Playing with Life and Waking up with Me!

by Clare, Customer Service and Child Care Worker. Canberra 

This morning as I woke, I felt – ah… is it Christmas, is it my Birthday? Then I realised, no, it is me! I am lying here, gently tucked in under my blankets, with Me. This felt so warm and so beautiful… it is not Christmas, it is not my Birthday – I have simply woken up with Myself, in all the beauty that I am.

Feeling the joy I felt as a child, feeling the glow of the day dawning, feeling my heart sing within my chest, feeling how, as I lay myself to rest so lovingly the night before, I have woken refreshed, inspired and divine. This Is Me. This is all of us. This is Love.   Continue reading “Playing with Life and Waking up with Me!”

Grow Your Own Love

by Jane Torvaney, Scotland

Last night when I came home from work I took a cup of tea out and sat in the garden. As I looked around me, taking in the vibrant colours of the flowers and their different shapes and sizes, I witnessed the ease with which they interacted with nature. The wind was blowing ever so gently, causing ripples of movement across their delicate leaves and petals. An abundance of insects were busy in the soil beneath and flies, bees and beautiful butterflies were flying around, sometimes choosing to land and explore the surface of the leaves or, in the case of bees, venturing deeper into the heart of the bloom in search of pollen.   Continue reading “Grow Your Own Love”

Universal Medicine Retreat… Growing WINGS without RED BULL’

By Haresh Ashara, 39, Brisbane, Australia

It was TIME: enough with holding back and getting lost in the conundrum of justifying monies spent in investing in my body.

“Either way this body is going to die”: I had a choice to make to either live with diseases, aches or pain (which was inevitable with the way I had been living – when nothing had worked in the PAST). Or, I could try something new…  Continue reading “Universal Medicine Retreat… Growing WINGS without RED BULL’”

A New Ending Point

By Joel Levin, Western Australia

A recent article ‘A New Starting Point’ explored what life might be like if we gave life a new starting point. It explored the change from having pain and suffering as our starting point, to making love as the starting point…

It seems, however, that that story is only the end of the very beginning.   Continue reading “A New Ending Point”

Facts about Universal Medicine: A Dangerous Cult – I think NOT!

I would like to start with a little of my personal history. I grew up in a cult in which my mother was heavily involved. This was a group she stayed with for approximately 10 years: over this time I experienced a whole lot of questionable behavior from older men and women whom I was supposed to look up to and learn from.

There has been a complete denial of the true facts as people accuse Universal Medicine of being a dangerous cult with founder Serge Benhayon as the cult leader, for I truly know what a dangerous cult looks like and is, having experienced it firsthand! Labelling something as such is not an accusation to make lightly as the way a real cult impacts people’s lives is very destructive and emotionally crippling.   Continue reading “Facts about Universal Medicine: A Dangerous Cult – I think NOT!”

Religion is Science, Almost

by Christoph Schnelle, Lismore Region, NSW

I react(ed) negatively when I hear the word religion. So much seems untrue about every religion that I know about. I shuddered at being identified with a religion – everybody would know that I accept something as true or believe in something that is obviously not true.

Recently I got a new perspective – religion can be true: actually, it is required to be true if it wants to explain the world. In other words, for a religion to be true, the following has to be true:   Continue reading “Religion is Science, Almost”