Amazing Grace

by Anne Malatt, Australia

I woke this morning feeling amazing. There was nothing in the way of this feeling, so I lay there and enjoyed it. The feeling welled up from deep in my heart and filled my being. It flowed up and down my spine and I felt it cracking and popping into place. It flowed down my arms and I felt them relaxing and releasing. My fingers tingled and my palms grew fiery. It flowed down my legs to my feet and out my soles. It filled my head, which felt much lovelier than what usually fills it.

I held my sleeping partner, and I felt the same amazingness in him. As I lay there feeling how amazing he was, my amazingness grew and our two hearts beat as one.

Everything felt amazing, except the mosquito, which started buzzing around our heads. I then had a choice ­– to focus on this or to continue to allow myself to feel amazing. I chose me, which was amazing.

The feeling grew, and I felt so amazing that I wanted to get up and share it with the world. As I moved, the feeling flowed through my body. Every move I made was a confirmation and celebration of that feeling.

As I sit here watching and listening and feeling the day dawn, I can feel that same feeling in everything… in everyone… that amazing grace, that love, that we all are.

253 thoughts on “Amazing Grace

  1. All too often because we are so preoccupied with, and used to the highs and lows of human life, we tend to forget in every movement we make and in every experience we have, there is an opportunity to appreciate how amazing we actually are.

  2. Thank you Anne, that mosquito is symbolic of the many things that come our way that can be used as a distraction from simply being connected to the stillness of our inner heart and feeling how amazing we are.

    1. Yes it sure does Melinda and also equally symbolic of how being impulsed by our connection to our love, to our Soul, we live the power of who we are reducing any potential distraction or interference to that of the size of a mosquito. The power of our love live is grander that anything in this world.

      1. Thanks so much for your comment Carola, it was so perfectly constellated for me to read today, every word was so supportive. I love how life works, so many experiences of magic – communication from God through nature or through our fellow human beings.

  3. Choosing you and the grace that you were so gorgeously wrapped in, over a mosquito was probably an easy choice as who would want such an amazing moment in time to be spoiled by an annoying little insect. A great reminder of the power of choice; that it would not have been the mosquito who spoiled the magic, it would have been you allowing it to do so.

  4. What a celebration of who we are! What a way to start a day! I love this and the amazing-ness you feel is contagious so thanks for sharing Anne.

  5. Tinglings up in my legs and out from my fingertips, as I read your sharing. Feeling my amazingness too. That is what we can choose, even when there might be mosquitos around. Life is not about squashing all possible mosquitos and creating a mosquito free cocoon where I never get disturbed or irritated, but it is about choosing to come back to the amazingness that is already here.

  6. I love reading this blog as I find it such an inspirational reminder that it is always a choice as to what and where we choose to put our focus.

  7. However terrible the world is around us, however sick our body and mind may feel within us is this amazingness that can never extinguished, it can only be ‘cloaked’.

  8. I’d bet that the mozzie soon went away as it couldn’t have come near such amazingness as it simply wasn’t a vibrational match.

  9. I often feel a beautiful connection to myself when I first wake up and stay in bed longer than I need to because I haven’t quite worked out how to continue this connection to myself throughout the day. You remind me that our level of connection is a constant choice.

  10. The reference to the mosquito is a superb illustration that we constantly have the choice to either choose to focus on the slightest dis-harmony, however small it is, rather than the magnificence of the whole.

    1. How easily we can get side tracked away from the grandness and it’s magnificence by such a minuscule blip.

  11. Having lived so long with self-loathing it is now amazing to appreciate the amazingness that I, we and the world are.

  12. A superb reminder how insignificantly small any disturbance is in this world compared to the beauty and grace we are.

  13. Classic example of the daily choice to either focus on the tiniest detail of imperfection and see ourselves and our reality as purely that inspite of the greater whole of perfection we are. Or focus on our whole and that grandness which puts the little issues in life a true perspective of being much much smaller than who we truly are.

  14. Holy Moly what a blog of appreciation to start my day. If I choose I can focus on that in my body and yes, how could I possibly keep that just for me. What I am appreciating though is how it needed to be in you first, that there were distractions but you already felt the flow and deliciousness in your body so you chose that instead of the distraction. I will hold that with me as I go about today.

  15. This is a beautiful blog offering an insight into the fact that we always have a choice – to surrender and appreciate the flow of love in and through our being or to be distracted by something, even as small as a mosquito which can leave us feeling irritated or annoyed in less than a nano second.

  16. Thank you Anne, I felt amazing this morning too but I let an event in the day bring me down and it is only just now reading your blog that I can feel my body really letting go and surrendering and reconnecting to that power and joy that I felt this morning.

  17. Absolutely beautiful Anne, as you say such confirmation impulses us to share it with everyone. How natural then is it for us to support each other, requiring no effort at all but every part of our being is willing…

  18. We have this amazing grace within us all and there is a tendency to choose the mosquito buzzing around us instead. It is in everything we are, I know which I would prefer to focus on.

  19. It is amazing when we feel the true grace we are within us and move with that grace and connection, because others notice that grace and the reflection is not only seen but deeply felt too.

  20. Yesterday I passed not one but two removals trucks with ‘Grace’ written all over them, the name of the company. And today this exquisite blog. There are no accidents. Time to get moving with grace!

  21. Love how personal this feeling was, I’ve seen many things written about how when looking at something how beautiful and or amazing it is, a building, a sunset, a landscape, an animal etc and yet few seem to be about a feeling for ourselves first. This one builds from within clearly and then would go out to everything else from there which is a spin on how it has been. I love the origins of this article and brings things back to a simple key, life is about how you are with yourself first and then that feeling you hold is then there for all else.

  22. Living in amazing grace even when life can challenge us is key to deepening our stillness and love within – thank you Anne.

  23. I love your humour Anne and I love this blog . . . as I was reading it I could feel the amazingness spread through my body also! Thank you.

  24. When I read your blog, it also has me considering how considerably low our standards are and how often we accept waking up feeling so much less than magnificent.

  25. “that amazing grace, that love, that we all are.” Appreciation of the grandness of the true love that we are that puts the buzzing interferences of life into perspective.

  26. What if our whole lives are full of this amazing grace, and the only you could say negative part or problem was as small as the moskito…. It makes no sense to give any power to something so small when we are surrounded by such grandness.

  27. I have come to see so clearly that when I choose me, and not allow myself to be distracted from the truth I am feeling in any given moment, that magic happens; magic that these days is nothing extraordinary but simply showing me how magical life can always be if we choose to live our truth.

  28. That is a cute and classic story; the fact that you were able to stay with the grace and joy you felt rather than being taken by the mozzy and go into the annoyance is actually a lot harder than one might think, especially when they are buzzing in your ear.

  29. That’s very cool Anne. I love the choice to stay with you. I know I would have found that buzzing test somewhat infuriating….but I most certainly would have clocked it was a test and that I was then presented with a choice.

  30. How empowering it is to be aware of the vibration that we have chosen to move us through our day, as it is then this quality that we confirm and magnify through all that we do.

  31. Gosh that was beautiful to read, thank you Anne. The mosquito was such a great analogy for many life situations, from thoughts to problems and issues – we can focus all of our attention on these things or stay with the feeling of how amazing we truly are and deal with life from that place. Amazing grace indeed.

  32. I love the feeling of being held by another and in that moment the period of grace and surrender- the beauty of coming together in a way that is full of love.

  33. The early moments of the day, if we wake up early and there is space to be with yourself, is one of the most beautiful moments of the day. Pure grace and surrender to it. A perfect moment if there are no mosquitos around!

  34. To allow ourselves to feel amazing one thing but to sustain it and build on its grace requires appreciation. There is not nearly enough appreciation in the world of today and this is a fact we all need to first ponder on why and then correct it.

  35. Touch me in every inch of my being. The choice to stay with our amazingness is one of great self love.

  36. A simple, wise and oh so powerful sharing thank you Anne; summed up in what you have expressed here;
    “in everyone… that amazing grace, that love, that we all are”.

  37. I was watching a tv commercial this morning and it showed everyone walking around with their heads down totally disconnected from life and from each other. Then one girl decides to bring a dining table and eat dinner in her apartment block hallway. People walk by and start to join her and everyone starts to connect again.
    It shows that this is actually our innate nature and we have been moving away from this and there is a craving in many to come back to this truth- some just not so sure if it is safe and if others will meet them here if they do.

  38. What I love about this article is that you took the time to write down and appreciate what you’ve felt, to make a claim and share to the world what you’ve felt. And knowing that even when distraction comes by you have a choice to stay with it. Thank you.

  39. This is a simple and beautiful reminder that in each moment we always have a choice, it was great that you didn’t let yourself get distracted by the mosquito and remained with your stillness and amazingness instead.

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