A Note from the Man Cave

by Joel L, Western Australia

In spite of the focus recently given to the number of women who are students of Universal Medicine, there are also men. As one of those, I felt to explore some recent discoveries about expressing as a man.

Warning:  this might be a bit like someone is explaining the landscape in a foreign land that they have not yet seen for themselves. The words may be familiar, but it is hard to grasp just how beautiful it is. Continue reading “A Note from the Man Cave”

Finding my Voice again

by Cherise Holt, Nurse, Australia

In the past I listened as my relatives described me as a girl who could ‘talk under wet cement’, meaning I was Little Miss Chatterbox. I know that I was a lovely, gentle little girl who could chat to anyone and I can see that this was their observation based on the huge change in me. Throughout primary and high school I had become very quiet and shy.

Inside I felt hurt and defensive by this comment, like I was somehow less than I used to be, and I had created my own story to back up the reasons for my change. I had taken on responsibility for others from a very young age and I began to think that a part of being responsible was keeping your worries to yourself. I was internalising my own worries whilst taking on those of others. Continue reading “Finding my Voice again”

Getting Honest about Alcohol

by Julie G., United States

For many years I had what I felt was a strange and challenging relationship with alcohol. I first started drinking as a teenager, when I went to parties at friends’ houses. The first time I drank, the rush was so new to me and felt so ‘freeing’, that I overdid it and got sick. I have been thin all my life, and it never really took much to overdo it, no matter what I drank. One would think that would help me put a stop to drinking ever again, but it didn’t. The feeling I had of being ‘comfortable in my own skin’, to open up and not be shy, seemed to be worth enough that I came back to alcohol again and again all through college and beyond. I had a lot of fun, and I also overdid it a lot and got physically sick and hung over a lot.  Continue reading “Getting Honest about Alcohol”

Best Night Out Ever!

by Zoe Sherrin B.Bus, B.Nat, Lismore Australia

Recently I attended The School of the Livingness/Universal Medicine end of year celebration. It was an amazing night of people coming together, having so much fun celebrating our-selves and each other.

There was a diverse array of performances, all special in their unique expression: from classical singing to ultra cool and funny rapping sisters, to an all male choir, plus other awesome singers, musicians, songwriters and presenters. Each performance so different, yet had the common thread of expressing their true self. As an audience member it allowed me to feel the freedom of expressing the truth of me. I had so much fun listening, sharing food and dancing. It felt great (and funny) to ‘strut’ my moves on the dance floor, to dance with no self- judgement or feeling that others were judging me. Continue reading “Best Night Out Ever!”