How Grand is our Universe?

by Sally Scott, Manager, Perth WA

I attended Universal Medicine’s final Esoteric Developer’s Group (EDG) for 2012, along with 300 other people.

Serge Benhayon was enjoying himself… relaxed, having fun and very excited about 170 billion galaxies. What was I going to learn about today?

Every time Serge Benhayon presents at the EDG, or sometimes when other people are asked to present, I get to learn something that I would never have had the opportunity to if these presentations did not happen. Universal Medicine practitioners, as well as many student members who live their lives all over the world, often present either with Serge, or in addition to his presentations at these EDG events. They are everyday people – working, managing families, interested in their communities, their schools, politics etc – the diversity is extraordinary. 

So, for this particular one it was a science lesson on the planets, our solar system and the entire universe. This all came about because a couple of students went to the Brisbane Observatory and saw what the universe would look like 5 billion light years travel time from Earth. They then shared this information with Serge and Serge presented it at the EDG. See the following link to see what I saw at the final EDG for 2012: A Visually Stunning Presentation Of The Universe

You can watch a short video via the following TED link where Cater Emmart, Director of Astrovisualization at the American Museum of Natural History demonstrates a 3D atlas of the universe: Carter Emmart Demos a 3D Atlas of the Universe

The visual of us, our home, from 5 billion light years travel time from Earth is stunning. It assists us to see and to feel that there is so much more in the universe than planet Earth. We are a very small part of a much larger whole.

Over the years, via the EDG presentations we have heard from many people, talking about all sorts of topics. Doctors, psychologists, teachers, dentists, people who have been sick, accountants, builders, musicians, singers, lawyers and more have contributed. Serge Benhayon is interested in people, in what is going on in our world, within our healthcare systems, our schools, governments and communities. Serge and others share their insights, their expertise and their experiences so that we can learn more, understand more and feel more.

I appreciate everything that gets presented via the Esoteric Developer’s Groups hosted by Universal Medicine, and thank Serge Benhayon for taking the time to share these talks with us.

244 thoughts on “How Grand is our Universe?

  1. When I look up into the sky at night I am always blown away by the stars, from the brightest to the smallest that barely twinkles because is it so far away. There is something magical there to see and we don’t yet understand all there is to know.

  2. The Universe is grand, and probably grander than we know, as we start to learn a little more from the presentations by Serge Benhayon we start to understand the vastness of it and the magic it holds.

  3. Appreciating that “We are a very small part of a much larger whole” makes one question the purpose of life and the presentations of the Ageless Wisdom by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine answers that question so that it feels natural and is true.

  4. These are such great opportunities to pool our wisdom and share. I equally appreciate the opportunity we are given to have a space where we can learn outside the box but that makes so much sense!

  5. I love looking up into the sky and watching the stars. I have been in deserts before and the stars are carpeting the sky. it has to be one of the most magnificent things that I have seen. Sleeping under them is nothing less than amazing. But what are these shiny points of light communicating and showing us, without fail every night? Just as the sun rises everyday without fail. There is much symbolism that is being communicated here for us all to ponder on the possibility that we are more and from the more. We cannot not be part of all that we see and feel as we look up.

  6. It’s so easy to be cut off from the Universe and the vastness we come from by only identifying with our human lives. The grandness we come from is so vast and opening to it can be a reflection of opening to that same vastness in ourselves. Conversely shutting it out can be a reflection of our choice to reduce ourselves. There is no denying we are inextricably a part of this huge universe, however we may or may not live this truth.

  7. Sally, your question ‘how grand is our Universe’ is a great offering for us to recognise and understand the degree we are limiting ourselves, by considering earth to be the center of the universe, when in fact there are millions of galaxies that we are part of, and equally they are part of us. It is simply a matter of letting go of individuality and embracing multidimensionality.

  8. Even if we insist to reduce ourselves and life, like the planets, we are a tiny part that makes up the whole we belong to. Paradoxically, only understanding this allows us to grasp how enormous we are.

  9. Capturing the the everyday playfulness and enthusiasm of Serge Benhayon I love it and from going right out to the galaxy and then coming back in making it about our communities, health and wellbeing. Yep that sounds like Universal Medicine … super cool ✨🌍🌕💫

  10. Wow. Your sharing has reminded me how there is nothing insignificant about Us, and the stupidity of individuality, and how comparison makes no sense.

    1. So true, individualising really reduces us and our understanding of life, and why we are here. Yet bizarrely it is what we continue to champion as our normal more often than not.

  11. Everything seems to be a microcosm and a macrocosm, the picture of the earth and its river systems looks similar to blood vessels in the human body, and the universe looks like a Nadi, the energetic cell within the human body. No matter our size or part in the universe we are all confirmed as belonging to the one same energy.

  12. “We are a very small part of a much larger whole.” Indeed we are and if we take a moment to feel that comment from our bodies we know it is true. It is like our cells respond to a higher power and when we don’t live or know that source there is a tension that pervades whatever we do or wherever we go. We cannot escape being part of that greater whole so what if we let go and opened up to the support it offers? Well worth taking a chance on that one.

  13. Great sharing thank you Sally. It is moving to feel the grandness of the universe that we are a part of and it brings a perspective to our lives too. As shared ‘we are the Universe – the Universe is in us’.

  14. Wow, a 170 billion galaxies, I cannot even comprehend how many individual planets and stars that is, each one held by God and offering the opportunity for the souls he has breathed forth to expand themselves to reflect their source.

  15. I love what is presented by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, it is true education and makes learning fun and interesting.

  16. Great question Sally, ‘How grand is our Universe?’ I don’t think we are anywhere near to understanding how great the universe is, and what it offers us as a human race to return to where we belong.

    1. What a beautiful comment, and I wonder how much our relationship to ourselves would change should our relationship to the universe be more present in our lives. On a purely practical level, how we feel about ourselves when we observe and study the beauty of the universe and our part in that, and how we feel about ourselves when we watch reality to are two very different outcomes. It’s definitely good medicine for me to observe the stars and understand the greatness I come from – it confirms who we are and this is felt beyond words.

  17. Thank you for sharing the link to this presentation of the 3D Atlas of the Universe. It was so humbling to see how small a place we take up in this seemingly endless Universe, but as the presenter shared so wisely, ‘we are the Universe – the Universe is in us’; important words to remind ourselves if we ever feel separate from all this magnificence.

  18. I would love to see these events and therefore deeply appreciate that you wrote a blog about them. We all have so much to share and learn from each others lives, amazing discoveries and observations that remind us of the responsibility we have to commit to a loving interconnected way.

  19. We are a small (but significant) portion of the whole. For this reason, we are intrinsically related to it. We may try to reduce ourselves to just a human being. That can be done… at the cost of cutting yourself out of yourself.

  20. Thank you Sally for a great sharing, I am amazed at the awesomeness and grandness of the Universe of which we are a part of and which we hold in our bodies by the light of our soul. When I consider this grandness within and without, our issues which we create in our lives appearing large at times, but in truth they are as nothing compared to the magnificence of the whole and our interconnectedness with the All.

  21. Being open to consider the grandness of our universe is not only an awe to behold, but equally so confirms the grandness we are and that we are part of something far greater that what we think. Our universality is a quality that is our true way of being here on earth, one that embraces the interconnectedness of our body, being and the cycles of the universe, which is guided by the light of our Soul, the light in the stars and the light in our bodies.

  22. Brilliant to revisit this image of the Universe today Sally… And wow – to realise we are a part of such a stupendous whole? Surely this changes our every thought, movement and way in life, that we may be dedicated to reflecting nought but our true brilliance to the whole…

    1. Absolutely Victoria, when we realise we are part of that stupendous whole, how can it not change the way we see ourselves, each other, life and our responsibility within all of that?! We are part of that brilliance.

  23. Sally, I was just reflecting this morning on the sheer scale of AMAZINGNESS of what I have been privileged to be a part of in attending presentations such as this, and so many others offered by Universal Medicine, for many years now.
    This in itself has expanded my ‘world view’, my understanding and insight in so many areas, and indeed a more ‘universal view’ of life, our place in it and our responsibility to reflect and be the greatness that we are – in respect of all. I simply cannot put into words how greatly this has enabled my own life and living to open up, to deepen, to embrace love as a lived foundation for my every day… There is simply no greater opportunity on the planet to learn, grow, and be inspired at the most profound level, to be all that I am – that all may also be the greatness that they are also.

  24. I appreciate that when you look out at the stars at night you are reminded that life is much bigger than anything that you might be stuck in, in that moment. For me it brings back a greater perspective.

  25. This map of the known universe is grand and demonstrates that we are but a tiny speck, if that, in the All we are a part of.

  26. The depth of which Serge Benhayon presents is beyond what our eyes can see, our nose can smell, our ears can hear.. Not literally but, to show the immense depth he offers in his sharings, presentations, teachings, books, audios, videos – each time again. Serge offers us in the depth of his teachings the way for us to return to that wisdom we all have inside and offers us the tools that help us to re-awaken to the born fact that we are divine and that we can either climb up again knowing this fact, or deviate away from it. This is our eternal return; a return to the universality we all have been born in.

    1. Danna, you make a great point, we cannot not be Universal, we are after all born as part of the greater Universe no matter where or who we are. We can only be part of it.

  27. Thank you Sally – hear hear, well said..
    “We are a very small part of a much larger whole.”
    We like to think that we are it and we are the big ones, but actually as this video exposes, we are part of a much bigger bigger plan. This brings us back to our humbleness of being part of a whole and not the whole itself.

  28. Absolutely brilliant expressed Sally, I have attended these Ageles Wisdom Teachings (AWT) over some years now and I am very enthusiastic about them, simply because they made me feel alive, matters that would normally bored me or made me feel uncomfortable – I now choose to be present with as I now knowingly know that I can only grow from them.. Even subjects like research etc. seem to deeply interest me, simply because the teachings are being brought with connection and understanding of the listener – which seemed to be the missing point for me in many teachings and school/studies I have been receiving in my childhood and high school and even at university years!
    And so these teachings brought a huge lesson to my life, and they continue so every time again – they deepen my understanding of life and the part and responsibility I have in society, life and with people (relationships of all kind) in my every day life. From these responsible teachings I have grown and grown..

  29. Like you Sally I too attended the Esoteric Developers Group (EDG) which has now called the Ageless Wisdom Teachings (AWT) – and the varying content and wisdom expressed by all the presenters from different walks of life never ceases to both amaze and develop me.

  30. Opening one of the links – the visually stunning presentation of the universe made me weep! The beauty, grandness and vastness we are from is incredible and the tears came from the fact that down here, we are not living with this knowing or beauty. Human life has reduced itself to function so much that we have forgotten or choose not to feel the vastness we are part of and from.

  31. Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon and all of the students of The Way of The Livingness have provided me with the education of a lifetime. No university or college I have been to has ever presented such life changing wisdom. And it keeps getting better and better.

  32. Our Universe is indeed grand and it is vitally important for us on earth to live with responsibility, and express as the divine sparks that we truly are, so that we fulfil our role within the order of the universe.

  33. I agree it is an amazing opportunity to hear about people’s lived experience, professional and personal, and I deeply appreciate what they share and even just the fact that they share – and reading your appreciation here has brought up the belief I sometimes entertain – that I don’t have anything worthwhile to offer and I hold back – but the truth is I am the expert of my life.

  34. “We are a very small part of a much larger whole.” Whilst we might feel small and insignificant looking at this grandness, we are actually part of it and every move we make and every thought we take counts as it has an impact on the whole.

  35. Recently Serge Benhayon was in England and he hosted such an event here. It was great to hear students presenting on their chosen topics and to realise what a wealth of information there is to share. The talks had all been well researched and included people’s personal experience. From the life of Fermi, a modern day physicist, to the history of world teachers, from the femicide that is occurring around the world and what influences it to how to plan for your own funeral, these talks were very informative and highly inspirational. Thank you to Serge Benhayon and everyone who contributed.

  36. Thank you Sally for the beautiful reminder of the most amazing science lesson on our incredibly amazing and magnificent Universe. And to stop and appreciate that we are all part of it.

  37. Thank you Sally for your sharing, I always looked forward to receiving my buddy’s notes which were taken during the live EDG presentations…living on the other side of the world I was able to keep up to the date with what was being shared on a vast array of topics, through reading the notes. This was a true blessing to receive via the written word.

  38. Amazing sharing Sally! The universe is so big and grand, It’s hard to hold onto some small problems when we consider the all. Looking at human life though we see that there are things that are concerning because we don’t live who we truly are, and this causes our disconnection from the universe, each other and from nature.

  39. 5 billion light years travel away! That’s incomprehensible. Light travels at 300,000,000 meters per second. In a minute that would be 300,000,000 x 60. The numbers are already getting huge and we haven’t got to an hour yet let alone a day, month or year. Phenomenal.

  40. Thank you for sharing the link to Carter’s TED talk. I am fascinated by all things to do with space, and the presentations by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon help me see how everything in life is interlinked.

  41. “It assists us to see and to feel that there is so much more in the universe than planet Earth. We are a very small part of a much larger whole.” And yet, here in the UK, we have chosen to separate – by a small majority – from the EU, following a referendum. Focussing on the individual – separation rather than brotherhood and the responsibilty we have for the whole. This has divided families and friendships. AS Serge Benhayon has said; something along the lines of ‘we don’t need wars to divide us…..’ It would seem we do that (divide) quite successfully all the time when we focus on self as opposed to the collective.

  42. I love the presentations by Serge Benhayon – but also the talks by Universal Medicine on such a variety of topics. The student body is representative of all walks of life and all ages. Just this weekend in the UK we had presentations by a social worker on female genital mutilation and the horror that it is, on politics, following the recent EY referendum and on ageing – the process of power of attorney and will-making. Priceless information for us to make up our own minds and act accordingly.

    1. I agree Sue, the presentations by Universal Medicine are very rich and really open your eyes about things that are going on in this world (good and bad). Things that we really need to know! It is by far the most interesting school, the most open and diverse organisation and the most fun interaction I have ever experienced in my life.

  43. To know that here on Earth: “We are a very small part of a much larger whole”, probably a minute particle, when you get a sense of how huge and magnificent the universe is from the photo you linked to, is so very humbling. But even though we may be small in comparison to the whole, we have a place, a part, that is as equally important as all the others, so therefore we have a responsibility to live in a way that respects and honours the grandness of the universe, and to know that all we do here on earth has an effect that ripples far and wide.

    1. Your comment reminded me of a comment I saw recently, it went something like ‘if you think you are to small to make a difference remember the mosquito’. Our every movement is having a ripple effect, very true.

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