A True Role Model: Universal Medicine = Universal Responsibility

by Kylie Jackson, Goonellabah, Australia

I have always been naturally ‘responsible’. I knew on some level that I needed to live by example, and ‘walk the talk’, so to speak. And so, I always did the ‘right’ thing and thought that as long as I ‘did’ the right things that I was being a good example and being ‘responsible’. What I didn’t fully realise though, was that greater than the ‘doing’, was my way of ‘being’. When others looked to me, they were actually seeing a way to be with themselves.

For a while, I was doing some modelling. What I didn’t realise then, was that every time someone looked at me I was actually ‘selling’ something to them. I was ‘selling’ a way of being. I thought it was about the clothes, or the way I looked, but it was so much more than that. I found that a lot of people looked to me, including the younger girls in the modelling agency. They always asked me lots of questions – they wanted to know about what and how I ate, how I exercised, how I lived. But when I would answer these questions, I secretly knew how much I actually hurt my body by over-exercising, not eating enough, being very self critical, being anxious, trying to be perfect, and punishing myself constantly – there was no way I would want them to be that way with themselves.

People would look to me as being ‘healthy, nice, polite, friendly, sweet etc’. But if you looked more closely at my choices, I used to be a walking advertisement selling how to –

  • Abuse your body,
  • Starve yourself,
  • Never feel enough,
  • Be hard on yourself,
  • Appear to be ‘perfect’ – no matter what the cost,
  • Be critical,
  • Push to extremes,
  • Live in anxiousness and disregard,
  • Always look for recognition from people around you,
  • Have to be or look a certain way to be loved or to be accepted in the world,
  • Not honour how you feel,
  • Always put others first.

People would get all of this, just by looking at me, or by being around me.

I didn’t realise how much my choices influenced others – and that I was constantly selling a picture; a whole package that looked so sweet on the outside it enticed others to make the same choices. Now I know how harmful this was… because if I wasn’t being myself, I was also encouraging others to not be themselves.

It wasn’t until I met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that I got a deeper understanding of what responsibility truly is. Yes, responsibility is about being honest, abiding by the law, paying your bills and being respectful of others. BUT, it is also about so much more than this.

I have since learnt that being truly responsible is being who you naturally are. It might sound simple, but being who you truly are is the greatest responsibility of all.

Being responsible, I have come to realise, is about just being the real me – without feeling like I need to change who I am to fit in, or to pretend to be someone else to please others. It is simply being as loving as I can be with myself and then also naturally with others. It is the quality that I choose to live in, my quality of being in everything I do – my way of living.

Before I was aware of this, it may have looked like I was very ‘loving’ with everyone around me, but I didn’t extend that same level of love to myself first. I would make kind gestures to others, even if it put me out, or left me as less. Even though I did a lot of ‘good’, it still wasn’t ‘it’, because I wasn’t truly caring for myself first, before I did any of these things.

Since meeting Serge Benhayon around 8 years ago, I have been constantly and consistently inspired by Serge, as well as all of the practitioners at Universal Medicine. I have been inspired to be more loving with myself.

What I feel, particularly being around Serge, is the deep level of care and love that he lives with himself, and all others equally so. When I visit the Universal Medicine Clinic, see a practitioner, attend a Universal Medicine course or workshop, I have found that just being in that presence inspires me – I want to care for myself even more deeply.

It is quite an amazing thing to meet someone who truly loves themselves. It can be felt in their every step, movement, the way they meet you and speak with you. There is no judgment or imposition because they do not judge themselves. Choosing to live lovingly has an enormous ripple effect.

I now realise that I too carry this power for others. The way I am with myself affects everyone and everything else.

Why was I not taught about this kind of responsibility in school?

In attending the Esoteric Women’s Presentations by Natalie Benhayon I have also deepened my relationship with my body. I can feel from Natalie the exquisite quality that she holds herself in; this inspires me to really love myself in a whole new way. To me, this is what a true role model is about. How lovely to have someone remind me that being a woman is not about what I do, or how I look, or dress; but very simply, honouring how I feel.

I am now so much more honouring of myself, and I have learnt what it is to truly cherish me, every day.

I now love spending time to get ready for me, and not to get ready to please the world like I used to. It feels completely different to get dressed, put on makeup and do my hair in this way… there is a whole new quality present. In choosing to be with myself in this way, I am now reflecting something different – a different quality – love.

Now this is something I truly want to reflect.

With the support and amazing reflection of Universal Medicine, I have begun making choices to love me. This has changed everything.

I am still asked a lot of questions, but the questions are different to what I used to get asked, such as, how can I be so calm all the time? Why am I not tired? Why is my skin so clear? And now, when I answer these, I know that I am actually inspiring another to make choices that are loving for them also. There is no pretending.

The beautiful thing is, I have seen an enormous change in my life, and in all of my relationships – with myself, my partner, my family, my friends, my work and also my dog. I am now seeing how my choices can inspire others, and how they too are blossoming and being more loving with themselves.

For me, this is True Responsibility.

Thank you Serge Benhayon, Natalie Benhayon and Universal Medicine for being true role models in this world. You are the living proof that it is not just about our worldly responsibility, but our Universal responsibility – to be ourselves.

Thank you for showing another way.

Thank you for the True Reflection.

479 thoughts on “A True Role Model: Universal Medicine = Universal Responsibility

  1. It is amazing how self abuse creeps into our lives and there are moments in every day when I treat myself with disregard and/or dismissiveness. Being aware of this offers the opportunity to change my approach and this is an ongoing and very cool deepening of my relationships and understanding.

  2. It is so true we are constantly modeling and communicating something to others by the way we are, as much as receiving from others. All our life, we strive to be something/someone, chasing after an ideal – but if we are not being who we are, who is going to be us, the us that is an integral part of the All?

  3. We know that we can be influenced by people in many ways. Being inspired to make positive changes in our life is equally possible.

  4. Thank you Kylie for sharing your changes so openly, as women we can be so hard on ourselves, as well as putting others before our own wellbeing. It’s so vital to have both male and female role models that offer a way to live that is loving and truly self supportive. I can also relate to your words about Serge, “What I feel, particularly being around Serge, is the deep level of care and love that he lives with himself, and all others equally so.” He is a constant inspiration to break through societal norms and to live each moment from the essence of love we are within.

  5. If we are all presenting a way of living, it is awesome to have people showing us a different way… much needed when you begin to notice just how we are living and what the result of that has been on humanity as a whole.

  6. We are always presenting a way of being no matter what we do, say or what our intention is. That way comes through the energy we are aligned to, and then how we express it in our movements. Even if we don’t understand these words, its a simple truth that is inescapable and constantly asks the question what are we aligned to?

  7. What I get from this today is that we are all constantly sensing each other’s movements and therefore we have a responsibility in terms of what quality of movements are we putting out into the world – do they inspire change and growth and love or do they confirm the things that are not great about human life?

  8. This is a totally different definition of responsibility then what I grew up with. To understand that how we are with ourselves affects how we are with everyone else and the real quality that we express out into the world is extremely valuable and a deeper and more encompassing form of responsibility.

  9. The world is telling us if you abuse yourself a little more, you’re a part of us, we will let you in our game, and you will be accepted. When you start to take care of yourself, nominate the abuse in the industry, live true to your body, the industry tells you sorry you’re out. We have to read this very clearly and know our choices are reflecting something to the whole industry and even the whole world, and we have to be very steady with these choices and not be set back by them, and keep on surrendering and committing to life and to keep enjoying the ride.

  10. Kylie I connect with what you share here about a true woman being someone who honours what they feel. it is so simple and powerful. That is certainly a role model and like you, Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon continue to inspire me simply by just being who they are.

  11. Yes Universal Medicine – thankyou for showing another way to be and live in this world that honours self first and then all others and not the other way round. This teaching has transformed my life in that I kept the world at safe distance afraid of getting hurt – in honouring myself through self-care and self-nurture I know I can trust my body and as a result all my relationships have improved because I developed a deeper relationship with myself and now I love connecting with people. A big thankyou indeed!

  12. It is deeply inspiring being around another who deeply and genuinely loves themselves. In a world that often encourages the opposite, the true rebel is the one who honours themselves in full.

  13. Thank you Kylie for a beautiful blog about true responsibility, it is amazing that true responsibility comes from not what we do but from us learning to live the love that we are when we connect to that divine space within us. We have amazing role models in Serge and Natalie and also yourself Kylie, who reflect to us by their loving and living ways who we all are naturally.

  14. ‘Our Universal responsibility – to be ourselves’ You have become a true role model yourself Kylie by choosing the quality you live in now, to be loving with yourself and be who you are in all you do.

  15. Being truly responsible for who we truly are and not trying to fit into life at any cost is very inspiring as it confirms to others that it is possible to live and be who we are from the inside out, and not from the outside in.

  16. It is really important to set an example for others, purely by the way we move the choices we live by and most of all the consistent care and love we give ourselves, and then others. Like every ripple in the pond what we do affects everyone.

  17. True responsibility is energetic responsibility when we say ‘Yes’ to choosing the Divine energy that flows through us.

  18. The reflection you emanate to the world Kylie is super powerful and needed in a world where so many women and young girls are losing themselves to the pictures that the Media and others falsely hold around women.

  19. Thank you Kylie, reading I can feel how it is, that how we are inspires others, and do we want others to be how we are? Do we want others to do as we do? It’s a very telling question and one to consider deeply each day. And this is the beauty of being inspired by reflection, today I am inspired by yours to look more deeply at my own.

  20. You ask: “Why was I not taught about this kind of responsibility in school?’ – because at present so few people live this way and so do not have it in them to present it. Thank God (literally) for The School of The Livingness and The Way of The Livingness which does live this Way and is here again to present it as the Ageless Wisdom has done down the ages. Equally it is the responsibility of each person as they become aware to live and present it in their every way, every day, every moment of life.

  21. From model to true role model – you rock and are an absolute rock Kylie. I know you personally. You lovingly and gloriously live everything you have expressed and are a great inspiration to me and countless others.

  22. Thank you Kylie for making it so clear what true responsibility is really all about.There is a world responsibility for us to be, but true responsibility is a Universal responsibility which is to be ourselves and live the love we are in all that we do, realising that every expression in our life has a ripple effect on other people’s lives. We are truly blessed to have a true reflection of this divine love in the lives of Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon especially.

  23. Wow this blog is super clear, it really maps out what energetic responsibility really is. You pose the question of why you were not taught this in school in your article, I suppose the answer is that these type of teachings can only come from a livingness, not just a knowledge, for as you describe so aptly, it is Serge’s living refection that was showing you what true self love felt like.

  24. Being who we are in full, no dilution, no sugar coating and no others versions or masks means we give others permission to do the same. It’s crazy we’ve made responsibility into a doing word rather than a being word!

  25. Thank you Kylie for this sharing. It is a good stocktake to reflect on choices, focus and the quality of these. It was inspiring to read this.

  26. A super responsible article in every way. There are many layers to this responsibility, not to responsibility truly but to what we have layered on top of it to make it look like something else. Responsibility is, “The way I am with myself affects everyone and everything else.” and yet this isn’t how I live or how I was shown to live pre Universal Medicine. People may get hung up with different things and parts of Universal Medicine but the overriding message is responsibility and whether you pick this up or not is a choice on some level. We have all looked at a mirror and so what if we are all mirrors for each other? What if the next time you wave or say hello to someone anything that is reflected is for you, a part of life feeding you back with what you have put into it and then what if every interaction is that with everything? Too big? or to be honest not big enough. We play ball with a part of life and try and live the whole thing from there, which is impossible and then wonder why it’s so difficult. Time to open up the world, the whole world and not just keep playing ball with a physical level of life that is only a small part of everything that is going on. The physical needs to be taken care of, as the article presents but it’s not the whole, it’s a part. Looking at the world through the eye of true responsibility brings you a different view and that’s a reflection we all need.

  27. Beautifully shared Kylie with the living grace that you emanate.
    I too have felt deeply inspired by the living reflection of love available to us all as a result of the loving choices made by Serge and Natalie Benhayon and now by so many others including yourself Kylie.
    Meeting Serge and attending universal medicine events and modalities of healing has for me too been a life changer and marker of truth in what is loving and what does no longer reflect this quality of love within my life.
    As a result much of my life is lovingly changing from the food I eat and the way I eat to the way I walk and sit down on a chair.
    The responsibility I now feel to hold and care for myself with this quality of love is the result of my growing awareness that I too, am a constant reflection of love for everyone in all that I do all of the time 24/7.

  28. Everything we do, and every way we are, is seen and felt around us by everyone. Some are more aware of this than others, but in this we all hold a responsibility whether we like it or not. I recall being a child and looking at other older kids and learning off them, and I also recall other children looking up to me and modelling off me. I used to feel rather uncomfortable about this at times, but like it or not they did look and see and feel and copy. No matter what age, no matter where we are, we are setting an example for those around us. We may think they don’t see us, we may think or hope that they don’t register us and what we do and how we are, but on some level they do, and this can be something that can support them down the track or on the contrary not be there to support them. So the choice is ours – what kind of a role model do we want to be? And as Kylie has presented here – it is all about the quality that we bring to what we do.

  29. The last thing we would ever consider when we live our day to day lives is the reflection it is giving others and hence what example it is setting for them to live. But as you share Kylie it is the greatest responsibility of all. And not just in things like whether you drink alcohol or not but literally in every tiny thought detail and action including all those we never would want others to know about

  30. What you share in this blog is pure gold Kylie for when we are not ourselves, or as the saying goes ‘allow something to get into us’, it does encourage others to not be themselves and we all miss out on the collective potential of what being ourselves brings.

  31. I used to think it was all about doing and achieving. Those around me would comment about getting the work done and they would feel better but it wasn’t the same for me. No matter how much I did during the day I would get exhausted, irritated, grumpy and sometimes resentful. It put me off work! While it serves to commit to work, I am realising that without first honouring me, how I feel, then work serves no other than the self.

  32. “I didn’t realise how much my choices influenced others – and that I was constantly selling a picture; a whole package that looked so sweet on the outside it enticed others to make the same choices. Now I know how harmful this was… because if I wasn’t being myself, I was also encouraging others to not be themselves.” – Kylie, this is a very powerful realisation! We are all role models on some level whether we want it or not, and so it is super important that we look deeply at how we live and how we are with ourselves on a day to day basis as this is what people will get and be inspired by! Thank you Kylie for your honest and beautiful sharing!

  33. Reading this is truly inspiring, our relationship with ourselves is in constant movement, evolving, growing and revealing what we have allowed to impede it. The thing I am learning is the deeper I am willing to take my self to the true well of grace within, the more I discover in how my living way is in constant need of refinement. There seems to be no end point, only a forever learning, unfolding and acceptance of the well of beauty, grace and deep respecting holding love that is within me.

  34. ‘How lovely to have someone remind me that being a woman is not about what I do, or how I look, or dress; but very simply, honouring how I feel.’ We put so much importance on what we do, how we dress that to simply live by honouring how we feel can be challenging at first. As children we have not been taught to trust our ability to feel so it takes patience and care to re-learn to honour this.

  35. My experience with Natalie Benhayon has been that she gives women permission to be themselves. Not in a way where she gives us a permission slip or verbally tells us it’s ok. It is in the way she moves, dresses and is in the world. I always thought wearing makeup would mean I was vain. I always thought spending time on myself getting ready was a selfish indulgence. Natalie has not only helped me see this isn’t the case but much much more.

    1. I thought wearing makeup was vain too, I loved wearing makeup but felt if there was no event (like going out or going to work) then it was over the top to put on make up. Now I wear makeup when ever I feel to and more than anything love the time that I spend connecting with myself when I put it on. It’s a moment in my day where I celebrate myself and that process leaves me feeling supported for the rest of the day.

  36. Gorgeous blog Kylie, thank you. I have to agree that when we truly accept responsibility for being ourselves rather than trying to be someone for others, our relationships change completely. This is no small matter – it affects everything we do. When we choose to be love rather than be in the illusion of seeking love in the world, we ‘bring love to the party’ rather than emptiness and neediness. That’s enormous! Not only is it enormous it is enough to bring healing to humanity. True change, from within – where it has to arise from.

  37. This is an awesome article Kylie as we don’t often question or consider what we are getting when we champion certain people as role models. We don’t look into all aspects of their lives.
    You are definitely a true role model for many now as you emanate a beauty and love from inside that you gracefully emanate on the outside too.

    1. That’s true Kirsty and in the past I would never have asked myself what I am reflecting when I walk around advertising disregard. Yesterday, I had a conversation about what I had in my food basket and it felt so lovely to inspire another with something I know to be true.

  38. Thank you Kylie for your reflection. I am also inspired by you and your blog. I too didn’t really understand the true meaning of responsibility until I met Serge Benhayon and people at Universal Medicine. I always felt I was very responsible from a very young age but now I am learning what true responsibility is and how to live that. ‘I have since learnt that being truly responsible is being who you naturally are.’

  39. Beautiful Kylie. A true role model is someone who stays true to and honours themselves. It has nothing to do with what they do, how they dress. This provokes questions when we see coaches and mentors chosen for external rather than internal qualities.

    1. If being a woman is simply honoring how we feel, it completely flips on its head what we think being a woman is in this present world.

  40. That is quite a list of what you were selling, and interestingly they are almost a to do list for how to be successful in the world. Lots of things that people champion are a means to get by, to get noticed… but then we are talking about a world that is exhausted, propped up by caffeine and sugar, and with chronic health problems that are overloading the health system. Everyone is looking outside of themselves for the answers, and yet they live deep within us if we only take the time to look there.

  41. Beautifully shared Kylie – thank you. Through the presentations and lived reflection of Serge Benhayon and all Universal Medicine offers, I’m discovering what true responsibility actually means. It is in every moment and movement, nothing is without responsibility of the choices I make. This then ripples into the day with all the things that we are required or choose to do to be responsible, work, home, bills etc. The depth of the responsibility comes from the quality preceding the action.

  42. “Being responsible, I have come to realise, is about just being the real me – without feeling like I need to change who I am to fit in, or to pretend to be someone else to please others. It is simply being as loving as I can be with myself and then also naturally with others. It is the quality that I choose to live in, my quality of being in everything I do – my way of living”. . . . I love this definition of responsibility Kylie. The love which you present yourself with today is living testimony to your words and can be felt deeply by all who know you. It seems you have swapped the modeling life of times gone by to be the gorgeous role model you are today.

  43. Kylie, by you living responsibly and making loving choices in your daily life you are a true role model who is reflecting to others, that there is a more harmonious way to live.

  44. Thank you Kylie, you nominate a number of areas here that show how much we buy into pictures in life and then try to live up to them rather than celebrate what is inside us and nurture that, feeling the exquisiteness of its connection to the universe, to humanity. “our Universal responsibility – to be ourselves.”

  45. Kylie I know you and can vouch that you certainly live what you write and walk the talk. You are magnificent and a huge inspiration to me and many other people.

  46. “if I wasn’t being myself, I was also encouraging others to not be themselves.” Isn’t this the nub of the responsibility we have to live in honour and love of ourselves. Because if we don’t, what are we communicating to everyone else? Basically we’re saying its ok to be less, to hold back, to dismiss yourself, loathe yourself, be self-abusive…..and so it goes on. I’m sure no-one wants to do this, but in truth this is what we are doing when we do not live in love with ourselves.

    1. So true Lucy, so we really have to recognise and accept the responsibility that we are all role models and start dating ourselves rather than the world and its marketing media influenced ideals. Then walk that in full for others to have confidence to do the same.

  47. The world is starving for true role models, so when people like you Kylie consistently make loving choices everyday your reflection to others is truly powerful.

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