A Choice to Heal by Choosing Love

by Michael Goodhart, Vermont, USA

I’d like to share some experiences I’ve recently had that I feel were made possible by applying some principles that I have learned through my participation in Universal Medicine workshops and Esoteric Healing sessions. The main point being that our lives are greatly the result of the choices we make in every moment, and that if those choices are loving ones, we can heal patterns that may otherwise repeat themselves in order to show us where attention is needed.

When I first came to read Serge Benhayon’s books and commenced taking some courses I was very much in my head about the work being presented and began using some of what I had learned in an intellectual way with my friends and family. I knew in my heart that I had finally come to a True Way of Living that I had been looking for my whole life – but had been applying the teachings in the same way I had with the myriad of New Age spiritual modalities I’d delved into previously. That is, I was merely repeating the words and principles I had learned. However, this is not at all what Serge had presented to me in the first place. He has always provided a truly different approach in that if we are to really change our world in a positive way, we have to LIVE these principles of love and start feeling from our inner hearts and bodies – not just our heads.  That being said, I recently made the choice to reach out to members of my family and friends who I felt I had gotten off on the wrong foot with when I first set out on this new way of living. There had been some things that were said that initiated a separation and breakdown in communication as I thought I was re-claiming myself – but was going about it in a way that pushed some people away, instead of just being me and letting them be inspired by that, if they chose to.

So, one day recently I decided to simply make a phone call or write an email to four different people that I felt fitted into the category described above. I just honestly told them how I felt about them, avoiding a big story or gushy apology but also taking responsibility for my words and actions in the past.  Each conversation or letter was based on only one important message… LOVE.  I just chose to open up, forget any past negative emotions that had been projected towards me, and focus on connecting with each person. Even though I tried to hold no expectations, to my delight each one resulted in a super positive response and in some cases, a true healing for both of us – as well as other connected people.  I was amazed at how simple it was, and wondered why I had waited so long to act on my feelings. Perhaps I had come to a point where I realized that I had been holding back my love and was holding on to being right instead.  Through my continued inspiration from Serge Benhayon and UniMed events and students, I’m starting to gradually see my life and what occurs in it as a direct result of my choices. This time around, I’m choosing LOVE, and it’s feeling more and more like me every day.

338 thoughts on “A Choice to Heal by Choosing Love

  1. When we come from right and wrong we have removed ourselves from love, but when we can with honesty and love express how we are feeling, then much healing is on offer for those concerned.

  2. It is amazing the changes that are initiated when we choose to take responsibility for our choices and simply express from honesty and love.

    1. Yes, ‘right’ can be dreadful and we can be wrong when we are utterly convinced that we are right.

  3. When we first come to truth it’s understanable if it gets converted back to lies. After all these are the patterns we’ve lived with for so long. Yet if we commit to what Love really means we will never settle but open up to what truly works. Thank you Michael for inspiring me to keep asking ‘is this love?’.

  4. There is a huge difference between knowing the truth of something by one’s mind and knowing it through our body, to embody truth and live it. For example, we can understand the principle of how to ride a bicycle, and therefore ‘know’ how to ride one, however, we do not truly know how to ride one until we physically master the art of doing so.

  5. What a great healing Michael, highlighting how when we choose to accept our mistakes and take responsibility for them, we are able to open up and honestly express how we are feeling from our heart, which allows others to open up to the truth within themselves also.

  6. Michael I love your honesty and that you are not holding back to share it with the world: “Perhaps I had come to a point where I realized that I had been holding back my love and was holding on to being right instead.” Would that not be the best medicine for most of us that stopping to be right – perhaps this “little” choice could change the world!

  7. Michael it’s a short blog but it encompasses so much about human relationships, that we will often make mistakes but with sincerity and from our love we can reach out and continue loving one another again. We do let so much come between us, one incident can stand out and cause a stand off for years, when there may have also been a huge history of love shared that gets dismissed by the hurt. Whatever is happening, love is there waiting to be expressed and shared continually in every relationship.

    1. I agree Melinda that this little blog is a huge package of wisdom. For me it exposes the fragility of the foundation of so many of our relationships, that they can fall apart from one well-intentioned conversation, and stay fractured for so long. Maybe if the foundation was one based on love, and firmly held by this love, no matter what issues arise the foundation will not be wobbled, offering a steady space as we make our way through what has arisen and to heal it.

    1. We often feel so much better when everything is out in the open, even our body can go through significant changes in posture and openness, including in our face.

  8. Being open, transparent and true with others opens a great doorway to developing our relationships in the most beautiful way.

    1. It has been a bit of a ‘two steps forward, one step back’ process, Doug, whereas the more I have been openly honest about my feelings and have called out things that for instance felt abusive, un-true, or downright corrupt, the more reactions I have gotten from people that have at times been difficult to deal with. But I feel that now it is even more difficult for me to hold back, because it actually hurts in my body to do so, as if I am holding back my love in doing so that could potentially help others with the awareness and understanding that I have shared (even though sometimes I get it wrong too). The beautiful thing is that it is now so much easier to express myself at a deeper level with people, and I find they are craving those meaningful conversations too.

  9. I have reread this blog again today and I was considering that this is true bravery, that being able to love and put any other emotion on the bench is such a fantastic way to re-imprint past ways have not sat well with us. Often when something feels murky, we simply avoid it, indulge in it or over apologise for it but to express and appreciate back into it in full love should be our go to, well done, very inspiring.

  10. Your approach and the love emails you sent are the perfect proof that everything, even our perceived mistakes, are all beautiful opportunity to evolve. It all depends on how we approach life.

  11. Relationships are fundamental in understanding life and how the science of reflection works. In other words, we can know ourselves by knowing another because we are all one in the same by essence and energy. Of course, we can get caught up in the mess of what we create to get in the way of otherwise powerful and pure reflections – but we are continually being pulled back to see and feel the truth and oneness we are all part of.

  12. ‘When I first came to read Serge Benhayon’s books and commenced taking some courses I was very much in my head about the work being presented and began using some of what I had learned in an intellectual way with my friends and family.’

    Getting ourselves out of the way in terms of what Serge Benhayon presents is a challenge in and of itself. For example, Serge has long exhorted us to simply be who we are. 10 years on, I feel I’m only just starting to live this, having spent the last decade in the knowledge of this statement rather than in the livingness of it.

    1. I can relate Victoria. Sometimes we can also dismiss what we feel is too simple, when it’s actually very powerful such as “just be yourself”.

  13. When we choose to live with love we live with truth; when we choose to live with our hurts we live with lies. One keeps us together, the other keeps us separated.

  14. Imagine if healing relationship conflicts could be as simple as sharing how we truly feel from our hearts. Such simple medicine could not only save so much conflict but also evolve the quality of how we live.

  15. Love your sharing Michael. We often tend to make these mistakes when we think we have found that one person making a difference in our lives. I did something similar with other modalities/teachers and understandably people would run the other way – it wasn’t truthful.

    As already mentioned when we start to reflect another way of living with out words or impositions, people notice. All we are doing is reflecting to others that we are being our true selves – a huge impact.

  16. When you first discover the work and the amazingness of it, it is very tempting to want to share it with everyone and I certainly made some big mistakes in trying to share it by telling them. This inevitably comes from the head instead of the heart and it serves the other person not at all. In fact it alienates them if anything. The work is to be shared by living it so others get to see it, not hear words that are not matched by actions.

  17. “I realized that I had been holding back my love and was holding on to being right instead.” It is very confronting when we wake up to the fact that so much of what we thought was ‘right’ is so very ‘wrong’.

  18. Choosing to connect back to the truth we feel inside and to honestly express ourselves in a more gentle and loving way allows others the space to be able to feel the same quality within themselves and the opportunity to open up too.

  19. A great article and how about this, “I’m starting to gradually see my life and what occurs in it as a direct result of my choices.” and I don’t think I truly know to the depth of how true this is as yet. I have an awareness of it but still hold some things out. In this one line we could change everything, every moment, every relationship, every conversation and while it maybe difficult to see at the time, what comes next is the freedom to walk your own steps. This one line means that if we just or only truly connected with the choices we make then our life would reflect that truth. To me I see a great freedom, strength and power in this and have seen it many times already reflected to me.

  20. Michael what a delight to read this. It’s inevitable we will make mistakes with relationships, hurt each other unintentionally etc, but how wonderful to be able to honestly and humbly express yourself and reconcile and continue to move to greater love in those relationships – beautiful! .

  21. Letting go of old hurts allow us to feel the greatness of love, this has been key to deepening the relationship with myself and others.

  22. This is a gorgeous sharing Michael. You remind me that it’s never too late to express what we feel. This helps me to accept the mistakes one made along the way and reminds me that it’s how I deal with my mistakes that matters.

    1. We all make mistakes but as you share Leonne when we go back and correct them it is like cleaning up after ourselves so we leave a clearer path for both ourselves and others to walk.

  23. Universal Medicine has be mistakenly taken as just another new age thing. Yet, it is not. The movements it impulses are totally different. There is definitely something about movement that anyone can recognise not just as being different; but as being of a totally different quality and energy.

  24. The perfect blog for me to read today. I impose my ideas about things on others when I am in my head and often I don’t realise I’m doing it because I’m too in my head to notice. Reminds me why it’s so important to live it before we speak it.

  25. Thank you Michael for a beautiful sharing, realising that there is not one ounce of love in being right. When we express in honesty our hurts can be healed and love finds it way into the hearts of others in this loving connection.

  26. When I read about how life and everything that ends up happening in our lives comes back to choices, I am reminded that I am much more powerful than I give myself credit for, thank you.

  27. One moment where love is chosen allows the next moment of love to be. When we resist or hold that back or second guess it we are setting up a momentum to bring to us issues and dilemmas. When love is chosen we have much more space and freedom.

  28. Great reminder Michael of the fact that words without love are simply just that… words without love! And when words are not expressed from the love we are, they are either not expressed in full, contain emotion and hence are open to reinterpretation from what we were initially feeling to express.

  29. People get so used to us a particular way that it makes them comfortable and feeds the status quo. When we make the choice to grow and change some of our ways of being it makes them uncomfortable and challenges them to look at how they are living – and sometimes this exposes that how they are choosing to live or be is not the wisest choice after all.

  30. Beautiful to read Michael. What a blessing for you and your family members, precipitated by you reaching out simply with love and responsibility.

  31. I work a lot on the computer each day, even at times more than 10 hours a day but I feel more connected than ever to people just as I would if I was working with them in person all because I make my work about people and not just about myself

  32. I love the title of your blog Michael. When we make the choice to open up and truly express how we are feeling it is amazing how we are able to initiate great change and heal ourselves and others by choosing love.

  33. Living without connection to our bodies, makes it impossible to be re-connected to our inner heart, the true source of the love that we are, otherwise it is living emotional and lesser love through our ‘heads’ and this is not The Way of The Livingness that Serge Benhayon presents and lives in full.
    “He (Serge Benhayon) has always provided a truly different approach in that if we are to really change our world in a positive way, we have to LIVE these principles of love and start feeling from our inner hearts and bodies – not just our heads”.

  34. What I love about this blog is that it really does convey the absolute simplicity of the wisdom Serge Benhayon offers. We each have a choice – to be love, or to seek love. The problem with choosing to seek love is that we are love and so seeking love creates an unnecessary pursuit of ourselves – one that can be ended with the realisation and awareness that the love we seek is already within us. No pursuit of ourselves is necessary. What is needed is for us to choose the expression of the love that we are – as Michael shares here – with some very beautiful results.

  35. It is so key that we choose love above all else. I know for me I have a tendency to try to rectify ills and by doing so try to justify myself and then make up for them. But love says that was not love simple. So the moment we use love as our marker everything becomes clear. We do not need to get to love because we are love and this is one of the carrots we have been fed. Knowing that we are love we simply need to surrender to this fact and naturally everything else will unfold – after all how can we try to get to something we already are?

    1. ‘So the moment we use love as our marker everything becomes clear.’ – Yes indeed James. You highlight the intelligence and awareness that is available for us to be guided by whenever we are willing to surrender to our connection to love.

  36. “I had been holding back my love and was holding on to being right instead” – I can very much relate to allowing this to get in a way of relationships. One for me to watch out for, definitely.

  37. Our patterns are a key element to deepen our understanding of ourselves. Since they are the product of choices, some visible (we register them) and others invisible (they are so fast that we cannot even register them), working on our awareness is so crucial to shift our patterns to ones that are healing.

  38. Once we get over our hurts and heal the drifts away from people we have allowed as a result of being in our hurts, we improve all of our relationships across the board even if another is still holding on to something.

  39. “Perhaps I had come to a point where I realized that I had been holding back my love and was holding on to being right instead.” I love this sentence as righteousness is so often the cause of trouble, struggle, arguments and wars, whereas when we let go of being right and wrong and open our heart instead we listen and have understanding for each other.

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