What the Media have Reported about UniMed Brisbane is not my Experience

by Donna Harris, Brisbane, Australia, PA to General Manager/Office Administrator for QLD, Diploma in Business Administration – Front Line Management, Justice of the Peace (Qualified) 20 years

I am a single mum with a young daughter, and a couple of years ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The Universal Medicine Practitioners at the Brisbane Clinic have been supportive beyond words during this time.

So that I might have the support I required over that time of my treatment and recovery my daughter and I stayed at the Brisbane UniMed Clinic for three months. Not only did I receive the utmost in care, but I was also supported through doctor’s appointments and financially, as I was unable to work. I was given the love and care that was needed and not once during this time was a treatment ever based on whether I could afford it or not. What was even more honourable was that all of this was done without any expectations in return! So it was with utter shock and disbelief that I read in a prominent Brisbane newspaper recently that UniMed Brisbane was a business that was ‘out for profit’ when here I could see that the focus is not on profit, but on giving back to the community through hundreds of people who, like myself, have been ill at one time or another and required support. This was such a critical time in my life and people from all over Brisbane also associated with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon joined in to support my recovery. I have NEVER felt so supported in my entire life! This kind of support is truly rare and should be celebrated.

Living in the UniMed Brisbane clinic for three months is now one of the greatest markers I have in my life. I had, for the very first time in my life, living examples all around me of how to deeply care for and nurture myself and my daughter. The practitioners that helped me in my recovery were just like me, living normal lives and responding to what they felt was true for them – none of them being told what to do/eat/how to sleep, each of them different to the other (contrary to what the press has erroneously reported). No one was ever imposed on with what they should or should not eat. It was left to the individual to feel what effect food had on their own bodies and make their choices based on that.

Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have inspired me to look after myself first, and in doing so I have rediscovered a love within myself that I thought was ‘out there’. At no time have I ever been told that an Esoteric Breast Massage cures cancer as some articles have so falsely misled their readers to believe, yet the Esoteric Breast Massages have played an instrumental part, with profound results, in helping me to develop and look after myself as a Woman. My life is richer, more balanced and clearer than it’s ever been. I am a better person to be around and this has only deepened over the years. The Universal Medicine teachings are so simple, practical and down to earth – they are a parcel of Truth out there that, until Serge came along, no-one else has had the courage to present. I thank UniMed and their team in my heart every day for this wonderful opportunity to live a more fulfilling life.

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  1. It really is disgusting how the media can portray UniMed Brisbane to be anything other than the true love and support it is. I have stayed there and also received treatments and support from thsee amazing family of practitioners. Just like the clinic in Goonellabah the quality and standard is the highest around.

  2. The innocent confusion about the lies being spread about Unimed Brisbane and Universal Medicine is palpable in your words, which is powerful beyond measure.

  3. Thank you for writing this Donna. The true generosity of what was offered from the Universal Medicine clinic through your personal healing is so inspiring. These are the stories that are of interest to others.

  4. This is such a beautiful story and a clear example of true charity in motion. Supporting others with no need for recognition, with no expectation of ‘paying back’ and with absolutely zero self-interest – not even the ‘warm inner glow’ many of us like to get from the help we provide or the time or money we donate. We can enjoy service work – that’s cool – but start to use it get something from it and already we’ve strayed into the realm of self-interest.

  5. This is truly newsworthy yet it has never made the media. Why is that? Do stories such as these seem to unbelievable in the world today? Does society only like to report those that are scandalous (even if they are lies) and not those that show the love that we as humanity are capable of?

  6. Wow Donna, the support you received is amazing. I am not surprised since my experience of Universal Medicine is also one of absolute love and generosity – without expectation for anything to be returned. Your story should have been in the newspapers, not the lies that you read which were contrary to the truth of your experience. There is a definite lack of integrity in the media reporting around Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. Nothing in the media I have seen or read has reflected my experiences either.

  7. It’s scary how much power the press have to make up stories and portray anyone they wish in a negative light, without any factual evidence to back it up. It makes a mockery of our democratic societies when we accept a media that doesn’t actually operate with integrity and is willing to lie to fit an angle that suits their story. Donna’s story is a perfect example, you read of how far removed her experience is from that reported and you wonder if there is ever any comeback to this to set the record straight. Alternative forms of media are becoming more popular now as people are waking up to the fact that our current news sources have badly let us down.

  8. Donna, it’s lovely to read your heartfelt appreciation of the Brisbane Unimed Clinic. There are clinics like this in many of the major cities in Australia and in the UK and Europe which have been set up by students of Universal Medicine to offer the general public an opportunity for healing and they all have the same integrity and offer true support for people.

  9. “. . .all of this was done without any expectations in return!” When people make true service their purpose in life they need no reward or accolades for the joy is in bringing everything to what one does and feeling the day complete from having fully expressed.

  10. Thank you Donna for sharing the truth of your experience of Universal Medicine – something which sadly it seems we cannot rely on our media ‘professionals’ to do. They are missing a truly amazing story here.

  11. Your experience shared here Donna, is an example of true support. I do hope that many who work in charities, or volunteer to help and support others find this article and stop to read it, and consider what it is you present here. As to care for another as Unimed Brisbane has cared for you could be the answer to the level of exhaustion and frustration that many feel in the role of volunteer.

  12. Wow, support like this is to be celebrated. Why the media is not reporting such stories is very exposing of them. I have seen similar support in many ways. Most recently a 2 week roster circulated for a mum about to give birth. 2 meals a day for 2 weeks will be provided by the community – by their own choice, willingness and love. There is no pressure or obligation to provide. Some people even responded saying they were not well or that they were not in a position to be able to provide for others at the moment.

  13. True experiences like your own and many others are not sought out by the Media because they have already setup a picture of the story they are committed to presenting – often a lie in the making. There are many people that have shared the amazing support of Unimed Brisbane and other Unimed Clinic’s and practitioners and in truth that is what true brotherhood is. Thank you for speaking up and sharing this healing time with us all.

  14. How interesting that your personal experiences of Universal Medicine (and that of many others) is exactly the opposite of what is printed in the media. It’s also interesting that those that have written about Universal Medicine have barely spoken to those having personal experiences. So it raises the question about where are they obtaining their information when they are not speaking directly with clients like yourself and hearing about the amazing stories and lives that are now being lived. Real news that actually makes a difference to the lives of others.

  15. I have attended the UniMed Brisbane clinic as a client for sessions and visited a friend there and can attest to the fact that the care is exemplary and of the highest integrity; maybe some find this level of integrity too confronting and therefore react by spreading unfounded lies and malicious gossip?

  16. Its easy to feel a lie when it is in stark contrast to such a strong testimonial. Especially when this is not the only personal experience that has been shared about Universal Medicine, but one of many.

  17. With all the sensationalised stories the media shares with us I am starting to wonder if they do in fact hold back on sharing enough about the true link of our lifestyle related choices to our escalating stats of disease and illness that are presently ravaging the health and wellbeing of our society because it would require them themselves to assess and reflect on the quality and level of integrity of how they are living their own everyday.

  18. Wow it is clear how Universal Medicine is an inspiration to the world, the fact that they offered all that support with out any expectations in return is truly commendable. How blessed are we that we have an organisation like them showing us the way.

  19. The many ways in which Universal Medicine gives back and supports people is truly extraordinary and worth appreciating deeply. It is clear that this was a beautiful and life changing time for you that has continued to support you long after you have left.

  20. I have never been so closely associated with an organisation that has received such bad press and said complete lies against it and it has been such an eye opener because I know it to be untrue as you so do as well Donna because your experience has been the exact opposite to what has been written about. It has been a real eye opener to realise that so much of what we read is untrue. And by the way, I loved this line – “My life is richer, more balanced and clearer than it’s ever been.” So has mine so I’ll drink – a peppermint tea – to that!

  21. Like Donna say towards the end of the article, I am a better person to be around, and that in part is down to making choices based on teaching and presentations I have listened to by Universal Medicine. Yet I am a unique individual who has many flaws and many personal traits that make me who I am, and to suggest that anyone is coerced into living a certain way or being fleeced by this organisation is not true. But if you are in crisis or not sure your next move as so many people are nowadays, then in my opinion there is simply not a better philosophy to turn to than Universal Medicine to understand life and be supported to live with greater quality and care for yourself.

  22. This is a great example of the support given by the Universal Medicine Team and speaks volumes of the love and dedication available from this organisation.

  23. “I had, for the very first time in my life, living examples all around me of how to deeply care for and nurture myself and my daughter. The practitioners that helped me in my recovery were just like me, living normal lives and responding to what they felt was true for them ” Your experience demonstrates the complete falsity of the lies spread about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. Would that these detractors lived lives of such integrity, but then of course they would know love and truth and be inspired rather than spreading vicious rumours that have not one ounce of evidence to back them up.

  24. It is clear when presented love, true love that is, everything that is not love gets very very clearly exposed as a lie and falsity. The media’s presentations of UniMed Brisbane in this case are such an example where this is the case as their reporting clearly does not add up to the truth

  25. Another thing yet again the press has completely misinterpreted, with by the looks of it not speaking with people who actually HAVE had experience with the Universal Medicine Brisbane Clinic. The quality of love and care you received sounds very supportive and incredible, however I am not surprised as this is Universal Medicine and Universal Medicine Practitioners code of ethics and all I have EVER experienced as many if not thousands of others have is the genuine care for others and the absolute highest levels of integrity not only physically but also energetically. Why hasn’t this been reported about? Does it expose how media just want to publish lies and scandal!

  26. Thank you Donna for expressing the truth of what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are offering humanity through sharing your lived experience.

  27. An amazing story Donna of the truth about Unimed Brisbane and Universal Medicine, the media choose to ignore the true care and support it offers its clients – one wonders why you would fabricate such lies when the truth would empower humanity.

  28. Thank-you Donna for yet another testament to the quality of care and the integrity that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine Practitioners are always willing to provide when the need is truly genuine. There is no need to ‘blowing their own trumpet’, no ‘do gooder’ hidden agenda, just a genuine service for humanity based on true love for all equally. “I thank Universal Medicine and their team in my heart every dray for this wonderful opportunity to live a more fulfilling life” Me too.

  29. The Universal Medicines clinics are centres of love that inspire those who attend to care for themselves with the same loving tenderness. “I thank UniMed and their team in my heart every day for this wonderful opportunity to live a more fulfilling life.” I agree Donna.

  30. I am also one of the people who has been inspired to make choices to begin to learn to care for myself. “Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have inspired me to look after myself first, and in doing so I have rediscovered a love within myself that I thought was ‘out there’.” I am surprised and enamoured, that every day I learn something more about life, about myself and I feel deeper understanding for humanity through learning to self care or self love.

    1. Samantha your words are inspiring I can feel the love and joy you have in deepening your understanding of humanity through self love, this is how the world changes by each of us loving and appreciating ourselves more we can then let this love out and truly love another.

  31. What Serge Benhayon presents is not new, it is simple and we all have access to this Divine Wisdom..but, yes, he was the first to have the courage to say it out loud (in our time)..

    1. And thank God for that!! What Serge Benhayon has grounded this time round is huge, humanity will never ever be the same again. The love he shares with us all is clearly showing us our way home after a very very long time of being lost in utter abyss.

  32. It is so far from the truth, all the hogwash about the Universal Medicine Clinic in Brisbane.
    How a reporter gets such an opinion is beside me. The clinic is the most loving of all clinics I have been blessed to get treatment from. Each of the staff and so gentle and sweet in nature and no media article can stop me from what I personally feel in my experience.

  33. Thank you Donna for sharing the amazing support you experienced at The Universal Medicine Brisbane Clinic. Living in England I have not been to any other Universal Medicine Clinics apart from the one in London and I must say the support love and care I feel as soon as I walk in the door is exceptional. It seems to me Universal Medicine clinics all over the world offer a true sanctuary of healing inspired by those truly living it.

  34. Donna, this is what true community life is all about. We are all here for one another, in the way of supporting in whatever way we can, that honours ourselves and that person equally in the process. We live largely as individuals and segregated groups in our societies, when a collaborative approach really would answer many of our current problems. Imagine how many less cars would be on the road, or elderly people that would be lonely if we lived with community life once again? We can live this way, and in harmony too. It may seem far from it with our current state of society, so fortunately Serge Benhayon is leading the way in inspiring us to see a different way we can be.

  35. What I have come to see over the years is where this type of journalism or bullying comes from. What Universal Medicine presents challenges many of the strangleholds on society through the fact that it offers services that truly inspire and drastically support people to change their lives, this in itself exposes self interest or things that as a society we have invested in that do not support people in the same way. Instead of looking at this it is easier to shut down and attempt to discredit the very thing that exposes all else.

  36. Thank you for giving your voice an expression, Donna. You are living proof of Universal Medicine’s charity. And I have witnessed this, too. It is a quality I have experienced with everybody associated with Universal Medicine, be it a practitioner, a presenter or a friend. They are generous, charitable, not from an idealistic foundation but from a foundation that first makes sure that there is self-care and no exploitation on any side.

  37. The true love and support offered by Universal Medicine and its practitioners is extraordinary. In a world where profits are put before people in a lot of businesses, Universal Medicine makes it about people first and providing true service that supports people to deeply heal.

  38. This is absolutely amazing Donna, I never ever heard of a clinic who supported their patients in such a way as the Universal Medicine clinics do. The support from Universal Medicine goes far beyond offering healing services. It is a business in its absolute true sense, where the financial benefits are just a side product of the amazing care and love they offer for their clients. It is all about people and what is needed for them in order to support them to go back into a healthy life and life the same way with others. Thats true charity!

  39. Absolutely Donna, I can only confirm this. I have stayed for one night in the Brisbane clinic, but what I felt and experienced was outstanding. I don’t need to be in a clinic for many days to observe and experience that it is a safe, professional place where they serve to the best high care possible, which I have never seen or heard of in my life.. Universal Medicine Brisbane is to be acknowledged for the true service it brings, and not be dismissed away with lies that dishonest and jealous people have come up with.

  40. Thank you Donna of standing up and correcting the inaccurate portrayal of the Unimed clinic in Brisbane. To be cared for the 3 months you were at Unimed Brisbane clinic sounded deeply supportive, and why is this not celebrated? A community coming together to assist a person through one of the toughest times in their lives? How is it that the real representation of the clinic is not reported – it appears to me that the newspaper story is based on judgement and assumption more than the truth.

  41. Thank you Donna for sharing your experience, this is very real. Presenting all that the clinic is and has provided you, contrary to all that has been said and written in the media. I would love to read more stories like yours, then all those sensationalist writings which present anything but the truth.

  42. How wonderful to be so supported in such a crucial time in your life. It’s sad and shameful that at a time when humanity could do with examples of truth and real charity in the world the media choose to lie about Unimed Brisbane and miss the chance to bring some light into a world full of turmoil.
    Your story is very inspiring Donna. What a truly honouring marker for you and all of us.

  43. What the media have reported about Universal Medicine is not the media’s experience either, because they have not bothered to thoroughly investigate or feel what Universal Medicine represents or has to offer.

    1. Spot on Joe, there was no true investigation despite a reporter spending an hour interviewing practitioners from UniMed Brisbane prior to the article being published. Not a word was printed nor taken any notice of. The truth was ignored and the paper printed the story it wanted to write, the sensational version made up a lies, innuendo and false accusations.

  44. Thank you for bringing appreciation to Unimed Brisbane Donna. The support you have received is incredible, a true blessing and something to be humble of, as its grandness is off the rector scale. It’s pretty much unheard of, unless it’s family, to give and not receive anything back financially. That it’s just done with so much care and support for another is amazing to hear about. Really amazing and shows what it’s all about- support, care and dedication.

    1. I agree with you Emily for the appreciation shown to the Unimed Brisbane clinic. If Donna hadn’t written about her experience the wider community would not have known about the care and dedication. And I would bet that this is not the first time this sort of support has been offered by the Brisbane clinic or the Unimed clinic in Lismore. Support is offered without any of the need for the recognition that usually goes with this type of support.

  45. Thank you Donna for your powerful and heartfelt testimony of the foundation of love, care and service that UniMed Brisbane Clinic is based on. In fact I have noticed that all UniMed Clinics and in fact the whole of Universal Medicine has this foundation. As a direct result of what they offer and inspire I have regained my trust and openness to humanity and witnessing this unwavering integrity and the deep love, care and dedication to people has inspired me to work on building those qualities in my own life.

    1. Golnaz what you say in your comment goes for me to and I’m sure many others
      “I have regained my trust and openness to humanity and witnessing this unwavering integrity and the deep love, care and dedication to people has inspired me to work on building those qualities in my own life.”
      Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine practitioners have been so supportive in helping me regain my trust in humanity again.

      1. The level of care and support that Universal Medicine bring is a huge dose of medicine in healing the plague of mistrust that almost all of us are/have suffered from. The way the practitioners relate to humanity is a marker as to how we can all be with each other and this has inspired so much change in not only my life but the lives of those around me.

  46. This is a beautiful story Donna, if only there were more clinics around the world offering the same love sand support in times of need as the Universal Medicine clinics. These papers that print such utter nonsense need to get their facts right or be held accountable.

  47. Truly great to read about the level of unconditional community support that Universal Medicine was able to bring you and your daughter at such a turning point in your life. This is a new blueprint for care in the community and one that is worthy of formal research investigation. I agree that Universal Medicine brings an absoluteness of truth to the table that no other modalities offer and there are many, many examples, including yours, of people turning around their lives simply by exerting their own free will in making choices that support their wellbeing rather than harming it. Thank you for adding your personal account to this ever growing number.

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