Finding Something that Works for Me

by K.E.  Male Age 61 , U.S.A.

I had been searching outside myself for answers to my life situation (depression, exhaustion, pain). I even travelled to Peru to take Ayahuasca (to try to be fixed). That experience took me further away from myself and opened me up to extremely harmful energies.

I came to realise that the answers had to be inside, and so I was drawn to Universal Medicine. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine teach and present that you need to reconnect to yourself before you can know what is True or Not True. This made sense to me.

In a few months, with the guidance of Bina Pattel – a woman who is living her truth (an esoteric student/student of her own inner heart) – I came to the understanding that my situation is because of the choices I have made. I began to take responsibility and to make more loving choices (not numbing out etc.), and have been able to access and clear my issues on much deeper levels than all the other healing work I have tried.

I am freeing myself of many of the beliefs that have limited my life. I have more energy, I feel more (I am less numb), and I Accept and Love myself more for the first time in my life.

376 thoughts on “Finding Something that Works for Me

  1. There are a myriad of self-help books, techniques to meditate and even drugs, also people who speak very well with the camera and share tips for having a more positive and ‘better’ life… All of that may provide a quick fix solution, a relief from an intense moment that we may be experiencing but not a true change. What I’m experiencing with Universal Medicine is the solidness and the profound effect in my body every time I receive a session or I attend a presentation. What I can feel afterwards is not a state of bliss, but a solidness, an empowerment, a joy…. that serves me as a new foundation to come back and to live from in my day to day.

  2. Universal medicine presentations are very humbling because we get to understand the root cause of our behaviours, the root cause seeded somewhere in us.

  3. How wonderful to discover the love that you are. How simple and sweet and pure to know that your love is awesome.

  4. Your sharing is a testament to the power of realising your situation is your choice. And from there you can choose to do the same, or do differently. And your life can change or it can remain the same.

  5. That is pure gold – we need to find back again what truly works for us and what is our greater truth. Not what is comfortable per se but actually what feels true and freeing in our body to do and express.

  6. Coming to the realisation that all our choices determine where we now stand in life can be very daunting and at the same time also very liberating, for we then know we are the creators of our own reality and that how our life is, and will be in the future rests solely in our own hands.

  7. For me the biggest message from your sharing is that you found something that works for you. Often we are influenced by those around us, and even advertising, as to who to see next, what course to do, but we don’t stop to ask whether it is true for us. When we are drawn to someone from an impulse that comes from within us we can be sure that this is true for us; but we still need to discern everything that is presented very carefully.

  8. “You need to reconnect to yourself before you can know what is True or Not True” – how can I argue with this simplicity? The futility of being busy trying to fix our problems without knowing The Way it is. And I agree – it is so liberating to come to a realisation that we have been bound by ideals and beliefs and become able to let them go.

  9. Lovely to read K.E.
    I also used this drug and at that moment thought even that I was very brave to do so and that I was becoming like a master and that I was healing a lot.
    It was the biggest evil I was ever choosing in this life. I could feel how it drifted me away from me in energies that take you over.
    It is for sure not a beautiful medical plant, it is pure evil to use it in the body.

  10. We have to realise that drugs take you into the world of spirituality. A world that is capsulated by images in the mind and not feelings that are real in the body. When you have gone this far and for awhile the process is to first come back to your body then observe and know your feelings again. The difference is vast but can seem it is it.

  11. Isn´t it interesting that mankind loves the promised quick fix pill instead of truly evolving and changing something? It is so much easier to chase the best new product or drug, that will relieve the tension inside- not living yourself in full- instead of taking responsibility for the actual pain. As things won´t disappear and are only seemingly resolved by certain methods you have to choose to look at your stuff one day anyway. So why delay and waste time? Life is so much more rich, without hurts that control and manipulate you.

  12. The beliefs that we have taken on throughout our lives, beliefs that in the main we do not question, are such a heavy weight to carry, and we all have been doing it often for a very long time. But to start to question these beliefs and then to begin to live life in connection to the wisdom of our innermost is the most freeing feeling; a feeling of true liberation from the shackles of the past.

  13. Thanks KE. Through my association with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I too have freed myself of so many self-limiting beliefs and ideals. How very liberating this is.

  14. There are so many things out there that purport to be the answers or to solve all our problems and make us better… yet, they are not just a bandaid they actually can lead us further in the opposite direction. Anything that presents that we need fixing or that we are not enough, are off course to the truth of who we are.

  15. “and I Accept and Love myself more for the first time in my life.” I just love hearing / reading stories like this and especially lines like this one. Hearing a fellow brother returning to loving and accepting themselves is one of the most divine things in life.

  16. It is beautiful to read how you have been inspired by another’s way of living K.E. to begin your own path of return by looking at some of your own choices.

  17. Beliefs keep us in a way of living and thinking that we often do not question until it becomes really obvious that they are not supportive. Yet why wait until life becomes so uncomfortable that we are forced to re-assess?

  18. We must advance within our own wideness of opportunities, never leave any relationship (including the one with yourself) unresolved.. Knowing that all you will bring to another person is how loving you have been. And that the more we step into our power of feeling, the more we feel supported by this strength to grow even more.

    1. Living the purpose of life is super empowering. I love the expression ” within our own wideness of opportunities”. There is so much constantly for us on offer to expand from. You just have to leave your security zone and the comfort of it and take into consideration that you might have to lead the way!

      1. Haha – but that is so true.. We have a wide view if we choose to have so. We have all the space in this world, if we choose to not let any limitation come in the way.. We have the deepest love in this world, if we choose to let go of our protections. A beautiful sum up of how actually simple life is.

      2. Absolutely, the moment you look outside of the spin and the circling around you, you see that you are needed and that the spin was an illusion in the first place.

  19. Beautiful when we open up to going deeper within ourselves rather than continue to chase something in an attempt to take the misery away.

  20. It’s interesting how much there is on offer for so called healing, and yet so few modalities teach you that you are already everything, and that what’s missing is the connection to yourself. Some go as far as considering that a drug (a hallucinogen in fact) will bring us closer to ourselves – absurd and couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a miracle we survive all the crazy things we attempt before we realise that the answers simply do not reside outside of us.

  21. To come to an understanding that we are where we are due to our choices is huge, and it opens life up, and empowers us, for if we chose then we get to choose again at any time, and with patience and understanding for ourselves we can then live more of who we truly are, step by step. It’s a journey to coming home to us.

    1. Absolutely Kevin, and what’s more our perception of what we call abuse changes as we value and appreciate ourselves and the care, love and joy grow incrementally.

  22. Isn’t it interesting that the things getting in the way of what we know to be true or not true are the beliefs we have chosen to hold, have chosen to superimpose over our innate knowing and over our innate connection to that knowing. Is it any wonder we have aligned to these beliefs though, when all around us are the trappings, lurings and seductions that have the sole purpose of entrapment into a world of pictures that then drive our motivation and our behaviour, rendering us miserable in our own lack of self worth and then hell bent on checking out on all manner of mind-numbing experiences?

  23. Really gorgeous to hear how you Accept and Love yourself more for the first time in your life. That is such great news. Also I have found exactly the same as you with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine in that I too ‘have been able to access and clear my issues on much deeper levels than all the other healing work I have tried.’ In fact Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and the Universal Medicine modalities are the only thing that have truly supported me to stop, feel, connect and get to the true root of hurts, misery etc. However I am also aware of how much more I can stop, feel and connect with both myself and others than I am currently doing so the beauty with this is that is is never ending and continuously unfolding to being more of who we truly are.

  24. So often the focusing on fixing life and ourselves is by looking for a magic pill or potion. But no pill or potion can reconnect us to what lies within, that is a simple choice we have to make.

  25. People are searching for quick fixes and not considering the underlying responsibility is within us also.

    Answers are within us all, its what we do to ourselves when we know or feel the truth – we are bred in a system of beliefs, culture religion etc. that takes us far from this all knowing.

    Serge Benhayon presents the simple truth of it all and if I could begin my life again I would certainly opt for being the forever student of Universal Medicine.

  26. I took ayahuasca wanting answers to fix myself but finding more issues have arrived, the first was having to drink a completely foul tasting, smelling and looking liquid into my body and waiting to vomit it out but the longer you hold it in the more “healing” I was told this was and the hugest issue was I have not stopped myself when none of this made sense, so ayahuasca has been my choice to cement myself in an even deeper ignorance (the hugest) in these previous experiences, something which I have already chosen to express in to begin with. So how on earth could I find any true answers in the choice to put myself in the hugest ignorance ever? When I come back to the innate and very simple wisdom of the body, ayahuasca not only has zero healing ability but is something that aims to keep me separated from myself, but this truth only came to my realization when I stopped taking this horrendous evil drug.

  27. We can spend many years and money searching for that modality that can fill a hole within us. We give our power away to people who claim they can help us when all along its within us all.

    It’s amazing when we truely connect to that essence, its re-empowering.

  28. When we start to let go of all the beliefs that we have about ourselves and how life should be, we actually start to feel who we truly are, and are no longer separated by thought or belief but united by the love we naturally are.

  29. Having a willingness to look deep within is the start of our healing process as with honesty and commitment we can let go of that which keeps us imprisoned in the perils of life and opens us up to reconnect to something grander living within.

  30. The impact of our choices and what we choose and where this is coming from is very important to know and should be taught from young. Not only would this completely empower us but I reckon would enable us to make far more loving choices for ourselves and keep doing this consistently so therefore deepening our connection and love for ourselves as you have shown here.

  31. Taking responsibility to look within ourselves rather than looking for someone or something outside of us to ‘fix’ us is the first step to reconnecting to the amazingness of who we are.

  32. K.E. to know that all the answers lie within is to discover truth and is key to understanding life and people – this is a game changer we all can appreciate and love.

  33. When we find and are supported to come back to us, to come within we blossom on so many levels, we find our ground zero, and we are so much more committed to us, to life and to knowing there is a purpose in being who we truly are, and that is our number one job, living from the inner connection we all hold.

  34. In a world where we crave love and find it hard to feel and live that love everyday, this is an absolute blessing to read: ” I am freeing myself of many of the beliefs that have limited my life. I have more energy, I feel more (I am less numb), and I Accept and Love myself more for the first time in my life.”
    Giving us the answer to all our woes.

  35. Thank you K.E. for sharing your experience of coming back to connect to the love that lies within you by taking responsibility for all your choices and learning to make loving choices for yourself. The reflections that we offer others by a life lived in connection to our essence is powerful indeed.

  36. This is a powerful testament: thank you for sharing the profound effect Bina Pattel had on your life. I was also blessed to be inspired to return to who I truly am thanks to a student of Universal Medicine.

  37. To live in connection to who we are within is our natural way of being as in essence we are love and that is our absolute truth, through which we are guided to know what is of this love and what is not. And so, in living in connection to our love, we live with a greater sense of knowing who we are and knowing if the choices we make support us to live our truth.

  38. Thank you K.E., we are all equally all-knowing and it is our divine right that needs to be claimed it in order to break away from that which keeps us away from the truth and in disconnection to God.

  39. Your sharing makes me realise how we often try to change our life without changing the way we live. This to me now sounds so obviously simple, but I really get how the most obvious is the one we never even consider to look at.

  40. The beauty is we can always return to who we are, when we are ready to choose too. The path back to our true divinity is always there waiting for us. When we open our eyes and connect to our true breath we are supported all the way back.

  41. It’s amazing how far off we can go from knowing ourselves and our purpose when we are seeking for this knowing outside of ourselves; and how instantly we can return to ourselves when we realise this knowing is all within. I know I’ve had this realisation many times but haven’t like the devastation I’ve caused myself upon my return so have disappeared on what seemed like an easier path when actually it isn’t. The commitment to stay connected with myself is one I keep coming back to and each time I learn that there is no need to run away because I am so much greater than anything I may want to not face.

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