Will the Real Son of God Stand Up?

by Joel L, Western Australia 

It is a clean crisp dawn on the Mount of Olives, birds fly overhead and the sun rises on the old city of Jerusalem. There is a hum of activity in the distance as news crew and onlookers gather for the arrival of ‘the messiah’, one of the most anticipated events in human history.

Thankfully God had given humanity plenty of notice as the specially formed committee took many years to work out the seating arrangements and make sure clergy of all faiths had been invited and sat in the right order.

Behind the enclave of clergy were barriers for the general public who wore T-shirts, hats and held commemorative placards welcoming ‘the One’. The clergy preened and adjusted their regalia, everyone moving with a nervous excitement.

At the appointed hour, a man stepped forth from behind an olive tree. He wore no special clothes, arrived without thunder or light parting through the clouds. The man has a presence but he was also ordinary. The clergy didn’t know what to do, was this a member of the public that had jumped the fence?

He steps up to the waiting microphone and waits in silence, until one of the clergy asks “Who are you?”.

“I am a son of God” comes the reply.

The crowd cheered as they hear the words they had been waiting for, but some of the clergy grew suspicious.

“What do you mean a son of God, don’t you mean THE son of God, how do we know you are who you say you are?” one of the clergy responded.

After some time he said “We are all sons of God, equally so. I am no different to you or you to each other”.

“Show us a miracle; prove to us who you are” they demanded.

“I live everyday with joy, love and vitality” he responded simply.

“Yes, yes but tell us something about God we don’t know” came the abrupt reply.

“You already know God, he lives within you” was the answer.

“Jesus already said that; tell us something we don’t know…” they persisted.

“You have created an illusion that life is what you think it is, rather than living simply from the inner heart”, was his simple response.

“Buddha already said that, tell us who will be saved”, they demanded again.

“Anyone that chooses to put love for themselves, their body and their light will be saved by themselves and in doing so will truly give love to others. It is the fear of your own light that you fight” he responded lightly, unperturbed.

“Yes, yes, now you’re just combining Patanjali and Nelson Mandela – tell us something new” was their impatient retort.

Again he replied with the same.

“There is nothing new here; there is nothing different to be said. The choice has always been there – be willing to step away from things you do that give you identity and ask yourself about how you can live in harmony with the divinity that is already in you. That is where God lives.”

There was silence among the crowd. Some people walked away in despair, some started to shout out questions, some started to interpret what was said to suit their own ends. The clergy started to fight among themselves, simultaneously trying to discount the credibility of this man and about whose religion had taught these principles first.

The day descended into humanity once again choosing to search for an answer that was outside of their own choices, an answer that confirms what they have already chosen to believe, an answer that keeps everything as it is.

On that day humanity invested in complexity once again and preferred to restart the clock on its wait for ‘the real messiah’, rather than consider the possibility that all those messengers past and present saying the same thing, might be onto something.

God lovingly looked on, allowing man free will to chose how they learnt this simple lesson, wondering when his beloved children would realise the merry-go-round they live on, is of their own making.

But this is not the case for all of humanity…

There are more and more people all over the world who are no longer waiting and have taken their destiny into their own hands.

They wake rested from their nights sleep. They treat their body with tenderness, communicate with honesty, work with integrity and laugh with true joy. They are not perfect, but each drop into an old way of being serves to remind them of how amazing they are, rather than confirm that they can’t save themselves. Each choice builds from the last and makes the next easier to make. Each choice comes with a loving disciple that holds life with tenderness and grace.

They make these choices because each of them accepted that ‘they are a son of God’ and there is no better time to start living that fact than right now.

*** Dedicated to Serge Benhayon – Not the Messiah but an awesome example of a person living a loving way of being as best as one can.

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420 thoughts on “Will the Real Son of God Stand Up?

  1. What is it about humanity that thinks the truth must come bundled up in complexity, and when someone presenting the simplicity of the truth is standing right in front of them they don’t want to see or hear it? So many messengers of truth have stood before us over the centuries and few have realised the wisdom they have shared. Before we go looking far and wide for what we have come to believe the ‘real messiah’ it pays to check out the person standing in front of us, as he or she may just be the one we are looking for.

  2. A beautiful sharing of how God walks with us and not above us. It is about what we see as equal, what we see in ourselves, and what we choose to see. That we are all the son of God.

    1. How could God ever be above us when he flies through us in our particles. It’s so liberating to understand this so tangibly.

  3. I think it is truly humbling and inspiring to consider that we are each equally ‘the One’ – that no one can save us for it is a choice that has to come from inside of ourselves but what we can do is support one another with the reflection we offer by our lived way.

    1. Yes it is truly humbling and Empowering to be shown we can live with the responsibility of being the one. Not the other person but squarely at my feet!!! No one to save, just really choosing to feel that the same light flows through me.

  4. Such a beautiful example Joel of how it can be and most certainly has been all throughout time. I wonder if we would recognize “the one” if we met that “one”, the one that could touch our hearts enough for us to also realise that we are all equally that “one”.

  5. Never been a better time to start living with more love. Very true Joel the time is now and never has it been more needed.

  6. With all that is given to us, to each of us and as a humanity, and all that is available for us to connect to, all that which reminds us and supports us to live the light we are as a Son of God, it seems that we vehemently seek externally only to validate the illusion and the comfort we are choosing to live in, to avoid feeling our resistance to the responsibility we all hold to live and reflect our divine innate Godliness.

  7. Why do we find it so challenging to claim our true identify as sons of God, I wonder? Could it be that we dislike the responsibility that would come with the livingness of this in our daily lives.

    1. I think we actually loathe responsibility and prefer to dull and immerse ourselves in comfort. We can continue and implode or start to just be more living with ourselves and harness all that is there to be lived.

  8. ‘“Anyone that chooses to put love for themselves, their body and their light will be saved by themselves and in doing so will truly give love to others. It is the fear of your own light that you fight” he responded lightly, unperturbed.’ These are such beautiful and inspiring words.

    1. Yes and maybe fear of our true power alongside fear of the magnificence if our light. Totally accepting that means taking responsibility and having accountability for all of our choices, something many don’t willingly choose as yet.

  9. Great expose of the eternal search outside ourselves for all we carry within. A total distraction for the Gods we are.

      1. Yes, we calibrate and adjust ourselves to ‘fit in’ to what is outside of us rather than live from our connection within.

  10. ‘“Anyone that chooses to put love for themselves, their body and their light will be saved by themselves and in doing so will truly give love to others. It is the fear of your own light that you fight” There are now hundreds of role models world-wide who are living their true light living as the Sons fo God that we all are.

    1. I really love this. It makes taking responsibility for how much you care for yourself much more about the all, and the macro rather than the micro.

  11. Living every day with joy, vitality, and natural energy.. this is a way of living that is so natural to us, such a known feeling in our bodies, yet we often do everything we can to avoid it and distract ourselves from it, believing that what’s ‘out there’ can somehow satiate the emptiness that we feel when we turn away from what’s already within us.

  12. The truth is we are all the Messiah, because as it is going to take all of us to bring love to this world.

  13. We want to think that there is something special in The One but not to hear that there is something special about us all. The myth of The One is the perfect alibi to be irresponsible, rejecting divinity.

  14. It is so true about how we search for an answer that confirms what we have already chosen to believe – and if that is how ‘right’ is qualified, how flimsy is that?

  15. We have had so many teachers across the ages present the truth, instead of thinking about it, discussing, or arguing we just need to get on with living it. We know what’s true from the outcomes of what it’s like to live the truths. How the truth translates to life is all the evidence we need.

  16. A very close observation of us all here on earth waiting for something extraordinary, but not seeing it when it is before us because it comes in a different way than we pictured and find comfortable.

  17. This blog sure puts in perspective how the only ones that have gotten in the way of humanity living with harmony and joy are ourselves. As a whole, when we choose to ignore the consistent messages of great teachers throughout history like Jesus, Siddhartha Gautama, and presently Serge Benhayon, who has continued to remind us all that we are The One that we are waiting for.

  18. The game is up, its up to us well and truly and there is no where to hide when you have come face to face with someone walking there truth. What you do next really is up to you and often we can make very poor choices at that point and run away, bury our heads, walk just near but never in truth. So many ways to avoid the simple fact that we are sons of God.

  19. ” They make these choices because each of them accepted that ‘they are a son of God’ and there is no better time to start living that fact than right now. ” Yes realised sons of God , for us all to see and accept as the truth we all also carry and have the choice to live or not.

  20. That is : we are all God’s acting like ungods, are along the lines of what Serge Benhayon has presented previously. That is so true; if I look at it for myself.. understanding how I had rather give my power away and waiting for another to save or fix the problem, instead of feeling into my own power and living that. Which comes down to accepting that I am a God, and that I have acted like I was not. Beautiful piece, were we see that demands do not work, neither waiting for a messiah, it needs to come from within us.

  21. We have all played at being less for so long, the label son of God is at first a hard one to accept but there is even more to accept. If we are the sons of God, then we must be all that God is, for he could not make us any less than himself. So we are God’s playing at being non Gods. A game that is running out of steam.

  22. This blog has reminded me of the fact that, at the time we are hearing the words of genius, or seeing the work of someone ahead of their time, we often dismiss them at the time and then later on they are seen for what they did.

  23. This blog holds a huge power, because it empowers all of us (humanity) to live in a way that we actually know who we are and where we come from. And that we in fact are a Son of God and that it is not the illusion we have made it to be after all.. And so coming back to who we are exposes everything we have lived that was this not. Perfectly so. Thank you.

  24. It’s interesting that I have, like so many, cried out for God to help me when all along I’ve, like so many, have ignored the fact I am divine and have created my life to be as it is through my free will. No one but me can retrace my steps and choose another quality from which to live. No one but me can walk each step purposefully back to expressing the divine through me. God loves me so much I’m not rescued (despite many a cry for Him to do so when younger) or robbed from choosing to walk my path of return back to glory, with humbleness. I may trot off in the wrong direction many times but I can’t deny it’s there.

  25. It seems we do not like the message that we are our own saviour. We can keep shooting the messenger but it won’t change the message.

  26. Throughout the ages there have been many sages that have spoken the truth of who we are. That we do not listen is indicative of the illusion we have chosen to shroud ourselves in and from this point pursue a wayward course that leaves us greatly depleted by virtue of us not living in connection with our innate divinity – the love, truth and joy we each in essence are.

  27. I can feel how I am holding on to being an individual and this blog takes me deeper. It is beginning to make me realise the areas of my life where there is more resistance eg.seeking the identification in mothering and how this plays out in my life. It makes me feel sad but the sadness comes up simply because of the choices I have made to align to being an individual and the seeking of recognition I have wanted.

  28. Often we are convinced that it is easier to believe we will all be ‘saved’ rather than take responsibility, let go of what we have taken on from outside us that is not true and empower ourselves to reconnect back to our natural way of being and claim our divinity in full.

  29. Awesome Joel, this is just so spot on! We complicate everything to hold on to our individuality when in truth it is simplicity and trusting what we feel in side that lets us know God.

  30. “There is no better time to start living that fact than right now” – Absolutely, why wait and why waste a single second of how magnificent life can be beginning right now, this very moment.

  31. The truth is so simple and the message from Divinity is unchanging and we all equally have the choice to live in the knowing that we are all Sons of God.

  32. A beautiful expression of the journey humanity will make in different ways until we all return to the love that we are. Thank you Joel

  33. Waiting for anything feels absolutely disempowering. It feels like I am not responsible for my life, but someone else is. Empowerment therefore is being able to feel the confirmation from our own choices,movements and expressions from our body, and thus whatever we feel impulsed from the body we move according to it. In this process, which there is no perfection, we will learn to feel our way back to expressing deeper and closer to love. There is no way to compare with another in this process, and that is the gold that we may miss if we get distracted and want to fast track or delay, because this relationship is so dearly personal, we have to be open to accept and surrender to it fully–this is a relationship that when we so deeply surrender, it will show us the equal depth we can be with another, it is all that we have ever wanted.

  34. Is it possible that really there is no ” Messiah ” . That this was a cunning plan to get people to give their power away so they could be used for the ill purpose of others , for self gain .

    1. Indeed John, i for one would wait for that ‘messiah’ as it was an easy route to go down, one where I was not needing to be responsible but instead was waiting for someone to save me.. of course I always had a doubt about that so when the truth started to unravel the fact that we are all the sons of God deep down I knew it, i then had to start to live it.

  35. How different life would be for most of the population if we lived and embraced the fact that we are the Sons of God from a very young age – an enormous contribution to humanity if we all began to live this everyday.

  36. Love reading your blogs Joel. Your words tell it as it is for what better example of delay is the same question being repeated again and again just with different words?

  37. A powerful and deeply inspired writing Joel. Every bullet point in the dialogue is profound. Today, this stands out for me as a reminder that simplifying life and thus exposing our old ideals and beliefs is key –
    “You have created an illusion that life is what you think it is, rather than living simply from the inner heart”, was his simple response.

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