Esoteric Yoga Classes: An Amplifier for Within

by Lee Green, Business Manager, Perth

I stood this morning in the shower, gently washing myself, feeling my feet supporting me as I stood in balance… totally balanced and steady with me. As I felt my feet, my fingertips were feeling all that they touched and gently washed. My hair and my scalp were right underneath them as they massaged my head. This simple feeling of me, being with me as I do something, has been brought about over time by the steady commitment to be with me always. I have supported myself to develop this connection through the regular study of esoteric yoga.

I have had the fortune of being an attendee in esoteric yoga classes run by Victoria Carter for some time now, and I feel the blessing of what this brings to me in this simplest of techniques. Initially this deepening of the connection with me was uncomfortable, itchy, even fidgety – and yet underneath this is an absolute knowing that the place I longed for, to assist in my living with the everyday stresses and strains of my life, was literally at my fingertips.

The results are profound, in that the body through these classes is made very loud, as if the technique of esoteric yoga that Universal Medicine & Serge Benhayon originally shared is like an amplifier for the wondrous sounds and indications within. My body has a way of speaking to me now – developed over time with dedication and the amazing gentle assistance of my esoteric yoga practitioner – that allows me to truly feel and act on what is felt. This early warning system is much more gentle a way to live in the world and I have much appreciation for esoteric yoga and the amazing love that I can now feel as my foundation. Thank you Universal Medicine, for sharing this wonderful modality.

283 thoughts on “Esoteric Yoga Classes: An Amplifier for Within

  1. “This early warning system is much more gentle a way to live in the world” Yes absolutely, our body offers us an early warning system that we have turned down, drowned our or perhaps put on silence! The Esoteric Yoga reawakens our ears to the communication of the body. It is so simple yet incredibly profound.

  2. “My body has a way of speaking to me now” Esoteric Yoga allows us to hear a clear message in the stillness.

  3. This is truly beautiful. Sometimes it feels as though truth is too much and reveals too much ugliness and lovelessness I have chosen, but that is not where truth takes us or comes from, it is eternally beautiful and it is in our relationship with it that we define what is to be our reality.

  4. “This early warning system is much more gentle a way to live in the world and I have much appreciation for esoteric yoga and the amazing love that I can now feel as my foundation.” It’s a beautiful way to express the gifts Esoteric Yoga offers, it’s a re-union with our body and being, and an ongoing deepening awareness of how to take care of ourselves by listening to how we feel and to what the body is communicating.

  5. Like, um! all the Esoteric modalities are a blessing, and to live in an age where True healing is freely available to everyone this should be expressed in every way possible, so thank you Lee for sharing about Esoteric Yoga.!

  6. I will never forget my experience after my first Esoteric yoga session – I literally could not believe how present I felt. I was standing in front of my bathroom mirror about to brush my teeth, I held the toothpaste and really felt it in my hand, I felt it sitting in my palm and every finger wrapped around it. Sounds bizarre because perhaps this should be our everyday, our every moment’s experience – but the truth is is that it is not, we rush around in disconnection and then when something like this happens we are gobsmacked.

      1. Hmmm you’re right and I don’t know what’s worse for the ungodly-god, a slap on the wrist or the freedom to do as they please. No wonder a world is a mess!

  7. I totally get what you say about the amplification of the body’s messages in yoga. In stillness everything is felt much more acutely and so what may once have been hidden is now in our faces.. it’s like our awareness is heightened and in that, the choice to stay with what we feel or to check out from it also becomes far more obvious – a choice to then stay steady and observe, or react and withdraw.

    1. Yes we become aware that in every moment there is a choice to be made and when we don’t think we are making a choice we are, in fact, very much making a choice.

  8. I agree with you Lee, Esoteric Yoga is supporting me very much to feel more steady, trustful with my inner senses and joyful in my daily basis. What I love most from practicing it is its simplicity and it can be done whenever we feel that we need to check what’s going on inside us. There is no right or wrong, no need to develop skills or to reach anything outside, just breath in and feel the precious body we carry…

    1. That’s why is super powerful and very supportive, because by surrendering to the body we have the opportunity to create a new space inside us, dettached from the huge amount of tensions, demands and distractions from outside. A revelatory and life changing experience to have by our own choice.

  9. From getting out of bed and how our beds is made until we return to bed and surrender to our body to sleep has been deeply explored by what Esoteric Yoga will always bringing to us as a focus back to our body and our connection to it. So every movement can be done as you have shared Lee with a profound effect on our day when we stay connected to our essences.

  10. Esoteric yoga is so simple yet so very powerful in giving us the space to connect to the warmth of our inner heart, and in that stillness and know who we truly are and how we have been living.

    1. It provides a moment of pause to take a snapshot of where we feel we are at now. From that pause we can feel the momentum of how we have moved and re-imprint movement in our body, so when we get up from the mat, we bring the same level of care and attention into our daily rhythm.

  11. Esoteric yoga is a beautiful modality and one that is my constant go to because I can actually feel my body and enjoy the time I spend rebuilding a relationship with me. From not being able to feel anything because of choices I had made to disengage from life to actually feeling myself is huge.

  12. Esoteric Yoga is now a huge part of my life, and it deeply supports me to feel how my body is and let it be, not try and fix it but observe and this is massive; the more I’ve been able to observe, the more I’ve been able to feel and see how I can more clearly live in a way that supports me and my body, no effort, no push and no trying.

  13. Esoteric yoga was extremely difficult for me in the early days because I would keep falling asleep during the programs. I remember how hard it was for me to move as all I wanted to do was nod off to sleep. Fast forward a few years and I now feel alive and invigorated after yoga even if the class finishes late.

  14. We often forget the importance of how our body feels and hence communicates with us showing us what is most supportive for it. It feels like if we would work on that, then we would catch illness and disease at a much earlier stage.

  15. To connect to our inner stillness via Esoteric Yoga doesn’t stop with doing it in a course or class, it becomes an every day living with the body and inspires a presence that is beyond human, we are God in human form.

    1. So true Annelies, we are That, that same Love as God that is being continually shared with us all and Esoteric Yoga is a great way to re-connect to our Essences or Inner-still-ness.

  16. Like you Lee the more I feel and know what the quality of stillness feels like in my body the more obvious it is when anything is not aligned to this love and tender way of being with myself and others.

  17. The body has so much to communicate with us, and Esoteric Yoga does provide an opportunity to reconnect and refine our listening skills too. I treasure this union I now feel with my body. To re-connect to the quality of stillness that is naturally within brings a greater awareness of how we move through life.

  18. Lee I agree, esoteric Yoga is indeed a wondrous modality and it is a heavenly gift and blessing bestowed on humanity in support of our evolution.

  19. Building space within is not such an easy task because of our addiction to denseness, but feeling spacious inside is a true blessing; one that esoteric yoga brings along.

  20. Esoteric yoga offers such a support to help reconnect to the divinity within, when we forget who we are and where we come from life becomes mundane -a series of movements that happen just to get by – introduce Esoteric Yoga and we reintroduce the fact we are so so much more.The universe is revealed when we surrender within.

  21. It is delicious to be truly with our body when we do things and feel its warmth all the time from the inside out.

  22. I agree – paying attention and being consciously present with the body is like looking through a magnifying glass, all its wonder and exquisite beauty reveals itself right in front of us and it feels like it reignites something inside us and fills all the in between spaces with appreciation.

  23. I agree that Esoteric Yoga is a blessing for those who participate in the courses, in fact for the whole world. To be offered the space to reconnect to our bodies and to allow ourselves to acknowledge the truth of how we feel is, for me, a priceless opportunity, one that I am so delighted to have accepted.

  24. ” is like an amplifier for the wondrous sounds and indications within ”
    This is true and I also find that the imposing of the world is subdued, which allows for more personal awareness.

  25. Esoteric Yoga has supported immensely with my connection and relationship with my body. It allows the deep surrender and rest I am not always able to achieve when I have taken things on

  26. I appreciate more and more how our body is a great communicator supporting us to listen and develop our awareness and presence when we honour the truth of what we feel within. Esoteric yoga has enabled me to connect to the stillness within myself to be able to build a steady foundation and simplicity to my life.

  27. I so agree with you Lee when you say
    “Initially this deepening of the connection with me was uncomfortable, itchy, even fidgety – and yet underneath this is an absolute knowing that the place I longed for to assist in my living with the everyday stresses and strains of my life, was literally at my fingertips.”
    Esoteric Yoga enables me to return to something I felt I had lost, but my body is showing me via the Yoga that this is not the case, that there is a deep and profound stillness in all of us and this is an excellent modality to support us to return to our stillness and then from there take it out into the world.

  28. Everything that amplifies the love within is pure gold, or more correctly stated Universal Medicine. We can not expect to heal and release the tensions and traumas we carry, without endorsing more and more these golden nuggets which support us very practically in our everyday.

  29. It is amazing to realise and feel our body is in constant communication with us, sharing the wisdom of what is true for us to live, the wisdom of who we are and who we are not and the wisdom of the love that is our innate way of being. Esoteric Yoga offers a way that we can tangibly live in connection to our inner-stillness and be guided the truth of who we are, regardless of what is happening in the world around us.

  30. Esoteric Yoga would be great for people who have checked out so much they are verging on dementia. Connecting to one’s body and staying present with it as esoteric yoga brings, would support those that are in the process of losing themselves to start to come back.

  31. What Esoteric yoga has amplified for me is that I am/we are love and stillness. No matter what happens in the world, all the madness, rush, drama etc, I can access the truth of myself and not be led by the non-stop motion and emotions around. To be in life and it’s all knowing who I am.

  32. Esoteric yoga has supported me deeply to come back to myself, the connection is always there and the way back is through the awareness with the body. It feels very simple but this simplicity is something we have missed a lot in life.

  33. Esoteric Yoga is a very simple modality yet it’s so very powerful in terms of what it offers. Esoteric Yoga brings such an awareness to the body and an ability to learn to stay in that connection to the body and deeply honour all that it communicates. This has also transformed my life as Esoteric Yoga has supported me to learn to stay in yoga (union) with myself and the qualities of my soul, including my love, joy and stillness, and live with these everyday. I am also able to take much better care of myself by listening to my body

  34. Connecting to the body is GOLD or maybe even more than that. As this connection not only gives us back that yummy feeling within but too acces to that greater wisdom, order and rhythm of the universe our body is irrefutably connected to and in essence we all are from.

  35. The love that we are able to connect to on a daily basis is HUGE. Joyous and truth-full. The key is here with Esoteric Yoga is that it is related to building a foundation of connection (love) in your body. This is incredible opportunity and what a blessing we have received this tools as a humanity. Now, accessible for every body.

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