The Way of the Livingness – the Religion I’ve Always Known

By Shannon Everest


For all of my schooling life I attended a Catholic school. It was the same school that my mum went to and also the same school that her mother attended.

Religion was a subject taught in different ways over the years as I made my way from Infant School to Primary, and then to High School. It was a compulsory part of the curriculum, the same as Maths, English and Science. We also attended a mass in church once a week, and when we had events like assemblies or graduations, we would do this in the church. We also celebrated all of the normal religious events in church, like Easter and Christmas.  Continue reading “The Way of the Livingness – the Religion I’ve Always Known”

Hate, Fanaticism and Entitlement – The Investment in Being Right

By E.W., Police officer, Australia


Hate, fanaticism and entitlement are traits frequently held by those who pretend to seek, promote, uphold and/or dictate outdated beliefs, customs and ingrained habits that sustain one chosen version of being right over another. Insult is often added to the injury by obstructing what is real truth, or by hampering alternative views or considered opinions.

These motivations should be easy to see and challenge, which of course they are when not so well hidden, as is most often the case, under the pretentious aegis of divine purpose, perceived virtue or some magnanimous striving towards being seen as good or just. Of course all of this can be permitted in a world where surface passes for substance and form presides over foundation.   Continue reading “Hate, Fanaticism and Entitlement – The Investment in Being Right”

Yes But

You are a son of God, a point of light that can make a true difference in the world.

… Yes but I have lots on at work and am not sure my boss will like it if I change how I am at work.

You are a son of God, a point of light that can make a true difference in the world.

… Yes but I am busy with the kids, I have school pick up and then to training, it  is never ending and always something to do.

You are a son of God, a point of light that can make a true difference in the world.

… Yes but surely I get some time off just to ‘chill’ and switch off for a while. Continue reading “Yes But”

Feeling Free to Sing

by Johanna Fredericks

I had an amazing and very empowering experience a couple of weeks ago. I experienced something that I hadn’t done in my life, until now. I sang while driving in my car, with my mum next to me, without any inhibitions. I felt free to sing.

It was so amazing for me to feel this freedom in singing as I had basically lived my life since childhood avoiding any singing, especially in front of people, at school and in groups. The sad thing was – I love to sing.   Continue reading “Feeling Free to Sing”

The Esoteric Practitioners Association* Conference – A Day of Appreciation

In 2009 Universal Medicine inaugurated the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA)*. The EPA* represents the members association, the practitioners association and acts as the accrediting vehicle for the Complementary Medicine modalities as taught by Universal Medicine.

Each year the Esoteric Practitioners Association* holds its annual conference, which is run by and for its members. The 4th annual EPA* conference was held recently on 20th July 2013 with over 150 members in attendance and many more participating by way of live webcasts in many regions and states of Australia. Continue reading “The Esoteric Practitioners Association* Conference – A Day of Appreciation”

Esoteric Yoga: Union with Me and God… at last

By Fiona McGovern, Isle of Arran, Scotland


I am often asked if I do yoga and my answer has been, “yes I do, but no, not in the way I used to practise and teach it”.

Yoga claims to be uncompetitive, and a way to find union.

I practised yoga for over 30 years and taught it for 20 years: I worked with some of the leading teachers from around the world and read widely on the subject.

Yes, yoga does mean union, but I never found an explanation of what that union was… just something wishy-washy, like connecting to your ‘higher self’ – and that was left to your own interpretation. It always felt like an unattainable state. It was like a carrot in front of me that kept me hooked; forever enticing me to get to an elusive destination outside of me and far away – always requiring more study, another posture and more courses – which I dutifully did. Continue reading “Esoteric Yoga: Union with Me and God… at last”