What I Love about Christmas

by Anne Malatt, Australia

What I love about Christmas is the stillness.

I love the feeling that we have stopped for a day to spend time with ourselves and with those we love.

Of course, there is often a frantic rush to do things before and after, and for many even during Christmas day, but it feels like there is a possibility for everyone to feel stillness on this day.

What if we could feel stillness every day? 

What if this was a natural way to feel the essence of who we are?

What if we could allow ourselves to feel this way, every day?

I have found that if I start the day in stillness, before I go into motion, my day flows much more harmoniously. When I wake, I lie in bed and feel how I am. I make sure I am fully present in my body before I get up and move. This way, my movements are much more gentle and loving and confirm the living stillness that I am.

If I lose it, I stop and return to this feeling of stillness as soon as I realise I am struggling. I focus on breathing gently until I can feel my stillness again. If I can’t feel still, I go for a gentle walk until I can.

I have learnt this way of being through the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

If I live this way, every day can feel like Christmas.

350 thoughts on “What I Love about Christmas

  1. Stillness at Christmas is a whole new learning for me, one that I’m looking forward to living in the very near future.

  2. Everyday can feel like Christmas if we connect to who we truly are. Our connection then grows and this can be shared with all others and we can love equally all people around us if we gather with them or not. A purposeful living that is expansive in many many ways and not limited to one or two days.

  3. Christmas in the Northern hemisphere, especially when fresh snow has fallen, can be awe-inspiringly still and convey a taste of the delicious stillness we all have inside of us.

  4. Yes, it is also like this when there is snow and all the ground is white. Everything slows down and people seem to have more time to connect to each other. Our lives can run at a ridiculously fast and furious rate with increasing pressure to hit targets. To have a moment to just be, without all the doing to meet outside demands, gives us all a taste of how life could be very different.

  5. I feel this way too about Christmas. There can be such a hype which can take us away from this pause moment on offer. Yet if we take it, it’s like a moment where the whole country and beyond is just taking a moment to stop, connect with loved ones and take a break from the momentum we may have been running in. Quite a beautiful offering.

  6. I loved reading some for the previous comments of feeling the stillness by not eating breakfast in a hurried way, if breakfast sets your day, how you eat breakfast or anything we eat also sets your day too.

    Stillness ought be felt in our everyday not just for weekends or public holiday, its as if we give ourselves permission during those extra days off and not the others.

  7. When we stop and feel the stillness we have from within there is an inner calm, it gives us space to evaluate things, to feel what is going on, and most of all to enjoy life even the smallest of things can bring a smile to our face, we don’t need Christmas when everyday can be filled with such beautiful moments, that we so often miss because we are too busy in the distraction of life.

  8. All I want for Christmas is… stillness. I agree Anne, I love the feeling of stillness at that time also, and on other public holidays, and even on weekend days. It’s utterly beautiful. As you say, we can make our every day a holiday… a holy-day… a stillness day.

  9. The profound teaching in this blog is – there does not exist something as Christmas. Huh, what? Yes, in fact the ancientness does exist and the stillness can be observed and deeply felt. But it is us that is paying more attention and present conscious thinking to Christmas. So we can see it is our choice how much of that stillness, that togetherness we take out of the shelf, and when , how and how much. Christmas is in fact a symbol of having the opportunity and possibility to bring all of that alive in all those 364 days the rest of the year..So, what is Christmas truly reflecting us? That we can live all that brotherhood & togetherness, stillness and magic of God – everyday.

  10. Something that helps me to keep stillness in my day is not eating breakfast, most mornings in the past I eat breakfast in a rushed and hurried manner, this quality is then with me throughout the day. I now choose to not do this and my day flows in a more purposeful flow.

    1. So true Samantha. Not having breakfast makes me more aware of my body, I never quite know why but it seems to be more communicative with me when I eat lightly and have a good gap between dinner and breakfast. When I listen to my body I find that I eat less and when I do eat I eat well and the stillness Anne talks of is more palpable as my ‘normal’.

  11. Very true Anne, Christmas can be a stop moment for people where they spend quality time with loved ones and enjoy and appreciate the year they have had – I agree this is something we can begin to live everyday not just one day of the year.

  12. Hi Anne, this is such a beautiful reminder that we are all be responsible for our own level of stillness.

  13. I love how much you value stillness, and how you have tools to bring that quality back if you loose it. Stillness is for sure an under valued quality worldwide today, we tend to be great at the activity part of life and not so great at the quality – or stillness.

  14. We all know what is to live a life in constant motion mood. Yet, this does not mean that we have a healthy and evolving relationship with motion. To be able to have such relationship we need to learn how to relate to stillness too.

  15. A beautiful and lasting present to give ourselves and all around us to be present with our inner stillness.

  16. Taking that stop moment throughout the day is so important in bringing us back to our stillness when we realise we are out, simply coming back to a gentle breath or a walk or whatever it is that brings us back to our bodies to be able to feel the harmony of the stillness within again.

  17. I love Christmas too, I have always noticed how still the streets are, lots of people away and nobody rushing to work, its all through the air, its almost like you can touch it. The way that you have brought this feeling to each and everyday is inspiring, I am still working on fully embracing stillness and so the more I read about people that have, the better.

  18. Wouldn’t it be lovely! I’m really appreciating how much I now realise it’s actually possible to make stillness a part of every day and not something I work forward to for a Saturday in 3 weeks time. It makes an enormous difference when I remind myself that we’re not going anywhere and that just being present is enough and actually so much easier to deal with.

  19. It is beautiful to feel how blessed we really are, that in every moment we are offered the opportunity to connect to the stillness that we innately are within, to live in connection to our Soul and be the gift we are to this world.

  20. Around the world, different religions and cultures have their own special days reserved throughout the year. And it’s kind of funny how that specialness only applies to those who believe/adhere to whatever they choose to, and only when their doctrine/tradition tells them so. As for me, Christmas was never really any more than a day to get a present and cake. It was not even a public holiday where I grew up. So, I totally agree – there is a possibility for everyone to feel stillness every day.

  21. It’s true that potential for us to re-connect with the quality of stillness is always there – whether we are at work, at home, in a crowd, on holiday… it is not reserved for special occasions but on offer all the time if we are willing to choose it!

  22. I was pondering the other day why I love Christmas and I realise it was the stillness on Christmas Day that I love. I agree with you Anne, that we could connect to stillness every day and not just save it for one day a year but to live it everyday.

  23. I appreciated reading about the simple acts of self care you choose daily to support yourself Anne to stay with your stillness. Easy to do and a great foundation for every day.

  24. For me its like there is this reprieve feeling on Christmas day when everything stops and what is important is at the forefront. As I read your blog- I did have the same feeling to go into today appreciating every connection and moment.

  25. It’s not really Christmas at all really, it’s the fact that for many they give themselves space at this time of year to actually stop, and in fact we need to incorporate that into our day to day lives and not just one special day.

  26. After what seems a life time of literally throwing my body around by pushing it to keep up with the unnecessarily fast paced world around us I am starting to realise the more I allow myself to be gentle with myself, the more stillness clarity and wisdom I feel, and, the more enjoyable life is.

  27. I love the practical examples you have shared with regards to reconnecting to the stillness within, especially first thing in the morning being with us, our body and how we feel instead of rushing to get up. Each and everyone of us holds this quality within the WHOLE time, it is always there and never leaves us … more we leave it! Esoteric Yoga is also a great support in reconnecting, allowing and feeling the stillness within.

  28. There are some Christmas’s I have really enjoyed and others I have struggled with. It is like on this day I have all these pictures of how it should be- the perfect harmonious family feeling. It is interesting to observe, the day before I may not have any of those thoughts and then come Christmas day, if my life at that time doesn’t match the ‘Christmas picture’ I have observed that I can become more depressed or go hard on myself and just waiting for the day to be over. Too often the pictures get in the way of actually just enjoying the day- like any other day.

  29. Great simple blog Anne. I often sense a sadness and disappointment in many people when the Christmas holidays are over and everything is ‘back to normal’. Could it indeed be we connect to something we do not allow ourselves to connect to in our everyday lives, like brotherhood (being together with family and friends and making time for this) and stillness (slowing down, feeling ourselves)?

  30. It is so true what you share Anne, we can have Christmas everyday if we connect to our stillness at the start of everyday and allow this stillness to be at the foundation of all our activities throughout our days. What a different place our world would be if we all became responsible and made the decision to choose stillness to impulse our way of life.

  31. This blog is a breath of fresh air Anne. I went for a walk on Christmas morning and it felt absolutely beautiful to take in the stillness as I walked past people’s homes. We so rarely stop and take stock of our lives and at this time of year we are given a marker for where we are really at.

  32. I use to experience tension and uncertainty in the run up to Christmas as I lived by myself with most of my biological family living around the world. True brotherhood strips away identification with single family and connects us all to one universal family. With this understanding and a deeper sense of self, we are never alone.

  33. I’ve noticed a rare quiet and stillness since Christmas day. Fewer people around, a tendency to open up to each other as they meet or pass. Also within myself I have felt a need to go inward, more repose, less activity as I align to this cycle of shorter days and longer nights.

  34. So simple. Why wouldn’t we want to start our days like this. it makes sense, and oh boy does it feel so much more enjoyable than the alternative, which let’s face it, has never really worked for us, we’ve possibly just been too stubborn to try anything else.

  35. What I love about Christmas is that we make room to spend time together but as you say it does not need to be limited to one day a year, as it is possible to live connected and present every day.

  36. I agree and when I woke up this Christmas you could really feel how still it was, in fact someone made a comment to me along those lines. Just to hear the sound of no sound was almost breath taking. With life becoming busier and busier through the choices we make it’s great to appreciate these moments or times and breath them in. I wonder if this is why so many people look forward to Christmas, because of this stop and in that it’s chosen for them. What if Christmas came more than once, in relation to the stillness part? We should all enjoy and soak up moments to stop like this, it’s very healthy.

    1. Again highlighting how no matter what time of year or what time of day there is always the opportunity or the choice to stop and feel. We are not shown or supported to merely “appreciate a moment” and if we do we usually have an each way bet, appreciate a little and then make sure we bring it down by being critical as well. It’s ok and in fact totally natural to not be right, because right has a wrong when in fact we are simply always learning and the freedom in that is huge if we can accept it. Our schooling has jammed the right, wrong thing into our expression when it’s simply not true. Don’t fear appreciating a moment fully with no kicker at the end, just leave it in appreciation. Whether this be towards someone, something or yourself, let go and just appreciate and see what this brings. There is a lot to feel and appreciate about Christmas, another day of learning.

  37. Stillness is possible for us all, everyday. Christmas provides us the opportunity to feel this, being in brotherhood feeling the Union with everyone we are with. From this union with the all we feel the stillness.

  38. If we live from the stillness that is naturally in us all we live life with a quality and grace that is rarely seen in our nowadays societies. Many people live in a rush and in that not in appreciation of that stillness that is held in their body, and by that have introduced a quality of being in their lives that is actually not them that sometimes makes them act in ways we in general do not understand, as how they where able to bring such atrocity and harm to the people involved and to the world.

  39. I love how you present there is a possibility for everyone to feel stillness on Christmasday. It can be there everyday, simple and clear but I guess with this stop and in our side of the world, in wintertime, it can be more about connection with ourselves and others just reflecting and appreciating our lives. And stillness is available to us in those times, if we choose so.

  40. Dear Anne, yesterday was Christmas Day and my friend was visiting and we were swimming in my pool and noticing something different. There was stillness. The purpose was quite clear, people were mostly either at home or driving to visit friends/families/church. The trillion of other activities that humans do (to distract themselves from feeling the stillness!) were not being done so there was stillness to be felt. It was so lovely.

  41. The fact that we notice and even look forward to the stillness on Christmas day shows us just how little stillness we have in the rest of the year. For if we lived according to how you present here Anne, which actually sounds very simple, then we would not need the ‘stop day’ for it would be present every day in everything we do.

    1. Indeed Andrew, and I reckon that many people would find that boring as then every day will be the same without any excitement to live by.

  42. There is such a sense of relief in the body once we choose to no longer go with the hype of the commercial Christmas and let ourselves get pulled along with the stress that can occur, which if not careful can leave us feeling exhausted at a time when we would like to enjoy being with our relatives instead of wishing we could sit and veg in front of the telly.

  43. When a certain level of activity ceases at this time of year (work or school for example) – we are given space to reflect, and observe our year, and aspects of our lives we may otherwise not. Some respond to this opportunity, whilst others frantically try to fill it with busyness to not feel what would otherwise be apparent.

  44. Reading this reminded me of the feeling I used to have as a little girl when Sundays came around. In those days all the shops were closed and generally speaking everyone seemed to stay in bed longer and give themselves permission to do what they really felt to and not what they felt obliged to do. I agree though we can allow ourselves stillness anytime, we don’t have to wait for an occasion and for me too going for a walk can bring me right back to a level of stillness that I had left as I got caught up in the machinations of the outside world.

  45. I had to stop for a moment and notice that ‘Christmas morning stillness’ I used to experience as a kid – where it feels like the whole world is still asleep (apart from us excited kids) is now almost in my every morning. It feels like I’ve been walking past a pot of gold everyday and not taken notice of it or appreciated it. It is very possible that such can be a daily occurrence, this The Way of The Livingness has shown me but until now never really stopped to recognise. Thank you Anne.

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