Brotherhood: What if True Love Was Taught From Day One?

by Adele Leung, Fashion Stylist/Art Director, Hong Kong

Imagine a world where everyone first knows and claims their preciousness; and not only this, but knows that everyone else is equally as precious. If there were any religions, it would only be that of love. There would be no mistrust between humankind because everyone is an open book and nothing has to be hidden or protected; and if anything is not done out of love, everyone is aware that self-responsibility cannot be avoided.

A world where parents and schools share what is truly important for a child, by supporting him or her to grow up to know his or her true self, rather than what he or she is told to be. From day one, there is love, and only love. Continue reading “Brotherhood: What if True Love Was Taught From Day One?”

Catholic Religion: Rituals and Role Models and my Own Way

by Bernadette Curtin, Australia

Last week I attended a presentation by Serge Benhayon where he and a linguist discussed the ancient and original meaning of the word “religion”. The latin root is religio, devotion for oneself and everything, and religare, to rebind or reconnect – our connection to God.

With Christianity, the meaning changed to define an organised body; it became something outside to connect to rather than to connect to one’s inner self. And it went from being to doing. Continue reading “Catholic Religion: Rituals and Role Models and my Own Way”

A True Religion

by Dean Pirera

The Way of the Livingness is a deeply honouring religion that has no churches, no followers, no priests and  no-one who is of more value or importance than another – because it knows and presents that every single person is the equal Son of God returning to their natural and Divine way of being. It emphasises the word returning because it knows we are all already Divine and pure by essence – just disconnected from it and now making our way back again. In this religion, there are no ‘born sinners’, no ‘chosen people’, just everyone the same and equal in a one brotherhood. Continue reading “A True Religion”

Inspired to be More

by Vicky Cooke, Customer Service Advisor, London, UK

I just attended a Universal Medicine presentation via satellite and really felt to share.

Before attending the presentation I had a kind of average week; not great, not bad, just another week. Continue reading “Inspired to be More”

Esoteric Yoga: Truth in Stillness

by Stevie Cole, Perth

Esoteric Yoga supports me to explore stillness and truth. I experience this through my body deeply letting go and relaxing…which, in addition to the obvious health benefits, can give me insights as to how I hold myself back from allowing the delicious, nurturing stillness that I experience in my sessions into my everyday life. Continue reading “Esoteric Yoga: Truth in Stillness”

Finding My Way Back to Love, Finding My Way Back to Me

by Michelle Sheldrake, Brisbane

I have a photo of myself on my bedside table that has travelled with me ever since I first left home at 17. It is a photo of me as a baby, taken when I was about 10 months old. I’m lying on my tummy, arms outstretched, eyes wide with wonder (I guess fascinated by the camera). When I look at this picture I see a beautiful little being, full of wonder and innocence, ready to embrace life. But the clearest reflection for me has always been the feeling of love and joy that I see, especially in my eyes, which just seem to sparkle with some inner knowing. Continue reading “Finding My Way Back to Love, Finding My Way Back to Me”