Hate, Fanaticism and Entitlement – The Investment in Being Right

By E.W., Police officer, Australia


Hate, fanaticism and entitlement are traits frequently held by those who pretend to seek, promote, uphold and/or dictate outdated beliefs, customs and ingrained habits that sustain one chosen version of being right over another. Insult is often added to the injury by obstructing what is real truth, or by hampering alternative views or considered opinions.

These motivations should be easy to see and challenge, which of course they are when not so well hidden, as is most often the case, under the pretentious aegis of divine purpose, perceived virtue or some magnanimous striving towards being seen as good or just. Of course all of this can be permitted in a world where surface passes for substance and form presides over foundation.  

If you speak with individuals from agenda-focussed groups, religions, congregations or whichever association or banner the agenda-driven or righteous rally under, each and every one will be able to justify and support their position, prejudice, reasoning and actions, often with little regard for the actual consequences on others. The more biased ‘rights’ that can be mustered and presented so as to put down or arrest alternative views and appear on the side of right is irrelevant, so long as being in the ‘right’ can be justified, regardless of casualties.

From popular movement fronts to the individual actions promoting self-aggrandisement, all these actions are sought and motivated in an attempt to champion the ‘exclusively’ right, and they serve only to justify and promote a selected version of right.

In terms of both money and identity, being in and with the popular ‘right’ is an immense investment – and in common with all investments it will be defended in measure to that investment. Once the invested right is secured the lesser views or rights can then be tolerated, provided they function within and do not prove too challenging to the acceptable boundaries – or threaten the investment.


There is enormous satisfaction to be gained when right is achieved – Right is Might! One only has to look at the news to see conflict – religious, social and political – and the polarisation of opinion caused when it comes to being right. Opinions often complicate or overshadow the reality of the issue itself – the US defenders of the constitutional right to bear arms do so regardless of how this right has manifested itself in the schools there. ‘Right’ in many cultures has denied women a say in decisions regarding their own bodies, and even their lives.

Might and right are often seen as synonyms – interchangeable and barely distinguishable. Some see being right as an opportunity to court rage, disdain and criticism of others. The feeling of might and being right is addictive and consuming – in it is found the redemption or absolution that supports the lie, ‘the end shall justify the means.’ It could be said that being in the right is the justification to be in and abuse power.

Being right is also an entitlement that feels so good others must share the experience – whether they want to share in it or not! It is one’s duty to impose might and what is right upon others. This is why most people in the right will not shy from letting you know it, and shall criticise, judge, condemn, destroy and silence, all in clear conscience because they are right (read… good)!


The problem is this, and herein lies the flaw – being ‘right’ is enormously time consuming, exhausting and of course as we see repeatedly, ultimately destructive!


Because the more one is right, the more one must always be seen to be either doing or being right and this demands enormous energy to uphold the adopted and invested version of the interpreted right. In this way the rigid force of that concerted effort to be right is put in conflict with the nature of the right it claims to belong to.

It requires constant vigilance to avoid the possibility of letting something slip. So claiming to be right comes with observing the most important ingredient – an obligation: and therein lies the Achilles heel of being right. The obligation is TRUTH.


Truth is the revealer of the consequence of actions and choices – no matter what is said, done, claimed, or held in belief – it will at some point be subjected to the test of truth, also known as the test of time. We can say, claim, do, or believe whatever we choose. All will have to face this fact, the uncompromising revealer. And in retrospect it is staggering to see what has indeed already fallen to the vicissitudes of truth in time – yesterday’s staunchly held beliefs are the butt of today’s jokes, goals once so hard fought for are now diluted or discarded, achievements that have made careers are supplanted, and all ‘rights’, including the pursuit of uniqueness, struggle to maintain prominence under the constant waves of truth/time.


The only response ‘right’ has to offer, in attempting to eradicate this obligation, the test of truth, is to make war against truth/time. But the thing is… it must strike first. 

So as not to be exposed by the test of truth/time, the strike must aim at promoting only selected facts or versions and also be based on today’s ‘right’ and current favoured opinions. The execution must also be swift as this helps to limit truth being recognised by too many, too soon.

Those quarrelsome, vexatious complainants or litigants that simply manipulate and make use of a system to promote themselves and then play the entitled role of ‘I’m a concerned citizen’, are in fact motivated by their own agendas. There is also the current Internet ‘troll’ approach by those cowards who lack moral courage, conviction and confidence to attach or commit themselves to their actions.


I have observed and learned, through experiencing and dealing with the many forms of professed ‘rights’ that are held as truths, that if the real truth is to be claimed by anyone it has to be claimed and then revealed in and through time. To survive time it requires consistency, reliability, decency, integrity and reasonable levels of transparency (we’re all entitled to some privacy). Oh yes, and it must actually serve all – responsibly!

This does not mean that things cannot go wrong or that disputes or issues do not arise – it is simply a fact that the most reliable measure of any individual, organisation or movement is the presence of these demonstrable and observable traits i.e. observe the summing up of any court judge or grievance panel, where if truth is found it is only accepted in the observable presence and continuity in the application of those traits – moral consistency is the key.

There is no truth derived from specious reasoning, sensationalism, selective reporting or manipulation of facts (often playing on fear) to suit an agenda – that’s called playing politics. And the politics of being right is to stop anything that opposes the held or alternative version to the perceived/invested right.

The contradiction is of course this – what is without real truth cannot survive time, as it cannot hold with consistency. It is fool’s gold!

So why attack in the first place if the motivation is not simply to prevent a truth from challenging a perceived version of right?

The act of being right, without real truth, tends to be used in the same manner in which a drunkard uses a lamppost – for support rather than illumination. In fact, being right is a form of intoxication; it is an all-consuming pursuit that totally distorts and is removed from the realities of living, it corrupts decency. Holding on to right is really holding on to power as it holds back the flow of expression in life and serves only the interests of a select invested minority.


I have witnessed a truth through Universal Medicine and observed the application of truth delivered through re-presentation of the Ageless Wisdom. This Ageless Wisdom is not secret or exclusive knowledge as has been often claimed – it was never hidden, only misunderstood and misinterpreted. The living wisdom given at this time is clearly presented and has been made accessible to all those who seek a true lived quality in their way through life over function.

Through avoiding the pitfall of being right and instead seeking truth, time has shown me the truth of self to myself; the days of promoting my version of what is right are numbered. It is being replaced with an understanding of the importance of applying a conscious measure of consistency, decency and integrity to MY daily living – in this way I can serve in brotherhood and not in being right.

Instead of striving to be the immovable rock of might or being right, I choose the unstoppable living and embracing waves of truth and decency and focus on living and embracing my light and life. Applying the Ageless Wisdom – knowing that which without wavering shall truly last with absolute consistency through time.

258 thoughts on “Hate, Fanaticism and Entitlement – The Investment in Being Right

  1. Have you ever stopped and the light to yourself, I know there’s more to life that what I see every day. I get a sense that I know better and I know greater than this? I used to get these thoughts every now and again when I was younger, the questioning of why is this happening, what’s the root of this, etc. UM presentations explain these thoughts, they reveal the “secrets” which are not really secrets of everyday life.

  2. Righteousness is definitely intoxicating. When you are in the throes of it you can’t see anything else other than your own perception or projection and you don’t care about decency and respect or what harm you are doing to others. It is a destructive force.

    1. Perhaps the way to know you are in the throes of righteousness, is to be open to the possibility that you are, because that at least offers space to observe what you are projecting and question what you are perceiving.

  3. I can feel how certain Religions are so invested in being ‘exclusively’ right and they will brook no opposition to their views. It wasn’t that long ago that if you did not believe in their ‘Religion’ you were punished or tortured to death. Our history is littered with such atrocities.

  4. ‘The act of being right, without real truth, tends to be used in the same manner in which a drunkard uses a lamppost – for support rather than illumination’. Very well said E.W.

  5. The war against truth is a means of delaying the inevitable. All will be revealed and exposed in time. How soon is up to us.

  6. ‘…a world where surface passes for substance.’ Right is superficial. Truth is substantial and this can be known if we take the time to truly feel and know that which is held – and beheld – within us. We have created right and wrong. Truth was and is already within us all.

  7. I can see that whenever we defend or justify we have an attachment to persuade another and it will end up draining our energy rather than making any real difference to the outcome.

  8. When we are caught up in the energy of being right or wrong we are in judgement of someone or something which simply inhibits the truth of the situation being revealed. I know when I am invested in being right, I fail to see the bigger picture and learning opportunity of what is being offered to me.

  9. Our investment in being right is literally killing us because being right is vastly different than being true.

  10. If someone is right then there has to be someone who is wrong, hence this creates inequality, which inevitably results in conflict.

  11. As soon as being right comes into to play one ought to know they have swayed off the path of truth. Being right comes with separation and a impenetrable wall created to protect all it is invested in.

  12. The might of right – when it strikes out, it is already ready for retaliation, that is what it is for, it needs something to be not right for it to be right. Truth does not need to be proved. It is known. If we ever try proving truth, we are reducing it to a version of right, to enjoin the league of righteousness.

    1. Yes, I can see that if you are trying to prove you are right, you are unlikely to realise you are being righteous and you will defend your position and debase anyone else’s argument to ensure your position is ‘safe’.

  13. I really enjoyed reading this great expose’ on how limiting and corrupting it is to hold onto being right, even in the face of a consistent Truth that is being presented. The progression of this societal trend laid out by E.W. was fascinating, and I could really see how futile it is to attempt to create an almost alternate reality (the lies, stories, and beliefs) that are then used for manipulation and personal gain, because time will ultimately reveal that it was all a huge distraction from taking the responsibility to live in a way that honours the love and brotherhood we are all from.

  14. From young we are encouraged to form our own opinion and have valid justifications for this opinion, never I have heard anyone ask me to seek the truth. That is before coming across Universal Medicine and the Ageless Wisdom. It always felt unnatural to me to find ‘my opinion’ and I can now understand that that is because it is not natural to us to separate by opinions and being right. It’s natural to us to seek truth and come together in that.

  15. In order to be ‘right’ you must deem another to be ‘wrong’ and thus this reveals the energy of separation at play instead of us all working towards a one-unified truth in which no part is left behind because each part is working towards maintaining the integrity of the whole which it is a part of. ‘Right’ and ‘wrong’ are judgements we make that inhibit our ability to access all that is true.

    1. I will be putting this into practice and keeping an eye out for how often I want to be right or even not be wrong. They are clearly both heading to the same outcome.

  16. It is a mystery to me how so many people adopt what are clearly flawed belief systems that do not stand up to any true questioning. Indeed they would reject any such questioning since the need to be right listens to no words of wisdom. I have always from an early age felt that you cannot have lots of different belief systems because they cannot all be true as there is only one truth.

  17. Very true – in a “world where surface passes for substance and form presides over foundation”, right reigns supreme, on a personal and organisational level. Right is staunchly defended, not unlike the ‘lamppost of a drunkard’ and it leads to a world where these rigid positions are fought for with any and all means possible, from war to internet trolling.

  18. Awesome EW, the police are blessed by your wisdom. The truth is there is no right or wrong, only truth, yet we live in a world that ignores this fact, until it will not be able to ignore it any longer.

  19. Thanks EW for the amazing sharing. We all want to be right but in the scheme of things this is impossible all the time and after all what does it prove. Right and wrong only serve to separate us from each other.

  20. What a wonderful understanding of the might of right and how flawed and combative it is, a join or be crushed force it welds. I can recognise this in myself- and very much so when growing up. I remember vowing to always be right, to never put a foot wrong because I never wanted to feel the judgement I held against those I considered wrong. This way of living required such force and constant vigilance to remain right. I condemned and judged those around me whilst wanting them to know what I knew and to be ‘saved’ because what I knew was that there was a truth, a love we could live if we choose. But the love I wanted people to know about was far from how I was being. Knowing I wasn’t being the love that I was espousing people should be meant I was frustrated with myself and was creating a great deal of self-loathing. The more self-loathing the further away from feeling the love that I so desperately wanted to connect to.

    I was so angry and frustrated. I knew I was adding to what I was fighting against but I was so caught up in the trap of self-loathing I hadn’t felt that simply being the love that I am is enough. Any time I want to change what I see, to go in there fighting, I know what’s required is to breathe and observe and reconnect and feel how powerful doing this is.

  21. Being right plays in the hands of pride, which eats at us from the inside. It is pride that keeps us hooked into lies about ourselves and all of life – and as a result of this pride we want to very much hold onto, we miss out on life as it can and ought to be. There is a richness available to everyone of us, when we let ourselves be honest and humble, without being caught up in the illusion of right and wrong, but dropping into the immutable truth we do know, because it resides within the core of our being.

  22. ” Instead of striving to be the immovable rock of might or being right, I choose the unstoppable living and embracing waves of truth and decency and focus on living and embracing my light and life. ”
    This whole writing is so true and wise. I like this part the best truth is unstoppable for we all come from the home of truth , where there is no ones right and no ones wrong, but truth of what is.

  23. Being right is the right way to avoid seeing truth, for it adds and to the illusive fog we have created to not see what is before us.

  24. One interesting way to look at it is, being “right ” has given people permission to start wars, to wipe out masses of people, to hurt people, it’s given people permission to do a whole assortment of things that are a crime against humanity, all in the name of wrong. The truth has a very different approach, it doesn’t separate people into right and wrong, instead it considers every single person before it makes its move.

  25. It’s so easy to get caught in the trap of righteousness, a place where we end up going to war, literally so in some instances, in order to defend our positions. Truth has a far different resonance.

  26. When I reflect back on times when I have fought to be right, I realise, as you say in your blog, just how time consuming that is, how exhausting that is and is always about self gain. Coming from a place that’s merely putting up a huge front to cover hurts and usually not feeling like one has been heard.

  27. This is such a layered blog, it unwraps more each time I read it. I feel the striving of right and that tells it’s own story, that is it not truth and definitely not truth for all. The truth is simple, and it sustains. And that’s where the Ageless Wisdom comes in, a truth that’s survived the ages and that includes the all.

  28. “subjected to the test of truth, also known as the test of time.” The truth of Ageless Wisdom has stood the test of time, as can be seen in these writings. Right and wrong are two sides of the same coin and can be flipped any time by anyone to suit their own agenda.

  29. This is all pretty significant although I must admit some of it went completely over my head. What I took from it was that in being ‘right’ or holding onto anything we lock down and virtually see a version of the world, a control of the world that then doesn’t allow the exposure of the next true step. We have got the ‘life’ thing around the wrong way. We don’t see life and ourselves for what they truly are and we don’t place energy at the forefront of anything we see or feel. So we can live a way that pretends to have the answers when in fact it always seems to come up empty handed or we can live in a way that dedicates itself to the truth of what is being felt anyway. In this there is a flexibility to see or feel the next part knowing that this flexibility will support us to stay on track and not settle for right.

    1. Yes, I had to re-read some of it to get an understanding – of sorts! But I understood that being connected with truth, we are also connected with what the next response is. And it’s not a set of rules or dogmas because life is energy first and that is not a fixed point that remains in its place so we cannot hold fast to what worked in the past in what only looks like but isn’t the same situation.

      1. Yes well said, “life is energy first” and this is where we all need to return too. It’s not a rule or an every now and then thing but more of a dedicated way to be with the world, not perfect and not the same, just the flexibility in the reading and feeling of energy and then all else plays after that.

      2. That is a really good point about what worked in the past isn’t necessarily going to work now or be right now, because everything and everyone has changed, so a fresh response to what is presented is called for.

  30. What a sensational blog in the true sense/s. Great to read and take in the depth of what is being said. It is super-inspiring and touching to also know E.W. is a police officer, and what support he must provide our personnel in the forces in protecting our rights.
    More from E.W. I trust you are writing a book … and more.

    1. Yes, to have someone with such integrity and wisdom in an organisation which is about protecting people’s rights, not abusing power, is very powerful and very inspiring to both colleagues, other professionals and the public. The ripple effects are seismic.

  31. Universal Medicine – The Ageless Wisdom – Serge Benhayon – The truth — far from being right.
    This blog is to truly read and feel the deeper meaning on offer here. Breaking the conscious reality of ‘being right’ as it can catch us in many ways. E.W. has captured and summed it up beauty-fully here i.e. how to beat being right — “It is being replaced with an understanding of the importance of applying a conscious measure of consistency, decency and integrity to MY daily living – in this way I can serve in brotherhood and not in being right.” Who needs to be right when you know who you are in full to the capacity where you’re at. There is no need at all, but to serve you in full.

  32. There is an enormous difference between being right and expressing truth. When right is being presented and questions are asked to have more understanding of the right it feels a weak response with no foundation to base the right on. When truth is expressed there is an absoluteness and to me everything adds up and makes sense. Truth resonates with every cell in my body.

  33. Right is might; it is forcing upon another one a vision so the other changes his/her movements. Truth reverses the equation. Truth stops you in your tracks. Thanks to it, you change your movements to align them with the truth you have felt.

  34. The fact that it is Ageless Wisdom says it all really, time has shown what was shared and lived thousands of years ago is still relevant today, not outdated but actually pertinent. The truth of returning to live from our soul is the only purpose to life, this timeless journey is one worth traveling on.

  35. When we seek to be right we are a billion miles away from being love. The need to be right obstructs our ability to express love.

  36. Rapping Comment….enjoy

    Oh to be right, the satisfaction of it all, to prove a point, to make them see, to be the one that holds the key, identified with the rightness being all about ME, the one that was right forever more, its addictive and makes you want to keep score. To be right, to win the fight, to be the one with all the might, to be in power, to be in charge, it gives you a false sense of feeling large. This is the rubbish I have believed for so long, but thanks to The Way, I know I had it all wrong, finally I see that ONLY TRUTH is STRONG and true power is knowing that in my heart I BELONG. So I share this with all of you, playfully in rhyming song.

  37. This is a truly beautiful piece, we ought to not be right but true. Being right isn’t giving anyone the opportunity to grow, it is a preconceived belief that is held, while truth is that what is there in the moment, nothing needed to hang on to but our inner connection.

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