A Simple Truth about Universal Medicine

by Alan Johnston, Pottsville, Australia

A simple truth about Universal Medicine is that it is: 1) universal and 2) medicine. This is my experience. ‘Please explain’, as Pauline Hanson once said.

So there I was, (un)happily faking it with the best of them… and had the trappings to prove it – including a holiday shack on a remote South Pacific island. All that sashimi swimming along the outer reef.

And, not so many years ago, I undertook a Masters in Social Documentary Photography and photo-shopped it into my life as a ‘creative pursuit’.

Also, I’d been through a ‘Who’s Who’ of teachers and gurus and had a clutch of certainties that seemed to stand up – although a nagging, never-healing bedsore of a question was “why am I at times run by a kind of self-loathing, that when given in to, leaves me feeling flat and joyless?”.

Given all that, when I first encountered Universal Medicine, I was hypercritical. I hadn’t really allowed myself to feel just how deeply disillusioned I had become.

In any case, I committed within myself just enough to attend a few Universal Medicine events and to have some sessions with Universal Medicine practitioners. Something like, “one more wary circuit before I really clock off and head for that palm-fringed lagoon”.

During a session in those first months I became aware of what it felt like to not be who I really am – to have “turned my face from God” (my words). That was the downside. The upside was a homecoming that was just Angelic, a roomful, pure and joyous.

The truth of me being me, and that is Universal Medicine. Healing, and for all.

208 thoughts on “A Simple Truth about Universal Medicine

  1. Universal Medicine is the homecoming where you can know that this is all you have been missing and seeking and rediscovering the magic of who you truly are.

  2. We are very well trained not to be who we are. Yet, this is not really understood by humanity who by and large think that we are who we are. In spite of all our effort, though, there is enough truth inside us to easily feel when we are connecting to something that resonates very deeply with it. Our universality spark never ceases to exist and we can feel when it lights up. The universe becomes our home again. Universal Medicine brings the universe back to us and helps us to feel the extent to which we are universal units of light.

  3. Me, just being me, that is Universal Medicine, and with that connection, the being that is not me can be healed.

  4. That is the thing with Universal Medicine – it has to be for all and as far I can see it we are definitely missing the Universal part right now.

  5. You paint such great picture with the way you write. Universally, deep down we all want to heal the parts of us that feel empty or unresolved. Universal Medicine simply gives a window into what is possible if you commit to living in a way that truly supports you. It shows us that we have it all already and it’s about removing the layers in order to discover our own treasure. When we have a mark to feel who we really are and what we are capable of it makes it a lot easier to commit to yourselves.

  6. Once we realise that we have a choice as to the quality in which we live our lives, we then can see how crazy it is to accept the duality and tension of the uncomfortable seeking comfort lifestyle as ‘normal’. For in the ‘deemed’ normality of seeking of comfort to mask our unrelenting unsettlement, we relinquish the opportunity to learn, grow, heal and evolve to a greater and far more liberating quality of life through deepening our connection to Soul.

  7. From this article it would have been difficult to give someone that was in that position anything. It seemed like they had it all and yet still didn’t have it. From a material point of view it doesn’t make sense to us, it can’t be and yet how many times do we see the same thing. I remember and still now see that no matter what I ‘achieve’ or gain, collect, or have, nothing comes close to; “The truth of me being me, and that is Universal Medicine. Healing, and for all.” You may ask what that looks like or just see it as a throwaway line but from where I stand and have stood there is no other way, nothing else comes close no amounts of island getaways can replace ‘you’.

  8. I love how you convey deep profoundness with such light-hearted playfulness. From turning our face from God to claiming the truth of us being us – that is what heals, that is universal, and that is medicine.

  9. OMG Alan, you are hilarious! Living the life with all that sashimi swimming around!
    Thanks for keeping it light but oh so solid!

  10. You are right Alan, in your words “a simple truth about Universal Medicine”. We tend to complicate our lives and Universal Medicine, as presented by Serge Benhayon simplifies life for us with the Ageless Wisdom.

  11. That’s correct Alan. It is a simple truth about Universal Medicine – discovering more of you where it is you, you discover and, it (You) deepens and expands.

  12. I agree, it’s the best medicine there is. Before Universal Medicine I used to only think of medicine as pharmaceuticals but since listening to presentations and experimenting with my own life, it’s clear that the best medicine I can take is the choices that affect my body day to day and moment to moment. It’s so cool that we can choose to be part of our own medicine.

  13. I like how you describe how even when our lives are flat, full and joyless we will defend them – it’s so true, even when we know something is wrong we’ll defend our life and our choices to the end, but what if… we simply embraced something new? And it could take us back to the truth that we long for?

  14. As you say Alan, the upside of Universal Medicine is healing, offered to all equally, for our choosing;
    ‘to have “turned my face from God” (my words). That was the downside. The upside was a homecoming that was just Angelic, a roomful, pure and joyous’. I love this expression, thank you.

  15. With the indulgences and trappings of the emotions and comforts of modern day life fueling us it can be difficult to realise that all they do is further bury the fact we are disillusioned with our lives and the world around us and don’t quite know what to do about it.

  16. I hadn’t really realised how disillusioned I was with life either. But with receiving the most amazing education through Universal Medicine, I understand life so much more and that there is a purpose, I have a purpose and that that purpose is not about seeking achievement, or needing recognition or acceptance, it’s not even a job. It’s about understanding what makes life and people tick and living a life of love to the best of my ability, being loving with myself first and then naturally everyone one. This certainly doesn’t happen overnight and is very much a work in progress, but the most worthwhile progress I have bee involved in, in the whole of my life.

  17. A great line Alan “The truth of me being me, and that is Universal Medicine. Healing, and for all.” we seek outside ourselves for the truth never realising that who we truly are is the ultimate truth for all. And, no island or luxury can surpass the joy of living this true self.

  18. Universal Medicine presents to us the simple truth, and when we embrace this our life changes in amazing ways – the greatest feeling is to return to who we truly are.

  19. I was just thinking how ‘I love simplicity’ – and this confirms the fact. The simple homecoming to ‘who I really am’ has been the end of the ‘endless’ search for happiness in exchange for the deep sense of fullness that is that connection to me. It is incredibly simple. God has never abandoned me (or us) but has been here all along – waiting with infinite patience for me to realise the fact and to stop searching for that which I already am.

  20. The sweetest Medicine of all is Universal. Doing our own healing allows us to see how we have fooled ourselves that we are separate. It exposes what we are not, and in doing so we find home has never been too far away, it is right there with us.

  21. Love how you bring the simplicity here Alan, we can make life so complex when we walk away from our universality….those ‘palm-fringed lagoons’ never satisfy the call from within us to be at one, and home with ourselves.

  22. Thank you Alan for sharing your homecoming to the truth of you being you. This is the amazing feeling I felt when I first heard Serge Benhayon talk, in that moment I knew I had come home,

  23. I have been attending courses, presentations and workshops with Universal Medicine for over 10 years. Today during a session with a Universal Medicine Practitioner it was a beautifull reflection, appreciation and confirmation of how far I have come and currently am attending an Esoteric Massage course which is OMG Absolutely AMAZING. The world is blessed with the teachings and healing modalities Universal Medicine bring and that is definitely the truth.

  24. The ancient teachings of Universal Medicine offers us the opportunity to connect to and return to that which is known deep within us all, our divine relationship with the universe.

  25. I have to agree 100% about the simplicity of the truth of Universal Medicine – that it is medicine for all, even those held up on a remote island, and especially those of us that are often “run by a kind of self-loathing, that when given in to, leaves me (us) feeling flat and joyless”. What Universal Medicine offers is the most potent prescription for a life of joy that I have ever been presented with.

  26. ‘The upside was a homecoming that was just Angelic, a roomful, pure and joyous.’ The start of the return to where we belong to, we being divine and an equal part of God. Life gets purposeful in serving others, reflecting the love that we all are and how we can let go of what is not of our true origin.

  27. Beautiful Alan . . . “The truth of me being me,” . . . totally outweighs the need to . . . “clock off and head for that palm-fringed lagoon”. Such is the power, the joy and the healing qualities of Universal Medicine.

  28. ‘Having turned our face from God’ – the root cause of all our woes. Turning towards Him brings up the pain and realization of having walked away from our divine nature and it can be tough at times to face that, but it is coming home, arriving, settling and recharge life with true purpose once again – it is the only way home.

  29. “why am I at times run by a kind of self-loathing, that when given in to, leaves me feeling flat and joyless?”. This is a great question and one I hear repeated often. We can spend years in therapy analysing or searching or just waiting for the answer to this question. It seems most of us have an idea that the answer lies in some one else or something else and if we do admit to it being our responsibility we have no idea how to change things for a lasting change, one that endures and allows us to keep changing on all levels. The Healing in Universal Medicine is one in which we take responsibility for more than we ever have before and it is an ongoing unfoldment, so to speak, as we get to appreciate ourselves and life and live life in a different way.

  30. Alan we are all struggling with the lovelessness being reflected to us from the world around us. This feeds the common subsequent reaction we can have of turning our ‘face from God’ (your words) and dare I say even blaming God for our own choices and reactions to the disconnection, hurt and disillusionment we feel with each other that is weighing us down. But I am starting to wonder if God has got a raw deal in this blame game and shouldn’t for it is our actual disillusionment not only each other but with some of the traditional religious beliefs still being held today which are no longer current that is the issue. All this is only being further exacerbated by our inability to let go of our own hurts and patterns and this is the real culprit and sabotage of our disillusionment, not God.

  31. When I look out in the world… ‘unhappily faking it’ captures it all really…. Interestingly you could say most are doing it unconsciously, playing a game they didn’t even realise they had signed up for, wearing whatever mask suited the parade of the day. From my experience we fell for the games and facades, accepting them as our reality… until blessed, like you experienced, by a true way that requires no faking.

  32. Ah the misery of it all. The spiritual answers, like bandaids that don’t quite cover the wound. Thank goodness they don’t, because it is always wiser to see the festering. It means we never quite fake it as effectively as we would like.
    And how else would we know we need our Medicine if not for the bed sores that take the spacious draft of Universality to heal. Thank God for our bed sores that prevent us from falling fast asleep and forever…

  33. I love your humour Alan as you describe something so incredibly serious. We think we have life made, and under control but that life we settle for is so incredibly far away from what is possible.

  34. “The truth of me being me, and that is Universal Medicine. Healing, and for all.” Thank you Alan, Universal Medicine stands for nothing but truth, a truth that is not lived by many and can be confronting yet ultimately this truth is where we all come from. Universal Medicine has done nothing but inspire people all around the world to live Their truth and not the truth of another.

    1. ‘Universal Medicine stands for nothing but truth’ – beautifully said, and my absolute experience too, Universal Medicine present a truth we all ultimately know, but most ultimately ignore.

  35. When the truth is there and you know it and you’re ready to accept it there’s no stepping away.

  36. What a simple way to share your experience of Universal Medicine. It shows how the quality of the work can be felt without having to read a long account. Thank you Alan, a real stop moment.

  37. ‘The truth of me being me, and that is Universal Medicine. Healing, and for all.’ – Such simplicity and wisdom expressed here Alan -always a joy to read thank you.

  38. The lure of a ‘palm-fringed lagoon’ is desolation and isolation when a choice to return to reconnecting to yourself, God and humanity is offered. Universal Medicine is the balm and ocean of love that brings us home.

  39. I love the simplicity and to the point in the way you express Alan. “The truth of me being me and that is Universal Medicine. Healing and for all”.

  40. Alan, what really struck me was your simplicity. We can make things very complex in life, and then find it hard to “understand” and try to “figure out” what is being presented to us by Universal Medicine, when in fact like you say Universal Medicine is “1) universal and 2) medicine”. Serge Benhayon keeps presenting the same thing, and it is until we all allow ourselves to claim and know these truths for ourselves once more. To accept the simplicity, and let go of the hardness and complexity.

  41. Wow! Thank you Alan, so well presented, truth is all I feel when I read your simple blog. To me Universal Medicine is far beyond my wildest dreams and I had no idea about how amazingly joy-full life could be because their was no way who I am now could be comprehended from where I was before Serge Benhayon!

  42. Yes Alan, how blessed are we all to have found a way back to ourselves, and to know that in deepening that connection we strengthen the call to all our brothers.

  43. Absolutely Gorgeous Alan. It is beautiful to consider that healing is just beyond ourselves and making our own lives better, but actually for us all.

    1. Yes this is the other point I wanted to mention Joshua; how incredible it is that Serge Benhayon presents on us all living as One. All living in brotherhood and harmony – is this possible? Aha! Only if we all claim we are the Ones – are we able to live as One and for the Ones (us all). How can this man get attacked when he is presenting on us all being equal, and bringing it back to the true qualities of life?! The world is clearly in a mess, but why have we accepted this as the ‘norm’ and hold a truly loving and joyful life as an utopian ideal, and somewhat ‘unachievable’???
      By being the recipient of presentations by Universal Medicine and in close proximity to Serge Benhayon, the process of letting go of self and bringing it back to making it about the whole is definitely one of unfolding into the grandness we All are. A process we are All a part of. It is incredible what Serge presents every time.

      1. I am forever amazed and inspired about how Serge can always present as he does. Forever a whole and all encompassing, multidimensional view of life that always leaves no-one and nothing less. He is showing that we can all be the real deal!

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