Religion is Science, Almost

by Christoph Schnelle, Lismore Region, NSW

I react(ed) negatively when I hear the word religion. So much seems untrue about every religion that I know about. I shuddered at being identified with a religion – everybody would know that I accept something as true or believe in something that is obviously not true.

Recently I got a new perspective – religion can be true: actually, it is required to be true if it wants to explain the world. In other words, for a religion to be true, the following has to be true:  

Religion is

  • That which is true and
  • Does not contradict science and
  • Which cannot (yet) be proven by science
  • Plus all of science

I never thought I would come across such a religion, but after listening to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, every statement of the “The Way of the Livingness” that I have heard has either been:

  • True as far as I can empirically test it, or it
  • Does not contradict science, though often expands on science
  • Either cannot yet be proven by science or
  • Has been proven by science.

In other words, “The Way of the Livingness” has been, in my nine years of experience, a vast expansion on science. One of the consequences is that The Way of the Livingness is full to bursting of ideas for scientific study. Like string theory in physics it is a grand unifying theory but – unlike string theory – The Way of the Livingness creates a huge amount of testable hypotheses.

152 thoughts on “Religion is Science, Almost

  1. For me the word religion had many beliefs, constraints, identification and many other things attached to it, it was not pleasant. God was also used in the context of ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

    Since being a student of Universal Medicine, religion and God has been represented as universal, with no conditions but as one and for all – I much prefer this.

  2. The Way of The Livingness is a religion that backs every part of you that wants to run from Religion into a corner, showing you that truth is all there is and truth is all this Religion is.

  3. The Way of The Livingness is a way of living that returns you to a deep inner knowing of the Divine Universe of which you are a part.

  4. So many people react to the word ‘religion’ as the true meaning has been bastardised for many centuries making people feel very mistrusting and suspicious when they hear this word mentioned. That’s why I love The Way of The Livingness, it is a true religion that beautifully represents the grandness of love and truth, wisdom, brotherhood, philosophy, science…and then some, and all of this gold is delivered on a consistent basis. The Way of The Livingness is a living way where you can feel the power and strength this true religion brings to your life.

  5. God encompasses everything, science included. To separate things does not make sense as they are one whole, religion, science, philosophy etc, and they work together and indeed complement each other.

  6. The existence of God may be something you believe in (or not) or something you know is true. You can either believe in a religion or you can know that religion is part of our true makeup.
    When we get to science, however, scientists want us to believe that it is about truth and that beliefs are not part of what we call the world of science. And, yet, scientists have bought into ideas about this world, which any one who know that religion is part of our makeup and that God is not something you believe in, know that are not true.
    What if scientists are the greatest believers?
    What if this fact has something to do with the fact that they have such a difficult relationship with religion as something true?

  7. The way the word religion is used and understood these days is a far cry from what the true meaning of the word actually is, it is all about re- connection, reconnection to our own divine essence, to each other and life in general, how every thing we do has an effect on the all, our human body both physically and energetically is a science in itself. We are a walking laboratory.

  8. It is a blight upon our human history, that ‘religion’ has become a ‘dirty word’ in so very many ways – from corruption and abuses within so-called religious organisations and bodies, to the denouncing of anything outside of the ‘evidence-based’ paradigm of preference of today, being seen us ‘unintelligent’, or ‘stupid’ even…
    What if, religion is purely about our relationship and connection with a divinity that actually permeates everything – from the space in which we reside, to the molecular structure of a finger nail… Dare we once again open ourselves up to the grandness of knowing we are indeed part of something stupendously amazing? And dare we yet still, call our relationship with this in our everyday, ‘religion’?
    It is nigh time we reclaimed such words and what they mean for us in the living of our lives, from the trash heap upon which they have been flagrantly placed.

    1. Worth seriously pondering these questions, ‘Dare we once again open ourselves up to the grandness of knowing we are indeed part of something stupendously amazing? And dare we yet still, call our relationship with this in our everyday, ‘religion’?’

  9. I still worry what people will think about me when I state my religion is The Way of The Livingness. It is similar to what you are saying Christoph in bearing the reaction and judgement from others. It’s ironic that judgement can come from institutionalised religion beliefs. But who would admit that religion could be a cause of separation amongst each other and that we carry the seeds from past lives where we have been part of the reinterpreted word of what a true relationship is with yourself and therefore equally with all others – true love from the body and not the lesser version of the ‘highest good’ from the mind.

  10. The Way of The Livingness is the piece that is missing in science, religion and philosophy The Way of The Livingness makes sense of all 3 and brings a greater depth of understanding to life and our true purpose here on this planet. By separating them and not seeing them as all part of the whole we have reduced each one to a speck of what they could really be.

    1. The Way of The Livingness makes sense of science, religion, and philosophy, whilst bringing a greater depth of understanding to life and our true purpose here on this planet.

  11. But is science always true? There are so many ‘scientific’ studies that before they are carried out the end point has been determined and it is about getting the study to meet that end point. This comes from a driven agenda, however when science is done from a place of being universal and trying to find a truth that is universal for all this is where I see the link to religion. Religion too must be universal and encompass the all.

    1. Very true MW as science and scientific results can indeed be twisted by agendas and impositions which immediately undermines and disrespects the very integrity of science itself.

  12. ‘The Way of the Livingness creates a huge amount of testable hypotheses’. And as we live in a society today that presently wants scientific evidence to prove everything’s worth, any studies that consider and test these hypotheses will indeed be very interesting to read and learn from.

  13. Religion can be a very provocative word, people have their own views and beliefs on religion, yet The Way of The Livingness offers a different way of living, no ideals or beliefs, and it has the ability to expand our understanding of science.

  14. The Way of The Livingness truly does bring together science and religion (and philosophy) showing that these needn’t be in competition or at odds with one another but are all integral aspects of our life that are intrinsically interconnected.

  15. For so long we have allowed a situation where 2 sets of ‘truth’ (= religion and science) contradict each other and each is given so much authority over us and we forget that we were the living specimens that were testing/experiencing life constantly and therefore the authority ourselves. It feels like we had accepted that so-called ‘truth’ could not be true at all time, from every angle – it was conditional. How can that be ‘true’?

  16. When we consider life in is entirety it seems that religion and science are intimately connected and have more in common than our human minds allow. What we have turned science and religion into is actually very sad and really its all about power, greed and making money – no different than a lot of big business. It also makes it exclusive to those who work in those areas. But really religion science and philosophy belong to all and never a chosen few. That feels true.

  17. That is what I love about The Way of the Livingness because it is ‘a vast expansion on science’ and when we live and embrace this true religion we get to experience all the beautiful qualities this religion brings.

  18. Thank you Christopher sharing that true religion is a science as part of The Way of The Livingness. We are our own scientific explorer of how we live move and breath in this world and the effect this has on everybody and everything.

  19. I agree Christoph, The Way of The Livingness is a religion that encourages a scientific approach and has totally opened up my natural curiosity about the world and how things work. It has taught me that science is the ability for wonderment and to follow my inquisitiveness, finding out what is true and what is not true by relating it to my body, my feelings and my sense of well-being.

  20. I too can relate not wanting any association with any religion, as what religion generally represents today is segregation, annihilation, oppression and condemnation between us. So many of the evil acts that exist today and that have occurred in our history have all been in the so called ‘name of God’, yet in truth completely absent of God’s love. It’s no wonder we have such disdain and repulsion to the word religion. However when true religion is lived, it is an embrace of God’s love through all aspects of our living, a love that we all equally are and as such this Livingness is a science that we are all a part of in the universe we are inescapably interconnected to. It is then we can truly experience the qualities of harmony being lived with all equally, so that Brotherhood then becomes our ‘normal’ and natural way of life. The Way of The Livingness is such a religion, one that represents the truth and love of us all, our universality and how this can be naturally lived together.

  21. Thank you Christoph for sharing your perspective and understanding of religion. Quite often I feel have an inner knowing of the true meaning of a word but do not know how to explain it.

  22. It’s clear this is written by someone with an investigative, scientific mind who does not blindly follow anything. That’s how I feel about myself, and I too feel that The Way of The Livingness is a true religion.

  23. Though I was a part of religion meaning a set of rules I had to live by to be good and accepted by God all from the outside all just as a function to belong, I now love the word religion, its true meaning of a living and loving connection and relationship with self, everyone and all things The Way of The Livingness is all about religion philosophy and science. Our bodies and the world we live in are our laboratory of understanding and exploration into the true meaning of life and love on our planet.

  24. Looking into many other religions I became disappointed on account of the hypocrisy I saw in many of the leaders. Nobody walked their talk. There are many reasons why I love the Way of the Livingness – one being the energetic integrity of Serge Benhayon and his family. A true inspiration of how it is possible to live. “One of the consequences is that The Way of the Livingness is full to bursting of ideas for scientific study.” I love this aspect also – the unifying truth that brings religion, science and philosophy together – so naturally.

  25. A Religion must hold truth, or it is not true religion. I agree Christoph, my experience of religion has been more about living a life of disregard, only to go to church on Sunday so that all could be absolved, only to go out in the world and do the same the next week. This in no way brings truth and responsibility into living life. The Way Of The Livingness is just that, living with deep love, care and regard for all.

  26. I too, like many I know, struggled to understand what the world’s religions were presenting to me; somewhere deep inside me what they shared did not make sense, so I stayed away. And then along came Serge Benhayon and The Way of The Livingness, and even though I could finally feel that this religion wasn’t wanting me to follow it blindly, adhere to a set of rules, or to judge other religions as lesser, I still went into the old fear of being judged; what will people think of me? Over the last few years, slowly but surely this religion has become my religion, and the incredible joy of living this way is slowly healing any remaining fears that on occasion may try to arise.

  27. We are blessed to have the Way of the Livingness as a religion that profoundly benefits and transforms so many peoples lives… and will do for so many more as those hypotheses are tested and found to hold true over and over, revolutionising both science and life as we know it.

  28. In the presentations of Universal Medicine Serge Benhayon reintroduced the true meaning of the word ‘religion’ and suddenly it all made sense. The Way of The Livingness is a religion as a way of living that reconnects you to God, the Universe, the All by reconnecting to the love of the inner-heart in all that you do.

  29. Agree Christoph religion may be seen to be the next explanation that science can’t quite or never will be able to explain on paper. Science can confirm religion but religion can only be confirmed through our own inner knowing. What is a difficult idea to grasp at first as our minds have been conditioned/fed to not think that way.

  30. I had the same reaction Christoph about religion. When I got over my reaction I realise I was more worried about what other people thought of me when I claim to be in a religion. I have associated every religion I have come across previously as being untrue as they seem to be void of love and harmony but now I have found the one religion The Way of The Livingness which presents the absolute truth and I was not going to let any negative thoughts get in the way of me embracing this incredible religion. These thoughts were there to distract me, to discourage me from living with love and truth. I have learnt to let them go and fully claim I am a Son of God.

  31. This is great Christoph as it shows that science and religion can be intimately married as one and not just live with a common accepted seemingly contradictory and separative view as they currently do.

  32. It’s funny how a word ‘religion’ can mean so many varied things to different people – I used to think I needed to ‘belong’ to a religion to have God in my life – now I know that I already had God inside and the ‘religion’ is the living ways of that ‘The Way of The Livingness’. Science has always been something ‘complicated’ to me but the Truth is that it is just as beautiful as Religion as ‘The Way of The Livingness’ has been showing me.

    1. Beautifully said Shelly. I am coming to understand more and more that we are part of God and that this is a religion – not the common understanding of the word, but a way of living where we live from the knowing that while there is a lot that is unexplained in this world, everything is interconnected and therefore we have a responsibility for the ‘everything’ that exists as a result.

  33. “The Way of the Livingness” has been, in my nine years of experience, a vast expansion on science. One of the consequences is that The Way of the Livingness is full to bursting of ideas for scientific study. Like string theory in physics it is a grand unifying theory but – unlike string theory – The Way of the Livingness creates a huge amount of testable hypotheses”. Thank you Christoph for clarifying and settling my questions about religion. The Way of the Livingness certainly ticks all the boxes that you identified, for me it feels harmonious and still in the body instead of the angst I usually have around religion.

  34. For me The Way of the Livingness reflects the magic of God and has expanded my understanding of the interaction of science and religion and for this I am truly grateful.

  35. For me religion and science are inseparable. If science can not be applied to a religion (like Maria was a virgin, when she gave birth to Jesus, as the Catholics believe), then it is not a true religion for me. The Way of the Livingness instead is based on science – and visa versa. Genius! When religion can not be applied to science, it is no true science.

    1. I absolutely love that The Way of The Livingness is a marriage of science, religion and philosophy, from this everything was starting to make sense to me. It is incredible how it encompasses everything and everyone, this is what I love about this religion, it is absolutely about love, truth, harmony and stillness bringing brotherhood back, not ever leaving anyone out, as we are all One.

  36. We are all a living science. Our bodies, our daily lives, our planet and all within it is a science. The way of the livingness considers all this science as one living science based on the science of how we live our every day in relationship with this all.

  37. I also avoided all religions after being totally put off by the Catholic religion when I was a child. There was so much of this religion that did not make sense so I walked away and closed the door on any religion and God for that matter. Having discovered The Way of the Livingness has been an absolute blessing in my life as it is has re-connected me back to myself and to God and to experience for the first time in my life what it means to be part of a true religion.

  38. In short the way of the livingness works, and the proof is in all of the success stories that have incorporated the way of the livingness into their lives

    1. Agree Joe. The proof is there and it’s in your face. The contrast in before and after photos of those who have chosen to take care of themselves and truly re-learn to love and appreciate who they are and all they have to offer is pretty remarkable.

  39. Thank you Christoph, when younger I saw science, particularly physics, as everywhere in life and was fascinated by it as much as I was by God. However religion did not figure anywhere in this equation and I was not interested in it at all because of my understanding and what I was seeing at the time. However it has been through the teachings of Universal Medicine that I see, feel and understand all i.e.. science, religion and God are Life and none are without the other.

  40. I grew up in an established religion based on a transcendent God but I never wanted anyone to know I was part of that religion as I knew it didn’t add up. When I came to Universal Medicine I felt the truth of everything in The Way of the Livingness and I knew I had found true religion to reconnect to God through my inner-heart. Everything makes sense and science and religion are one and the same.

  41. When I read your blog Christoph I feel that Religion is very needed as an expansion to what Science brings us nowadays and how scientist perceive the world and the role science has in it. Thank you for your words Christoph, like you I am finding my way back to true religion and it’s very enriching and a deeply felt experience.

  42. I love this Christoph, a religion which is both true and expands on science – of course it makes sense and yet I too had huge issue with religion as it’s previously been used, as it attempted to control and not expand and in doing so stifled everything, itself and science included. The Way of the Livingness is very different, it offers science, and us all the places where we can expand, and really we’re going back to the whole fullness of who are all are – Divine Sparks of God.

  43. We have been told what Science and Religion mean in ways that are far far away from what their true meaning is. As a child I definitely saw God in Science, for how can God not be in Science when there is so much magic in this world that current Science struggles to explain? And I definitely understood that there is a way to always be in relationship with God, a God that is deep inside us equally so, which is what True Religion is.

    1. I love this comment Joshua and especially
      “As a child I definitely saw God in Science, for how can God not be in Science when there is so much magic in this world that current Science struggles to explain? ”
      When I was a teenager I had a brilliant science teacher I got from him his understanding that God is in everything God is Science how could he not be in science as he is everything. It was so disappointing to then watch my child grow up and go into the education system which is now completely devoid of the magic of God, science has become arrogant in as much as if it cannot be proven scientifically it doesn’t exist. The lessons are as dry as parchment all the wonder has been stripped away. All schools should go back to observing nature to watch the life cycle of a frog, from an egg to tadpole, to frog, how wonderful is mother nature. How does mother nature turn a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly? Think about it how does a caterpillar know when to spin it’s chrysalis, and imagine how it then reconfigures it self somehow into a Butterfly.
      Truly a most amazing feat of nature and I feel God ‘s lesson to us on reincarnation. There’s so much going on how have we let science become so narrow and dry and stuffy?

      1. Science is made just as mere function when it is devoid of God and His magic. Almost like saying, regardless of how ordered and magical the intricate design is of a spiders web, it is all just there and has nothing to do with a higher being of great Divinity making it so. How can something so so beautiful be just ‘random’, or a product of the process of evolution as we have been told it to mean.

      2. What amazes me about nature and the wonder of it all is that every species is different and there is no one perfect animal that has it all (so to speak) and yet they are all perfect in their own way and play their part, not wanting to be anything other than what they are – as I write this it it’s showing me the reflection that we, each and every one of us, have a different expression – there is no one way to express and each one of us has an important part to play as part of the whole.

    2. Before coming to Universal Medicine and receiving the many teachings on science and religion, understand that God is in everything and that this is a science within itself, I had absolutely no idea that this was possible. When I went to school God was only ever mentioned in religious classes and science classes were to me incredibly boring as they did not really make too much sense to me. If science and religion had been linked together and I had been taught the magic of God I would have been the last to leave the class and I would have enjoyed school so much more.

      1. Well said alisonmoir. Science in this way would have been so much more alive and far more in line with what we deeply feel in our bodies to be true.

      2. Great comment Alisonmoir, I would have loved to be taught the Magic of God at school too. Bringing science, religion and philosophy together as one, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss a lesson at all if this was available back in the days of my school years.

      3. I can relate to all of your comment here alisonmoir. God was never ever mentioned in any lesson apart form religious instruction, which did not feel true either. My only memory of Science lessons, was bunsen burners and test tubes – certainly not a hint of the glorious Magic of God moments experienced in my life since attending Universal Medicine presentations.

  44. Hi Christoph. I, too, reacted to the word Religion in the past and observed in myself my reluctance to name ‘The Livingness’ as a Religion. This was because I had this picture of religion being brainwashing, controlling, full of shaming and blaming and causing separation of people. The Way of the Livingness’ is the complete opposite to that and as you have said – ‘………– The Way of the Livingness creates a huge amount of testable hypotheses’. I love the solidness that it is and offers. I love that it is ‘Me’ in Livingness and how it has named and lives the equality, unity and connection of all people. In Appreciation and Acceptance of all Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have brought to our lives and the expansion that is now living and breathing through each of us as a result of that. My religion is ‘The Way of the Livingness’.

  45. I have avoided religions most of my life not feeling they offered a truth or any understanding that made complete sense. My experience of the Way of the Livingness however has brought such enormous understanding to all of the fragments of life and of science, with such knowing, and based on such immense love, I cannot but feel it as truth and thus a religion I feel blessed to have found.

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