Will the Real Son of God Stand Up?

by Joel L, Western Australia 

It is a clean crisp dawn on the Mount of Olives, birds fly overhead and the sun rises on the old city of Jerusalem. There is a hum of activity in the distance as news crew and onlookers gather for the arrival of ‘the messiah’, one of the most anticipated events in human history.

Thankfully God had given humanity plenty of notice as the specially formed committee took many years to work out the seating arrangements and make sure clergy of all faiths had been invited and sat in the right order. Continue reading “Will the Real Son of God Stand Up?”

Esoteric Yoga Classes: An Amplifier for Within

by Lee Green, Business Manager, Perth

I stood this morning in the shower, gently washing myself, feeling my feet supporting me as I stood in balance… totally balanced and steady with me. As I felt my feet, my fingertips were feeling all that they touched and gently washed. My hair and my scalp were right underneath them as they massaged my head. This simple feeling of me, being with me as I do something, has been brought about over time by the steady commitment to be with me always. I have supported myself to develop this connection through the regular study of esoteric yoga. Continue reading “Esoteric Yoga Classes: An Amplifier for Within”

I Am That I Am

by Paul Moses, Newrybar

I am that, I am… I slowly awake once more, I await another day.

Outside is dark and windy and I can feel the cold air of the beginning of winter on my face. Thoughts start to invade my space, bringing an anxiousness of what lies ahead; I know this all too well. In this knowing comes a surrender, an awareness – not to the invasive thoughts but to a stillness. Continue reading “I Am That I Am”

Tiny, Bruiser & Neville Are No Friends of Mine

by Joel Levin, Western Australia

It has taken me some time to track these guys down, but I can now put a name on some characters who do everything in their power to stop The Way of the Livingness becoming my way.

What is The Way of the Livingness? It is simply a way of living that is in deep connection and respect of yourself – so that you bring that same depth of connection and respect to others and everything you do. Continue reading “Tiny, Bruiser & Neville Are No Friends of Mine”

The Many Faces of Grace

by Joel Levin, Western Australia

In my life ‘grace’ has had many faces, and not all of them easily recognisable.

One period of grace was when I was starting my business and my business partner decided to cut me off once we had secured seed capital. This experience was made harder by the fact that I was the sole income earner of a family of four. At that time I was feeling crushed by life and the fact that all my personal development, spiritual development, work with charities, hard work professionally, and generally being a nice guy, had come to this… Continue reading “The Many Faces of Grace”