Amazing Grace

by Anne Malatt, Australia

I woke this morning feeling amazing. There was nothing in the way of this feeling, so I lay there and enjoyed it. The feeling welled up from deep in my heart and filled my being. It flowed up and down my spine and I felt it cracking and popping into place. It flowed down my arms and I felt them relaxing and releasing. My fingers tingled and my palms grew fiery. It flowed down my legs to my feet and out my soles. It filled my head, which felt much lovelier than what usually fills it.

I held my sleeping partner, and I felt the same amazingness in him. As I lay there feeling how amazing he was, my amazingness grew and our two hearts beat as one.

Everything felt amazing, except the mosquito, which started buzzing around our heads. I then had a choice ­– to focus on this or to continue to allow myself to feel amazing. I chose me, which was amazing.

The feeling grew, and I felt so amazing that I wanted to get up and share it with the world. As I moved, the feeling flowed through my body. Every move I made was a confirmation and celebration of that feeling.

As I sit here watching and listening and feeling the day dawn, I can feel that same feeling in everything… in everyone… that amazing grace, that love, that we all are.

253 thoughts on “Amazing Grace

  1. The mosquitos of life – everything that distracts us from being who we are, all the noises and pictures, expectations, demands, deadlines, ideals and beliefs, and the next and the next and the next thing to do… it all tends to take us away from the stillness within. Hence we need to turn towards our inner to find what we miss and then learn to live from that inner in a world run by everything outside of us.

  2. Amazing grace. I laughed when the mosquito arrived, just to check whether the stillness and beauty you were connecting with, could be disrupted. I love the reflections we are given in life.

  3. Mosquitos tend to evoke the feeling of an uninvited guest to a party. Are they really? What I find fascinating about them is how selective they are in terms of who to bite and who to not. There was a time in my life when they use to eat me in pieces. They do not bother me anymore 99.9% of the time. My blood and smell did not change. Hmmmmm…..

  4. Just reading your blog Anne, I can feel the same amazingness flowing throughout my whole body, thank you for this amazing reflection coming through your writing.

  5. Could it be that life is this simple? The choice between the amazingness of our true beingness and the distractions of this world? The more I choose to see and know the amazingness in myself and through this in everyone else, the more simple joyfulness I experience in life – no matter what the mosquitoes are doing around us all.

  6. I wonder if that amazing grace would be naturally there in everyone if we wouldn´t lose ourselves in reaction to all the ‘mosquitos’ that make life the seeming struggle we experience every day.

    1. Exactly Alex, as I was reading Anne’s blog with this simple and clear reflection a smile came to my face. We actually can choose to be distracted by the ‘mosquitoes’ in life, or we can stay connected and with the ‘amazing grace’ that we are.

  7. What an utterly delicious way to begin another day, and as it was for you Anne, it is also possible for each and every one of us to connect to this same “amazing grace”.

  8. Great to hear someone sharing about feeling amazing, often people can feel more comfortable sharing about when they are not feeling so good and don’t want to appear to be big noting themselves if they do express the awesome aspects of their lives. There is nothing big noting about sharing the amazing aspects of how we feel. Not holding back provides a reflection of what is possible.

  9. Thank you Anne for sharing your amazingness which is forever expanding the moment we appreciate and confirm the feeling in our body. With reading your blog my body could let go of some tension build up from the day, and just be….amazing.

  10. Thank you Anne for blessing us with your ‘Amazing Grace’ as I was reading your piece I was feeling the same grace in my own body . . . a GREAT way to start the day! Love you humour . . .hey the mosquito was not worth a look in on how this feels!

  11. Anne – I love what you shared here about the mosquito – how you heard it buzzing round your ear (hands down one of the most annoying things ever) but in that moment you didn’t get caught up – you stayed with how you were feeling. You chose not to be effected by the outside. That is very cool and shows we always have a choice and it is our choice to make the external more important than what is felt in our bodies.

  12. I woke up today not feeling at all amazing. Reading this I can now feel the fragility I have been trying to cover up with grumpiness, is right here, tender, raw and sensitive. And the amazing thing is nothing bad has happened just because I am being honest with myself and letting myself feel it. The sky hasn’t fallen on my head, in fact I am now feeling more myself again with an inkling of the amazingness that I know deep down I really am.

  13. It is truly divine is when we realise that when the sun rises everyday we always have the option of embracing the new day with an openness and honesty that builds on the lessons we have learned the previous day and that by living in this way (even when the lessons are challenging and uncomfortable) it allows us to embrace our potential to evolve and feel an amazing grace and ever expanding joy that grows with every passing day.

  14. Beautiful Anne, it’s so true, we do all have that same amazing grace within, we just need a gentle reminder that it lies within us all equally.

  15. Once a mosquito starts buzzing in my year, I can’t rest until it is gone and by gone, I mean dead, amazing that you were able to stay in bed and enjoy the grace between you and your partner not go on a mad ninja mosquito mission.

  16. And how beautifully confirming and a point for appreciating to know that you woke feeling amazing due to the choices you made the day before and the day before that….. It’s not something we just suddenly wake up with. It takes commitment to living a loving life and then the rewards are exquisitely bountiful as you share here.

  17. An absolute blessing to share. It is incredibly healing to know and deeply feel what is possible to choose and live in any moment.

  18. Beautiful Anne – this evening I felt the power of choice, I chose joy and the warmth of this flooded my body. We can choose to live this everyday – it is up to us.

  19. “As I sit here watching and listening and feeling the day dawn, I can feel that same feeling in everything… in everyone… that amazing grace, that love, that we all are.” Beautiful Anne. So often we focus on the things that aren’t right – the mosquitoes – but staying with your amazingness melted enabled that feeling to grow.

  20. Anne I loved that you chose to stay with your own amazingness, and how that feeling expanded. Connecting to our inner selves, is a choice we have at every moment, and when we do we are definitely with grace.

  21. Thank you Anne your choice to stay with the feeling of amazingness instead of the distraction of the mosquito is a great way to live in the world – staying connected to ourselves allows us to flow beautifully in the world without reacting to things around us.

  22. Yes that is the question. . . Do I focus on those little things that are not quite right in my life or do I focus on how amazing I am and deeply appreciating and celebrating that?

    1. great question Lieke. I feel that this is the beginnings of where our issues come from. Giving power to what is outside instead of honouring and claiming in full what we know to be true within

      1. Yes true grace comes only from ‘honouring and claiming in full what we know to be true within.’

  23. The choice to stay feeling the amazingness and not be distracted by the incessant buzz of the mosquito – how true of our choices in life.

  24. Thank you so much Anne – how gorgeous that you shared this with us all – Not too long ago I was feeling particularly amazing but something happened and I chose to not share that amazingness of me with another – I remember fully choosing not to share it – this was a huge lesson for me because I soon didn’t feel amazing anymore – I could really feel that the Love that we all are is not for self, sharing it keeps it full and warm inside us all.

  25. How many people in our world wake up feeling all of who they are and more, feeling absolutely amazing? This deeply loving connection with yourself and your partner sure is amazing grace.

  26. I love reading your blog again Anne. So, so gorgeous, it reminds me of a very similar experience I had during Sacred Esoteric Healing level 5, that the love I felt all around me was so amazing and confirming that we are all deeply connected.

  27. What a gorgeous way to wake up. Thank you for sharing this amazing grace with us Anne. Your experience with the mosquito shows how important it is to accept the way things are in order to experience a true state of grace.

  28. I love the way you stayed with what you were feeling Anne, to feel it then expand through your whole body and then too, for it to expand even further so that you could feel within your partner and on and out into your whole surroundings, this amazing grace. This beautiful grace that is there within all of us, whether we choose to be aware and accept it or not is another matter.

  29. Your celebration and appreciation of yourself, and then your partner, is music to my ears Anne – when we surrender to the amazingness that we are, we can truly see what is around us too – and how much love is in the world.

  30. This is such a beautiful blog Anne, reading it again reminded me of a similar experience during the Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 5 I attended recently. I was feeling this incredible energy of joy flowing through my body, it kept expanding and expanding, connecting and allowing me to feel that oneness with everyone in the hall and with humanity. I had the same feeling of ‘I wanted to get up and share it with the world.’ In that movement I didn’t have to move or go anywhere, I was already sharing love and joy with the world by simply allowing myself to deeply connect, feeling the expansion and to feel our connection as ONE.

    1. “In that movement I didn’t have to move or go anywhere, I was already sharing love and joy with the world by simply allowing myself to deeply connect”. I am learning this also Chan. I can remember feeling as a child I had to move and get everyone else to feel this way. Now I simply connect and in that joy another can choose, I don’t need to do anything but absolutely enjoy being.

      1. It is so natural for us to want to share the love and joy we feel. This confirms choosing to be alone and isolated from people, shutting out people is very unnatural, it only comes about when we are deeply, deeply hurt and choosing to hold it against humanity.

  31. ‘The feeling grew, and I felt so amazing that I wanted to get up and share it with the world.’- Beautifully expressed Anne the joy of sharing your amazingness with the world.

  32. “I then had a choice” – such powerful and simple word that apply to everything – we can make up as many stories, dilemmas and excuses as we like – and take the long way round, which believe me is draining – but in the end each and every choice is simple – love or not love.

    1. I love it, gylrae, the simplicity of the choice between love or not love – only two options. But how many implications!

  33. “and enjoyed it.” these words say it all, allowing ourselves to enjoy who we are and how we feel. It also begs to question, why? Not through passing blame, but do we grow up being reflected / taught to focus on our issues, what we perceive as so called ‘wrong’ rather than our true self and all the divine qualities that we naturally bring and feel, such as love, stillness, grace, delicateness, joy, playfulness etc – and that when we do there are actually no issues there in the first place.

  34. Ohhh Anne, so exquisite to feel what you shared. I love those moments of completeness. I look forward to having many, many more in my life. Yum.

  35. Beautiful, Anne. A great reminder that we’re all equal in amazingness but just choose to let other distractions take our attention away from the fact and the feeling.

  36. It’s funny as I read this blog I felt oh don’t feel that way, bit of comparison coming in there, then I laughed when I read this line “Everything felt amazing, except the mosquito, which started buzzing around our heads.” I realised my thoughts are exactly the same as this mosquito – as soon as I did – sorry what thoughts? I felt me again. Isn’t it amazing, I know I do this, that I can become so focused or self absorbed with one tiny little thought that it can seen like everything, when in reality it’s not even that big, if in fact anything at all.

  37. Feeling what you truly are is amazing there are so many things to be distracted by, but when not choosing them it only magnifies as you say.

  38. The great thing about Universal Medicine is that I learned a way of being with myself that allows me to connect to this amazingly graceful state, even on days when I don’t wake up feeling amazing. I might not always choose to use these tools, but they are there and they work as nothing else that I have learnt and tried.

    1. Great point, felixschumacher8. Sometimes we can feel less than amazing in the morning. If we want to change it we could use tools given by Universal Medicine so we could go to sleep feeling amazing and appreciative. This way it is guaranteed that we wake up feeling amazing.

      1. True, Elenalight. Why do we sometimes miss out on using the Universal Medicine tools?
        For me the answer is simple: Because there is a part of me that prefers not to feel too amazing, a great measure of it, but not too much, it could cause the world around me some disturbance.

    2. Great comment felixschumacher8. I too know I can connect to feeling absolutely amazing anytime anywhere. It is all a matter of choice to allow ourselves to feel it or not.

  39. To feel that amazingness within ourselves then to share this with another – awesome.
    A beautiful sharing thank you Anne. I felt the tingles in my body as I read this.

  40. Indeed we are all this amazingness; if we choose to give ourselves the grace to feel it, we get to share it too.

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