An Investigator’s Perspective (Part 3): Through Universal Medicine I am now a Student of Myself

by E.W. Police Officer, Australia

I have been attending Universal Medicine (UniMed) workshops and courses since 2003; during this time I have never experienced anything other than the utmost professionalism. No subject presented, or statement made, has ever been delivered as a sermon or with any hint of prejudice. Neither is there any sense of obligation that one must follow advice or suggestions in order to be accepted. Quite simply what is delivered is a simple, informed and straightforward presentation. Take it or leave it, the choice is the individual’s.

I have never seen anyone present live to an audience and follow a subject or topic/s through with such consistency, and to do so without preparation or aids. Not only is each topic covered with consistency, but the topics are also often shown to interconnect and interrelate, following a logical pattern and flow. Serge Benhayon actually makes this look simple. And to an observer familiar with how challenging it is to present live and to do so with such integrity – this in itself is worthy of attention. 

As for the UniMed healing and teachings… can anyone really single out Serge Benhayon when what is already mainstream, when closely examined, could be regarded as far more outlandish in their claims and methods? Many of these less mainstream modalities claim to heal, and often do so using ‘energy’. Yet none demand the application of integrity in the lived life of the practitioner before engaging in the healing practice. In many of these modalities the client is regarded as a recipient and NOT a participant in their own healing.

Universal Medicine presented material and healing is the only modality I am aware of that encourages participation by the recipient of the healing; where the client is central to and also responsible for where they are at. And importantly, they are helped to understand that the choices they made were always theirs. One cannot always choose one’s predicaments, but we can always choose how we view them and are hence better able to choose differently and move forward from there.

As for the controversy regarding changes to one’s diet as undertaken by many UniMed students – there is already much evidence that supports and attests to the benefits of avoiding gluten, dairy and alcohol in the diet. Why then all the hysteria about these students changing their diets to feel better and improve their health? Particularly given that we live in a world increasingly plagued by obesity and diet-related illness (diabetes to name one), and this is occurring despite the multitude of diet fads that abound. The attempt to uniquely and selectively criticise Universal Medicine on these grounds makes absolutely no sense!

Before I attended UniMed I was very physically fit, or so it appeared – but I was also always tired and in constant need of energy from high sugar foods to sustain me. Behind it all, I discovered I suffered chronic indigestion and heartburn that, as it turns out, was a result of my diet and alcohol intake – which, comparatively speaking in society today, was very moderate.

The best evidence when it comes to knowing what foods to eat for me rests with my own willingness to try, then observe the changes that subtly begin to have effect on my body – for me that meant no more bloating, no more digestive problems and greater energy, in particular a faster recovery time after exercise. I have also developed a greater sense of understanding my own body.

And this is from someone who once used to be exhausted, falling ill every two or three months with some ailment or infection – and yet I was considered healthy!

I also suffered from an undiagnosed and excruciating pain that would frequently wake me in the middle of the night. I would be paralysed with pain along both sides of my body that even made breathing very difficult. I was unable to move until the pain passed. It is amazing to think that the following day I would only briefly remember this and rarely paid attention to it, ignoring each occurrence and continuing on as normal.

Today that pain and discomfort is a thing of the past. I am still fit, but have the energy and mobility of those much younger than me. I rarely fall ill… in fact, I have never been as healthy: at my recent medical, the doctor (after rechecking my results) joked that the geneticist would be after me!

There are differing types of fitness and the one I have now is easy to maintain, harmonious, comparatively effortless and stress free. No one in UniMed has discouraged exercise – only to be aware of the impact of excessive exercise on the body – and that, from my own experience, I can only agree with.

I now see that when you observe and truly care for yourself you become your own best friend, guide, doctor, counsellor and teacher. Through Universal Medicine I am now a student – of myself in totality.

I regard Universal Medicine as an organisation that promotes self-responsibility and self-awareness. UniMed renders back to the student the simple truth that ultimately the only saviour of you is yourself. That ultimately the responsibility for your own wellbeing lies within you. To me it represents a universal and living application of true intelligence and awareness to daily living.

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354 thoughts on “An Investigator’s Perspective (Part 3): Through Universal Medicine I am now a Student of Myself

  1. “That ultimately the responsibility for your own wellbeing lies within you” – absolutely, through our own choices and the quality of them, the quality and harmony of our lives are also determined.

  2. ‘Demanding the application of integrity in the lived life of the practitioner before engaging in the healing practice’ is not only applicable for healing modalities as this integrity of lived experience can actually be applied to all jobs from all levels.

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