Universal Medicine: There are no Damsels in Distress here…

It has become tradition that Universal Medicine celebrates the conclusion of each year with the ‘usual presentations’ followed by entertainment from the student body. Each year more talent comes forward to strut their stuff – in a very wholesome, entertaining and, this year, extremely funny way.

Juzzie has been entertaining families on the North Coast for years. You can see him at markets or busking on the streets. Now he has added juggling while he is performing on musical instruments. Part of the joy is seeing how much fun he is having.

Chris, leading any choir, is a delight to the ears and heart. This year his newly formed men’s group (Sounds Deep) was deeply astounding.

Victoria’s performance left a footprint of love, as did all the other performers on the day.

But I am going to give the award to Rebecca Baldwin and Sarah. They were remarkable in so many ways. Firstly, I didn’t know they could sing that well. Didn’t know they could write such funny but truthful lyrics. Didn’t know they could dance. Even more surprising, they can dance and sing at the same time and change styles of music without missing a beat. Even getting their aprons entangled in the microphone headsets felt like part of the entertainment.

I can assure you, there are no damsels in distress here.

In the next performance, Rebecca’s two male support dancers were a fun addition – but who could take their eyes off Rebecca? I’m not sure if it was the magnetic pull of the magenta dress or the open hearted smile that conveyed how much fun she was having. In either case, she stole the show.

by Gayle Cue, Bangalow NSW Australia

124 thoughts on “Universal Medicine: There are no Damsels in Distress here…

  1. I love that these events are such fun, it is like a breath of fresh air next to the vitriol we see come out of disenfranchised parts of the community. It is bizarre anyone could consider those women as damsels in distress!

    1. Eduardo what you are sharing is so true stripping away the layers of self-built ugliness is the best medicine we can take as it supports us all to return to the inner beauty that is waiting to be rediscovered again. Underneath all the ugliness is the purity of who were are.

  2. A beautiful appreciation of the expression of joy in others when they are just themselves and how in being present to hear and see that more are inspired to live their own joy.

  3. Even though there are some parties that falsely try to paint themselves has “hero’s” that are trying to save someone from imaginary danger, the fact remains that your title is completely true, there is nobody that needs saving here, Universal Medicine holds public, fun events for the whole family to enjoy and invites anyone that feels to, regardless of their background or experience, up onto the stage to perform at these entertaining end of year events.

  4. The Universal Medicine celebrations are always fun and joyous occasions; no alcohol, no impositions, no wafts of nicotine and certainly no damsels in distress – or gents for that matter.

  5. What comes through so clearly here is a well enjoyed show and one which celebrated all in it, those who performed and the audience – there feels no gap between the audience and those on stage and an acceptance and openness to all that was presented even those ‘blips’ … this is how we can be with and celebrate each other.

  6. I always thought to be an artist you needed to be special and devout your whole life to music yet Universal Medicine and the students have shown me that we all have the ability to be on stage be it singing or playing an instrument or presenting. And what stands out more is that it is never a full time job, it can easily be done part time and be equally as amazing and productive (sometimes even more).

    1. That sounds much healthier than the star system where many stars seemingly get stranger as their fame increases.

  7. I deeply love your whole-hearted appreciation of everyone here Gayle and the fact that people simply being themselves and having fun with it, without any need to be perfect is such a joy to see, feel and behold.

  8. The Universal Medicine celebrations are always amazing, they are naturally fun, and you can really feel the celebration in the music, in those presenting and those attending it really is a joyous occasion.

  9. Gayle as a woman attending Universal Medicine events since 2012 I have gone from strength to strength, and the women I meet at events are the same. There are definitely no damsels in distress here! Glowing, beautiful, gorgeous, radiant, in stillness and grace would be more accurate!

  10. When I attend a Universal Medicine course I am surrounded by empowered, productive, engaged women and men. Not a single wallflower in sight.

  11. I haven’t heard that saying for years, “damsels in distress” and it’s true what you are saying I don’t see many at these functions and presentations by Universal Medicine. I see plenty in the outside world and not many people truly supporting them. How does this support start and where does it go? We all need to do our bit and action what support we feel and see. As for some very talented and truly entertaining people, the list that is in this article I agree with and more and more are stepping forward in their own way. The possibilities are seemingly endless when your focus or dedication is building your quality, truly supporting yourself first.

  12. It was so much fun to watch these awesome performers on stage. They are not shy to be playful, joyous and to simply have fun, it was so refreshing to watch.

  13. I agree Gayle, there is certainly ‘no damsels in distress’ amongst the student body at all, one just has to look at the women at a Universal Medicine event to see how powerful, beautiful and enormously talented they all are – interesting how the Media clocked it yet chose to paint a different story.

  14. Firstly I have to say thank you Gayle, that was a fun song that I would like to actually rehash soon, Rebecca and I were talking about it, way too good to be a once off and besides, it is still relevant now. The lengths a handful of obsessed few are willing to go to needs to be countered with some fun surely?

    1. You are both amazing and I sincerely trust that the rap that you both performed was recorded for everyone to enjoy in the future. We need these events to be recorded so everyone can join in with the fun just by watching the recording.

  15. I love how you have used the word ‘wholesome’ Gayle, as this reflects the quality in which the performers at Universal Medicine events take to the stage. Not for self-gratification but simply a natural reflection and celebrate of The Livingness, an expression of a quality of life lived in honor, the love and truth of us all, the whole of humanity. And in my experience, this is why the Universal Medicine performances are always so inspiring, joyful and loads of fun.

  16. Gosh, a third comment here but I can’t hold it back 🙂 THANK-YOU for writing that there are ‘no damsels in distress’ here – hilarious, and an absolute counter to the utterly irresponsible journalism circulating around the time this blog was written, that Universal Medicine had many ‘women followers’ who were basically ‘mindless’… Utterly inexcusable ‘reporting’ that sought to silence and ‘void’ the many powerful voices within the student body of Universal Medicine. And ‘silence’ it did NOT, evidenced by the lengthy and no holds barred responses many of us wrote to journalists and their editors alike at the time.
    ‘Damsels in distress’?? You’ve gotta be kidding me!

  17. It is through events such as you’ve described here Gayle, that the student body of Universal Medicine is redefining what ‘performance’ is all about. Gone is the paradigm that would have the ‘performer’ seeking adulation, to be on a ‘stage’ that sets them apart from all, that looks for identification and to be more…
    Embraced, and ever-unfolding in our expression, is the true way of such ‘performance’ – hence I call it a ‘performance-sharing’ – for although one may be on a literal ‘stage’, what is expressed is from a depth of knowing that it is everyone’s shared truth. There is no ‘one’ who is ‘more’ or ‘less’, and in fact, we are learning just how unified the whole experience can be – i.e. ‘presenter’ and ‘audience’ as one. Same – same.
    As we give our all, we cannot but know the Great Joy that the expression is for all, and the All. How this has evolved in a few short years is absolutely amazing.

  18. So, so very much to appreciate here Gayle – hear, hear! And I love that you have not only perhaps verbalised some of this appreciation to those you know, and even clapped, laughed and cheered on the day, but that you’ve written a blog to share more widely, the Great Joy that is known in the musical, sometimes ‘theatrical’ and other such performance-sharing that the student body of Universal Medicine bring on such occasions.

  19. It’s awe-inspiring to view the talent and gift performances presented by Universal Medicine. There is nothing like it I have experienced in entertainment before – free of emotions lifting your body to just be and settlement with your own feelings of joy.

  20. So true – there are no damsels in distress here, no Heros needed, no white knights on white horses – is it so unbelievable that a group of women could empowement themselves to make their own choices in life about what is right and true for their health and well-being?

  21. A damsel in distress conjures up pictures of persecuted and oppressed women and that has certainly not been what I have observed in any of the women at the Universal Medicine events I have attended.

  22. Great reminder of one of the many incredible celebrations held by Universal Medicine. It is because of women associated with Universal Medicine that I know what true empowerment is.

  23. Universal Medicine empowers women and the women you meet here are stunning, strong in their self-worth, sweet and fragile; they know where they belong and carry themselves with grace, beauty and their innate sacredness – an absolute joy and inspiration to meet them and be with and around them!

    1. Absolutely Judith, Universal Medicine empowers women, and it is a joy and inspiration to meet and be around these women.

  24. Agreed Gayle, I remember this end of year concert well and the standout quality of these two women. Now several years on that amazing committed and loving quality shines out from anyone who stands on a universal medicine stage.

    1. Absolutely Victoria, at every Universal Medicine event and performance I have felt the joy, love and playfulness emanate off the stage. I am a huge fan of all the performers on stage at Universal Medicine events.

  25. It is truly beautiful to be a part of the Universal Medicine celebrations and to be entertained by the amazing talents of so many students.

  26. Well I wasn’t there – but I have experienced the awesome ‘ability’ – power maybe – that is Chris James in front of of a group of singers many times. Chris facilitates group singing like no other choir leader I have ever seen – and I’ve seen a few. One of the most remarkable things is his way of including everyone, supporting us all to find our ‘natural voice’ and when we do, the resulting ‘unified sound’ is pure joy.

  27. Thank you Gayle for sharing the amazingness and joy that was felt when attending these events, the number of talented artists getting on stage entertaining us just keeps growing year by year much to our enjoyment and fun.

  28. Universal Medicine sure does know how to party, without leaving you feeling drained and unwell the next day. It’s been revelatory.

  29. Great testimony to how much fun we all have Gayle and now it is four years on and the performances just get better and better,

  30. There are so many things to love about the social events organised by Universal Medicine – the quality of the performers, the music the pure fun and joy of everyone. But I have to say that one of the things that I absolutely adore is that children and adults enjoy the same fun together. People of all ages, quite literally, coming together to celebrate. I have never been to any event like this in the past. Most events are either for children or adults. I love seeing all the children on stage dancing, not to show off, but just to enjoy themselves and each other.

  31. Gayle there is so much fun at Universal Medicine events, and partying from the joy of my essence in a group dedicated to love and true community (I.e. Brotherhood), feels pretty darn amazing! I have also learned so much about true music and true movement and how these feel when they hold energetic integrity – this just adds to the feeling of celebration as there is no imposition or feeling of interference.

  32. Thank you Gayle. I am constantly amazed by the way that students of Universal Medicine come out of their shells to surprise themselves and everyone else with the amazingness of who they are.

  33. Universal Medicine continues to support and present some amazing singers and song writers, and the list is growing. These wonderfully talented people entertain us regularly with music that is free of the heavy and imposing emotion that pours from the majority of other music that is produced in the world. It is always such a joy to attend an event that includes this quality of music and to feel the love it is presented with.

  34. It is pretty difficult, in fact impossible to find anyone in distress at Universal Medicine events. Well, I have certainly not come across anyone in distress in the 4 plus years I have attended many Universal Medicine events. I was there on this beautiful day of celebration, I too was blown away by the performances and felt the fun and joyfulness throughout the entire hall reflecting off everyone and bouncing of the walls, ceiling and floor. Really it was so much fun and love oozing out, emanating beyond the hall of where the event took place. What a celebration? Universal Medicine totally rock the world.

  35. I am pretty sure you will be hard-pressed to find any damsels in distress at a Universal Medicine event for it is a complementary therapy organization that actively supports, encourages and empowers women to evolve to their true potential.

  36. The Universal Medicine musical presentations are of a very high standard. There is an unusually high amount of talented performers.

  37. There is undeniably an amazing wealth of talent within the student body. It is such a pleasure to see them come together in any of the Universal Medicine celebrations and bring so much joy to so many that it still makes you smile when reminded several years later.

  38. Four years later and Rebecca, Simon, Victoria, Sarah, Chris, Michael and many others continue to delight us all with their joyful and spectacular performances. Now we get them at almost every Universal Medicine throughout the year 🙂

  39. Absolutely worth claiming how super joy-full these events truly are and how blessed we are to be a part of them. It is surely amazing to see and feel the difference in performances like these when there is no emotion loading them

  40. Thank you for conveying the joy of the evening Gayle. I missed this one but from what you’ve shared I would have loved to have seen them.

  41. I agree Gayle, the performance by Rebecca and Sarah certainly stole the show that night – their natural talents are a joy to watch and very funny as well.

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