need to stay open to complementary health practices because whilst our modern health care services are wonderful, there is still so much they do not understand. We have to keep exploring and rediscovering what works and what doesn’t – just as you and many others are doing – until maybe one day we master illness and disease completely.

  42. Serge Benhayon has absolutely redefined the word integrity amongst many other things. His understanding of people and the body is far beyond what any course of book will teach. He is living the future, now.

  43. Serge Benhayon is someone whom it is easy to wax lyrical about!! His integrity is second to none and the true care, love and humility in his presence are so lovely to be around.

  44. There is indeed a whole other dimension to healing presented by Universal Medicine complementing conventional and or alternative medicine, bringing a broader understanding and way of developing a relationship with oneself, illness and disease and the process of healing.

  45. Serge Benhayon understands the body, energy, life and the Universe like no one else I know and it all comes from his connection to the all from within (something we all have access to) not his mind.

  46. Virginia, thank you for sharing your healing journey, it is deeply inspiring to read and it will be very supportive to others who are experiencing a life threatening illness.

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