Ageless Wisdom: The Key to The Mystery of The Forgotten Fool

by Annette Baker. Sydney, Australia.

The Key to The Mystery of ‘The Forgotten Fool’.

These words came to me one day when I was about 17 – I was sitting at a train station, waiting for a train. The words came seemingly out of nowhere; they came only once and very clearly. I heard them and I have never forgotten them.

The words had no significance to me at the time, though I knew they were important. They had no reference to any book I was reading, nor any movie or programme I had seen. These words were a message for me – that I knew, about what, I didn’t.

My whole life since then these words have been there, and I have known and felt that it was something of a riddle to life that I had to ‘de-code’.

For years nothing seemed to present anything of an answer to this ‘riddle’: though I wasn’t ‘actively’ searching, I just felt that the answer would come, perhaps unravel, in its right time. Nevertheless I was always curious, much so because of the strength and clarity of the message.

Over the last many years, as I began to study and to understand, embrace and live the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom (which Serge Benhayon has presented via the vehicle known as Universal Medicine), I knew that this was the answer, or at least that the answer was contained within these teachings.

However, ‘The Key’ had not yet revealed itself clearly… or maybe it had and I just hadn’t lived the Wisdom enough to get the revelation.

‘The Forgotten Fool’, I had begun to understand, was the human being living by the drive of the Spirit, rather than by the impulse of the Soul. The human being was the ‘Forgotten Fool’ because it had lost its way and forgotten its true origins – that of the One Soul; and a ‘Fool’ because it had been taken for a ride, and for a fool!

Hence the ‘Mystery’ was “how did we get there?” – what happened for us to break away from our truth, to be living a life that was not as it was originally intended, a life that was so complicated and at times meaningless?

‘The Mystery’ and ‘The Forgotten Fool’, these things I had started to understand well over the last twelve years, but the ‘de-coding’ was not complete without the understanding of what ‘The Key’ is.

I could safely say in general that the teachings of The Ageless Wisdom are the key, but I have known that I would not have ‘cracked the code’ until I had a definitive understanding of what ‘The Key’ actually is.

I could feel that how I am living now was releasing me to a great extent from living as one of ‘The Forgotten Fools’, but I am also aware that the unlocking of this message was not just for me, it was something to understand for all of humanity: so ‘The Key’ has to be something for everyone, not just for me.

Living with the understanding that there is a greater purpose for our being here, that all is not what it seems, that there are other levels of perception and sense awareness that we as a race have ignored for too long, I could feel that ‘The Key’ was somewhere in this.

We have ignored for a very long time the truth of what we innately have the ability to be aware of – we made that choice!

So how we go about reversing that choice is ‘The Key’.

If we were to live in a way that reverses that choice we would reveal ‘The Mystery’, and it would also expose ‘The Forgotten Fool’.

And so it finally revealed itself very clearly to me, as clearly as that first message, that ‘The Key’ is ‘The Livingness’.

And so twenty six years after receiving that message I have the answer, and like all things with the Ageless Wisdom – it is so simple.

‘The Key to The Mystery of The Forgotten Fool’ is ‘The Way of The Livingness’.

272 thoughts on “Ageless Wisdom: The Key to The Mystery of The Forgotten Fool

  1. Even the heaviest seemingly un-openable door can be very easily opened once you have the key. Some keys even reveal there was no door in the first place.

  2. It is deeply beautiful to feel how innately natural the truths of life are and how the body naturally is drawn to live them in day to day life. This is The Way of The Livingness, a religion which encapsulates this science, religion and philosophy into one. And as it is naturally the way of us all it is naturally unifying to live.

  3. The Ageless Wisdom is being presented to humanity once again, this time by Serge Benhayon. What he is presenting to humanity he presents with simplicity and the understanding that this wisdom has always been available to us, we had just mislaid the key and that key, as you write so wisely, is The Way of The Livingness. This is a way to live that brings life back to a simplicity, where love is the foundation and each and every person in our lives is our equal brother.

  4. Life is a mystery as long as we choose to not know who we are and that we are receivers of energy not the creators of it, and not choosing to be aware of this is of course a bit silly or foolish as when we don’t remember we are forever lost in the mystery. But with The Way of The Livingness this all becomes clear and we will see we are not fools and there is no mystery to life as all can be known.

  5. The Way of The Livingness is the religion that has its base in our everyday’s life. And in living this religion all of the Forgotten Fool will be revealed to us in a natural way.

  6. This is such a beautiful example of how we can spend a lifetime searching outside of us for the answer or meaning to life but all we have to do is stop and look within and we have everything we need right there.

  7. I love the way the Soul communicates… and always with a divine timing. What a brilliant mystery to be solved, that sat waiting patiently on the back burner until the time was right for all the pieces of the puzzle to come together. And it couldn’t have been any sooner, as it needed to issue forth from the very livingness that was required to solve it.

  8. “‘The Key to The Mystery of The Forgotten Fool’ is ‘The Way of The Livingness’.” Beautiful in its simplicity and this story shows that time has no relevance as the space opens up when we have prepared ourselves in The Livingness to be ready to know the meaning of the message.

  9. As I read your blog, what comes to me so simply is how I have forgotten within me, the simplicity of life and my connection with God. What have I actually forgotten is that God’s communication is with me and is happening every day, by everyday events in my life, and how the simplicity of his connection is there. Stop and feel the connection that has always been there!

    1. Complication enters into our life when we make life about the outer and in that forget about the inner qualities that are ready available and that otherwise would allow us to live all the divinity we are in a very simple way.

  10. Thank you Annette, it was great to read this again. As I unfold living life with my soul (ie live The Way of The Livingness) I have had many occasions when I have had a new awareness and realised how fooled I’d allowed myself to be by accepting some aspect of life which is essentially false and not loving, instead of relying on my own truth – which I walked away from. The fool was always me! That’s stated very lovingly but the human spirit is a “fool”, as the greatness we truly are as Souls is so amazing, to fall for and to choose something less is indeed foolish.

  11. It makes sense that we have been misguided, and that a fool is being made of us, by our choices alone. There is no one to blame, each and every one of us contributes to whichever way we choose to go, whether it’s leading ourselves further into illusion, or deepening our understanding and meaning of our lives.

  12. The Way of The Livingness allows us to return and embrace that which we have forgotten and left behind eons ago, it is our way to resurrect ourselves back as true sons of God and to enjoy the simplicity and multidimensionality of living from our soul.

  13. Ah, a breath felt throughout my body as I got to the end of this blog – thank you Annette for holding our hands as we found our way through the expression. I can feel how we really have been fooled and how The Way of the Livingness has brought us back to the simplicity of how we are living to remind ourselves of the connection to all we are from. It takes away all notion of separateness and individuality that leads to war and conflict. Instead it shows our value as individuals to work for the love of all, together and in harmony.

  14. There is so much that we have ‘forgotten’ about ourselves. As a result, we are aware of only small bits of what is true about us. The Way of The Livingness is an amazing school that helps to reawaken in us the truth about life and about ourselves.

  15. I love reading your article again Annette, so beautiful to hold onto the words presented to you so long ago, and to at last find the answer you were looking for and so simple, connect to your inner heart and make that connection your living way of love.

  16. Stunning Annette, what I love is the way you are engaged so decidedly at age 17 to never actively pursue, because that would not be in line with the way in which you were delivered that line, but to always know it’s profound significance and the fact it would reveal itself. Such a clever and poignant way to know you are on track with the truth of all things, and such a uniquely individual way yet at the same time universal in it’s meaning and application. That sort of beauty in execution belongs only to the Soul.

  17. In The Way of The Livingness, one is wise indeed – and ever-remembering of ‘The Fool’ who holds the capacity to be the open and ever-student of him/herself and Universal Laws.
    Love it that you found your ‘key’ Annette – and with it, the realisation that there is no ‘mystery’ at all when we say yes once again to being re-united with God’s Love.

  18. The archetype of ‘The Fool’ has been with humanity for a long time indeed. The thing is, is not ‘The Fool’ one who is actually open to their inner knowing and the absoluteness of truth available, at any time? The Fool is one who has not layered themselves with accumulated and regurgitated knowledge, and thus has the capacity to be open to the awareness that will lead to him (or her) no longer being ‘The Fool’ – and in the beginning stages of reconnecting to all that one truly is – but rather into the claimed Son of God, who yes, is that by virtue of living in accord to the Universal Laws which hold him. The way of living is yes, The Way of The Livingness, lived and embraced by those who are prepared to walk in accord with His Love and in the knowing of all this offers us, once again on this earth.

  19. Great sharing Annette, I think we can all agree that we feel there is something that needs to be unlocked, and finding the key is part of the mystery, the fact is that we all have access to the key if we choose to live from what we innately know, and the inner knowing and ageless wisdom is there for us to connect too.

  20. We cannot decode anything in life and translate what we do not understand without the key or the password of understanding what is first at play.

  21. The Way of The Livingness is the true key back to our divine origins, the livingness of which we chose to descend from for the pursuit of creation.

  22. With steadiness and a commitment to honesty and truth we naturally begin to live “The Way of The Livingness”, whether we are a student if Universal Medicine or not, doesn’t matter, this way of living is there in our world to be felt by all. Making it available for every single person, no one is exempt and everyone is equally able to access it, by the choices we each individually make.

  23. ‘How come we are living so far away from who we truly are? Why did we fall to live a life from self? Did we truly appreciate what we had and did everything possible to keep it that way? Obviously not but what happened for things to change?’ These are just some of the questions I have often pondered on but regardless of what has happened in the past I chose to separate from my soul and boy that has hurt and still does at times even though I know; ‘The Key’ is ‘The Way of The Livingness’.

  24. I was watching a show recently where a guy was talking about an operation he’d had on his brain and there was a good chance he could die during surgery. He said to his family, if I make it through this I am going to embrace life to the fullest. He obviously made it through and in the documentary as he is relaying the story he is sitting there with a glass of wine in his hand. Is to embrace life to the fullest about just letting go and enjoying all indulgences – whether that includes a substance that we know harms us or another false idea? Many times we can get messages that alert us that there is much more to life than what we are living – it is up to us whether we choose these or not.

    1. MW, maybe I watched the same show or another one years ago but I remember something similar. I’ve been considering this lately, how crazy it is that we wait for the big stop, I’m talking of some incurable illness or disease or accident etc., to start ‘living’ life or making changes that we’ve always felt to but have been too comfortable in what they offer us. It starts with us and ends with us.

  25. So much great wisdom in this blog. It is ridiculous when you consider how aware and powerful we actually are and yet we play dumb to it and live in a way that pretends that we are not.

  26. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have handed out many many keys in their teachings and presentations with regards to the Ageless Wisdom. There has been zero holding back from them. However what I am clearly seeing and feeling more and more is now it is my part in this to live the truth of what I innately know within my body as you have shared ‘However, ‘The Key’ had not yet revealed itself clearly… or maybe it had and I just hadn’t lived the Wisdom enough to get the revelation.’ And the Ageless Wisdom is not just for one person or a few but for all and resides within all.

  27. I too have been moved to tears Annette in re reading your sharing today. I wasn’t sure why it has affected me so much but it comes to me that indeed, at this time of upheaval in the World, it shows us The Way of The Livingness.

  28. There is no need to delve deep and understand the mystery of life… love, God, truth are all simple by nature when we are connected to ourselves. Life does not need to be complicated when we bring it back to a moment by moment movement.

    1. Beautifully said Simon, taking care of how we are in the present moment – bringing who we are in full to whatever task is at hand allows us to be with the simplicity of God, love, truth, harmony, stillness & joy.

  29. Re reading this today was very powerful. The feeling that we all have something to share with humanity is palpable. It is also humbling to realise how much energy we put into ‘not knowing’ this innate truth. And how simple it can be if we accept and live from our divine power.

  30. Perhaps the ultimate foolishness is to step away from God and allow a source of energy to run our lives that is loveless, yet tell ourselves we are in control!

  31. Thank you Annette for sharing your message, it is great after all the years you had never forgotten those words but have at last come to reveal the mystery, and the key being The Way of The Livingness, the way back to ourselves and heaven.

  32. Through The Way of The Livingness we are able to bring to life, and live through our every day, the qualities of our inner-most being, the light of who we are, where there are no mysteries as all is known when we live in connection with the oneness of our Soul.

  33. The Way of The Livingness is the gateway to the wonders and wisdom of the Universe, we all have accessibility to this and it just starts with a simple choice to connect and live from our inner hearts.

  34. For me, the key and the door represent a new paradigm and stepping up to a greater level of awareness, which definitely comes from me being a student of ‘The Way of The Livingness’.

  35. Thank you Annette for sharing your message and its meaning with us, The Way of The Livingness is certainly the key that unlocks the entrance to the divine inner heart that lives unacknowledged within every human being until we are fooled no longer.

  36. This blog brings a tear to my eye Annette. I especially love the way you explain your understanding that this very personal message was also for all. The Way of the Livingness has helped me to understand that each and every person on the planet offers me a reflection and an opportunity to choose love.

  37. Yes, The Way of The Livingness certainly opens the door to heaven or back to our true selves so it makes sense to call it a key which sounds better than saying the door handle to the mystery of the forgotten fool 😉

    1. Maybe it is not even a door so key is probably even more accurate as there is nowhere to go, we are already everything!

  38. Annette, it is beautiful to read of how you waited so patiently for the wisdom of the message you received, to unfold and reveal itself when you were ready to receive it and de-code it. I have found that The Ageless Wisdom holds the key to all of life.

  39. It is true we have been fooled, we have let our spirit take us for a ride, our comfort and pride have stopped us from accepting truth when it is presented to us. Looking back I am able to see the intricate web that is cast through our emotions, our comfort, and our pride to name but a few, that have kept us trapped in the merry go round of life.

  40. Annette,
    Your sharing brings great wisdom, for in receiving such a clear message, that you know was important and that one day understanding would be there is in itself significant. Every human being has the potential to let go of the “forgotten fool” and again claim their soul self, to be their living way (The Way Of The Livingness). The absolute support that is always with us to bring us back again to the truth of ourselves cannot be ignored when it is delivered in this way.

  41. It is misleading to suggest that religion should be mysterious, and in this regard, we have been fooled by what mainstream has offered us. Christianity refers to the mystery of God, and Buddhism to the mystery of enlightenment. Yet the truth is – if there is a God – then there should be a pathway to understanding his nature by observing human life. Revelation should be simple, not enshrouded in some unattainable mystery that leaves us detached from any hope of understanding the truth about our origins.

    1. So true Adam. I hadn’t considered this before. Why on earth has religion always been something that many of us just haven’t understood….or been able to make sense of. Perhaps it’s all part of the design, to keep us under an illusion that we are not enough and therefore keeping us separated from the all.

  42. The Way of The Livingness is the key offered to us all and this is unlocking an eternal journey for us until we choose to fully return to our sacred connection to soul and God.

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