No Alcohol or Drugs: No Boring Party here

by Anonymous, Mullumbimby NSW

I went to a concert and end of year party. Unlike many other parties at this time of the year, there was no alcohol or drugs, no fights or emotional outbursts.

When I was a drinker and a smoker, the thought of going to a party without any drugs sounded so boring to me. I just could not imagine how anyone could have any fun without being under the influence of something.

Well, recently I had a blast! Danced my little butt off… and really enjoyed myself.

I ate delicious, healthy gluten and dairy free food as part of a shared meal, and water was my drink of choice for the night.

I listened to an amazing music concert, performed by various artists who had written their own music and really put their hearts into expressing lyrics that were meaning-full and didn’t leave anyone feeling sad or emotional. The dances that were performed on stage were so well thought out and so inspiring: one in particular by the Baldwin sisters was just so beautifully performed. I was so happy that my daughter was there with me to witness it, as these women are such great role models. (There are some pretty scary role models out there when you are 9 years old and everyone you know at school is into Pop Stars!)

It was absolutely great to be around 300 or more people who were having a great time… and it was beautiful to watch people dance, express themselves in their own individual way and have fun.

Big thanks to Natalie Benhayon, Michael Benhayon and Curtis Benhayon who are so professional and supportive in the clinic setting, in the sessions they give – and yet come out and be so playful and joyful. Your music and dance moves are just beautiful to listen to and watch.

154 thoughts on “No Alcohol or Drugs: No Boring Party here

  1. Too true, it’s super hard to find a good role model in the pop industry (unless your into dancing your butt off half naked maybe haha) I love the end of year concerts. One thing I have found with these celebrations is that I don’t feel uncomfortable in the big crowds, whereas I use to want to drink when out to get over my uncomfortableness and feel like I could talk to people. With the universal medicine concert it feels safe, everyone’s so open and it’s heaps of fun so the alcohol is no longer needed!

  2. Beautiful how it is possible to be able to celebrate an event and do so in true joy and harmony with those around you and without the need for alcohol or drugs.

  3. There is something really joyful about the Unimed celebrations and events. There is no pretence and a real appreciation of each other. People aren’t checked out with substances but are simply enjoying being in their bodies and connecting with each other.

  4. Thank you Anonymous. Isn’t it amazing how many people can often feel they can’t enjoy themselves without some form of stimulants, such as alcohol or drugs? It makes me ask the question What is the world coming to? What I am learning, is that until we choose not to have stimulants at a party or get-together , then we don’t know what this really feels like. Without the use of stimulants, I have felt, I am able to enjoy myself in a completely new way, it is amazing and is the best ‘high’ yet!

  5. Even the words party and celebration feel so different. It’s gorgeous to be with each other without any of the false crutches like drugs or alcohol and freely expressing in the joy of sharing with others.

  6. Love your blog, it goes to show that having a great celebration and a lot of fun doesn’t have to have any influence of drugs or alcohol. I have also been to a few of these amazing end of year celebrations and each time I have so much fun. I felt so much joy in everyone. It really is true celebration when we all leave with joyfulness and love.

  7. It is truly amazing the fun we can have without drugs and alcohol , just like the awesome kids we used to be and still are holding that joy. Its funny how society has brainwashed everyone so much that a lot of people feel they need the alcohol or the drugs to be able to loosen up and be themselves and also us by allowing it to be the norm in a world that is now at a breaking point with the societal costs associated with alcohol in relation to violence and workplace productivity.
    Universal medicine is leading the way with hosting such awesome events.

  8. I did stop drinking for a period of six months when my life was still primarily about going out and drinking as a form of socialising, and I always had a good time so knew I could have fun with out alcohol. The difference with an event like Universal Medicine is the amazing vitality and lack of awkwardness people have in socialising and not needing drugs/alcohol to have fun. I love that my daughter also has seen not drinking and partying as normal, by the great role models that she is surrounded by.

  9. Great blog – I too can remember a time when the idea of not drinking or smoking when going to a party was unthinkable and seemed to be against the point of going out! How things change and so much for the better when you can let these things go and realise that it’s very easy to have a great time without having to hang on to those crutches or beliefs.

    1. I used to go out partying a lot too, many, many years ago. I met this guy one night and he was very honesty with me and admitted that when he found out through our mutual friend that I didn’t smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs, he had this preconceived idea that I was very boring. He then apologised to me during the night and expressed how that wasn’t true at all after meeting me. I remember really appreciating his honesty and it reminded me to also not carry any preconceived ideas about people who I have met.

  10. It is indeed ‘beautiful to watch people dance, express themselves in their own individual way and have fun.’ For me this is an absolute joy.

  11. I remember how uncomfortable I used to be at social events without a beer or beverage in my hand, or how I felt I needed to have wine with dinner when I was out. How those times have changed… and the food actually tastes so much better without wine – fact.

    1. Snap…Adam…The drink or the joint was the perfect way to be ‘doing something’ until it kicked in and you were off… the reality it was all to hide my discomfort or not deal with something that was going on in life…

  12. Beautiful and Thank you for sharing the joy of celebrating with others in a safe and nurtured environment at any age.

  13. It’s a funny thing but I too would never have gone out straight, I just didn’t see the point. I used to call going out ‘wiping the slate clean’ as it gave me a feeling of release. It took me many, many years of clubbing to realise that nothing was getting wiped clean, in fact everything was just getting buried deeper !

  14. I remember from as early as 14 a party without alcohol and or drugs was considered lame or daggy. It is quite a strong cultural and social consciousness to break that you can actually have a fantastic time with out either. Which i have really enjoyed experiencing it is much more fun and you can remember everything you do.

  15. So very true. It has become extremely uncommon to attend a party where alcohol is not a major part. Alcohol has become synonymous with having a good time. I find it concerning that generally people need alcohol to relax at a party and have fun. Being ourselves is not good enough. I too have attended a Universal Medicine party and it really is something to be yourself, with many others simply being themselves. The amount of joy in the room is incredible.

  16. I am so relieved that today I am able to celebrate and have such an amazing time with friends family, and even strangers, minus the copious amounts of drugs and alcohol I felt I needed to have fun…

  17. There was a time when I wouldn’t go to a function unless I had had a couple of drinks first to take off the anxiousness of meeting new people. But having attended the celebrations with Universal Medicine where everyone is just at ease with themselves and truly enjoying being with others, it is clear that alcohol isn’t needed to have a good time.

  18. So true. If I think back to my party days, one thing is for sure, I may have thought I was present, but I actually wasn’t. Now, with the lack of any stimulants, I am totally engaged with everything that is going on around me. I feel a constant connection to the people around me, not just at the start of the evening and I have so much more fun!

  19. The end of year celebrations, or any celebration with Universal Medicine, be it a ball or a concert, are so totally joyous. I used to dread going to any kind of party or large social gathering with a whole lot of people I didn’t know and yet was supposed to engage in conversation. I was always eager to leave early. I would definitely have a glass or two (or more) of alcohol to calm my nerves. The events at Universal Medicine have shown me there is another way to celebrate without alcohol or drugs, and I no longer dread meeting and connecting with others.

  20. Thank you for your joy-full sharing sharing, I enjoyed reading about the lovely time you had at the Universal Medicine end of year party.

  21. I have partied under the influence of drugs with a false state of being with senses on alert not really feeling comfortable, hallucinating to some effect, paranoid, looking around at people, drinking alcohol as well to build courage to dance or talk to a girl. All men were enemies unless I was really wasted and did not care, or they were my friends – the behaviour was whatever was there and there was no control in how things played out.
    The idea was to find a woman to have sex with, and if that was not happening, to binge drink and consume myself into a state when all of my issues were hopefully forgotten. I was out to have what I thought was a “good time” and forget about the rest. It was only a “good time” because I was intoxicating myself .. it was short lived and the feeling afterward just confirms it was an artificial high and not really a good time with the way I felt soon there-after.
    True celebration, where now I can compare the feeling as better than taking drugs, I do not come down because it is not an artificial high, and I do not feel depressed the next day or weeks after, it is just the next day.
    Celebrating You and life and freely expressing with no judgement around you is worth celebrating! There is such a large contrast after experiencing both and there is no comparison. Celebrating or creating a false scene of stimulated excitement is not true, where I have nothing to show from all those times wasting myself and well-earned money. It does not work for true celebration when the body does not feel good the next day. “In moderation” is the same to creating that artificial high — why is it needed?
    I can celebrate all day everyday by the way I feel since attending Universal Medicine — it is an obvious feeling that does not need anything – pure Joy from the Heart that is an endless well of energy that is free and a choice I make, moment to moment – true Celebration!!

  22. I love it when parties start early and end at 9pm! In the ‘old’ days the ‘cool’ people only came to a party at 11 pm and then go through the night. I was a party girl, but had to drink a lot of coffee and some alcohol to keep the nerves busy. What I loved most, was the dancing. All the other stuff around it actually bored me.
    Now I have it all, parties that start and end early, no alcohol and a lot of dancing!

  23. Thanks. I was of the idea that without something like a glass of whatever (something you can hide behind) dancing was simply not possible. Alcohol has been long gone from my life. Still dancing was a difficult chapter. Thanks to True Movement I have started re-imprinting my relationship with it.

  24. I’m right with you! I recently had the priviledge of attending the wedding of a couple of Universal Medicine students and it was the best wedding I have ever attended! no alcohol, no drugs, clean food and no over indulgences, just flat out love! It was so awesome and so refreshing to not feel like I’d been hit by a tonne of bricks for just being there. It’s unbelievable when you get to experience another way!

  25. Thank you. This really was a celebration to remember. In the past I had always felt that alcohol ‘made’ the celebration but experiencing celebratory events held by Universal Medicine has opened my eyes to the fact that alcohol actually destroys any chance for connection and true playfulness. It seems so obvious now that I have experienced another way.

    1. Well said Leone, alcohol does destroy any chance for connection and true playfulness. I could always feel the falseness that came with alcohol and reading your comment just confirmed what I had always felt.

  26. Great blog – thank you.
    In the past, I could not imagine a party without alcohol and getting ready required alcohol and now I know why. The fact was I needed it to keep me going as without it, I just wanted to sleep as I was exhausted. To stay up all night and party required me to abuse my body and think somehow that that was having a great time.
    Having experienced many ‘true celebrations’ now, I can honestly say Universal Medicine sure knows a thing or two about party but without the alcohol and drugs and YES you really get to have a great time and nothing is missing.
    When it’s over, I am not mindless, where I don’t even know where I am at or where I will end up. Instead I leave with a feeling that is complete and I don’t need anything more.

  27. Refreshing to read someone else out there believes it’s entirely possible to be an alcohol, drug and caffeine free zone and yet still manage to have a brilliant time with friends. Why is it our society operates from a perspective that you have to be in an altered state to enjoy yourself? Doesn’t it just mean that we believe we need to be altered ourselves in order to enjoy? That we don’t really believe we can enjoy ourselves without that altered state? Or do we just collude and go along with this prevailing, pervasive belief in order to fit in and not stand out like a sore thumb as the one who can state their own state rather than need to alter it?

  28. I have never had so much fun in my life as I do now that I no longer drink or take drugs. I used to be a pretty big ‘party girl’ and would remember when I met someone who was sober at a party and how I couldn’t get away from that person fast enough and get back to my ‘partners in crime’ so to say. And I’d feel sorry for them that they were so ‘straight’. Ha! Now I know what true celebration feels like and for that there can be no drugs or alcohol in sight. Now I am partying 24/7 just simply through fully enjoying being me!

  29. Thanks, your blog has reminded me that what I was originally seeking when taking drugs and drinking at party’s was trying to capture the true joy that is actually inside me. At that stage I was unaware of the fact that this existed within me and instead chose to use outside stimulants to have ‘fun’ which of course was not true fun as it was at the expense and self-abuse of my body. Whats more I was using them to numb the fact that I was totally disconnected to my joy and actually very miserable. It has been through the workshops and teachings of Universal Medicine that I have re-connected to this joy and so celebration events is all about bringing me to the party to celebrate and share the joy I am with others.

  30. Reflecting on the celebrations I have had with Universal Medicine in comparison to the celebrations I thought I was having when I was younger, there is no contest – it’s Universal Medicine all the way.

  31. It seems weird that it is so profound, unusual, odd and shocking to have a celebration where everyone is just being and en-JOYing being themselves (no drugs, alcohol, not even trippy effecting music) but…isn’t this our natural state?

    One day it will be the minority who still need to alter themselves to have “fun” and how obvious it will be then that something must feel wrong or missing to need an outer substance to feel ‘good’.

  32. I would of called a party without alcohol and/or drugs, not a ‘party’ at all. Drinking and substance abuse became my ‘normal’ and hearing about my antics of the night before from my friends was always more than embarrassing….How refreshing it is now to attend Universal Medicine Celebrations, joyful gatherings and lots of fun!

  33. Thanks. The thought of going to any function without alcohol was never in the equation as no alcohol meant no fun. Oh how things have changed. The Universal Medicine celebrations show, without doubt, that you can have lots of fun without alcohol.

  34. Yes, in the past even though I have always enjoyed dancing, the idea of not having alcohol there, for me seemed a bit strange and a bit uncomfortable. To party for me used to mean using alcohol and cigarettes as well as the music to escape from myself.

    When I have been at Glorious Music events they have felt amazing, all about expressing joy and not holding back, being very ‘present’ and in the ‘moment’. It feels incredible and extremely supportive.

    The absolute opposite of the escapism I once sought.

  35. Thank you, I too have been to the Universal Medicine celebrations and wow have I been inspired. It is amazing how we all come together as family, I love the fact there all ages and generations there just to express the love they are.

  36. Utterly agree, love that you danced you butt off! I too have gone to celebrations such as these and have so much fun, it great to dress up and dance, and the next day wake up and feel amazing, no hang overs, no after effects, just normal. Thank you for sharing!

  37. The first Universal Medicine Celebration I attended was the first time I had ever danced without my 3 drink minimum before I hit the dance floor. I can dance now anywhere any time. As Judy put ‘We are all just being ourselves.’

  38. When we need substances to have fun and to party we need to stop and ask ourselves a very simple question: Why do we need alcohol and/or drugs to have a ‘good time’?

    Time and time again the Benhayons have put up a party with no stimulants in sight, that was joy of joy. 🙂

    1. Thank you Dragona, I agree, this is a great question that you are proposing. I used to fill myself with a variety of drugs so that my-life felt somehow complete, I always continued to look for something outside of me for what I thought would be a pleasure. These memories are now something from a horror movie or a nightmare, which no longer have any hold on me. At the end-of-year celebrations I have been in so much joy without any of the trapping energies of what would smash me in the past. Last Saturday night was a prime example with a complete repertoire of music that was preformed with any hooks or the emotional trappings that is prevalent in the music industry.

  39. The end of year gathering was certainly a joyous celebration – a celebration of connections we have made with ourselves and the connections of friendship we enjoy with each other. Best of all is that it we are all just being ourselves – unsullied by the influence of alcohol and/or recreational drugs and the overtaking emotions that quite often result from using these.

  40. People have been asking me recently – “have you been drinking?”, “did you sniff something before you came to work?” – to which I reply, I don’t sniff and I don’t drink, I need nothing but to be me! Why would I drink when I feel this awesome? What could it add that I haven’t already got? To quote a well known Panda: “There is no charge for awesomeness”. So party on…

  41. Well said. It’s great to have a great time and realise that all the time we thought we were having a great time with alcohol and drugs, we were actually harming ourselves greatly.

  42. It was an awesome night, I actually reflect back on the old ways I used to party and realise what I used to think was fun was actually the complete opposite. As you say Anonymous, they were drug/alcohol fuelled nights that were full of emotional ups and downs, whereas the Universal Medicine end of year party was a gorgeous celebration of the joy we share.

    1. So true Toni – it was the opposite of fun. For me, whenever I did drink alcohol I never felt myself, I was never comfortable, I was trying to fit it…now that I am more of myself, that is fun in itself.

      1. It is quite amazing that our society settles for the complete opposite of what it means to have fun and party. Even though we have really off moments and times, not to mention the horrors of the next day due to partying in this way, we still believe this type of partying is fun. I know when I used to party in that old self abusive way, I used to see people who did not party in this way as too scared to have fun and let their hair down, and I believed that they were missing out on the best experiences because they didn’t want to go outside the box and brake the rules. I can now see how false these ideas were as I have so much fun celebrating with friends and family these days and the reason it is so great is because I do not compromise my health in any way, yet have the most amazing time.

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