Is UniMed A Religion And Am I Religious? Yes – And Yes!

by Victoria Lister, Brisbane, Australia

I’ve never thought of myself as a religious person, yet in a recent post on my experience of cyber-bullying, and in another on the media ambush of a Universal Medicine event at which I was present on 12 October, 2012, I found myself defending the five fundamental freedoms all Australians are entitled to, specifically the rights to freedom of association and religion.

This would imply Universal Medicine is a religion and I, as an attendee of Universal Medicine workshops, courses and other events, am a part of this religion and might even be a religious person.

When I first considered the notion, I baulked. ‘Religion’ is such a loaded word and like many, I’ve always been keen to distance myself from it, for all sorts of reasons. Yet a quick online search of religion reveals the word stems from the Latin re-ligare, to ‘re-connect’, ‘re-bind’ or ‘re-choose’. So if the word itself isn’t loaded or prescriptive, and infers nothing more than the making of some kind of choice or commitment – and to what, isn’t even specified – need I feel scared of it?

No, and especially not if I start with the word ‘commitment’. As I’ve listened to Universal Medicine presentations, I’ve learnt the most important thing I can commit to is me, and the more I develop love for myself, the more I can extend this love to others. This commitment is a choice I need to make over and over, day in, day out, in everything I do. It’s the difference between, say, brushing my teeth two or three times a day with love and care, or doing it on auto-pilot, thinking of everything else but that one activity and maybe even doing it harshly because of a lack of attention.

So in this sense I need to ‘re-choose’, again and again, to ‘re-connect’ to myself and how I’m living life in every single moment. It’s a re-choosing I happily make; in fact I’d go as far as to say I’ve committed or ‘bound’ myself to living life as consciously and lovingly as I possibly can, and that I ‘re-bind’ myself to that notion on a daily basis. This is akin to establishing a way of living – a way of living that Universal Medicine has presented, quite simply and sensibly, as the ‘The Way of the Livingness’.

Given this, I’m delighted to declare myself a member of an association that presents the possibility that making an on-going commitment to living life as harmoniously as possible might be a good thing, both personally and for the planet.

So yes, I am part of a religion, and I am religious. And I will continue to defend my basic right to be so, and attend what group I see fit – no matter who threatens me, or how.

111 thoughts on “Is UniMed A Religion And Am I Religious? Yes – And Yes!

  1. I completely agree with what you’ve shared here Victoria. In the past I avoided religion with a barge pole as all my experiences before Universal Medicine had the same flavour – a dedication to something outside of myself. The way in which The Way of The Livingness presents religion is the most sense making, tangible form of religion I have come across. One where I am not asked to be anything or do something to be deemed worthy enough for I am already enough just like everyone else equally so.

  2. While growing up I also distanced myself from being seen as a religious person. I watched and saw what being religious was and there are some people in the world who misrepresent being religious so badly that as a young man I didn’t want to be religious at all.

    Universal Medicine brings a new flavour to the word religion. Something as the blog describes as to reconnect or re-bond. The original Latin roots of the word religious is beautiful and even more amazing to what it represents.

    From the understanding I’ve gained attending universal medicine events, I can say that I am and always was a deeply religious person.

  3. I love the simple and clear meaning of the word religion that you have put forward.

  4. Like you Victoria I was very uneasy about the word religion – it felt as though it conjured up all of the beliefs and ideals I was beginning to realise were so false, and only took me further away from true connection. It wasn’t until I was introduced to Universal Medicine that I began to understand the full beauty and true meaning of the word and I am now willing to openly say that I do have a religion and that is the ‘Way of the Livingness’.

  5. This simple explanation of religion is a delight to read. It offers a straight forward way to understand how I am choosing to live my life which is to make the livingness of every day a commitment to connecting as fully as I am able to myself and everything and everyone around me.

  6. What a beautiful reclaiming of religion, to re-connect to oneself and to live from a daily loving commitment to self, now that is truly what the way of the livingness is to me.

  7. Committing to living as lovingly as possible is a gorgeous choice and the foundation of a religion that is an absolute honour to be a part of.

  8. I too always had an issue with the word religion, but as you say religion as we know it today is not what it truly means, and I love how you connect it to yourself by simply re-choosing and re-connecting with yourself in every moment. I too am a religious person and The way of the Livingness holds all that religion is to me.

  9. Thank you Victoria. I can feel the strength of your commitment to you and the very down to Earth way that you speak about religion feels so normal. I too have been attending Universal Medicine workshops for a number of years now. What I realise now is that commitment starts with Love. It starts with being committed to loving and caring for oneself so deeply that you never want to do anything that would harm or compromise yourself. This commitment can transform relationships as with that Love for oneself we naturally then take this to all others that we meet, then realising that we are One and that it is real lived love that brings us together. This way of living is such a unifying religion and one I am falling head over heels in love with which means falling in Love with Me, God and everyone else.

  10. Thanks for a wonderful blog Victoria. For me religion is a word that has always been associated with people following the man made doctrines of a particular church, and seeking to connect to an external God. According to your simple and beautiful description of religion, then reconnecting to, and building a deeper relationship with my inner most divine self, must be a religious act. If that is the case then I am proud to acknowledge my association with the religion of The Way of the Livingness.

  11. I used to go to church but never felt I was religious and I realize now that I never felt connected or part of the establishment but was searching for God who I knew was there but I didn’t know how to connect. Since listening to the presentations from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I am building a deeper connection to my inner self and through this I feel a true connection to God. The Way of the Livingness is a way of living that brings a loving understanding of myself, the world around me and the love of God. Yes, I am religious.

  12. Victoria you explore the word ‘religion’ in the true sense and I can say yes, I am also religious. Thank you for sharing – such an awesome reminder!

  13. Religion. A word that I have felt very apprehensive about, as each time that I have turned to religion I had been looking for something to fix my problems, searching outside of myself desperately looking for a way that I always new about, somehow inside. But each time I did this, each religion that I searched in fell short in some way. I never felt that it was meeting what I felt deep inside myself. Then I began to attend Universal Medicine workshops and presentations. Where the whole gist of the presentations was to love ourselves, as it is only when we do this that we can love others with the honor and respect that we all deserve. This is what I knew to be true. I have committed to living this way. I am not perfect and sometimes I slip up, but my commitment to love for myself and all of humanity is strong. I belong to the Religion of Universal Medicine.

  14. Thanks Victoria for your blog. I too, struggled initially with the word religion, but now understanding the true meaning of this word, there is not another word that describes the way I live and the choices I am currently making. My life is about reconnecting to me and I am fully committed to that.

  15. Thank you, Victoria. Reading your blog, I could feel as though there was a part of me wanting to justify and explain if I was to use the word ‘religious’ when I talked about my relationship with Universal Medicine, as in ‘Yes, I am religious, but it’s not what you think…’. Interesting to observe how knowing the true meaning of the word ‘religion’ is not quite enough for me to claim my choice of association as being religious when I know the same word is also used to mean something along the line of following blindly.

  16. Thankyou Victoria. Religion as a word has always made me feel uncomfortable and disillusioned. I have observed many who claim to be religious but twist or even ignore the fundamental ‘rules’ of their own religion to suit themselves or to justify their behaviour.
    Universal Medicine has allowed me to understand that true religion is about me reconnecting back to myself and all others and living my everyday with a deep sense of responsibility, community and purpose that is equal for all. If living this way makes me religious so be it.

  17. Yes finally religion makes sense, it is how we live. No dogmas or rules. By the sounds of it everyone is religious when the true definition of religion is referred to, as we are all living life and making choices on a daily basis, this is religion.

  18. Thanks Victoria, I too have distanced myself and gone to lengths to avoid any type of religion but now know that the word religion has been attached to something that does not represent the truth of the word. I am now re-learning to re-connect and can start to feel that I am actually deeply religious.

  19. Thank you Victoria for so simply defining religion for you and how you live with it on a daily moment. I feel that this is a beautiful way to live and there is nothing wrong in that.

  20. I feel it’s natural to seek this re-connection with ourselves, we do know innately on some level that what we want is within us. I feel it’s natural too to seek a connection that confirms a feeling that we are part of something greater than ourselves alone. From me, this cannot be found in institutionalised religion, nor by following another, yet it’s equally there in each of us. I have Universal Medicine to thank for inspiring this in me, and in providing a true and deeper understanding of the word “religion”. The true meaning of “religious” is actually quite beautiful.

  21. This is a very beautiful blog, so full of clarity and has a lovely flow. Religion is re-connection, when I found out the origin of the word, it felt like this heaviness was lifted and I could relate to it…”Given this, I’m delighted to declare myself a member of an association that presents the possibility that making an on-going commitment to living life as harmoniously as possible might be a good thing, both personally and for the planet.” A lovely declaration and one that I also feel happy to put my name to, Thank you.

  22. I too reacted at the thought of considering myself to be a ‘religious’ person, well, in the way society has presented the meaning. Even though always I felt that there was a God, the way that God was generally presented in the world did not feel completely true. However when I understood and realised where the word ‘religion’ originated from (i.e. the original denotation of the word) and essentially refers to, what emerged for me was a meaning that truly described the way that I was choosing to live. Through the presentations of Universal Medicine I have been able to ‘re-connect’ to my love, to God and to humanity and realise that I can ‘re-choose’ to commit to this love every moment of every day. I have found that my true strength has come from ‘re-binding’ to this love and to live this way is a joy with all that it brings. And so yes, I now, with no hesitations claim to be a religious person who enjoys being part of this religious organisation.

  23. I love the way you’ve deconstructed the word ‘religion’ and shown how it can be applied very simply and yet profoundly to daily life. Thanks Victoria.

  24. It feels like the most purist of religious acts to commit to continue to re-choose to re-connect to me and how I feel inside my body and deep inside my heart. To dedicate myself to the Way of the Livingness is an association that supports this most fundamental religious act and I welcome it in a world that is forever enticing you out of this most divine and loving connection which is deeply personal to each person in practise.

  25. I love how you play with the actual meaning of what religion is, it makes it very fun and so natural, quite opposite to what we have made and bastardised religion to be over the centuries. Thank you Victoria.

  26. Victoria what a great blog – I also avoided the word “Religion” with everything I had until I started to understand what a true religion was and now as you say am most definitely religious.

  27. I agree Victoria, that religion can, and is perhaps meant to be as the word suggests, a very personal and intimate relationship. And there is, like you have so beautifully pointed out, no specific rules or codes within the origins of the word about what or who that relationship is supposed to be with.
    This to me, opens up a whole discussion about true freedom of choice.

  28. Yes I agree Natalie. How horrible it was to be put off by the misuse of this truly divine word.

  29. Great article Victoria. I can see how I had a fear of the word religion. It is great to know the true meaning of the word and that there is no need to be scared of a word. It is great to be able to embrace it in it’s true meaning. Thank you.

  30. Great blog Victoria, I love how you simply and clearly break down what religion means. And how truly it’s about committing to us in each and every moment daily – so simple and it really knocks out all that old stuff around religion, fantastic.

  31. I too have never followed a religion (even though I attended a catholic high school etc). I have however always been deeply religious – I just would not have used that word until now. I have always had a sense of God and a sense of a greater purpose within life. I have always felt a deep commitment to myself and how life flows and is fluid when I follow this commitment. For this reason the rigidity and prescriptive nature of all the main religions never appealed to me, as it felt like they took the ME out of my relationship with GOD and my relationship with life. That is why Universal Medicine feels so right for me as it supports a personal relationship with GOD that is re-developed through committing to live by the “rules” of your own heart. To me this is the modern day version of “the kingdom of GOD is inside you”.

    1. Yes I didn’t mention the ‘God’ word Rebecca but it is part of the equation too – an acknowledgement of something bigger than ourselves, yet also within. It felt natural as a child to think about God and I’m pleased to say it now feels natural once again.

  32. Thank you Victoria for really clarifying the meaning of “religion”, and yes I’m in too. As you say – because religion is such a loaded word that has so many negative connotations, it’s easy to attempt to disassociate oneself from it, when in truth it is a word representing a commitment to living lovingly on a daily basis.

    1. Yes I love that sense of daily commitment, a kind of dedication, that the word religion truly implies.

  33. So well described thank-you Victoria for outlining the meaning of what religion actually means from the actual word itself. Makes complete sense. Your sentence – “I’ve learnt the most important thing I can commit to is me, and the more I develop love for myself, the more I can extend this love to others”, for me is the basic key/foundation to religion itself, and in this way say simply that I am religious unto myself first to be in religion with all others equally. Any organisation which allows for this natural way to be the (my) way, such as Universal Medicine, has my complete support.

  34. Before Universal Medicine I never saw the point in religion. Now I know it’s true meaning, I can connect to the word and what it truly means. To re-connect, that is all we have to do, no rushing off to a church or asking for forgiveness… how simple is that?

  35. Perfectly said Victoria. Before I attended Universal Medicine events, I too used to react negatively to the word “religion” as I associated it with so much harm, hypocrisy and past abuse. But when I connect to my heart instead of my head, I can feel that I am a deeply religious person and my religion is The Way of The Livingness as you have described.

  36. Big call Victoria and one that needs to be made. I grew up in a religious family but I never felt true religion ‘reconnection’ and I do feel that now, not from a sense of belonging to Uni Med for they don’t seek to own me but a sense of belonging and being with myself. If that’s religion and that’s the joy it can bring I am in.

    1. Joel, belonging and being with myself. You have said so much with such few words. Before Universal Medicine, I never felt confident and content to “be in my own skin”, I do now. To simply be able to sit still and feel the absolute joy of me with me is such a beautiful feeling. One that expands my understanding of the world and one that I feel holds others, offering to them the very same for themselves.

  37. Thanks Victoria for shedding light on the subject of religion. For many decades I shied away from ‘religion’. However by making a personal choice to ‘re-connect’ to myself and choosing to live in ‘The Way of My Livingness’, I now embrace the word religion as a commitment to myself and thus by default, to humanity. As a consequence I’ve found that I’m now more open and understanding towards other people along with their beliefs and religions.

      1. Absolutely Victorialister and Rod, I agree, and may I add true responsibility that come with the Livingness, which brings to my living the absolute truth in all things.

  38. I love the way you have explained religion so simply here Victoria. Your last line is also inspiring for me, to stand by my rights no matter who threatens me or how. Thank you for this sharing.

  39. I feel that if many of those who claim are not religious, had an understanding of what religion truly means, in a way that you’ve explained it here Victoria, they would also change their stance on religion. It’s just that the word has such negative connotation and given the fact that soooooo many have been killed throughout centuries in the ‘name of religion’ most people would rather claim that they will not have any affiliation with religion. I totally understand that as I too stood on an atheist pedestal for most of my life for the same reason even though I could feel we were all part of something much greater. Looking at any religion available and spotting all the flaws did not make it inviting for me to visit that avenue. Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon came along and the re-connecting, the re-choosing with that bigger part of the picture began.

    This is here to stay now.

  40. Beautiful Victoria! This brought tears to my eyes. You have expressed exactly how I feel. There is a deep sense of being able to embrace the true divinity of life and oneself without having to subscribe to the man-made doctrines calling itself religion.

  41. I love how you explore the notion of religion and what this word actually means, I can also say I am a religious person, thanks Victoria.

  42. On the money again Victoria. Commitment and re-connection are the simple truth of living a life as lovingly and harmoniously as possible. If this is a religion then yes I too am religious!

  43. Hi Victoria, Yes indeed!! I will PROUDLY stand next to you and declare I am in a religion (THE WAY OF THE LIVINGNESS) and I am religious! Rock on!!

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