True Change: Self-Responsibility Inspired by Universal Medicine

by Marika Cominos, Director – Playful Creations, Melbourne Australia

Previous to finding Universal Medicine I had been on the ‘New-Age merry-go-round’, trying all sorts of potions, workshops, techniques etc, and none of them delivered me to any long-term sustainability of wellbeing, or made complete sense. As a result of these experiences I am much more discerning these days; there is so much out there that promises so much, but falls short on many levels. An organisation that exists first and foremost for the true care and benefit of humanity is hard to find – which is why I am so grateful to have found an organisation that lives the talk with impeccable integrity.

I am an avid quote collector and have been for about twenty years.
Below is one of my favourite quotes, found years ago, that playfully highlights one of the many reasons I am so inspired by what Universal Medicine offers.


Chapter 1:

I walk down the street
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk
I fall in
I am lost… I am helpless
It isn’t my fault
It takes forever to find a way out.

Chapter 2:

I walk down the same street
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk
I pretend I don’t see it
I fall in, again
But it isn’t my fault
It takes a long time to get out.

Chapter 3:

I walk down the same street
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk
I see it is there
I fall in… it’s a habit… but my eyes are open
I know where I am
It is my fault
I get out immediately.

Chapter 4:

I walk down the same street
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk
I walk around it.

Chapter 5:

I walk down a different street.

Portia Nelson

This quote says much in its simplicity.

What I love about Universal Medicine is that it presents commonsense information and perspectives on health, wellbeing and healing that consistently inspire me to move from blaming others and the world for my problems and woes (Chapter 1), through to taking responsibility for myself and my choices (Chapter 5).

When it’s someone else’s fault I can point the finger and feel a victim of life, but when I take responsibility it means that I have the power and freedom to make the changes when I choose to.

It was so easy for me to play victim, not take responsibility and keep falling in the hole… it has taken much more courage and honesty for me to walk down that different street!

And in the process I have discovered some amazing streets and some amazing people… but most of all I am discovering the amazingness of me!

240 thoughts on “True Change: Self-Responsibility Inspired by Universal Medicine

  1. I love how simple this is – my most common pattern is – fall in the hole, beat myself up for falling in the hole, take ages to get out. But I’m beginning to see that it’s not the falling down the hole (or making a mistake) that’s the problem, but my approach to not see it as a learning, but an excuse to beat myself up. What if it’s just showing me something I need to learn, and by beating myself up I’m simply avoiding the lesson, and hence getting quickly out of the hole?

  2. There is true empowerment and freedom in knowing we are able to change our choices through taking responsibility for ourselves and our health and well-being.

  3. When we start to take responsibility for the choices we make in life, doors open to the most amazing and evolutionary opportunities, that previously were mere pipe dreams.

  4. I used to think that in blaming others I was in the power position, making them wrong and me in the righteousness. But the thing is when I blame others, I have to wait for them to change and it may or may not happen and when I don’t know, I am left in frustration. Took me a while to see that there’s no power in that.

    1. It is so different when we stop blaming others and instead take responsibility, for then there is not frustration, just a choice.

  5. “When it’s someone else’s fault I can point the finger and feel a victim of life, but when I take responsibility it means that I have the power and freedom to make the changes when I choose to.” Yes responsibility is for me the best medicine ever and it is something everyone should try to choose to do as what if this is something that can really change your life?

  6. Most of us experience living under the false impression that embracing responsibility is a burden, a chore or a restriction, so we live avoiding it and blaming life and others for the way our lives are. Yet in-truth embracing responsibility equates to saying ‘yes’ to freedom as the more we bring honesty to the choices we make and how they make us feel, the more we realise that it is only what we ‘will’, that is behind every choice we make. As such being who we really are and being impulsed by our Soul is living in true freedom.

  7. Having discovered and now walk amazing streets because of choosing to explore those presented by Universal Medicine I have come realise that the ones I walked previously appeared marvellous at night in the glare of artificial light while in the true light of day were dangerous and unloving.

  8. Like many, I have also been inspired by Universal Medicine to deepen my relationship and connection with myself which has allowed me to accept and understand why we should not shy away from our responsibility for the way in which we are living and our lifestyle choices that have an effect and impact on everything around us. In deepening our awareness it is empowering to initiate true change so that it is possible to not be at the mercy of life but to fully engage with it.

    1. So well said, Linda – it is through deepening our awareness we gain the understanding and the wherewithal to make true change.

    2. Gorgeously shared Linda. It is impossible to hold the truth back because truth goes hand in hand with a great love of humanity.

  9. Life and living are absolutely amazing, wondrous and fascinating when we start to take responsibility for ourselves.

  10. We can spend a long time going down the same street whingeing and carrying on about the hole. Even when we choose not to step into the hole, we can still devote a lot of energy to complaining about it. If we took a different street – what would we do with such simplicity?

  11. So uplifting Marika! Love the quote and will remember to take responsibility for what ever appears in my life.

  12. Loved reading your blog Marika, Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have presented self-responsibility to many, it is far easier to blame others for the situation we find ourselves in rather than to take responsibility, yet we are the ones who make the choices that lead to those situations, I have found that taking responsibility for my choices, my awareness of those choices and the responsibility to myself and others has made me much more aware.

  13. I agree Marika, Universal Medicine does not present ‘new information’ as it recognises that we are all knowing of this ancient wisdom which we have separated from it long ago and simply need to confirm and reconnect to once again enjoy the simplicity of living in the flow of life.

  14. Marika I love the simplicity of this quote, love it.

    I too played the victim game and now observe the many things about myself, which is not always to perfection either and apply that key word, responsibility more often into my everyday life. This quote breaks down the misconception people become stuck with in life and it is a matter of what choices we make – such simplicity.

  15. Taking responsibility is very freeing and empowering, and allows us to drop the ‘victim of life’ way of living and discover and express our true selves. Deepening this innate quality of connection and awareness is what allows us to initiate true change.

  16. Making different choices can take a while, especially if we are identified with old patterns and behaviours that we feel make us who we are. Appreciation is a big key here – appreciation confirms who we are at our core so everything else that is not of that purity can then fall away, leaving us to make choices that are true.

  17. I find it is funny that only after being on The New Age merry go round, a crazy ride that was too, that I started to question what I was getting into. In fact, it was only when the real deal came along . . . enter Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine with common sense presentations on self-responsibility and self-care . . . that I struggled as I did not want to give my power away again! . . . and this time nobody was interested in taking it even if I tried as it was all about making the changes I wanted in myself through connection!

  18. The New Age merry go round offers the world a wide range of things. We can approach them by their ‘colours’ and spend an awful long time jumping from one to the next one. Or we can now approach them by chapters. If we choose the latter, we will know that eventually there is going to be a chapter five for anyone. Choosing the chapter version of it, helps to understand that you can leave the merry-go-round only if you are willing to change your movements.

  19. ‘When it’s someone else’s fault I can point the finger and feel a victim of life, but when I take responsibility it means that I have the power and freedom to make the changes when I choose to.’ The power of choice to change our lives lies within us. I remember a quote that said; ‘If you do what you have always done you will get what you have always gotten’.

  20. The futility of doing the same thing over and over is so obvious when we picture falling in a hole but we do the same thing everyday with choices to argue, sulk and disregard our bodies. When we are truly ready to change we get to enjoy a whole new world.

  21. “An organisation that exists first and foremost for the true care and benefit of humanity is hard to find – which is why I am so grateful to have found an organisation that lives the talk with impeccable integrity”
    Finding Universal Medicine is like finding a decent guy after dating losers for years; it’s almost like you are looking for the faults unable to accept the fact that someone good has actually come along. After 10 years I am finally realising that Universal Medicine, is the man of my dreams, metaphorically speaking of course. Hahaha!

  22. In a way we could say that we actually choose to jump down the hole if we choose not to develop responsibility in our life and choices and instead prefer to point the finger at others! Responsibility is something that I’m finding can deepen in my life and understanding all the time – not a static state of being but a continual evolving…

  23. I enjoy this article every time I read it, reading the quote again you can feel how each scenario in the quote gives you a different feeling and how free you are in the last one. When we are talking true responsibility it’s great to see this, “When it’s someone else’s fault I can point the finger and feel a victim of life, but when I take responsibility it means that I have the power and freedom to make the changes when I choose to.” It would seem the world feeds the blame game and it’s only been through reflecting this blame game back home to me that the world has settled in my eyes. It’s not the world changing but me in the world that is constantly changing. It’s not an adaptation or a fit in but an understanding and a freedom gifted to everyone and everything from the fact that I am dedicating to look at my part. We can talk responsibility all we like because it is a big word, or we can put our talk to the ground and look back at what is around us, take in the reflection and move with it.

  24. Embracing responsibility has been life changing for me, through which I now understand the power of bringing awareness and honesty to the choices we are constantly making, where they come from and are they supporting us to freely live guided by the inner divine quality of who we are.

  25. I too like the analogy of this quote Marika. It does take great courage to walk down a different street, but the feeling of beauty that is felt within when we do is worth all the challenges and uncomfortableness that making this choice brings forward.

  26. Recognising and taking responsibility for our choices truly is empowering, in a way that benefits everyone.

  27. Everything is a choice, once we understand this everything changes as we can never lay the finger of blame again.

  28. Brilliant – I love the metaphor of the hole in the street; it makes it clear that we always have a choice, to either take responsibility and make changes as needed or to continue living irresponsibly, blame everyone and everything else and wallow in victimhood and the alluring but very stifling comfort it offers.

  29. I love this quote and it brings a massive smile to my face. This is true to life and depending on where you stand in each chapter is how you see life and at different points you may find yourself standing in multiple chapters. The simplicity of life and how we are in more control then we think and that we care to see.

  30. I love the Portia Nelson quote you offer. I had it on my noticeboard many years ago, but kept on walking down the same street, (especially the various New Age streets) until I came across Universal Medicine. Here is a different, yet ancient, Way, which all makes complete sense. There is always the possibility to make new choices ( walk down a different street) and thus change one’s life around.

  31. I have fallen into many “holes” over the years and in particular the New Age one – many times – and boy did I struggle at times to get out of that one! But like you I finally found a different street to walk down, one that when I started walking down it seemed very familiar and actually had no holes so I chose to keep walking; this was the street that took me back to me.

  32. “When it’s someone else’s fault I can point the finger and feel a victim of life, but when I take responsibility it means that I have the power and freedom to make the changes when I choose to.” That is the real power we have – responsibility and the choice to do it differently – how wonderful is our life in truth. Thank you Marika for sharing your absoluteness.

  33. The example of an Autobiography in 5 Chapters is a great way to see how it is not until we open our eyes to what is really happening that we can then take stock and begin to change our behaviours and the direction we take. We are constantly reminded of things that are not working and given yet another chance to live from the truth, making our lives more simple and enjoyable.

  34. I am finding more and more when I point the finger at another in the mirror of life it has a way of redirecting itself back to me. And no matter how much I want to blame another for what I am feeling, I play the leading role in my own life and therefore all that happens in it I am completely accountable and responsible for.

  35. Great blog Marika. I know what it is to play the victim and lately I have begun to see that I am the creator of every circumstance I encounter. I am now able to see that the whole victim dialogue is simply a lie that keeps me miserable. I’m beginning to realise that I am choosing misery over power. Time to walk down another street.

  36. How deeply embedded the familiar ruts we walk and live in can be in our lives… We may complain, and/or deep within long for something else – a simpler way, a more loving, enriching experience of life… and yet it is, always, ultimately up to us if we truly want to make it so. Not just for ourselves, but for all who walk with us.

  37. Being honest with ourselves is the starting point to taking responsibility, when we do we allow ourselves the space and freedom to make choices that are far more loving and that with commitment and consistency support us to make true and lasting change.

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