From Resistance to Embracing Western Medicine

by Angela Perin, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Up until a few years ago, I had been a strong supporter of alternative medicine and its various modalities, including ‘new age’ or ‘spiritual’ therapies and techniques. In fact, I considered alternative medicine to be the answer, or to hold the primary solutions and methods to healing illness and disease. When an illness or condition presented with myself or within my family, this is what I turned to, and actively pursued.

Although I grew up with some understanding and use of Western Medicine (to the extent that I did have occasional visits to the local community nurse and saw a doctor on a handful of occasions during my childhood), it was not a big part of my awareness or experience. In my late teens through to my early 20’s, and as a general outcome of my immediate family taking more of an interest in health, I began to become more interested in alternative medicine and therapies (which included general lifestyle changes such as the incorporation of organic food, supplements, regular exercise etc.).

By the time I was in my mid-late 20’s, I was moving more and more towards alternative medicine as the means of healing illness and disease – to the point where I began to discount Western Medicine as a means of support. In fact, to be honest, over the last 20 odd years this was with a large degree of defence and arrogance against Western Medicine, and I avoided it wherever possible. I took great pride in claiming my family and I never went to the doctor, and that we handled nearly every situation without this support. Of course, there were a handful of occasions where I could not avoid this, but even then I accepted the support with a large measure of reluctance and resistance (considering it something that was necessary and unavoidable, but never something that was embraced).

Since 2010 and my association with Universal Medicine, I have had the opportunity to re-look at my beliefs around alternative medicine and Western Medicine, in the context of how they are able to support dealing with illness and disease.

While I have held an understanding for a long time that illness and disease are not random events, and that they result from something else going on (i.e. emotions, lifestyle etc.), I had arrogantly held on to the belief that Western Medicine could not be a part of the healing process (unless of course ‘absolutely necessary’). I had held on to a belief that engaging the support of Western Medicine was considered a ‘failure’, a ‘step backward’ and even a ‘weakness’.

In the past 2 years I have come to an awareness and understanding that Western Medicine is not ‘the’ answer to illness and disease, but it is an important ‘part’ of ‘the’ answer. I have also come to an awareness and understanding that illness and disease come from the way (the quality and self-care) in which we live, and the way (the quality and self-care) we are with ourselves and others. And while it is an individual’s choice to consider and take responsibility for the cause of illness and disease, and to have the opportunity to connect to and be honest about the patterns, behaviours, ideals and beliefs that result in us living a certain way, Western Medicine can offer tremendous support in assisting the physical body as part of this process. Neither of these two is any more important than the other, but rather complements the other in addressing and healing illness and disease.

In the past 2 years, I have had the amazing opportunity to begin to embrace and accept the support of Western Medicine as an important part of a healing process, and to let go of the solid resistance and arrogance I have held for several decades.

And recently I had the amazing opportunity to put this into practice! I had a large abscess on my leg which was not healing, and had no hesitation or resistance in going to the doctors to get it checked out, which resulted in (emergency) minor surgery and a total of 3 days in hospital.

The amazing thing was that I accepted, and in fact, embraced, all of the support that was offered to me – without resistance, without avoidance, and without arrogance. I was able to accept responsibility for my body and my choices, accept the support that was offered – not with an attitude of ‘you (i.e. Western Medicine) fix it’ or ‘I’m totally helpless’ (i.e. giving away my power) – but with an understanding that Western Medicine was an equally important part of this healing process. I was amazed at how much I was supported simply by ‘allowing’ the support that was there, and how this assisted in the overall healing, and the support I received and felt as a result, was truly lovely.

From resisting Western Medicine to embracing it – now that to me was ‘true’ healing!

364 thoughts on “From Resistance to Embracing Western Medicine

  1. Although I have been an avid supporter of alternative medicine for many years, many of the modalities I sought help from didn’t actually make any difference to improving my health until that is, I started to attend the Universal Medicine courses and workshops. One of the biggest components to my improving health started when I started to take responsibility for my health and stopped wanting people to fix me. Having the Esoteric healing practices and Western Medicine at my disposal is definitely the way forward for me and a lot of people I know.

  2. It is worth embracing western medicine, our doctors know much about the physical body – the way it works and the way it shouldn’t work. Many of them have gone into the profession because they care about people and have gone through rigorous training in order to be able to help people. If we come across a doctor that is truly caring, stick to them – they can help us understand a lot about our condition, it’s root and what we can do to change it.

  3. I have come to a place where there is no resistance or fight towards western medicine. Western medicine is there to support me alongside Universal Medicine, which I now embrace them equally in my life.

  4. The beliefs we hold can have a devastating impact in our lives and that of others however when we let them go, the freedom and expansion within the body allows for harmony to be lived.

  5. Perhaps it is this knowing inside that we do need to heal the spirit that takes us to alternative and complimentary medicine and the gamut of the new age therapies, but somewhere along the line they have often focussed on themselves to the exclusion of Western Medicine, and of Course Western Medicine has often poo pooed the alternatives. There is more of a cross over now and an embracing, but for the most part Esoteric Medicine has been left out and some even see it as a threat, just like other powerful ways of healing have been seen as a threat in the past. One day we will see them come together on a much wider scale.

  6. It is not just the physical body but also the spirit that needs healing, and from what you say you are going a long way to addressing both. Our attitudes and lifestyle, the way we care for ourselves – mentally and emotionally all count. Western medicine, especially when it takes the whole body and being into consideration is awesome, and even if it only focuses on the physical, Esoteric Medicine can do the rest.

  7. As I also now embrace all of the support offered to me from conventional medicine, my relationships with the medical practice have changed. I have an acceptance and understanding. I speak up and can be me in love and joy with not one ounce of arrogance or comparison. My family and I are supported embracing the doctors, nurses, receptionists and everyone associated with conventional medicine.

  8. I have also had that sense of pride of rarely needing to go to the doctors for health issues. I have always appreciated what medicine can do but also seen its limitations. I found that western medicine with complementary medicine are the perfect combo.

  9. Healing is bringing understanding to why we got ill in the first place, and being honest about what we need to do to address it. If we’re not open to working together with the body to: a) look at what happened, and b) look at how we need to heal that and best support the body, then we delay our own healing and evolution.

  10. We develop so many abusive habits and understandings and the resistance to medicine is one of them. Very cleverly designed by the spirit to keep us suffering and to hold onto old patterns because without true healing the spirit remains wayward and continues to cause havoc.

  11. We are never truly free and our potential to truly heal is hindered when we live holding on to pictures or ideals of what or who we are and how we ‘should’ live. In opening up to feeling from within what truly supports our body and being, we open up to intelligence in our bodies that knows what is needed to best facilitate true healing and naturally live with vitality and well-being.

  12. We can be blinded to the fact that alternative medicine is not ‘it’ when we have realised that western medicine doesn’t have all the answers. When I trained as nursing student, I found that when medicine didn’t know something they would generally admit it, or say what their best guess was, so they do acknowledge its limitations. Western medicine can do wonderful things, it really just needs its partner in Esoteric Medicine to complete the whole healthcare package.

  13. Gorgeous and how important this true attitude is, not the helpless “oh I am a victim” attitude, for that does not help us heal and stand in our own responsibility.

  14. Western medicine shouldn’t just be our ‘fix’ when things go dramatically wrong, but we can make use of all the support and advice it offers us so that we don’t have to get to a crunch point of needing a big operation, medication prescription etc.

  15. That you have come a full circle and redeveloped an appreciation of how conventional medicine can support our physical body is absolutely great Angela, as there is so much information and opinions available today from people and on line claiming otherwise.

  16. It’s common to feel like there ‘just isn’t the support’ there for us to deal with particular issues or problems, but what if we had to part to play in this, in a sense that when support IS there we reject it or choose to bottle things in rather than express them.

  17. No matter where we are and what we are being presented it is important for us to seek and allow support. For to long we have put on the brave ‘I can do it” and push on through, but really what is being asked of us is to surrender and allow support.

  18. I remember travelling to Vietnam and experiencing time with local villagers and their families. They had such poor health education and medical systems, one had a serious physical impairment from an amputation, this was from a situation of being burned and not knowing basic first aid, and not having access to antibiotics and good medical care. The villagers were absolutely gorgeous and made me a part of their families. But what the situation taught me was to appreciate what I had on offer in Australia in terms of medical care and technology and to make good use of it.

  19. I have had the same journey as you Angela, I was once very arrogant and took pride out of the fact that we as a family first turned to alternative therapies and only when there was no other way turned to Western Medicine. (You could say we took the same route for our children with the education system, alternative and spiritual and have changed this too the moment we became aware of the illusion we were in) Now we know we are responsible for our own healing process and that Western Medicine can and definitely has an important part to play.

  20. Now that is true responsibility and healthy by example! Seeing what truly needs changing and allow the healing to take place on a physical/medical level (when needed) and equally energetically (from our beingness).

  21. This is the power of what Universal Medicine presents. The teachings of the Ageless Wisdom offer people an opportunity to look at their ideals, beliefs, and pictures around life, and see if they are really true for you or not. Was it something that you took on from outside of you – your parents, school system, society etc… or was it from a hurt inside of you, wanting to protect, be a certain way etc… When you take this opportunity with a good dose of honesty, it is quite incredible what you can discover and choose to let go of.

  22. I totally hear you where you say that conventional medicine is an essential part of the answer, it’s not the only part but an essential support and aid none the less and equally how there is healing that we can employ in our own lives, through the way that we are and live and this too is an essential component of true health.

  23. I think western medicine need our love and support to be able to be inspired to bring more of that love and support back to us. Right now it feels like it’s lacking the necessary love aspect. There are for sure many loving people working within the field of conventional medicine but the system in itself is very instrumental and sometimes can feel quite cold and not truly caring. I would love to see more of that.

  24. Western Medicine was a big part of my early life as I was sick a lot, as was my father; it was simply the go-to each time we were unwell. But in my 30’s when my daughter became ill and the Western Medicine didn’t have the answers I began to look to alternative medicine over the four year period of her illness. From then on until Universal Medicine came into my life I stayed in the alternative medicine camp but slowly I came to see that I was ignoring many great resources for healing simply because I was holding on to a hurt. These days I embrace Western Medicine, the healing therapies of Universal Medicine and accept my responsibility to care for me in the best possible way.

  25. I have found that embracing western medicine as an important part healing along with the esoteric modalities has truly given me a holistic approach to my understanding, learning and physical wellbeing.

    1. I agree Rachel – for the varying degrees of illness and disease that we have created and impacts us, through our way of living today, the union of western medicine and esoteric medicine is a powerful one that supports true and deep healing along with supporting to maintain a high level of health, well-being and vitality. Both are an essential part of my well-being plan.

  26. I too was once quite arrogant towards Western Medicine and turned my nose at it thinking it couldn’t possibly offer what was needed. I now realise that was only because I knew it wasn’t offering the full package. These days I use Western Medicine to address the physical symptoms when needed and I also address the energetic side – this is the complementation of Western Medicine with Universal Medicine.

  27. As a society we do need to stop seeing that seeking help from Medicine is a failure – illness and disease are a means of the body to communicate about something that is not serving us in some way. After all if it is the way we are liiving that is making us sick, then our best medicine is to change the way we are living. Hence it is a beautiful learning. And this is done with the support of Conventional Medicine as well as the Esoteric Modalities – hand in hand for the best outcomes – an open choice for all.

  28. Universal Medicine has certainly supported me to embrace conventional medicine, and I am thankful for this in terms of how many more options this has given me, compared to my very narrow minded approach of only natural medicine will do. I still have a strong connection with Natural Medicine, but know this is not the full picture and I understand how important it is to explore both arenas so that we can use all the tools we have available to us in order to support ourselves through illness and return to our innate vitality and health.

  29. There is much support offered by Western Medicine, but true healing involves us to be equally engaged and taking responsibility in the healing process also.

    1. A bandaid doesn’t have healing properties. But it can support the healing – that comes from within.

  30. Alternative medicine not only is not the answer, it is also dangerous because it’s founded upon an arrogant belief that this is much better than allopathy (just an image), and also feeds another image: because I am into it I am taking really good care of myself. Neither of these beliefs/images are necessarily true at all.

  31. I didn’t trust western medicine for a long time, but when all alternative methods didn’t work out, I had to give western medicine another try, albeit unwillingly but necessary, and it was the most amazing choice to embrace a big chunk of responsibility back to my life.

  32. “The amazing thing was that I accepted, and in fact, embraced, all of the support that was offered to me – without resistance, without avoidance, and without arrogance.”

    Gosh you would have made a much better patient than before 🙂 I reckon the hospital staff would be glad that you have made the change 🙂

  33. Blimey Angela, if we withheld ‘Western Medicine’ from humanity for say 6 months, there would be very few people left in the world…seriously. It is because of the sophistication of ‘Western Medicine’ and the support it gives that actually hides just how very sick the world population really is.

  34. My resistance to Western Medicine has been completely dissolved now that I combine it with looking at the energetic side of illness, disease and in fact anything that goes on in the body. I realise I didn’t actually have a resistance to it, only that it was not complete.

  35. In my gravitation towards alternative medicine (not complementary medicine), what took me years to admit was my desire to avoid responsibility and find a cure to rid myself of all the symptoms and problems – exactly the same attitude whether going for conventional medicine, or going for a little bit more exotic and seemingly more ‘natural’, just that in choosing ‘alternative’ was only a disguise and it came with even more arrogance. If one thing was not able to deliver, go find something else, always leaving some areas of my life unquestioned and not allowing any true honesty to enter.

  36. Could it be that we don’t just fight ‘going to the doctor’, but we sometimes actually fight finding out what’s going on and how our body has responded to the choices we’ve been making, and in turn what our process of treating and healing these patterns is set out to be?

  37. Now that is what I call true medicine, embracing all the medical support that is given and also taking responsibility and looking at the part we play in it .. why the illness or dis-ease has arisen in the first place which is the most important part to look at .. the way we have lived.

  38. In my experience, alternative modalities can give a person an illusionary view that conventional medical practitioners are not only not needed, but can actually be contra-indicative to one’s healing process. However, since learning about true medicine with Universal Medicine, I have come to see how conventional medicine can be embraced and welcomed, for what it brings is essential and vital for our health and recovery from illness and disease – especially when it is brought to the condition in combination with a life lived with the esoteric inner-heart.

  39. I used to also have strong beliefs about avoiding Western Medicine except for the basics, however now what I see is all the wonderful people who have trained in medicine to support other human beings, and I really enjoy receiving all the support and benefits of their care as well as the technology and advancements.

  40. We make life about option a and b, black and white, wrong or right – when the true answer lives in consideration of it all. This unification is the real medicine we crave. Thank you Angela.

  41. I was always very anti medicine, or so I thought. I would only go to the doctor if all else failed and if it was absolutely necessary. So despite my resistance, it was a last point of call which tells me something in me knew that it would work.

  42. Changing our attitude to Western Medicine as the go-to to fix illness and disease, to one of being self-responsible for one’s own health, and that Western Medicine is there to support, has been a great understanding presented by Serge Benhayon.

  43. “I had held on to a belief that engaging the support of Western Medicine was considered a ‘failure’, a ‘step backward’ and even a ‘weakness’.”I used to think this too. I feel because we know that Western Medicine doesn’t have all the answers we tend to discard it, rather than be open to accepting the fact that there are times through the un-loving way that we live, and our dis-connection to our true selves that Western Medicine is a necessary and for many an unavoidable part of our healing.

    1. I agree, Alison. to acknowledge that at times we require the support and help of Western Medicine is being self-responsible and loving rather than,”… a ‘failure’, a ‘step backward’ and even a ‘weakness’.”

      1. That’s exactly it, seeking the support of Western Medicine is being responsible, caring and loving with ourselves, it’s very simple. It becomes complicated when we live to ideals or beliefs that we have to ‘do it on our own’, or ‘being sick means you’ve failed’, or the ‘medical world can’t be trusted’, etc. The simple equation of being unwell and allowing support then becomes a complicated process due to the beliefs and ideals.

  44. Western Medicine is not appreciated enough for what it brings to humanity but it may be because it has lost in time that part we nowadays call Complementary Medicine, that addresses the underlying causes of the conditions where Western Medicine marvels in curing these. The re-bonding of these two would be a blessing for Wester Medicine as it will by that act return to its original imprint and from there truly serve humanity in healing its ill ways.

  45. There is a distinction between complementary and alternative medicine – complementary medicine is when natural medicine works hand in hand with conventional medicine (Western Medicine), but with alternative medicine it works in separation to conventional medicine. The latter is an avoidance and a separation of the whole picture. Without the whole picture a person does not get all the options presented to them to best support them in their healing and return to well-being. How important is it that we work together as a team?

    1. Sure there is a distinction to make in Complementary and Alternative medicine which is not always understand by current medicine and general public. But finally we all will come to the conclusion that Alternative Medicine is indeed as you say as received as a separation and a replacement for the Western Medicine while the Complementary Medicine is actually the missing part Western Medicine is so much so looking for.

    2. It’s a big distinction and one that is not often made. Often therapies or treatments that do not fall under the banner of Western Medicine get lumped together. The difference between complementary and alternative is colossal.

  46. I have had this belief as well, although looking back I have no idea where it came from. ‘I had held on to a belief that engaging the support of Western Medicine was considered a ‘failure’, a ‘step backward’ and even a ‘weakness’.’ I think from anything it was a fear that I could not control my own health (that my health was not in my own hands), but along with this, crazily enough, I didn’t look after my own health! Ironic really and I feel today we very much still have the same situation. I certainly have loads to learn with this and if we are honest and take a look in the world, I would say on a very large scale we don’t take full responsibility for our health and well-being and sometimes don’t even know how to! For example if somethings happens in our body .. we have a stroke or are diagnosed with diabetes. I feel we do not go there in asking why do we truly have this? what is the body showing us? what have our choices been and can we change or heal this by making different choices/taking care of ourselves more? Instead we carry that diagnosis and feel we have no input into it. And yes alongside our taking responsibility and getting to understand the true energetic reason why something has manifested, Western Medicine definitely has a role in the healing process.

  47. I can relate to what you share Angela, I was practically the same, championing the fact that i almost did not see any doctor and could fix whatever came up with one or another ‘alternative’ healing modality or medicine. But what I can see now is that this came from an arrogance and a lack of responsibility to truly heal what my body showed me bringing to the surface, and instead choose to keep it in the veils of irresponsibility, as the treatment I chose at that time did not bring me any healing, but buried the root cause only deeper in my body.

    1. I used to count the number of years that I had not even taken a basic painkiller (I got to 10 plus years) and I used to champion the fact that I did not use anaesthetic when I went to the dentist to get a filling done. But in the meantime I was not really taking care of myself and not really taking full responsibility of what was going on for me as I only chose to use natural medicines thinking that was ‘better’ for me! Thankfully I have come around to seeing that we need to work hand in hand and that each one has so much to offer. And then the next step, like you have mentioned Nico, was to see that so many alternative treatments actually drive things deeper into our body rather than offering a true healing. Thankfully the esoteric modalities have been a true complimentary medicine to work with Western Medicine to offer the whole picture of healing. What a blessing to have had and still have access to these amazing therapies!

  48. Healing is always a multi-faceted process and we need to take into consideration that every aspect of our life does either hinder or support our overall health. Using Western Medicine and Complementary Medicine to gain a broader outlook on our health not only gives us a greater understanding of why we are sick but also a surrender to our bodies honesty and our willingness to go there.

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