Separateness or Connection

by Dr Rachel Hall, Holistic Dentist, Kenmore Brisbane

During my life, I thought who “I” was, was contained inside my skin. Like most people, I felt I had to protect myself from what was outside. As I aged and matured, I believed that “I” was also my family and my friends and my community. That “I” was defined by the things that I did, the roles that I played, my gender, culture and nationality along with the possessions that I owned. Through the revelations and techniques presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I have been able to open my heart again, reconnecting to me and how I feel inside. I know who I am, that I come from love and that all is one; there is no true separateness.

We have to create separateness; it is not our natural way of being. Whenever I create separateness, I cut myself off from God, from love, from healing and from humanity. 

Everyone is a part of “me”. I cannot hate, blame or judge another without damaging myself; conversely, I cannot heal or love myself without that being equally there for others as well. I am more than flesh and blood and because of that, I choose to live in a way that develops that awareness and that love within.

I have realised that there is more to me than meets the eye; that I contain the essence of the Love that I come from. I know it is pretence to consider that I live in an individual bubble, which keeps the world on one side and me on the other, when actually my experience shows me we all live in one big bubble that contains and encompasses all of life in all realms and dimensions.

I choose to live a life of connection and oneness where who I am and what I do – if based on Love – has the capacity to heal. Knowing that by opening my heart this can inspire another to feel their own love. And from there to have the choice to unlock their heart – thus breaking themselves free from the illusion that we are separate beings whose actions and thoughts do not impact on each other – when in fact, the ripples of what we do, say and think, are felt far and wide.

As such, I can feel the enormous responsibility to open my heart and be all that I am so as to live in a way that is not harming of self or others – but rather a way that fosters Love and connection for myself, others, nature and Divinity.

191 thoughts on “Separateness or Connection

  1. ” Knowing that by opening my heart this can inspire another to feel their own love.” A beautiful inspiring message that is a healing teaching of Universal Medicine.

  2. What I felt reading the blog today was how universal we actually are. When we act as an individual we seem cut off, but it’s really an illusion because there’s no way we can not have an effect or be isolated energetically even if we are physically. When we allow ourselves to be who we are from the essence of our love we become part of a much greater collective, and quite naturally feel universal.

  3. We really have no “private time”, we don’t clock off from having an effect on the world and the universe, as everything we do in every moment has an impact. Making it about love – so simple.

  4. Separation is an illusion that needs to be fed to be sustained, as we all are inherently united by nature

  5. So, if the ‘I’ is the bit we accept as what we each see as something totally personal because we feel deeply related to, therefore responsible for the expansion of the ‘I’ definition clearly indicates true maturity as a species. Funny that we hardly ever see a national leader speaking with that kind of ‘I’.

  6. As we start to heal could it be that we open the door to enlist the Loving essence we all come from and in this our inner-heart is opening from the healing to dispose of all our ill-ways, allowing us to then also be open to others? And thus we are a simple reflection of our essences, which is our greatest form of communication.

  7. Thank you Rachel, I really enjoyed reading this, very simple and clear, and not a lofty concept but very relatable to human life. “Everyone is a part of “me”. I cannot hate, blame or judge another without damaging myself; conversely, I cannot heal or love myself without that being equally there for others as well.” It’s so very true, I had understood the self love part more than the harm, great to have this explained so clearly.

  8. When we live connected to our own essence we are able to be open and transparent with others, which allows everyone to see that there is another way of living life.

  9. To judge or to bring justice are two completely different activities and depend heavily on the openness of our hearts for other people.

  10. It is interesting to observe that in growing from a child to an adult we connect more with the outer world and start to identify ourselves with that. Compared to being as a child when we are not so much connected with the outer world but instead more in connection with and in the holding of God, this outer life is introducing a separation with who we originally are and possibly is the root cause of all the disturbances in the human relationships we do see and experience in our societies and own life.

  11. There is so much more to us than just a human body and a mind, more than our actions, emotions and reactions. Having been presented and experienced that we are all connected has changed and continues to change my understanding and living of life.

  12. We got the power to eliminate all the dirt we have endued, and so we have the enormous capacity to heal and seal the doors from the dirt entering. This could be in all ways, that is why it is important to start acknowleging our power in our free will to change.

  13. Gorgeous to feel this very steady truth; we are Souls and spirits in one body, hence we need to live in a way that is honouring of them, not one that is acted from the spirit only.

  14. Reading this I can tell what you are expressing is heartfelt and also fully claimed. It was great to read.

  15. I was thinking about something similar while walking last night, how when we “live in a way that is not harming of self or others” we allow everyone to feel where they are at without needing to protect themselves and therefore the space to feel their essence. That what is really going on, may feel horrible on top, but that it doesn’t taint underneath. When we judge the outer we divorce the knowing of the inner.

    1. What a great gem of wisdom Aimee “When we judge the outer we divorce the knowing of the inner.”, thank you.

  16. When we make life about healing, we do not only heal ourselves but all people with us or those who we meet or have relationships with too.

      1. That shows us once again that we are so much more connected in energy then we want to be aware of.

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