I Am That I Am

by Paul Moses, Newrybar

I am that, I am… I slowly awake once more, I await another day.

Outside is dark and windy and I can feel the cold air of the beginning of winter on my face. Thoughts start to invade my space, bringing an anxiousness of what lies ahead; I know this all too well. In this knowing comes a surrender, an awareness – not to the invasive thoughts but to a stillness.

I feel a beautiful supportive energising state – an allowing, an openness for the day and all it offers to come to me. The day ceases to be a chore; it is not a battle, hard work, a constant trying to control what’s next, a game of chess, to achieve and be recognised for what I have done.

The day is now a blessing; a bringer of awareness and the feeling of being loved.

In that love there is a call that I hear, feel and see from the One that Loves: it is the Father of all, my Father, God, that ignites the very same in me, that reaches out from my innermost, through my body and meets all there is, God, in the joy of meeting more of me and knowing I am that, I am.

On moving my body full of love, and walking in the loving body of God, is my rhythm that constellates with all there is. Through my body I connect: I touch the physical world, and in that warmth I am there in full expression, knowing I am that, I am a living Son of God.

243 thoughts on “I Am That I Am

  1. How beautiful to read this again, to realise that I can continually feel new depths of my soul and God and say, “I am that”, then embody and live that…. “I am”. So touching, thank you Paul.

  2. The simplicity of “I am that, I am” belies the depth of what is offered through those words. Thank you for making them 4D! Now for us to live them for ourselves and deepen the understanding further.

  3. This is what is being offered to every one of us – even when our circumstances appear to be very far from it, this truth, that we are of God, remains unchanged.

    1. Very beautiful to live and bring to our days, ‘On moving my body full of love, and walking in the loving body of God, is my rhythm that constellates with all there is.’

  4. How different each day is when we align to God, the love, awareness, the expanded feeling and the exquisite stillness, the universality…. and how reduced to emotion, thinking, turmoil, or any other ‘coat’ of creation we choose to don when we let go of our precious, sacred connection to the all.

  5. There is beauty in our every day, in the crystal clear skies and even on the cloudy days – the rose that dropped in front of your feet or the flock of birds that flew above your head. I’ve noticed that sometimes when I speak of the beauty of the trees, or the flowers, birds and animals I almost speak of it as if it is grander than me, more beautiful than I am. There’s somewhat a feeling of being sorry for myself, of not good enough. Do we look out to nature to make us feel good, to relieve ourselves from the stress within the bricks of the city, or is it a reminder of our grandness, a reflection of our beauty? The only reason why symbols in nature such as flowers and animals seem so beautiful to us is because they do not hide their essence, they do not obey social norms which are harmful and bring about comparison, botox and layers of make up. Their heart shines through, they don’t hide it when they’re scared, focussed or whatever is going on – we call them stupid and think that we humans are more intelligent but if you look at our lives and who is more secure in themselves, it may look like we are the stupid ones.

    1. ha ha thank you, what a wonderful reflection and reminder – flowers are not the ones with a lack of self-esteem, they do not try to change who they are to be liked by us, they shine in all their glory regardless of the notice they are given.

      1. Not only that, but they don’t need to – their beauty is simply a reflection. There’s no big deal or “oh my god, I have to look beautiful today”

  6. Paul reading your sharing confirms how powerful words can be when are written from the living experience. They feel full, alive and touches my heart, deeply so. Thank you

  7. I love that “I am that, I am” and also now as I recently heard Serge Benhayon share: “as He is, so too we are”.

  8. A beautiful confirmation of living your natural rhythm and the communication that it offers you to be more of who you are.

  9. A gorgeous sharing Paul, a beautiful way to greet the new day ahead knowing you are indeed a beloved son of God living and expressing within the body of God.

  10. I have woken to the most divine winter’s morning, there is a chill in the air but there is a warmth in me. This warmth does not come from the fact I am being warmed by the fire, but by my deeply felt connection to me and my never-ending connection to God. When I look outside at the beautiful day that is dawning and feel its stillness, I feel God in me and around me; we cannot be separate as we are all a part of the glorious whole.

  11. “On moving my body full of love, and walking in the loving body of God, is my rhythm that constellates with all there is.” Connecting to and maintaining this is an on-going work in progress that is worth everything that it takes.

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